Dana Gets Fucked Again

It’s been 2 days since I (Mark) fucked Dana and my dick is still thinking about her. Her pussy felt so warm and good that I just have to figure out another way to get to that wet moist snapper pussy. It’s like 8am in the morning and I had today off. I jumped out of bed buttnaked with my long black pole swingin left and right. I put on some grey sweatpants and a white wifebeater. I run downstairs to the kitchen to get cereal and while I’m putting milk in my bowl I see Dana husband leaving out the house and getting in the car.

“Hmmmm, this seems like a perfect opportunity to pay Dana a visit” I said to myself.

I put on my sneakers and headed out the door. At soon as I got ready to knock on the door, Dana opened it and dropped her purse.

“Mark, what are you doing here?” “Sorry, I startled you sexy. I just saw your mans leave and I was hoping I can come over here and give your body another workout” Dana didn’t say shit. She just stood there motionless. Dana had on cherry red suit dress. Her double d cleavage was exposed, her legs were shaven and her ass looked so round in her skirt. Dana finally spoke up and said “But Mark, I have to get to work so I need to get to my car in the garage”. I looked at her with a devilish grin and quickly gripped up her ass with force and started kissing on her neck. Dana started getting hot and tried to push me away but her pussy was calling my name.

As I kept pushing her away from the door and then slammed the door, Dana tried to use her strength by pushing me away. But I was too irresistible. With the combination of my muscular chest thru my wifebeater and my dick bulging in my grey sweats, Dana could sense she was bout to get fucked again.

I managed to push her near the living room closet. I whisper in her ear “Lets fuck in the closet.” Dana looked me like I was a straight freak.

“You crazy” she said as my fingers made way to her inner thighs. I managed to get my right hand to her pussy and palmed it.

“Ooooh” goes Dana. I kissed on her neck so more cuz I knew that’s her spot. I started twiddling her pussy lips with my fingers and I can feel her pussy moistening up on the spot. Relentlessly, Dana let me push her into the dark closet. We started to kiss passionately while I felt her hands pulling my dick out from my sweats. She had all 9 inches in her hand. I was hard as a rock.

Out of nowhere, Dana pushed me against the wall, drop to her knees and put my throbbing mushroom head into her moist warm mouth. She started going back and forth on my dick. I grabbed her by the head and started fuckin her face.

“Get that dick” I moaned out. The dick suck felt so good cuz I couldn’t see what she was doing. I fucked her face for like 5 minutes and told her to stand up.

She stood up and I palmed her ass some more. As I lift her skirt up, all I can hear was heavy moaning and breathing in the closet. I managed to pull her panties down and take one leg out her panties. All of sudden she says “Fuck me against the wall. Lift up both my legs and fuck me hard” It’s a good thing I curl a lot so liftin up her thick thighs and putting her against the wall was no problem. I lifted her up and she took my dick and put it near her killer pussy. As I slid in slowly, I can feel the snapper already sqeezin my dick on and off. I finally got all the way in, palmed her ass and started fuckin her hard. I can feel her hair in my face as she moan in my ear.

“Fuck me Mark. Yesss! Your dick is so good”

I was loving the shit out her pussy when all of sudden I heard a door open.

“Whats that?” whisper Dana. I don’t know, I said. From the sound of the footsteps, Dana can tell its her husband walking around the house.

“Why would he be at the house” whisper Dana. I don’t know, I said as I kept slowly stroking her pussy. I didn’t care. I knocked that fucka out if he catch us. Dana knew this too! She tried to make me stop but I was still deep in her pussy. She was moaning very softly and hoping he did not open the closet. We started to hear him come near the closet but he did not open the door. Dana was terrified. I started to feel a tingle and whisper in her ear “I’m bout to cumm”. All of sudden Dana got real scared and started whispering in my ear “Let me down Mark. Let me down!” I wasn’t sure why she was freakin out like that so I did. She cracked open closet to peep out and she can see her husband heading back to the front door. While she had her eye on him, I slowly inserted my dick into her from behind. Dana reciprocated by putting her hands against the wall and arching her ass out. I started pounding her ass and she started fuckin me back. All of sudden we heard the front door close. Her husband was gone. She finally got back into it and started moving her ass in a reggae rhythmic motion. This was making me ready to cumm like crazy.

“I’m bout to cumm Dana” I moaned out. She quickly moved away from me, turned around and quickly dropped to her knees and jerking my dick. I can feel my cumm shooting out my dick as she jerked it. I grabbed her by the back of her head and made sure her face was near my dick as I shot hot cumm. It was all over. She opened the closet and we both walked out. I looked at her face and it was all cover with my nutt. All I can say was “DAMN!”

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