Cindy Bill And Bob

There Always Seems To Be A Bob Involved

We had just moved, one of many moves. Left behind were our first swinger friends, Phil and Linda and I may have mentioned Cindy’s fondness for Phil’s cock. Left behind was our first party house and a host of friends with sexual tendencies that seemed to involve Cindy’s cunt, or their cum flowing onto or down Cindy’s tongue at some point.

At first, we just played with each other, occasionally allowing our visions and memories of the playing and sexual adventures we had had, and the pictures and videos we had of them to spice things up, figuring that this southern city with it’s Baptist flavor was not like the place we had left. Socializing with new friends and neighbors was totally sexless… even the wild and adventuresome Cindy buttoned up. At most any gathering of people, sex was not even mentioned, skinny dipping in your own pool never talked about, nudie beaches in faraway places, unknown.

We quickly did learn that most men had something on the side, a secretary at work or even the son’s bible school teacher. Many of the women had tennis and or golf pros. Each had personal trainers etc. More than a few of the women still fucked their exes, the ones who had big cocks but were unable to get or hold onto good paying jobs. They had been dumped for the more successful ones with money, good jobs but less capable cocks. Men would go as a group to local titty bars and often offer hundreds of dollars for a blow job in the back. I had gone with them a couple of times, though not for the blowjobs and had wanted to say:

“Hey, my wife Cindy will give you a better blow job than that for free, if I can fuck your wife. Hey, what do you think guys?”

But of course I didn’t.

Ever alert, one of us heard someone mention a downtown club, dance music, a bit wild, mostly for couples and where people who were swingers tended to be grouped together in one area with a single flower in a vase on their tables.

It didn’t take long for us to go there. I think it was called the “Wild Cherry” but with that southern drawl it sounded like: “Chairs”, which is why we had a hell of a time finding it. We couldn’t exactly ask our friends and neighbors…

“So where is it? What is it called again?”

But ever in search of a little fun we found it.

We got there, discreetly asked for a table with a flower. They said all tables were full but would we mind sitting with another couple. We said “OK”. Another section seemed to be for non swinging couples and the bar was primarily single guys who weren’t allowed to go the area with vases and flowers there unless specifically invited to do so. Many of the non swinger guys knew about the people with the vases and were trying to maneuver their wives and or dates into meeting people with vases. They were hoping, we would talk their significant others into swinging or maybe they might get invited to a “party”. Whatever, it rarely worked.

We sat with and met Bill and Nyna. Bill was Mr Studley, not yet aware that gold chains were way past passe. I even expected to see a white belt and white shoes. Nyna was a bit mousy, cute, but shy, quiet, nice body. Since the dance floor was a mix of swingers and non swingers, “action” was subdued, and discrete. Still it wasn’t long before Bill asked Cindy to dance. Nyna and I followed, she seemed to like me, she smiled, but her moves were very conservative. All clothing was conservative by the standards of where we came from but fun nevertheless. Cindy had worn both a bra and panties… Not like her at all.

With the strobe like low lights in the floors ceilings and bouncing off walls, the colors, the loud, thumping fast paced music, the density of people on the floor wildly gyrating to moves that were in vogue that week, the accumulating effects of the drinks, all allowed a bit more freedom than I would have thought. Cindy had a skirt, fairly but not too short, with buttons all the way from top to bottom, a loose fitting top over the skirt and as I mentioned… bra and panties, black, sexy, lacy. The skirt could be worn with the buttons on the side and when unbuttoned, showed a whole lotta leg and Cindy had nice legs.

Worn with the buttons in front, and unbuttoned, someone could reach up and play with her pussy, and Cindy had a nice pussy . Cindy liked to show her legs and Cindy liked to have her pussy played with. I had noticed that though she had started with only one unbottoned button on her skirt and the buttons on the side, soon half the buttons were undone and were in front. I noticed at some point that the panties were already in her purse, so was her bra. I understood why Cindy had brought such a big purse. Cindy was a planner.

“So, I take it that Bill has started playing with your tits?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Your bra is in your purse,”


“On the dance floor?”


“Panties off too?”


I could tell that Bill had had one hand up between her legs at some point, while we were sitting at the table. I was sure he had reached the wet area between her pussy lips. I could also see that Cindy didn’t mind. Far from it. I dont know if her hand had reached Bill’s cock. It didn’t really matter, it would soon and much more than her hand would reach Bill’s cock. In fact the next time her hands held Bill’s cock, it would be to guide it into her mouth.

We danced, we sat, we drank, we talked between sets of the loud music. Cindy managed to tell me that Bill and Nyna did not live together, and it was maybe better if she and Bill went over to his place and Nyna and I could go over to her place.

“Ok, why?”

“He has a roomate, a guy, who may have a date. Easier for a “couple” to head off to the bedroom than a foursome.”

“Ok, why not go to Nyna’s place?”

“Too small, one small bed.”

“Oh ok.”

Soon they left, soon Nyna and I left.

When I got to Nyna’s place she made us both a drink and somehow between filling the glass with ice cubes and pouring a healthy amount of vodka topped off with a tad of orange juice, she had managed to take all her clothes off. Unlike with Cindy, Nyna’s clothes had not really permitted me to play with her tits nor her pussy at the club, we had exchanged a few hugs, copped a few feels over the clothes. She in turn had rubbed over me a bit so see if I was getting “interested”.

She seemed satisfied that I was. We had exchanged a few peck like kisses. But here she was naked, pussy area completely shaved, pussy lips fairly prominent, not quite as much as Cindy but. She watched me as I looked her up and down, not showing the least embarrassment She handed me my drink, taking a healthy sip of hers and asking me if I wanted to head to the bedroom.

Yes I did. She took me by the hand and when next to her bed, she undressed me. Her last gesture was pulling down my undershorts and grabbing my cock with her mouth as it flopped free of the elastic. It didn’t take long for me to catch up with what Bill and Cindy had been doing at the club, and more.

Yet, there with my face between Nyna’s legs, tongue enjoying the feel and juice from her pussy, playing with her ample tits, all I seemed to be able to focus on was what Cindy was doing. It didn’t take much effort to visualize that Bill’s cock was already in her mouth and that they would have already said something like:

“Wow, you are very good at that.”


“Can I cum in your mouth?”

“Next time.”

“You swallow?”


Soon, Nyna was doing the same to me, we fucked, I came… She seemed to have gotten her O when I went down on her. We lay there. This time I offered to go make the drinks.

She told me that she had mostly been a good girl before meeting Bill, that she was really into him but realizing he was using her. Before him, she had been only with less than a half dozen guys and had never let anyone cum in her mouth. Given she was in her late 20s, and she had no reason to lie to me, she was damned near a virgin.

He got her into some girl girl stuff, and watched, had her fuck a couple of his friends, including his roomie Bob. He like to watch that too. And, he used her as bait at swingers’ clubs so he could play, like tonight. On the flip side, she was starting to enjoy the sport fucking world and had even had a few adventures without him. She seemed to be enjoying tonight with me.

She had even had the epithany that she could go to a swinger’s bar without him and get a whole lot more cock. She mentioned considering an on premise club in town but preferred going with a guy, not Bill nor Bob. I told her, that Cindy and I would be happy to take her. A what?… Here in this town, oh wow!

I quickly began to wonder if I needed to incorporate two cocks into those visions I was having about what was happening at Bill’s place… Oh well, she had done two, more than two, way more than two in one evening before, so what the hell. Right?

I asked Nona if Bob would had been there this evening. “Probably”, she said. “If not, Bill would have gotten a message to him to come home”. “They shared,” she added.

“Shared as in if Bill brings in a fuck, he is expected to let Bob fuck her? Right?”

Of course I knew the answer to that. For some reason, the idea of Cindy being shared pussy by two neanderthals, turned me on. No doubt turned Cindy on too.

“Yup” Nyna said, almost puzzled thatI needed to actually ask that question.

That’s why they went over there and us over here, hmmmmm.

She continued: “First time I stayed at Bill’s, first time I had made love to him, Bob had come in after I fell asleep. I felt a cock enter my pussy from behind. Between the sleepiness, the booze, a joint, by the time I was figuring it out, Bob had ejaculated a huge load into me. I was upset, it felt good, I didn’t know what to do or think. It was the first time I had done two guys. I was with a guy I wanted to get a relationship going with and I was lying there with another guy’s cum inside me having just enjoyed the hell out of feeling his cock yet needing to feel angry and upset. Bill was very conforting and told me it was allright and not being the least bit upset at his friend.”

“The next morning, I realized that the activities of the night before had been planned, so with the three of us still with very little on, I went over to Bob and sucked his cock right there in front of Bill, letting him cum all over my face, in my mouth and onto my tits. I licked his cock clean. The first time ever I let a guy cum in my mouth is with a guy I barely know in front of the guy who I had wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I got up got dressed and left. I thought Bill would be furious with jealousy. He wasn’t, he said he spent that day masterbating to the visions of me doing that.”

He had told her he loved her. This guy was an odd bird but I liked him.

We were still naked and Nyna could tell that her story of giving Bob a blowjob was reviving my dick. She didn’t even ask, she just went down between my legs. She was just finishing licking the cum off my cock when we heard the door.

Bill and Cindy had just shown up at Nyna’s place. I was dressing, Nyna didn’t need to, I think she gave Bill a kiss before she had really cleaned off her lips.

Cindy seemed happy, we all chatted a few minutes had a cup of coffee, then Cindy and I drove home.

We chatted a bit on the way home, by comparison to what we had been into before, the evening had been tame, Bob or no Bob. I wanted to ask about Bob but I didn’t. Cindy never brought it up.

It was a long time, or so it seemed before I brought Bob up. “Oh yeah”, Cindy said ever so casually. “Bob”.

Cindy said: “Bill told me that he had a roomate, his name was Bob and that he might come home, but that he was out on a date and probably wouldn’t.”

They had only partially bothered to close the bedroom door before getting down to it. Somewhere during some fucking or sucking, Cindy said she had heard the front door. She heard someone in the kitchen, figured it was Bob, alone, then it was quiet for a minute or two. Since she was otherwise a bit occupied, she didn’t give it another thought and went back to concentrating on the cock pounding in to her at that moment. The next thing she knew a different hand was touching her outer thigh and gently started a stroking petting motion that quickly worked it’s way to the inner thigh and didn’t take long to get to her vulva area, even though Bill’s cock was busy thrusting into her vagina.

Cindy admitted to not being sure about what to do. Ok, just for a second. A quick glance showed that Bob was naked too, his cock semi erect was of a good size, and he had a good physique. Should she play modest? pull up a sheet? stop the action perhaps, and feign shock, surprise, indignation and modesty? But Cindy was Cindy, so she just reached in between the interloper’s legs and grabbed his cock. It didn’t take long for that cock to work it’s way to Cindy’s mouth.

In it went, finishing it’s growth to full erect size between her lips under the expert flicking of her tongue. Bill could not resist long to the visuals of his buddy’s cock in Cindy’s mouth and at the feeling in his own cock pounding into Cindy’s cunt. He came. Cindy now turned all her focus on Bob’s cock and it didn’t take long for it to erupt into Cindy’s mouth. She had made sure, the now resting Bill had seen all that and seen that most of Bob’s cum had not been spit back out.

Her first words to him were: “I take it you’re Bob, I’m Cindy, nice to meet you.”

She said: “I think he said: “ Wow, nice to meet you Cindy, then he thanked me for the blow job.”

“I told him he was welcome.” Cindy added.

Cindy was always polite that way.

I asked her why she had not told me about Bob that evening. She shrugged her shoulders and mentioned again that she didn’t always tell me everything.

“Besides” she added, “What’s the importance of another cock or a load of cum, given everything we have already done?”

She had a point.

“Did you know Bob would be involved before you went over there? Is that why you had Nyna and I go over to her place?”

“No.” she said, not all that convincingly.


“I guess I wasn’t all that surprised” she finally admitted.

Soon the fondness she had had for Phil’s cock was replaced by a fondness for Bill’s and Bob’s cocks.

Cindy and Nyna became friends, yeah, a little of that too… though both much preferred a stiff dick. Bill loved watching Cindy and Nyna going down on each other and using battery powered toys in and on each other. Cindy helped Nyna drop any reservations she had about party sex and I think I have a story about one of their adventures somewhere. Cindy showed her how to give a great blowjob. They practiced on me, on Bill, on Bob, and I know there were some other seminars I never attended. Still with my eyes shut, I could always tell when Cindy was giving the blowjob.

Cindy I and Nona did make it to that on premise club a couple of times. Nice place.

Then one day we moved again.

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