Dee'S Transformation

It had been another long day at work and Dee still had to go home and cook dinner for the family. Dee had now been married for 10 years to her second husband and though she was happy the predictable routine was making her feel restless with wonderment of what she may be missing. Her first husband had been controlling and abusive which left her with 2 children and a self loathing. After 5 years of struggle as a single divorced mother when she met Paul and fell in love.

Paul helped her see how good of a woman she was and that she had nothing to do with the disrespect she got from her ex. Soon she felt love for herself too and after a year they were married in a small ceremony. A decade later she had a son in college and a daughter in her final year of high school both of which she was very proud of. The strange feeling she was suffering for the past few months that something was missing was nagging at her and making her feel like she must just be going through an early mid-life crisis.

Dee was 38 and still had a nice figure for a soccer mom with 2 teens. Standing 5’4 with 40 DD breast that were still pretty firm for their size, a slight bulge for her tummy with a few minor stretch marks from giving birth to 2 beautiful children and a round ass that she was very proud of. Paul 42 and stood 5’11” with a very firm trim muscular body from hard work all his life, perfect coffee brown skin that she can’t stop loving when compared to her pale complexion and the most amazing long thick dick than thrilled and scared her the first time she saw it.

On the way home Dee got a text that she would be staying the night with a girlfriend after the football game that night so she was a little relieved that she only had to cook for Paul and herself which usually meant leftovers then relaxing on the couch and watch something mundane on TV. As she pulled into the driveway she was surprised to see her friend Kim’s car. Figuring she was there to cry about another man who broke her heart Dee sighed with exhausted frustration. Opening the door she expected to see Paul and Kim in the living room drinking beers and Paul pretending concern for Kim’s latest heartbreak but no one was in sight.

After setting her purse and coat down Dee headed to the back of the house thinking maybe they were in the game room watching a movie or letting off some steam playing a little WII but still no one. A chill suddenly ran down her spine thinking about how conniving Kim could be when she was drunk and lonely and painfully started walking to the master bedroom. Her fear started to become reality as she heard moans coming from down the hall the closer she got to the door.

Stepping up to the open door she boldly stepped into the doorway and saw her fear in action. There on the bed was Paul sitting nude with his feet on the floor looking straight into Dee’s eyes as Kim was working her lips up and down the outer length of his throbbing brown dick. Dee was about to scream out in rage when Paul froze the words in her mouth by shaking his head no and mouthing the words “take off your clothes baby and join.” Dee was in shocked disbelief but suddenly that nagging feeling that she had been having that something had been missing started dancing in her head and cunt that this was it and now is time to make the choice of a lifetime.

Without another thought Dee quietly undressed as she watched Paul grab the back of Kim’s and force his dick down her throat as she made that oh so familiar gagging sound that Dee made for years till she grew used to his size. By the time she was undressed Dee’s cunt was oozing down her thighs and the heat of lust had turned her flesh a glowing dark pink. Paul then mouthed “give me a show baby” and Dee happily started squeezing her large breasts that Paul loved so much and one at a time brought a hard nipple to her mouth and sucked on them till they glistened with moisture. The show she was giving along with the sounds and view of the show in front of her had Dee ready to explode when she shove 2 fingers deep in her cunt while using her other hand to rub her clit till she was only able to hear her own moans as she came all over her hands.

The gasp of shock brought Dee back to reality as she looked down at Kim cowering on the floor trying to hide her nude body. Paul just laughed and said “it’s too late now you nasty slut now get back to sucking my dick and don’t stop again unless I tell you.” The sound of the strength in Paul’s voice and the control he had over Kim as she obediently went back to sucking his dick without another word made Dee quiver with pure lust for her husband. Looking into Paul’s eye’s she saw the passion she hadn’t seen in years and she couldn’t help but walk to him and passionately kiss him as she forced Kim’s head up and down on Paul’s dick till she shoved her to the floor and told her “watch as a real woman suck’s this beautiful cock and maybe you will see why you can’t keep a man.” She had never talked to her friend like that and it thrilled her beyond belief before she easily swallowed the entirety of Paul’s dick while softly squeezing his large hairy balls. After a while she stopped long enough to look at and tell her “make yourself useful slut and get over here and eat my cunt.” Just the words leaving her mouth almost had Dee cumming for a second time. The feel of Kim crawling beneath her and soft lips caressing her wet cunt lips was too much and she flooded Kim with sweet lustful juices. As she was moaning around her husband’s cock she was suddenly rewarded with his hot cum shooting down her throat almost making her choke with the combination of her own orgasm and the power of his cum shooting blast after blast down her expanded throat.

As both Dee and Paul recovered from intense orgasms they watched as Kim laid on the floor and pleasured herself while they watched till she was cumming and both of them were ready for more. Paul had Kim lay over his knees and both he and Dee took turns spanking Kim’s ass till it glowed bright red and she was crying for them to show mercy in which Paul had her stand and Dee had her straddle his legs the Dee held Paul’s dick as he lowered Kim down onto his dick taking it slowly and completely till her sore ass was planted down onto Paul’s lap. Dee and Paul gave each other a knowing look like they had done this for years and as Paul grabbed Kim’s waist and started pounding her up and down on his cock Dee started twisting Kim’s bouncing nipples till Kim was screaming in extreme pleasurable pain till she was flooding Paul’s dick and ball’s with a steady flow of cunt juice till she was shaking all over with and uncontrollable orgasm. Laying Kim on the floor out of the way Dee straddled Paul facing him so that he could hungrily suck her nibbles as she rode his dick like a lust crazed teenager from one wonderful orgasm after another till they were moaning together in mutual orgasmic release.

Dee climbed off her exhausted husband and walked over to Kim with a look of pure lust. Grabbing her by the hair she said “get up you filthy slut cause I am far from done with your worthless ass” then pushed her against the wall. She felt such power as she looked at the fear in Kim’s eyes then started slapping her tits with powerful lust. Kim started crying “please stop I’m so sorry” only giving Dee more pleasure in what she was doing.

“You come in my home and try and fuck my man and you want forgiveness? Slut you will earn it in time but for now your body is mine to do with as I please and judging by the juices flowing down your thighs your body has given itself freely” is all Dee said before switching from slapping Kim’s tits and bald cunt till she got the result she wanted. Kim moaned loudly with uncontrolled pleasure as she started cumming and Dee let her fall to the floor shaking before grabbing her hair again and shoving her face into Dee’s cum soaked cunt.

“You wanted Paul’s cum so bad then there it is you filthy cunt. Lick it all up and if you miss a single drop you will pay dearly for it” Dee hissed with a mix of power and pleasure. When Kim was done Dee pushed her to the floor and told her “get some sleep because you will need the energy in the morning” then walked to the bed and grabbed the extra blanket and tossed it on the floor at Kim.

“You can sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed like the sex pet you are while Paul and I go have dinner. If your good I might bring you something to eat” Dee said with a wicked smile as she put on a robe and took Paul by the hand and left the bedroom.

Paul sat at the dining room table in nothing but a pair of boxers as Dee pulled some leftovers out of the fridge and made them both a plate for dinner. She was making a third plate for Kim when she said “whatever that was that just happened I know you’re not innocent but I am willing to let it go if the next few words out of your mouth are truthful. How long has this been going on?” Paul looked down in shame as he softly confessed “this was only the third time and I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to ever hurt you.” Dee put a plate in the microwave and looked straight at Paul and said “right answer you cheating asshole but now that I know what you are this is what’s going to happen. You will never cheat on me again or I will cut that dick I love so much off and feed it to the neighbor’s dog. I will be doing what I want with whomever I want until I tire of it. As for you unless I give you permission the only pussy you will see or touch is mine. The kids are to never know anything and if you ever hurt me again I will take you for everything you have including that dick and to make sure you know I mean it you will be sleeping fully cloth for the next week and I will be bringing home anyone I please while you suffer and watch.” Taking the plate out of the microwave she placed it on the table and just stared Paul in the eyes till he agreed to everything. After she was done heating up her own meal and finished eating she took the last plate of cold food and went back to the bedroom to confront Kim. Kim was curled up on the floor sobbing when Dee walked in with the plate and spit out “sit up you slobbering cunt. You brought this on yourself. After all the years I had to listen to you crying about one man after another leaving you ass I won’t listen to another whoa as me tear. Now eat this and you can listen as I tell you how things will be changing. You will never come back to this house again unless I ask you to. You will always be ready to jump anytime I call and do whatever I tell you to do. Finally you will never ever touch my husband again. Is this all perfectly clear?” Kim looked up “yes Dee I am so sorry and I will do anything to make it up to you.”

“I know you will because if not I will call the wives of every man you have fucked and give them your address” Dee sternly informed her. Dee then got up and left the room to watch some TV before bed.

Over the next month Dee had a sex room added to the basement by having the work done while her daughter Kerri was in school. To hide the fact that a new room was added she had them dig through the foundation and increase the size of her office then put the paneled wall back up with a hidden entrance. All of it cost extra but after selling anything Paul had of value as part of his punishment and having Kim get a second mortgage on her house it was completed in just three weeks. The room was built completely to her specifications with a massage table in the middle of the room that had restraints throughout, a sex swing in one corner, a wall rack with restraining straps and cuffs, a sex harness hanging from another corner that would give her complete control to put someone in any position she wished and finally a wall that consisted of assorted whips, paddles, straps, hoods, anal plugs, strapons and other assorted goodies. She had spent the week after catching Paul and Kim together researching S&M dungeons and techniques to completely subdue and punish men and women. The rush that she had gotten from punishing Kim and the power of controlling her and Paul was the thing that Dee realized had been missing in her life.

Dee took a 3rd shift supervisor position at her job giving her more money and more time to do as she pleased at home so that the room she had built would be thoroughly used. She was dripping wet everyday with excitement yet she refused to let Paul enjoy any of her excitement except watch her pleasure herself in the bed while he stood in the corner without and self pleasure until she was satisfied then she would tell him to get dressed and go to work so that she could get some rest before looking for a few worthy slaves.

Dee had been trolling the net looking for some good prospects for about a week but kept running into fakes and possible freaks who only meant harm. She would never want danger brought into her home knowing she still had a teenage daughter at home. Frustration was setting in when she heard her daughter slam the door upstairs and storm to her room crying. The weakness that Dee had always had was her daughter and she stopped and ran upstairs to see what was wrong. Kerri told her that she had been cut from the cheerleading squad because a new girl and her mom had moved in town and the mother paid the school to put her daughter on the squad. That feeling of rage that she had felt when she saw Paul and Kim on her bed was back and Dee knew just what she would be doing to fix this. Reassuring Kerri that it would all be taken care of she went and made her favorite dessert then went online to find this woman who had made her little girl so upset. It only took a short search before finding her and with some skilled research discovered that she had come from money and had never done anything of value other than buy her daughter whatever she wanted. There were even a couple of hate site dedicated to this woman for all the selfish acts she had committed just to get what she wanted. Reasoning that not only would this be for her baby but for all those who had been hurt she put her plan together in her head. After getting home the following morning and giving Paul his daily dose of watching her cum Dee sent him away and started putting her plan in action.

Over the following few weeks Dee took the time needed to find out everything she needed to accomplish what she needed to take revenge on the mother and daughter who hurt her daughter. The mother’s name was Debra and her daughter was Britt. With each thing she learned the stronger her resolve became to bring them both to their knees and beg to give anything to make things right not only for Kerri but for all those they had taken advantage of over the years. In the 18 years since Britt had been born her mother had cheated or paid-off anyone who she thought was in the way to give her no-talent daughter anything she wanted. A wicked smile suddenly appeared on Dee’s face as she realized just how far she planned on taking things. After calling Debra and making a time for them to meet and get to know each other for the betterment of their daughters she realized there was one more thing she wanted to do.

After a couple of phone calls and some money from Kim’s account Dee had the dungeon wired with remote camera’s and sound all to be controlled by computer or a hand-held remote. The finished work looked great and unless you knew they were there you would never know that cameras were everywhere. Just for fun and of course to test them she had Kim come over for her weekly punishment session. Putting her in the suspension harness Dee put a large anal plug in Kim’s well trained asshole then took her favorite multi-strap whip and proceeded to use is on Kim with complete control of each strike. First using it across Kim’s back till it glowed red with stripes bringing pleasure to herself and by the moans she was hearing Kim had grown to love each strike. Readjusting the harness she suspended Kim in an upside down position with her legs spread wide. She love this position because it caused her slave to feel each strike with even more power as she started whipping her tits and belly till Kim was on the edge of cumming. With Kim begging for release Dee sat at the laptop in the corner of the room to see how the video was coming out. After making a few adjustments to the angle and zoom she decided to give Kim the release she was pleading for and walked up to her with the work it across Kim’s swollen cunt till she was exploding with screams of pure pleasure. When she was done cumming Dee pulled the plug out of Kim’s ass and shoved it in her mouth then roughly fucked her stretched asshole with the thick dildo handle of the whip till she could hear the moans that signaled a second orgasm. With that she pulled the plug out of Kim’s mouth and shoved it in her cunt then told Kim “eat my cunt you nasty slut and you better not cum till I do or you will wait 2 weeks next time before I let you cum.” Slowly Dee fucked Kim’s cunt with the plug and her asshole with the dildo as Kim hungrily sucked and licked her dripping cunt. Just as Dee started cumming on Kim’s hungry lips she watched as Kim’s cunt started pushing its release all around the plug being pumped in and out. After she was done cumming Dee walked back to the computer to admire her work then she let Kim down and said “ok slut I’m done with you for now but remember to always be ready for me whenever I call. If you even touch yourself once for pleasure I will know and you will be punished for it. Do you understand?” “Yes Mistress I understand and will obey. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of being your slave.” With that Kim left while Dee made some final tweaks to the cameras then went for a nap before the meeting she had made with Debra.

The coffee house was quaint and afforded Dee the comfort for the seduction to begin. Debra showed up about 10 minutes after Dee and wasn’t hard to spot. She stood about 5’10” with a body that was well acquainted with the gym. Wearing a mini skirt showing off well sculpted legs and a tight ass, a low cut top displaying what looked to be very expensive augmented tits with hard braless nipples and a face covered with way too much make-up. To Dee she looked like a cross between a model and a street whore. To top it all off she had long curly hair that looked as the only real thing about her. After a friendly introduction they both ordered drinks of their choice and sat down to talk. Dee started “Thank you for agreeing to this meeting. I know how hard it can be for teens today in school and even the smallest thing can get blown way out of control.” “My pleasure and it’s nice to meet a woman who confronts problems instead of crying about it to others only making things worse” returned Debra.

“I know if we talk this through like adults we can come up with a solution that will make us all happy, especially our daughters” Dee stated trying not to say how she really felt.

“That would be a nice thing but I need you to know that my daughter will not be leaving the cheer team so that is off the table right now” Debra stated. Calmly Dee asked “how would you like to come to my home for a late lunch while we discuss this further without prying ears?” “That sounds great and I’m always in too big of a hurry to eat a home cooked meal so I would be happy to continue this in your home and not air this out in public” Debra said with a smile.

After a bottle of wine and some reheated lasagna Dee could tell that Debra was loosening up for a more adult oriented conversation and ask “so I read online that you have raised Britt on your own and I wanted to compliment you on being so involved in her life while putting your own to the side.” “Thank you for that but don’t get it wrong, I am involved but my life is always first. She had a nanny till she was old enough to drive and I lived a very nice life just as I pleased” Debra arrogantly stated. Dee was fighting not to cuss her out right then but she already knew all this from the things she read. The fact that not only was she not ashamed of letting a nanny raise her child she was proud that she got to live the slutty life she had.

“You mean you enjoyed a personal life outside of motherhood” Dee knowingly asked? “Hunny I have the life every mother wished they had. While everyone is sitting at home fighting with screaming kids I was drinking, dancing and fucking what and when I pleased” she said arrogantly and somewhat drunk. Dee knew know was her chance.

“Not all of us have lived such a trapped life just for a bunch of screaming children and if you follow me I will show you just how much fun this mother has had while raising a wonderful daughter” Dee proudly stated as she got up and had Debra follow her downstairs to her ready and waiting sex dungeon.

After opening the hidden door into the room that she would be properly breaking this arrogant slut she turned and smiled saying “check out what keeps me smiling and my husband in line when he thinks he is more than he really is.” Debra walked in and just stood and stared in amazed shock and what looked like a degree of jealousy.

“I can’t believe you have a room like this in your own home. I’ve seen them in a couple of clubs I went to years ago but this is just amazing and sexy as hell” Debra said with surprised wonderment. Walking over to the rack to finally put a stop to listening to Debra’s high horse attitude Dee told her “this is where my husband Paul ends up when he starts getting out of reason.” Debra walked up and stared at the restraints and asked “how do you keep from leaving marks of his wrists so that others don’t ask questions after?” “Let me show you. Each wrist restraint is well padded and unless he were to just hang from them no marks are left. Even the ankle restraints are designed for strength and comfort” Dee answered as she restrained Debra’s wrists and ankles with surprisingly no resistance. Dee then backed away and looked at the target of her need for revenge completely restrained and just looking at the restraints with childish wonderment. The feeling of complete power flooded over her body as she finally said “you egotistical slut. I have taken great pleasure in researching everything I could about you and the one thing that is a true fact is when you have any alcohol in your body you’re as dumb as a box of nails. You actually made this too easy and for the next 3 hours I am going to take pleasure in teaching you how mistreating other people, especially mothers and their children is a very costly thing to do. When I’m through you will be begging every person you wronged for forgiveness then I’m going to teach that spoiled brat you call a daughter the same thing.” Debra started screaming and making threats about how this would end badly for Dee and her family when she forced a ball gag into her mouth and secured the straps so she wouldn’t have to hear anymore from her till she was ready.

Dee left the dungeon to change into something more suitable for the next few hours of proper slave training before Paul and Kerri got home. Putting on leather crotchless shorts and a leather halter top that supported her large tits yet left her nipples exposed for and obedient slave to suck on. After tying her hair back into a ponytail she headed back to the dungeon to find her new toy slumped in her restraints from exhaustion from fighting to get free. With a smile she walked up to Debra and said “when I’m done you will call me Mistress and beg to please me in any way I ask of you. Till then I’m going to enjoy breaking you and teaching you real respect of others.” Walking over to a cabinet in the corner she pulled out a pair of scissors and returned to the wide-eyed woman and demanded “don’t move bitch while I get rid of the street walker rags you call clothes.” Started with the skirt she cut it from bottom to waist till it fell to the floor, the top was next to go leaving Debra standing spread leg in nothing but a pair of leopard print panties.

“I see that you truly are vain and fake aren’t you” she said with a laugh as she slapped both of Debra’s overly firm D-cup fake tits. With 2 more snips Debra was nude and exposed to the gaze of Dee’s disapproving scowl. After picking up the ruined clothes on the floor and throwing them in a trash can Dee when back to the cabinet and pulled out a small dildo then walked back to Debra.

“If you drop this before I’m done I will put it back in your nasty cunt and we will start over. Do you understand what I just said slut” Dee asked? With a grunt and a headshake from Debra, Dee rubbed the head back and forth between her cunt lips to happily find them wet and shoved the dildo in with only about an inch exposed. With her legs held spread Debra had to hold the thin dildo with her inner cunt muscles to keep from dropping it and Dee loved the strained look on Debra’s face as she concentrated on not letting it fall out. Another wicked smile came over her face knowing that it would be hitting the floor often over the next hour.

Grabbing a ping-pong paddle with added studs for heightened feeling to the slave Dee started swatting Debra’s hard tits bringing gagged moans from her sweating face. With each swat Debra’s tits turned a darker pink and her areolas turned a deeper and deeper red while her nipples hardened into aching nubs of pleasure and pain. Changing from swatting her upper and lower abs and back to her tits Dee heard the sound she had been waiting for. The sound of plastic on wood floors brought a smile to her face and a look of fear to Debra’s face. After picking the dildo off the floor she smiled and looked into Debra’s eyes and said “I guess you liked it so much you wanted me to start all over again” then shoved it back into a now soaking wet cunt. Dee loved how the body always told the truth when the mind couldn’t and just gave a knowing smile as she licked the juices off her fingers before taking the paddle and swatting 2 very red and sensitive tits and abs till Debra dropped the dildo again only this time because she was cumming uncontrollably.

“I knew you were a nasty slut and now your cunt just proved me right. Problem is I didn’t tell you that you could cum now did I? Guess you really want all that your getting but I think you aren’t getting the punishment you deserve because you’re enjoying this too much” Dee smiled as she said each word with amusement. Dee went back to the cabinet and this time brought back a pair of nipple clamps and attached each to Dee’s bright red and hard nipples then stepped back to enjoy her work thus far. Trading in the paddle for the whip similar to the one she had used on Kim earlier except instead of 12” strips of leather this one had 24” straps allowing for more coverage with each strike. With controlled swings she started from Debra’s tits being careful not to knock loose the nipples clamps and move slowly down till she was making contact with Debra’s quivering thighs. Dee knew she wouldn’t last much longer but she wasn’t going to quit until she heard the dildo hit the floor again. It didn’t take but one upward swing of the whip for that to happen and Debra was cumming again causing her cunt muscles to almost shoot the dildo out of her wet pulsing hole. With this Dee stated “I need a rest. You seem to be enjoying this too much because you keep cumming like the slut you are and dropping your dildo.” She walked to a far wall and grabbed a specialty harness and carefully attached it to Debra securing her arms, legs and torso which would give her complete control while suspending Debra off the floor. After hooking it up to the suspension cables she released Debra from the rack and suspended her about 3’ off the floor before leaving the room to enjoy a cold drink.

When Dee got back after about 30 minutes she found Debra passed out while suspended face down. Taking a spreader bar off the wall she spread Debra’s legs wide and attached the bar straps to Debra’s calves so she wouldn’t be able to close them. After getting a low heat candle she lit it and walked back to the unconscious woman and dripped some hot wax onto her tight ass bringing Debra back to life. As soon as reality sunk in as to wear she still was Dee started dripping wax up her spine then across her upper back before working her way back down till she had made it down each twitching leg. Concentrating on her tight ass and wide spread ass cheeks Dee dripped wax down the entire length of the moaning woman’s ass crack until she dripped directly on the tight rosebud of her asshole. After blowing out the candle she went and grabbed a 4” wide leather strap and started spanking Debra’s body from shoulders to feet till all the wax had broken free and fallen to the floor leaving Debra a whimpering mass of broken flesh. Dee decided to see if Debra was ready for what was next and grabbed the controls to the cables then rolled her over face up. Looking down over her body Dee asked “You ready to be the obedient slave you deserve to be or should I continue with the wax and strap?” Debra moaned and nodded her head yes so Dee removed the gagged and asked another question “what are you and who am I?” “I’m a nasty slut and you’re my Mistress” she whimpered.

“Good little slut. Now for a reward for my little slut for acknowledging what you are” Dee said with a smile. Dee walked over to the toy wall and grabbed a strap-on with a 10” long and 2” thick plastic dong and after putting it on walked back to Debra. After removing the spreader bar she stepped in between Debra’s muscular legs and with no warning shoved the entire length of the dong up into Debra’s wet cunt and fucked her hard and fast as Debra moaned and screamed in ecstasy. The pounding she was giving Debra was causing the base of the dong to continue hitting her hard clit until both Dee and Debra were cumming at the same time. When Dee was done cumming she lowered Debra to the floor and removed the harness from her then told her “suck me cock clean of your slut juices my nasty little cunt slave.” Debra obediently did as she was told till Dee told her to stand and not to move. Making sure the cameras were still recording everything Dee walked up to Debra and proceeded to asked several questions.

“Who is a nasty slut?” “I am Mistress.” “Who now owns your nasty ass?” “You do Mistress.” “Who will do whatever I ask?” “I will Mistress.” “Will you be fucking anyone without my permission?” “No Mistress.” “Who is the only one who can make you cum?” “Only you Mistress.” “Good slut, just encase you ever question who owns you I have videoed all of what has happened today and if you ever say or do anything to upset me I will release the video to the press and we will see how long your family continues supporting your ass when you prove on video what kind of slut you really are. Now I need you to get your ass out of my house and not come back till I call you.” Dee then handed Debra a cheap see-thru robe and told to leave. Without a word Debra put on the robe and went to her car and left.

Dee had just finished cleaning up the dungeon and taken a shower when Paul and Kerri walked in the front door.

“Hey baby hope work went well” she said with a satisfied smirk to Paul then gave him a quick kiss.

“Another long day but it went well” is all he had to say. Giving Kerri a hug she asked the same question about school but got an answer that again upset her.

“Britt spread a rumor today that I am a dyke and that’s why I was booted from the cheer team” Kerri cried out then ran into her room. Dee knew that her job wasn’t though and that Britt would need to pay a greater price than her mother and she knew just what to do to make that happen. Knocking on Kerri’s door first she walked in and sat next to a tearful and upset teenager who had been the most important thing in her life for the past 16 years.

“Baby I had a talk with Britt’s mother today that should help slow down how Britt has been treating you in school and I’m sure that it will help. I also know that she is going to make sure you get back on the team where you belong” she said consolingly and careful not to show her hand that Britt would be paying for the cruelty she had shown to her baby.

“Mom I don’t want the other to think I had to run to my mommy to get back on the team. That would be even worse” Kerri stuttered quietly.

“Don’t worry baby, no one will know why they will just know your back where you belong” Dee said with a hug.

“Now clean up and get ready for dinner. I have to just order pizza and make a few other calls ok” is all she said as she walked out the room. Dee called Debra and told her to be at her front door at 10 am sharp then looked through the numbers she had copied from Debra’s phone while she was enjoying a drink earlier and found Britt’s number. Pretending to be a cheer scout for a large university she told Britt to meet her at 8 am for a coffee and further conversation about her future. She reassured Kerri that the school understood that she might be a few hours late. With the plan and timing set up Dee knew she was going to finish this once and for all.

Dee slept like a baby knowing that she had such a good session with both Kim and Debra and now she was going to break a spoiled teen in a way that would leave her daughter free of problems from Britt and would guarantee 2 slaves that like Kim would never want to upset her again. She told Paul He wouldn’t get his daily dose of watching her pleasure herself and to get out of the house then got ready for her meeting with Britt. Both Britt and Debra arrived at the coffee house at the same time only to find no tables due to the morning rush. As they stood in line for their orders Dee took the time to enjoy the figure in front of her. Like her mom Britt was tall and athletically fit yet unlike her mom she had a nice round ass and natural C-cup tits that jiggled with every movement. Britt also had her mom’s slutty taste in clothes wearing spandex pants with no apparent sign of panties and a halter top that was doing all it could to keep from letting her tits jump out. Debra kept her cool and said that she had access to a booster’s home nearby and they could continue the meeting there. Britt was just so excited to talk to a college rep that she didn’t even care. After arriving they both went to the kitchen to finish their coffee and talk. It didn’t take Dee long to realize Britt was not only spoiled but also dim witted. This was going to be almost too easy and it actually took some of the thrill away. Noticing the time she knew Debra would be there in about an hour and she needed to get to work.

“You won’t believe what I found in this house the last time I was here. It will amaze you” Dee told Britt. Excitedly Britt asked “what did you find? Can I see it? Is it nasty?” Dee led her to the dungeon and as soon as they stepped in it was like a kid in a candy store. Britt started running around squealing and touching everything. If you didn’t know it you would have thought the girl was 10 not 18 the way she was acting. After touching almost everything she saw she finally settled on the sex swing and asked if it was ok to get in. Dee shook her head in near disbelief that it could be this easy and said “sure but if you ruin your outfit getting into it you won’t have anything to wear to school and that would be bad.” After the way she had been acting it barely surprised her when Britt said “ok” and proceeded to disrobe exposing a body that rivaled her mothers in true natural sex appeal. Dee helped her get into the swing which by its design spread Britt’s legs wide exposing her pink lips. Dee had to focus on the plan at hand and continued to help her settle in then told her “I think you’re supposed to put your hands in the wrist restraints for this to work correctly.” Just saying it sounded stupid but true to form Britt said “ok.” After she was completely secured Dee stepped back to take in the picture of the easiest slave she could ever ask for.

“I have another idea. Let’s see what you look like with one of these on” Dee playfully said as she grabbed a zipper hood with a built in oral plug that would keep her from being able to speak but she would be able to see everything around her. Without an answer Dee shoved the plug in Britt’s mouth then put the hood firmly over her head then zipped it on tight. All she could hear were muffled moans as Dee turned around and left the dungeon to change and wait for Debra.

Dee put on an outfit that would ensure that the video she would record made her look innocent enough when she did any editing. She put on a pair of jeans and a loose T-shirt and waited for Debra to arrive. At 10 am on the nose the doorbell rang and Dee opened the door to a breath-taking view. Debra was wearing a see-thru top showing off her sculpted upper body and tits and a pair of Daisy-Duke shorts. Just the image of her new slave would have been enough to put a smile on her face but knowing what was planned ahead put a big and wicked smile on her face. Putting a stud collar around her neck was all Debra needed to drop to her knees and start kissing Dee’s hand.

“That is a perfect slave and now you get a little treat for being on-time my little slut” is all Dee said as she connected a leash to Debra’s stud collar and led her to the dungeon. As soon as Dee walked in Britt started struggling and making noises then just froze when she saw her mother enter the room being led by a leash.

“Now my nasty slut you get to watch as I break-in a new slave and if you keep quiet I might let you have a second treat” Dee happily told Debra as she stared directly into Britt’s shocked eyes. After having Debra remove her clothing Dee shoved a dildo into her cunt and a lubed plug into her ass before putting her against the rack securing her so she could watch as Dee broke Britt with wicked pleasure.

“Now watch my slut as I properly train this ungrateful young woman till she is as gracious as you are” Dee said knowing each word would slowly sink into Britt’s head. Dee put on a pair of leather gloves and walked up to Britt and started slapping her tits making them bounce with each strike and a muffled moan of distress come from the leather hood. It took no time for the soft young tits to glow red from the strikes and her nipples to harden from the attack. She then twisted and pulled on each nipple till the teen went from struggling in the swing to just quivering in pain filled pleasure. Dee could see the confusion in Britt’s eyes as she realized that her body was betraying her and starting to enjoy what she wanted so badly to escape. The lustful squirming her mother was doing as she enjoy both the show and the fill of her cunt and ass being filled was of no comfort to the young woman and that brought Dee great pleasure. Grabbing a short cane rod off the wall Dee proceeded to lightly strike the teen’s arm then sides, her abs and back and finally her legs. When she stopped Britt’s body was covered in pink stripes for each can strike. Looking back a Debra she asked “so slut do you think this is making her wet?” With those words fresh in both mom and daughters ears Dee shoved 2 fingers into a very wet teen cunt then walked over to Debra and let her lick her fingers clean of the juices. Dee never stopped looking at Britt knowing that this was breaking the girl down as much as the physical punishment. After taking the gloves off Dee went to the cabinet and got a pair of nipple clamps with a small cable attached to then after clipping the middle of the cable to the mouth piece on Britt’s hood she clipped the clamps to each young nipple. Now with each movement of Britt’s head it pulled on her sensitive nipples increasing the pleasure as her training continued.

“I want you to cum for me as my slut slave watches and if she manages to stay very quiet I’m going to let her fuck you wet cunt” whispered Dee into the girl’s ear. She then walked to the toy wall and grabbed a vibrator and an anal plug and after lubing the plug came back and whispered again “you spoiled little cunt. The next time you think you can spread rumors about innocent people you will remember this” and forced the lubed plug into what proved to be a willing asshole. Taking the vibe she then rubbed the girls clit as she continued whispering into the girls ear “when you’re done cumming for me you little bitch I’m going to get that very large strap-on you see hanging on the wall and strap it to your slut of a mother then have her come over here and fuck your cunt raw. As she is fucking you I’m going to fuck her in the ass with another dildo until you’re both enjoying the most taboo pleasure. The best part is it’s all being recorded.” With that Britt couldn’t keep from cumming and crying knowing that as the juices freely flowed from her young cunt it would soon be filled with her mother’s fake cock.

True to her word Dee went and grabbed the same strap-on she had used the day before to fuck Debra with and now Debra would unknowingly be using it to fuck her own daughter. After strapping the dildo to Debra she then released her and told her “for doing such a good job of staying quiet while I punished my new slave I’m going to let you fuck her cunt till I feel she has been fucked properly.” She led Debra to the sex swing and had her squat enough for Dee to pull out the plug in her ass then replaced it with a large dildo. Whispering in her ear “Now fuck that wet cunt like the slut I know you are and I will give you a final reward” then she attached 2 more wrist restraints from the swing so that there was no chance of escape when the final surprise was revealed. Dee guided the dildo head to Britt’s wet cunt and without a word Debra thrust forward filling the teen’s young cunt completely. Debra went crazy fucking Britt like a lust crazed fool and was thrusting in and out with complete abandon. Dee reached down and grabbed the dildo in Debra’s ass and started fucking her asshole with the same amount of abandon that Debra had fucking her daughter. As Debra started cumming Dee stopped fucking her ass and moved behind Britt to repeat the anal assault on Britt’s ass and unzip the hood to be ready to remove at the right moment. It didn’t take any time for Britt to start cumming with the added pleasure of her ass being deeply fucked.

“Fuck her cunt you nasty slut. Quit being so kind to her nasty cunt” Dee commanded knowing that the words would have Debra in another world when the hood came off. That moment came as both women started cumming again and in that moment Dee pulled the hood off of Britt’s head to hear the most wonderful thing “fuck me mommy fuck me harder.” Debra acted like a sex robot and never slowed down as she kept cumming and fucking Britt till they were both screaming in complete ecstasy.

“Both of you sluts are the best slaves I could want. Now Debra I want you to fuck your daughter’s ass while I have a nice talk with her” Dee stated as she released Debra from the restraints. Debra wasted no time shoving the dildo in her daughter’s ass as Dee stood in front of Britt and said “You have gone out of your way to make life hard on my daughter and now it will stop. Don’t you dare cum till I’m done. You’re stupid enough that you actually believed a school would consider you’re for their cheer team and the truth is you’re the worst cheerleader on the team now. Tomorrow you will quit the team and publically apologize to my daughter. If for any reason you don’t do as I say the video of you begging your mother to fuck you and her now fucking your ass will be released to you school web page for all to see and enjoy. Now cum you nasty cunt.”

With that Britt screamed with a painfully held cum then Debra came around and hugged her daughter and they told each other how much they loved each other. Dee told them “this all happened because of your hateful way of life but now your both my slaves to enjoy as I please. From this point forward you will be changing how you treat others. After you make you public apology to my daughter and quit the cheer team Britt, I want you to start home school because you’re not going to fulfill your role as a good slave if you’re at school all day and let’s face it we all know you’re not going to college. As for you Debra I’m proud of how well you’re doing as an obedient slave and as a reward you will be here all day tomorrow for another one on one discipline session.” After releasing Britt from the swing she told them to clean the mess in the dungeon while she went and ordered lunch with a very satisfied look on her face.

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