Come Fly With Me!

I heard the announcement that the gate for our flight was now open. We were first in the queue and there were less than a score of people on the flight anyway which was unusual but it was off peak and early morning. We were shown to our seats, they were on the back row, we had our personal screens on the back on the each of the seats, the toilets were just around the corner from us and the air hostesses was at the other end of the plane. We had some privacy as we were travelling business class whilst only one other person was and he was already falling asleep. There were four rows on either side of aisle between us and the next couple. I stretched out and pecked you on the cheek. You placed your finger on my lips, I looked mystified but I obeyed your orders.

We put our seat belts on and the lights turned off and I handed your a mint and I sucked on one to so the change in air pressure didn’t cause an ear infection. It was a smooth take-off and the light for the seat belts to be taken off were quicker than I expected. As we had leg room, I had opted to put my rucksack in front of me rather than in an overhead locker. I opened it and ensured my phone was switched off. I slipped my wallet in my pocket and leaned in to kiss my girlfriend. It was our first holiday away and I wanted to make it special. Instead of asking me to wait this time, you also leaned in.

Our lips met and a tingling sensation ran through my body; my hand settled on your leg and I squeezed it cheekily. You didn’t move or object my hand being there and I slid my hand onto the inside of my thigh; gaining confidence as I did. I ran my fingers up and down your thigh, starting close to your body and then moving outwards before once again moving inwards, I placed my hand under your skirt and rested it on your underwear. You looked shocked but I continued to kiss you, biting your lip and allowing my tongue to slip in.

I looked behind and I saw that all the air hostesses were making breakfast for the fellow travellers in the other class so we weren’t going to be disturbed any time soon. Your low crop top revealed your slightly tanned chest, I could see the top of your breasts and I had plans for them later. I retreated from making out with you and began to nibble on your neck roughly so roughly you almost let out a scream, you had to bite into the chair in front. I heard you moan ever so slightly as I hit a particular point, I decided to nibble on this part before my outstretched tongue flickered against it and my lips pressed against this point hard. Your back began to arch. We needed privacy.

I demanded that you followed me, I opened the bathroom door and looked at your seductively not that I needed too as you sexily walked through shutting the door quietly behind us before locking the door to ensure we wouldn’t be disturbed. The mirror seemed to be steaming up already and we hadn’t even started. I began to kiss you on the spot on your neck again, however this time, you retaliated and you began to unbutton the shirt, your fingers ran up and down my body. Your fingers turned to my lower body, you unbuckled my belt and in quick succession pulled down my trousers but I stopped you.

You looked at me, even more mystified than I was before, but I pulled off your crop top and you soon understand as I began to feel the bra strap and unclipped it with ease. It fell and almost drifted to the floor, I was shocked but I wasn’t overwhelmed, I lowered myself to the level of your bust and I began to get to grips with you: literally. I began to play with your boobs, I fiddled with the nipples and began to lick the nipples hard, the moans and sighs and unique noises continued to come out of your mouth; as I continue to pleasure you so successfully.

My hands ran even further down your body, I avoided your breasts this time and lingered on your tummy, feeling it and moving even further down, removing your skirt and underwear and feeling the smoothness of your pussy all in one smooth transaction. My fingers ran along the lips whilst my other fingers were now rubbing your clitoris, I slid my finger inside and began at a slow steady pace. I mounted you on the baby changing table and you widened your legs as I added another finger and increased the pace once more, you began to moan and I added another finger and it felt tight, you winced but I got into a fast steady rhythm, you were in a comfortable position but I had to keep you on your toes and stopped without warning.

I showed my upper body strength as I lowered your body slightly, just so that I could slide myself inside you more easily. I was fully erect now and you was shocked by the length and thickness of my penis as I began to get to grip with your body, I held on to your hips and put myself inside you, I began at a fast hard pace which took you by surprise, the moans turned into screams. I put hand over your mouth so we weren’t disturbed and you dug your fingernails into my back, I bit my lip and felt a cold liquid move down my back but I didn’t give your the satisfaction as I continued and went even deeper; my balls slapping against your lips.

I carried on thrusting, banging against the sink as I did; you bit your lips and looked at me naughtily and pushed me off you before you fell to your knees. Your hands wrapped around my penis and you didn’t hold it too tight but softly which implied you had experience but I knew that, I began to enjoy your control, you pulled on my shaft and began to move the foreskin up and down revealing the delicate surface of my head. You carried on pulling on my foreskin, massaging my balls and feeling different parts of my genitalia and my shaft.

Your lips sunk down and began to suck on my head; I shuffled backwards as you were feeling uncomfortable in this small compact space. You dribbled your saliva on my cock and rubbed it in, massaging my penis with competence. I felt a little bit of semen dribble out and onto your hand, you let go of my penis and licked up the juice with pleasure. You placed my penis in your mouth and pulled it further in, you gagged but wouldn’t allow me to retreat. You pleaded for me to ejaculate, your tongue stretched around my big head and I gasped as you did.

I started to lick you out, your breathing soon became a lot deeper as I widen the lips with my fingers, I tasted the pink flesh and continued licking all around. I stretched my fingers inside you and watched as I ferociously fingered you and bit on your nipples at the same time. My other hand was being used to pin you against the sink. You were moaning more and more and I suddenly stopped.

You dropped to the floor, eager to suck me off again, I pulled roughly on your hair whilst you did, I began to thrust cheekily towards the back of your mouth as you gagged and then I felt the head fully swell up with cum. I withdrew from your mouth and watched as I sprayed lots of cum all over your face and boobs which you received gratefully before rubbed it in and which sucking on my balls, you couldn’t resist it any longer and licked it all up.

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