Double Mistaken Identity

Jack was determined to fuck Donna, the mother of his daughter’s boyfriend. He just got mixed up a bit.

“Fine, have your damn costume party. But I won’t be there” Mary promised. “I’ll spend the night at mother’s.”

“Oh hon, come on,” I exclaimed. “You’ll have fun.”

“No I won’t,” she countered. “You know how I hate those kinds of parties. Things happen that everyone is sorry about the next day.”

“Hon, that was years ago. It was a mistake. I said I was sorry a million times.”

“I’m not talking about you,” Mary said. “I’m talking about Teresa. I don’t care if she is in college. She lives here and will abide by my, our, rules. No sex until marriage. I don’t want there to be any ‘Mistakes’ and you know what I mean.”

I thought back about my mistake. My name is Jack, and Mary was my fianc?when it happened. We were high school sweethearts and had promised each other that our first time of sex would be with each other on our wedding night. On the night of the ‘mistake’ we had gone to a costume party together, the first Halloween after high school. It was held at the home of one of my high school buddies, Steven. His parents were divorced and Steven’s mother Nancy was throwing the party. Though there was some effort to keep alcohol out of the hands of the underage, I managed to score a few drinks for both Mary and myself. It only took a few for Mary to be out cold. She had never had a drink before that night. That’s when I noticed Nancy starting to give me much closer attention. Nancy was in her late 30’s, blond, still very shapely, and breasts to die for. I had been admiring her all night, but I still remember that first good look I got as Nancy bent down in front of me to pick something up off the floor. She was dressed as a nymph for the party and her loose top hung down providing me a perfect view of her breasts. Then she looked up at me and asked me if I saw anything I liked. That’s when I made my first mistake. I said yes. One racy comment led to another and another. I tried to blame it on the alcohol. Maybe I just couldn’t help myself. I don’t know. But before the party was over, Nancy had taken the gift I had promised to Mary, my virginity. She led me to her son Steven’s room where she seduced me, not that that was too hard in my condition. Maybe the alcohol played with my memory as I don’t remember all that happened. I recall some kissing, some fondling, then the two of us totally nude together in Steven’s bed, Nancy on her back, our sweaty bodies rubbing together and me thrusting inside of her. Then there is that one crystal clear memory, the moment I climaxed inside of her, how wonderful it felt. Maybe I remember it so well because I’ve thought about it so many times. It was my first time with a woman after all. I remember how Nancy kept thrusting back a few more times and then gasping for breath as she squeezed her legs around me and held me tight inside of her. The memory is so strong that I can still feel her squeezing my shaft, almost milking more cum out of me. That’s when Steve walked in. All he said was “Oh shit” and walked out. The next day I told Mary what had happened, not the details, most of which I couldn’t remember anyway, but just the main fact of what I had done with Nancy. Mary went ballistic, but somehow over time we worked it out and got married anyway. Now, twenty years later she brings it up again.

“Yes, I know what you mean,” I replied. “I’ll take good care of Teresa. I won’t let anything happen to her. Teresa is a good girl. She believes in waiting until marriage. But you know if she wanted to do it, there isn’t anything you or I could do to prevent it.”

“I know that Jack,” Mary agreed. “And I know she is sensible about it all. I just don’t want her to be taken advantage of. We don’t need a teen pregnancy in the family either.”

“She may be a teenager, but she is an adult too,” I countered. “Just let her control the decision and everything will turn out right. You taught her good morals and she will not disappoint us.”

“Nothing better happen to our little girl or you are dead meat,” Mary said as she walked out of the room. She yelled back, “I’m still not going to your party Jack.”

“Good,” I whispered to myself. I had planned this party with one thought in mind. I was going to do a little seduction of my own and it wasn’t with my wife.

Teresa had a boyfriend who she had been going out with for nearly six months now. Benjamin Taylor. Everyone called him Ben. He was an OK guy. I had helped him out of his mom’s house and into his own apartment. That’s when I met Donna, his mother. She was a single mom at 15; the teenage father just a kid himself. Donna never remarried after her divorce, though I never understood why not. She was gorgeous. At 5 feet 6 inches, my daughter’s height, she had a knockout body, even at 34. When I met her I thought about Nancy two decades ago and how she made me feel. As I said, I had told Mary about Nancy and how she seduced me at the party. What I didn’t tell her and never have to this day is how many times I visited Nancy after that day all the way up to my marriage to Mary. Nancy taught me to fuck. Now I had those feelings all over again meeting Donna.

Ever since Mary and I got married I have been faithful to her. I never strayed once. But our sex life had been nearly non-existent the last couple of years. I’m sure that had something to do with my attraction to Donna, but yet it’s more than that. With these thoughts of Nancy coming back it just made me want Donna even more. I would find excuses to see her, to talk to her about Ben and Teresa, to help move out any last thing, whatever, just to be with Donna. Now it’s to the point that I am hosting this costume party, inviting lots of Mary and my friends, along with those of Teresa. I want there to be plenty of people so that no one will notice if I slip away with Donna for a little while. Yes it was adultery I was planning, and with my wife gone for the night it looked like I was going to make it happen. I already knew Donna liked me. I could tell in how she talked and acted and even dressed around me. She even helped me find reasons for us to be together, to casually arrange to meet at the store, or need me to help put up pictures in Ben’s old room, or to take them down. I just knew that she would be very accommodating at the party, especially when I tell her that Mary would not be there.

“Hello,” Donna said as she answered the phone.

“Hi,” I replied. “How are you doing?”

“Oh hi Jack. Fine, now that you’ve called,” she said.

Good, she recognized my voice. “Hey, I’m having a party. I’d like you and Ben to come. It’s a costume party, the kind where everyone where’s an outfit and a mask. A prize goes to the last person to be identified. Teresa is inviting Ben and I’m inviting you. We have a big home so we are having the party here. We are even having a catered bar where ID’s are required, so the kids won’t cut into our drinks. Straws will be in every drink so you don’t have to remove your mask to enjoy.”

“And Mary’s OK with all this?” Donna asked cautiously.

“She gave me the green light and then told me she was bailing out of the party. She is spending the night with her mother. So you’re stuck with just me,” I told her.

“Somehow I don’t think that’s going to be a bad thing,” Donna replied. “When’s the party?”

“Two weeks from Saturday, 7:00 PM until, well if you get so drunk you can’t drive, you’ll have to spend the night, so until morning. I’m sure I can find a nice comfortable bed to put you in.”

“Ooh,” she cooed. “I may have to drink more than usual then.”

“I’ll make sure of it,” I quipped back, continuing our saucy talk.

“Since Mary won’t be around, whose bed will I be in?” she teased.

“Let’s just say that when Mary returns she may ask me whose perfume is on her pillow.”

“Will you be tucking me in?” she asked.

“I’ll make sure that your stay at the Jack motel is one night you’ll never forget,” I joked.

Donna pressed on “My, my, what have you got in mind?”

“Well let’s just say that the bed may be comfortable but I can’t promise that you’ll get much sleep.”

“I hope you don’t plan on talking me to death,” she complained.

“Let me just warn you now, you had better be up for a little exercise,” I teased.

“I’m not the one that has to worry about being up,” she shot back.

“Being up has never been a problem for me,” I assured her.

“Now Jack, you naughty boy. What am I going to do with you?” she laughed.

“Oh I can think of plenty of things,” smiling to myself. “But let’s just say, anything you want.”

“I may want a lot more than you’re willing or even able to give me Jackie boy.”

“I think I can keep up with you. Just bring your imagination and I’ll supply the rest,” I promised.

“Promises, promises. We’ll see. You have two weeks to prepare and I’ll expect a grand performance,” she said.

“One you’ll never forget,” I told her.

“Now Jack, what would your wife say if she knew you talked to me like this?” she asked. “It almost sounds real sometimes, like your not kidding. Mary wouldn’t like that at all.”

“I guess you’ll have to come to the party to find out,” I told her.

“I guess I will. Serious now,” she said, “I had better go find an appropriate costume.”

“Or perhaps an inappropriate one,” I laughed. “I’ll see you then in two weeks Donna.”

“I’m counting the days. Good bye Jack,” she said as she hung up the phone.

“But Ben was going to go as Spiderman,” Teresa complained.

“Well then let him have my costume and I’ll go get another,” I told her. He’s about my size so it should fit him. In fact let him have this black costume and I’ll go get the red one like I had originally planned. We’ll both be Spiderman, he’s the bad black one and I’m the good red one.”

“Thanks dad, you’re the best.” Teresa kissed me on the cheek as I marveled to myself how beautiful she looked. Though she was only 5 and a half feet tall, she had the body of a model, not the skinny kind but well proportioned and solid. If she ended up marrying Ben, he was in for a special treat with Teresa. Being active in sports all through high school kept her body well toned and hard. From those times when I have seen her go braless I could tell her breasts were always firm, not too large but a handful. I’m sure Ben would agree if I asked, which I wouldn’t.

Though it was supposed to be a secret I made sure I found out what outfit Donna was going to be wearing. I certainly didn’t want to seduce the wrong person. My precious daughter was going as the perfect Cinderella. She had to get one of those Cinderella face masks because it was the rules of the party, no face mask no admittance. But she certainly didn’t need one to be Cinderella. Teresa already had the face of a beauty. It seemed a shame to cover it up. Teresa told me she actually had another costume she was going to wear but chose this one because she thought Ben would like it.

I found out from Teresa that Donna was coming as a pirate’s wench. She had a little trouble finding a face mask that would work with the outfit but was finally successful.

It was 7:15 PM and people were arriving. It was amazing that we didn’t have two people with the same outfits on. The whole evening was mostly a social gathering with the majority of people just drinking and trying to figure out who the other people were. I made up a list of all the character outfits as they came in. After everyone arrived I made copies of the list and passed them out with pencils so that each person could put down who they thought was behind each character’s mask. Of course some of them were obvious just from their voice. A number of people though did their best to disguise the sound of their voice, their mannerisms, even their height.

A couple of hours into the party Ben pulled me aside. “Let’s pull a trick on Teresa. Since we are both the same size, let’s change costumes. You take the black spiderman outfit and I’ll put on the red one.”

“Sounds great,” I told him, but you’ll have to show your mom a little attention and I’ll do the same with Teresa so they don’t get suspicious. Just don’t talk much. Use single words or whisper. We don’t want them catching on.” So we switched. Being around Teresa more was fine but not drinking sucked. I noticed that the bar let Ben have a few, thinking he was me. The one time I tried wearing this new costume they laughed at me and sent me on my way.

I was about ready to tell Ben I wanted my costume back so I could get back to my plan. But Ben said they already knew we had switched so it didn’t matter anymore. What I didn’t know at the time but found out later was that Ben lied to me. He didn’t want to switch back because he hadn’t played his joke on Teresa yet and thought I wouldn’t care staying in his costumer if I thought they already knew. He was right. Now that Donna knew (or I thought she knew) that the black Spiderman was really me I could be myself again. But Ben made me promise not to talk about the switch in case someone else overheard. For this he said he would swap drinks with me since the bar was still giving him alcohol and me just soda. I took advantage of the deal more than once and kept my mouth shut about the costume switch.

In my mingling I had lost track of Donna. What I didn’t know then was that Teresa had come up with the same idea as Ben, swapping outfits, only her swap was with Donna. She wanted to fool Ben. Neither one knew of the other’s swap.

It was after 11:00 PM and I was feeling pretty good. I had just finished off another stiff drink I got from Ben when I spotted my pirate’s wench. Knowing that Donna knew I had swapped outfits with Ben I simply walked up to her and taking her by the hand, led her away from the crowd. The only problem was it wasn’t Donna. Since she and Teresa had also switched outfits I was holding Teresa’s hand. But since she didn’t actually know that Ben and I had switched outfits she thought it was Ben that was leading her away. The double swap kept us both in the dark.

“Where …,” she began to ask but I shushed her to silence with a finger to my lips. I then pulled her down the hallway and around the bend to my bedroom. This is one room I told everyone to keep out of. I had prepared the room for total blackness. When we entered I shut the door and pressed her up against it in what truly was total darkness. Pulling off our masks I pressed my lips to hers. Little did I know that the lips I was kissing were those of my daughter’s. And as she explored my mouth with her tongue she thought I was Ben.

Her taste was sweet and fresh and I loved it. I wished I had taken Donna down months ago. But I had her now, I thought. I reached under her pirate’s wench blouse and in one movement pulled blouse and bra both up over her breasts revealing two magnificent mounds of flesh. I quickly took one into my mouth and felt the hardness and length of her nipple. I sucked hard before moving to her other equally wonderful breast.

Not wanting to wait another minute I pulled her blouse and bra up over her arms and head. I then unfastened her bottoms and then pulled panties and all to the floor.

“Wait,” she protested. For a moment she must have thought that her Ben had gotten some sense to him as I stepped away. But I stepped to the bed and pulled the sheet, blanket, and bedspread over the end of the bed to the floor. Stepping back to who I thought was Donna, I lifted Teresa up in my arms and carried her to my bed. As I’m sure she struggled to decide if this was what she wanted with Ben right then I quickly removed my costume and stood before her in total darkness, completely nude.

She felt me climb onto the bed and again said “Wait,” as I felt her hands try to keep me away.

“No,” was my verbal reply as I buried my mouth between her legs. I heard her say “Oh God” as I quickly made her wet with my tongue and mouth. She halfway fought me so I had to use my one arm and hand to help hold her down. Taking my middle finger I searched and found the opening I so craved. I pumped her with my hand as I kept her clit well moist and massaged with my tongue. She gradually stopped struggling and I was able to relax my hold on her. The fight she put up was unexpected but made the experience that much more exciting for me. I was so hard I feared I might come before entering her. I reached under her legs and grabbing her waist I yanked her back towards me. As I got into position between her legs I rubbed the head of my shaft a few times between her pussy lips. Then positioning myself I thrust forward as hard as I could, ramming my hard on as deep as I could into Donna’s pussy. The problem was though, it wasn’t Donna. It was my daughter Teresa and she was a virgin up until that very moment when I drove my shaft through her hymen and deep into her virgin canal.

“Oh God that hurts,” she screamed. But I didn’t listen. All I wanted was to fuck her and fuck her hard. I kept ramming myself into her. God she was so tight. But with each thrust it became easier as she became more lubricated. Though it was getting easier to thrust, the tightness did not lessen. She stayed as tight as ever, her pussy walls grabbing at my penis, holding on for dear life. She was fantastic. I had never had a fucking like this before. Though she was only the third person I had ever been with, she was by far the best I had ever fucked. I didn’t want it to stop so I held off coming as best I could. Then she went over the edge. “Oh God … I’m cumming,” she said.

Oddly it didn’t sound like Donna but I had never had her in this position before. “Me too,” I gasped as I let loose a full stream of my cum as deep in her as I could go. As she climaxed her pussy squeezed my shaft even tighter and kept squeezing. Amazingly I remained stiff and hard as I slowly pushed in and out of her opening.

Suddenly I pulled all the way out and reaching down, flipped her over onto her knees. Spreading her legs I reached under and guided my still hard cock back into her warm pussy. Then I began my assault on her from behind. She was barely over her last orgasm when I brought her to another one. Hard and fast I kept going as she began to thrust back at me, our bodies slapping together. This went on for a couple of minutes when she buried her face in her mother’s pillow. I heard a muffled cry of “Oh God, oh God, yes, yes, again,” as her body tightened and she exploded in another climax.

I needed to slow up a little to catch my breath. “Don’t stop,” she exclaimed. “I’m cumming again. Harder, harder.”

So I turned it into high gear and gave her all I had. She turned her hips upwards towards me as I rammed myself deeper and harder into her than ever. “Oh shit…cumming again…almost there, almost…”

“Me too, I’m cumming now,” I yelled.

Just then the lights went on and I heard Ben behind me say “Oh sorry Jack,” as he turned out the lights and left.

“Daddy? Oh God No. Daddy, not you, no, oh God I’m climaxing,” Teresa cried. “No Daddy, you’re making me cum.”

“Oh God, Teresa, I can’t stop, I can’t … oh shit honey … I can’t stop myself,” I grunted as I pressed myself hard into my daughter’s pussy and unloaded myself for the second time.

“No, this can’t be happening,” Teresa said. “Oh God … don’t stop … not now … God I’m going to hell, but it feels so…so good.”

“I couldn’t stop now if my life depended on it baby,” I told her as I finished off filling her with my cum.

“Oh yes, I feel your cum inside me Daddy,” she told me. “You feel so good Daddy. You’re supposed to be Ben. I thought you were Ben. I tried to stop you, I mean Ben, I mean I tried to stop you when I thought you were Ben. I wanted to wait, Daddy, honest I did. But I just couldn’t stop you. You were so forceful. And when you made me climax, I couldn’t stop you after that. I didn’t want to stop you then. Why Daddy, why did you do it?” my Teresa asked. “Why did you fuck me?”

“Honey,” I said, “I didn’t know it was you. I thought it was Donn…I mean someone else. But I should have known, you were so tight, so wonderfully tight.”

“Is that a good thing Daddy, being tight for you?” she asked.

“Oh yes honey,” I told her as I continued to gently rock my hips, slowly sliding myself in and out of her. The hardness of my shaft was gone but there was enough left to allow me to gently slide in and out. And that feeling was enough to keep me from going completely limp. “I have never felt anything so wonderful in all my life.” I knew I should have stopped. But she just felt so good. And at this point what harm did it do. I was just gently massaging her, on the inside. So gentle, so sweet, so fucking good. And the more I did, the harder I got.

“Oh Daddy you’re just saying that.”

“No honey, it’s the honest-to-God truth. You are the best.”

“But what about Mom?” she asked. “Surely she is wonderful.”

“Your mom and I don’t have sex much anymore,” I confessed. “But I swear in all my days with your mother, even on our wedding night, she has never been as good as you were just now, as you are right this moment,” I said as I gave her a couple of quick hard thrusts. Oh God what am I doing. I have to stop this now. It’s no longer a case of mistaken identity. I know who she is now and what I am doing to her.

“Oh yes Daddy, yes,” she grunted as I slammed my body into hers. “No, no, no, we shouldn’t be doing this. I mean before I thought you were Ben and you thought I was…you thought I was Ben’s mom, Donna, didn’t you? It was a case of double mistaken identity. But now we know.”

I answered her with a few more quick thrusts that elicited “Yes, oh yes” from her mouth.

What was I doing? It was wrong. But I couldn’t stop. She felt so incredible. “Honey, I know we have to stop but I can’t, I can’t help myself. Forgive me honey.”

“I can’t stop either Daddy. I know it’s wrong and I would never have done it had I known it was you but I can’t stop now. I just can’t.”

A minute later I pulled out of her and said “Turn over baby. I want to ravage your mouth as I make you cum for me one last time.”

She turned onto her back and I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders. Then I slid my shaft back into her wet hot pussy and began fucking her hard. It may have been a mistake before but now, now I knew what I was doing. But yet I still couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t want this feeling to end.

“Oh yes Daddy yes, fuck me hard, fuck your little girl hard in mommy’s bed.”

“God you talk dirty, you little slut, my little slut,” I called her as I increased my efforts. All chance of stopping now were gone. I was going to fuck my daughter’s brains out.

“Yes Daddy, rape your defenseless little girl, you fucking bastard. That’s it, harder, fuck me harder, ram that fucking cock into me you asshole,” she screamed.

“You have a foul mouth you fucking whore,” I told her, playing along with the garbage talk. I grabbed her knees and with her legs pulled up close to her chest I pushed each knee outward and down hard into the mattress. It forced her pelvis up and open to me even more than before allowing me to go deeper than ever. I felt myself hitting her cervix each time I thrust into her. The jolt it gave me was like electricity throughout my body.

With each thrust she screamed in pain. I paused just once but she yelled “Shit don’t stop, please, don’t stop.” So I kept it up, each thrust being harder and more forceful than the last until she gripped me so hard she dug her nails into my back. I knew then that she was climaxing harder than she ever had. I felt my shaft stiffen even more as I drove myself in as deep as I could and held myself there, emptying my cum deep into her vagina. The walls of her pussy tightened down hard around my shaft and something seemed to be pinching down around the head of my penis. Had I pushed my way into her womb? No, that’s not possible. Maybe it’s her tight vagina, maybe strong muscles. Who cares? I felt every bit of it as my cum rose up through my shaft and then out, into my daughter. It felt like several minutes had gone by before she finally relaxed enough to release me from her grip. I knew my daughter was the best fuck any man could ever have. And I was the only man to ever have her.

Finally I rolled off of her and we laid together on the bed, just breathing, well trying to breath.

“Daddy, you thought I was Donna?” she asked. “Have you been having sex with her?”

“No, never. Listen honey, I’m not proud of what I wanted to do. I’ve tried to work things out with your mother and I’ve stayed true all these years. But when I met Donna she reminded me so much of someone I knew before your mother and I got married. She was an older woman that taught me so many wonderful things. With your mom and I having problems in bed and meeting Donna I guess I just lost perspective. It’s as if I was bewitched by my past.” I paused a moment. “Teresa, I’m glad I didn’t get with Donna.”

“But Daddy what about us? I’m not on the pill or anything. And we shouldn’t have done this,” Teresa cried.

“I know baby, but we were too far gone before we knew it. And afterwards, well we had already sinned, so why not again? You know honey we can never tell anyone about this and we can never do this again,” I warned “as it would kill your mother if she ever found out. Hell, I was supposed to keep you safe tonight.”

“I know how it would hurt Mom,” she agreed. “Daddy, I’m glad it was you that took me first and not Ben. I don’t know if I will end up with Ben or not, but you will always be my Daddy.”

We turned on the lights and got dressed. That’s when I saw my wonderful daughter in all her youthful beauty. She was more magnificent that I ever imagined.

“Oh no,” Teresa exclaimed.


“If you are in the black Spiderman outfit,” she said, “then Ben is in the red one and Donna thinks it’s you.”

“But he’ll know it’s not you,” I explained.

“No, she’s in my Cinderella outfit,” Teresa went on. “He think it’s me and may try to seduce me, I mean Donna. He may try to seduce his own mother.”

”…and she’ll think it’s me,” I finished for her, “and may go right along with it.” We just smiled at each other. “That’s a story I want to hear the ending to.”

The End (but there’s always tomorrow)


“Daddy?” Teresa’s voice was soft and pleading.

“Yes honey,” I replied.

“Does it have to be our last time?” she hesitantly asked.

I gave her a wink.

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