Disney Vacation

Loved The Bus Ride!

This past week, my family and I went to Disney world for vacation. When we arrived at our hotel, I soon realized there were lots of girls staying there and they were barely wearing anything while at the pool. Even when getting on the buses to go to the parks, they wore short skirts and tight shorts. Up til leaving for the trip, I had already been horny. This definitely was not helping the horny situation.

You see…My wife and I have been together for 20 years and sex is not one of my wife’s priorities. I would spend the day in Disney, staring at tits, ass, legs, and lips. I would take my shower in the late evenings when the family layed down to go to sleep. In the shower I would think about all the ass I saw walking around that day. I would lather up my cock and jerk off a nice load of hot cum. Like I said, I was very horny, so I was even licking the cum off my fingers and fingering my tight ass while doing so. This was a daily thing and by the last couple of days on vacation, I was even walking around the hotel hoping for someone to invite me in their room.

That never happened, but something did. We woke up one morning and planned on going to one of the parks all day long. We did the park and the family was very tired. I told my wife I wanted to go downtown to shop. I obviously knew I was searching for sex. The wife and kids went to bed and I headed downtown. I walked around forever, with no luck. I decided to get on the bus to head to hotel. The bus was very, very packed. A group of about 9 women entered onto the bus and I could tell they had been drinking and dancing. They had no men with them, so I figured it was like a girls night out. Three woman were older and mature, but the other six were definitely of age, but younger.

All the girls ended up standing room only and I was sitting. As fate would have it, the older women ended up right in front of me. The younger girls ended up to my right. My cock immediately started to fill with blood and began to pump. Just the smell of them, and how nicely and sexy they were dressed. If anyone has been on a crowded disney bus before, you know how close you get to people. The one attractive woman was literally so close to me, that her pussy was in my face and her dress was swinging over the tops of my knees.

I told the guy next to me, I should have to pay for the bus ride, because I was rather enjoying myself. It was about 1a.m. and the bus was dark when we began to drive. My right hand was off the edge of my seat, so that my fingers were hanging out. My left hand was probably grabbing my cock. As the bus was moving the rocking back and forth, was making the woman to sway into me. Her pussy was literally inches from my face. I also felt the younger girl to my right bumping into my fingers.

My fingers were literally right under her skirt and just below her pussy. As she rocked back and forth, my fingers actually were rubbing her inner thighs. I figured these women were horny and I wanted to test the waters. I started to let my right hand go higher up on the girls inner thigh. She actually squatted down just a little and I felt her silk panties with my fingers. I started to rub her pussy. The woman in front of me swayed towards me again and I quickly kissed her once in the pussy region. The kiss was through her dress. She leaned down and asked me if I just kissed her. I said maybe. She took my left hand and placed it under her dress.

I manipulated her pussy through her panties and I could feel the moisture on my fingers. She reached down and pulled her panties down, just enough for me to eat her pussy. In the meantime, the girl is now rubbing her panties back and forth on my hand. I pulled her panties to the side and started to finger screw her wet pussy. There I was..On a Disney bus, eating a nice pussy and finger banging an even better pussy. We finally arrived at our hotel and we all got off the bus. The girl did not say a word, but the woman said I was to go to her room. I followed her to the room and as soon as we got in there, she was getting naked and shoving my cock in her mouth.

We talked some and we came to the realization we were both freaks! We started banging hard and than she wanted it in her ass. I gladly pounded her ass for her. She pushed me to my back and asked me about my sexual history. She wanted to know if I ever had been anally fucked. I explained to her that I was bi and I did love anal sex as well. She explained that she had brought her toys on the trip and the girls she was with sometimes have sex together. She pulled out a strap on dildo out of her bag. I knew it was on and was only hoping she had lube. It had been quite a while since taking anything anally, besides my finger. She luckily pulled out lube. She put on the adjustable strap, with a rather large dildo.

She fingered my ass with lube and she shoved the dildo into my mouth. She was not gentle and I was choking on dildo, lol. She took the lube and rubbed it all over the nice 12 inch rubber shaft. I went face first into pillow and she started inserting the instrument of love. It took quite a bit, but I relaxed and the dildo was going nicely into me. My legs were quivering with a little bit of pain and a little bit of excitement. Soon, my ass was taking the whole foot and I was moaning like a good slut.

After a while she started to suck my cock again and than when my cock started to throb, she knew it was time to shoot my load. She had me put my legs back, so that my cock was hanging over my face. She sucked it a little and than started to jerk me off. I moaned with excitement as my load shot into my mouth and shot onto my face. She kissed me and licked the cum off my face. We got cleaned up and I left without even knowing who she was. I showered at my room and went to bed satisfied.

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