Creamy Trails

It was late July when Maximus first caught his dirty slut of a girl friend cheating on him with her best friend Sidney. The memories of that night still haunted him. When he came home that Sunday Night only to hear what he thought was kissing in his living room, he peered through a gap though the door that was slightly left ajar, then he saw the love of his life Carrie fully naked suckling on Sidneys Tight Vagina, Eating her like a Juicy steak whilst fingering her dribbly wet ass.

This was too much for Maximus he wanted Carrie and Sidney all to himself, He didnt want to share their wet pussies with anyone, Not even between the two Best friends. They were His girls, His pussies and his Anal Divas.

He hadnt told Carrie that he had been fucking Sidney the night before. They had stayed in a local Hotel whilst Carrie had been visiting relatives in a near by City.

Sidney was the dirtiest of sluts and she liked nothing more than to be fucked hard in the ass whilst watching herself moan in a mirror.

When Maximus arrived at the hotel, Sidney was already in the room waiting, He collected his Key from reception for room 71, He had stayed in that room before with a previous girl friend, He knew the room was situated quite a distance from the other rooms, so any noise wouldnt have been an issue as the room was on the top floor.

He stopped at the bar to collect some Champagne, An innocent young Lady approached him no older than nineteen “ Can I help You sir?” she said in a husky voice, Maximus saw that she was new and looked a little uneasy on her shift “yes sure, A bottle of Champagne. Im not fussy just give me what you have chilled”. The bar maid smiled and went to the fridge, as she bent over to look for a bottle, Maximus saw that she had no underwear on, he could see that her pussy was shaved and he imagined it was wet as her crack had a slightly damp look to it. She stood up and smiled, it was as if she knew that Maximus had saw her Lady bits, “is that all?” she asked. “ yes please bill to room 71” Maximus said whilst trying to un-imagine her wet vagina.

When Maximus reached the room he could hear moaning and groaning, It sounded like Sidney had been keeping herself occupied. On entering he found her on the bed rolling a vibe around her sopping wet clitorus, “Dont worry” said Sidney. “I havent cum yet” “ I was just warming my self up for you”. She immediately grabbed Maximus and pulled him close to her, She was grinding her ass against his hard cock. She unzipped his trousers, “im wet, Now let me make you wet” She slid his hard cock into her mouth, Her tounge was warm and so wet, She gently rolled her tounge down his shaft and let out a moan as she deep throated it, Taking every inch of his throbbing penis into her mouth, you could tell that she wanted to swallow his juices. “im going to stop now” she said in a calm voice. “ I need you to do something for me”. Maximus looked intrigued “what can I do” he asked. “ Im going to bend over” Sidney said “ I then want you to suckle on my pussy and then slowly move around to my ass”. Maximus did not hesitate, he put his fingers into a v-shape and gently pulled apart her flaps, revealing her pink wet pussy, He licked it gently and smoothly before darting his tounge in and out of her ass. He slowly eased one of his fingers into her tight asshole and fingered her gently, She was moaning like a bitch,Crying that she wanted more, Maximus put another finger in and started putting a bit more force, Her ass hole was stretching, her ring was wet, Maximus had to stick his penis in and feel her tight hole grip his cock.

Sidney was thrusting back and fourth onto his throbbing penis, It felt good, It was tight and wet and her booty cheeks felt so firm in his hands, He looked in the mirror to see Sidneys tits bouncing up and down her nipples were errect and she was screaming like a bitch.

Maximus felt an intense heat come across his body, His penis tingled and he climaxed and came in Sidneys Tight white ass, As he pulled out a little dribble ran down her asshole and trickled into her vagina sending a shudder of horniness up Maximus’ spine.

They spent the rest of the evening playing with eachothers Genitalia and enjoying oral sex.

When Maximus woke the next morning Sidney had gone only leaving behind a tiny thong which smelt of her sweet wet pussy.

Maximus went to reception to pay for the room and check out. The usual Lady was working and was happy to help such a regular customer. On departure the receptionist stopped Maximus “ The new girl Freya left this for you, She said she knew you from an old friend and asked if I could pass this on to you” Maximus looked suprised He did not know the girl and wondered if she was mistaken. “thank you” said maximus he left clutching his over night bag and the small brown envelope which had been given to him.

A few weeks passed and Maximus was sitting alone in his apartment feeling sorry for him self as he was still depressed about Sidney and Carrie cheating on him. He imagined them fucking and kissing and wondered if he had ever tasted Sidneys pussy on Carries lips when he had returned home from work and kissed her.

It was 11pm and Maximus had become to feel quite tired so he decided to get a bowl of crunchy nut and go to bed and watch Mythbusters on demand.

As he went to the fridge he noticed amongst some paper work that small brown envelope which had been handed to him the day before that night that he caught Carrie cheating.

Maximus did not hesitate and opened it, Inside there was a note, it said, “ Hi I know you must be confused as I told the receptionist that I knew you”. “ I know you dont, but I caught you looking at my pussy that night in the bar” “ Call me anytime” she had provided him with a number. Maximus was lonely and felt it could do no harm so he was a little nervous about calling so he decided to send a text.

Maximus went to bed and must have fallen asleep because when he awoke his cereal was all over the bed and Mythbusters had finished, He looked at his phone and realised he had slept in, along with a missed call from work was a text. It read “ hey Max, Im single at the moment, Thank you for asking, Fancy a drink tonight, Im not working”. They arranged to meet at a local bar later that evening.

It was 7pm and Maximus arrived at Bar-65 It was a wine bar which was nicely lit and quiet it also had the benefit of a few over night rooms upstairs for passing travellers and business men.

Maximus entered the bar he looked around and then spotted Freya sitting alone, He approached her and asked her if she would like a drink or some nibbles, “I’ll cut to the chase” she said Ive just come out of a really long relationship that didn’t last because I would not have sex with the guy or any other to be honest I have never had sex”. Maximus felt dissapointed he couldn’t understand why she had such slutty ways if she was a virgin.

” I dont need food or alcohol” she said I need somebody to Fuck me and show me how its done. “ I have booked us a room upstairs” so lets cut the crap and get on with it” She led Maximus to her room. “ I dont know what to do” “you lead the way Maximus”

He put his hand up her skirt, She had under wear on this time, he gently pulled it to the side and started slowly rubbing her, she moaned and he could feel her trembling on his hand.

He gently pulled her knickers down and saw her young tender pussy throbbing, “lay down” Maximus said, She took off her tiny white blouse and bra, Her breasts were pert, she had tanned skin and a tight body, He gently started suckling on her nipples she smelt of sweet perfume, he trailled down her firm body and arrived at her pussy, she shook as he dribbled on her clitorus and tickled her pussy with his tounge, he felt Freya tense up and he then felt a gush of wet fluid come on his lips leaving a creamy trail on her pussy and on his mouth. “let me kiss you” she said, she gently carassed his tounge with hers and licked her juices off his mouth. “ I think im ready to take you now” she said nervously. “please can I bend over” I hear its better for both” Maximus gently turned Freya over he gently rubbed his penis up and down her pussy before slowly easing the head in, Her pussy was so tight, tighter than any ass he had ever felt, it was warm and it was wet as he pushed his shaft in deeper she let out a cry and suttle pop could be heard, He had taken her virginity and had popped her cherry,

He fucked the girl hard showing her no mercy, He then pulled out and came over breasts, he watched it trickle down her erect nipples and down her neck.

The passion filled night did not stop there, He woke up in the morning to find freya sitting on his face rocking back and forward whilst cradling his head, Wiping her pussy all over his face leaving Creamy Trails.

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