Cindy Fucks Her Prof

Her Independent Research On Swinging

Cindy and I met in high school and experimented with sex. From time to time we would break up and each of us pursued our own independent sexual adventures. She was more successful than I was in adding a wide range of experiences to her scrapbook.

We married and for a few years tried to remain monogamous. There are more than a few stories about what a failure that was. Still we wanted to stay together enjoyed each other as sexual partners and little adventures made us realize that we needed more, Cindy needed more. We began thinking about swinging.

Then, Cindy had a dirty old man prof in a psych class assign her to do a paper on swinging, since she was the only married woman in the class.

She had to present her paper orally and not a single guy cut class that day. She had dressed a bit more provocatively than she normally did. She had a tight short skirt with a couple of those buttons on the side intentionally left unbuttoned, no panty lines visible for a reason. The top was tight, the material silky, the type that clings to everything it hugs, maybe a size smaller than she might normally have worn, the V neck went down beyond the guidelines of the student dress handbook. Her bra about the thinnest and shearest you could get. And she wore heels. She had made sure I knew about it all before she took off for class.

Questions followed her presentation.

As expected, someone asked: “So, have you tried swinging?”

Cindy replied: “Not yet,” followed by her trademark smile.

She had known the question would be asked and she had prepared her response. She got an A on the paper and for the course.

After she graduated, the prof contacted her to see if she wanted to drop in as a guest lecturer and present her paper to another class. He even told her that together they could prepare a more “scholarly” work to be submitted for publication in one of those university journals. She told him she would think about it and he finished the conversation by asking her again if she had tried swinging yet. She had giggled and told him “No, not yet.”

But one day, at some alumni function, she introduced me to him. She had referred to him as the “dirty old man prof”, I had expected to meet an aging, short, fat, balding, poorly dressed man. I was wrong on all counts. He said he was glad that she had decided to take him up on the guest lecture and was still considering the “scholarly” paper thing. They could meet and discuss it. Perhaps the research might be better after she finally did get into swinging.

On the way home I gave Cindy a rare “lecture”. “You know he doesn’t really care about your scholarship. He just wants to hear you talk about sex and what he really wants is to fuck you.”

“I know” she said.

Within a matter of weeks after the class finished, we had our first swinging adventure. We were friendly with a couple that we thought might be into it, we dropped a few hints. They were more than willing. Many couples talk and play with the idea for years before or without doing anything. We wasted no time. Our ride home after that first evening was quiet at first.

“So… did you have fun?”, I asked.

“Yup… did you?”

“Yup”. “Do you want to do this again?”

“What about you?”

“I’m ok with it… you?”

“Yup me too”. she finally admitted after making sure of my response

I had just fucked a very cute lady yet all I could think of was a cock sliding in and out of Cindy’s pussy and her mouth. Here we were discussing fucking and sucking someone else with all the casualness of ordering pizza. When we got home, we must have had the longest and most furious fuck in a long time, and I felt what it was like to feel someone else’s cum in Cindy’s pussy. It was not the last time I would feel that sensation.

I set up rules. We would only play with couples, no extra singles. We only played together, She preferred separate rooms, strangely, she was shy about the idea of actually having sex in front of me with someone else. I suspected that she didn’t want me to see how she responded to a cock much larger than mine even though mine was far from small. The teasing, the soft play had been one thing. Full out fucking and cock sucking was another.

Even though aware that pre marital parity had been a joke, marital parity where we would keep even in our sexual adventures would have to be maintained. Needless to say that didnt last long either, it was frankly over with before I even knew it. I had gone off to a girl’s place while Cindy went off to the guy’s apartment. She later, told me that he shared that apartment with another guy. Apparently, that night, the apartment was not the only thing they shared.

Although I had objected to going to a party house , we had ended up going anyway with a couple who insisted that it was for couples only. It quickly became evident that there were a lot more guys than girls. As I walked into a couples only room with this other wife, Cindy was already being kissed and having her tits and nipples fondled by the husband, another was playing with her pussy and a third was getting his cock stroked through the slit in his shorts. Cindy was not objecting, her legs were getting further apart, her transparent babydoll and matching panties were now a lump on the floor. Parity was toast.

One of my rules was: “No going in the group room”. Yet, I was watching my naked wife, walking into the group room with three guys, a half a glass of wine in one hand and some guy’s large growing cock in the other. But I talk about that in more detail in other stories.

So now in a short time we were full fledged swingers.

And now back to the prof.

It didn’t take long before he called again. This time she said: “Yes we have”, I knew what question he had asked again.

Then she said: “Yes I did”, probably answering his question about her enjoying herself.

Then she said: “OK”

I wondered what she had just said “OK” to.

She was going to meet him for dinner, discuss another research paper, blah, blah blah.

I was not happy. Seeing her fuck someone was one thing. Seeing her with someone else’s cum dribbling from her mouth, that was OK. Knowing she was in the next room fucking and sucking two guys at the same time with two more guys, cock in hand waiting their turn was OK. I didn’t know why this wasn’t OK.

She knew how I felt, but she told me that this too would be ok.

When the dinner eve came, she again dressed with a short skirt without panty lines, a top with a lot of cleavage, support stockings that barely made it to the hem of her dress and a favorite pair of her slutty, golden high heels. She kissed me good bye. I never asked her about when she would be back. There was no lecture about what I thought he had in mind. There was no point to any of it.

The next few hours were an agony of visuals involving him and his cock and her lips, her tits and her pussy.

At 10ish she came home. I said “Hi”

She said “Hi”

My stomach had been in a knot all evening thinking of my wife fucking and sucking the Prof’s cock.

“So…” I say: “How was your evening?”

“Fine” she says.

There is a pause as she took off her coat and shoes, put her purse down and headed over to the liquor cabinet for some of the sweet brandy she liked, to which she added vodka, a lot of vodka. She walks back to the living room where I am clutching whats left of my third or fourth vodka based drink. I sit there hoping she will start the conversation so I don’t have to sound like an inquisitor.

” I didn’t fuck him, if thats what your are waiting to know” she says.

I don’t know what to say. “I thought you were going to, and frankly I was having a hard time with it”

“Why?” she says, “I have told you detailed stories of fucking and sucking on the cocks of dozens of guys since we met. You have seen me with cocks in my mouth, my pussy, ejaculating on my tits etcetera. You get a hard on from it. You masterbate watching me straddling a guy riding his cock, you fuck me like a wild man while asking me details about cum sliding out of my mouth and dripping onto my tits. Before we started the swinger stuff you would get all worked up about me touching someone’s cock, stroking it for a few seconds. If some guy fingered my pussy, you were ready to cum, you were encouraging me to take it further. When you even thought I was fucking someone, you got all excited. What is it about fucking this guy?”

All I could say is: “I dont know”

“He doesn’t want to take me away from you, he just wants to fuck me. You told me that yourself. All the stuff about lectures and research papers is bullshit. That’s why I didn’t fuck him tonight”

“I dont get it” I said.

“He took me to that new Italian place, he starts asking me a lot of questions. He just wants to get a hard on listening to me tell him about my fucking and sucking adventures. So I tell him a bunch of very graphic stuff, I am describing cum dripping down my face, going into details about the taste, the feel of cock on my tongue. I was having fun with it. I reached over and touched him over his pants. He had a hard on like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Well listen, you tell me those stories and I get one too”

“So after dinner he wants to take me back to his place, he pretends he has a book to give me. I mean you go to a fuck party and there is no pretense, the guys are there to fuck you period. They want to stick their cocks in you, and watch their cum run down your face or between your legs. No bullshit stories. That’s what you want. I want an orgasm, period. You give me that, you can fuck me, I’ll suck your cock, I’ll suck on your wife’s tits, anything, almost.”

“So you told him all that?”

“Yup.” she said then added: “If he had just said that he had a raging hard on and wanted to fuck me, I would have gone and done it.”

“But he didn’t so you left?”


“So that’s it?

“Oh no… I’ll still fuck him, I want to, Based on that touch, he does have a nice cock. I just want him to call and tell me he wants to fuck me with no bullshit about research papers or lectures.”

“You decided he had a nice cock based on a touch?”

“Ok fine, I rubbed my fingers on it.”

“Just once?”

“More than once, ok!”

“Did you unzip his pants?”

“We were at a restaurant… Jeez”

Now giggling, I said again: “Did you unzip his pants?”


“Did you take his cock out of his pants?”

“Yes I did.”

“at the table in the restaurant?”


“You masterbated him at the table?”


“He came?”


“Thats it?”

“Yup, I got up wiped my hand on his napkin, gave him a peck on the cheek, thanked him for dinner and left”

A couple of weeks later, she told me she was going out to meet him. She didn’t hide the fact that she was carefully trimming her pussy. I watched her spray on just a hint of perfume on that little furry triangle. I watched her trying to pick out the perfect pair of lacey panties only to decide not to wear any. She made the same decision with a bra. I watched her select the perfect short skirt and revealing top. I stared at her pussy while she had one leg after the other up in the air as she slowly pulled on her support stockings. She saw me stare and pulled them on very slowly, smiling. That was already one wet pussy. Her high heel shoes accented her calves. She asked me if she looked good. It was just such a tease.

She took forever applying that deep red lipstick that soon would have cum on it, her well manicured nails were the same color. As she would use her hands to guide his cock into her mouth, it would be important to Cindy that the lipstick and nail polish matched. I’m not sure guys ever fully appreciated those little extra touches. A lite base makeup, a touch of rouge and her long hair pulled back because she did not like cum in her hair.

“Are you going to the same restaurant?”

“Nope, no restaurant. I’m going to his place, have a couple of drinks, chat a bit about anything but lectures, and papers and books, then I am going to take my clothes off, fuck him and suck on his cock. I am going to cut a little notch on his bedpost, get dressed, come home, have another drink then fuck your brains out. Any other questions?” she said laughing.


She gave me a quick peck good bye and off she went.

For some strange reason, this time for me was better, she was going off to have sex with him, but not to make love to him.

At 10ish, she came home, walked in and said: “Hi’”

“Hi, OK, so this time you fucked him?”

“Yes I did.”

“And you sucked his cock?”

“Yes I did.”

“And you got your big O?”

“Yes I did.”

“and you got his cum inside your pussy and your mouth and over your tits?”

“Yes I did.”

“And you knew that telling me all this would get me hard and want to fuck you too?”

“Yes I did”

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