Dirty Weekend

Sexy Weekend In A Country House

Every so often Alice and I manage to get together for longer than our regular after-work love-ins. One weekend during the summer before last we met at an old country house that organised weekend residential art and craft courses.I was lecturing in painting, and Alice had enrolled in a wood-carving class.We had rooms on different floors, but we didn’t mind,-we spent time in both rooms!

We met in the car park early on the Friday evening,-I was really aroused at the thought of having Alice to myself for two whole nights!

After we’d kissed and caressed in the car, we made our way to the house,and collected our room keys.We couldn’t wait to make use of the shower in A.’s room, and as soon as we were inside with the door locked we ripped each others’ clothes off.

In the shower, we groped and soaped each other thoroughly, me taking special care of Alice’s tits and slit,(my soapy fingers slid in so easily as she thrust her hips against my trembling fingers..)while Alice wanked me slowly,my swollen cock throbbing in her hand..we were so ready for it, and I sat down in the shower so that she could screw herself down onto my shaft with her back to me, whilst my hands and fingers played with her gorgeous tits and nipples..(Alice had what she called ‘little girl’s nipples…she was married, but she’d never had children,and the surrounds to her beautiful pink nipples were large and pale coffee coloured)

We sat there for ten minutes,my cock deep inside A’s tight hot cunt, then she pulled off and we stood up to fuck,-she pulled me tightly to her, whispering “Fuck me hard! I want to feel every inch of you pushing me wide open”! and I did my best to obey, ramming my prick hard into her, water and soap oozing from her slit.

Then we got out and dried each other,-(actually I licked her dry between her legs, my tongue flicking her clit)..then I lifted her and laid her on the bed on her back.She spread her slit wide with her fingers, and I went down on her,my tongue deep inside her, tasting her sweet juices..her head rocked from side to side,and her fingers were tweaking her tits and nipples.As I sucked her swollen clit her bedside phone rang.

I moved as if to sit up but Alice silently mouthed “No, stay inside me..it’s X” (her husband) so whilst she carried on a conversation about how she was settling in? (fine!) was her bed comfortable?(very!.)she was giving little wriggles, pushing her cunt harder against my mouth..She ended the call and I reluctantly pulled my mouth free of her wet thatch.

I got up on the bed and lay down on my back; Alice knelt between my legs and leaned forward to bite my nipples,-(this always drives me completely ape,-the electric sensation courses through me from scalp to toes,) - then she crawled up my body from feet to mouth rubbing her wet slit over me, wiping her juices over my thighs,chest and face..she tasted and smelt so exciting.!

The route to the dining room led through a corridor in which there were three ancient telephone booths, wooden, with panes of glass on the top of the door,starting at about five feet above ground level. Anyone walking past in the corridor would only see the head and shoulders of the person in the booth.

Alice stopped in front of the booths We were  alone in the corridor.“If I were to pretend to make a phone call, and you were crouched in front of me, out of sight, you could give my cunt some attention,- it would be even better if lots of people were passing while you were sucking me”

(One of the myriad things I love about A. is her penchant for using the old Anglo-Saxon terms for the naughty bits,- life with her was continually  arousing.)

We were in a booth in ten seconds, and I was crouched down in front of her with Alice’s slacks and knickers down in another five, whilst she.pretended to hold a conversation - a pleasant and animated one by    her expression!

Groups of people came past the booth on their way to dinner as I crouched down and tongued A’s sweet slit. Alice gasped softly as I reached her trigger point, my tongue caressing and teasing her aroused clit. Then:

“Oh! Fuck!” gasped Alice.“Don’t stop..I’m going to cum!” and she turned to the rear of the booth and stood there trembling as I finished her off with my tongue and fingers.We waited until the coast was clear before leaving the booth and going to dinner.

After the evening meal we went up to her room and spent a couple of hours fondling and kissing,luxuriating in not having to rush our lovemaking, as we had to when we usually met. I lay with A. spooned against my hips, my rigid cock tight in the crack of her sweet ass,and she writhed and thrust back onto me..her inner thighs were slick with her juices and my cock pushed up between her legs to her hot slit. She raised her leg to let me in, and I slid I into her in one long thrust, feeling her soft walls part to take me in deeply..I couldn’t wait any longer, and got my hands ‘round her tits, pulling her back onto my cock as I rutted her hard.

Alice moaned and pushed back onto me as I rammed into her, she put her hand to her clit and rubbed it as we fucked harder and faster, feeling our climax approaching..then she shuddered, thrusting her cunt hard at me and giving the little shivery laugh she often did when she came. I exploded inside her, spurting my come deep into her hot wet softness. We lay there as our heartbeats slowly returned to somewhere near normal,and Alive tightened her cunt on me,holding me in her.

The single bed was too small for both of us,(only for sleeping..!) so when we’d had a little post-coital cuddle I said goodnight and went back to my room, feeling ‘shagged out’ in the nicest way!

The next morning I was awakened by the sound of my room door opening and closing, and  the sound of clothes being removed, then a warm and naked Alice pulling my duvet off and lying on top of me..we kissed deeply,and she moved up my body so that I could suck her tits, then knelt over my mouth so that I could tongue-fuck her..I brought her to the quivering brink, and then she knelt on the bed, her face in the pillow as I shagged her slowly from behind,my cock sliding in and out so easily.She thrust her bottom hard onto my shaft as I rammed her, until she gave a soft cry and came, and I felt the wetness as she squirted her come on my cock…Then she lay on her stomach, my cock deep inside her, and we lay there for an hour until it was time to go to breakfast and start the working day..all we really wanted to do was to stay in bed fucking all weekend!

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