California - The Introduction

I had to go to Southern California on a business trip and my wife Stacy wanted to go with me to visit her sister. Stacy hadn’t seen her sister Laura in a couple of years and my wife was looking forward to a week with her only sister in the warmer weather. The sisters were almost complete opposites. My wife Stacy being petite with D cup breasts, red hair, pale skin, and lots of freckles loved the colder climates. While her sister Laura was a tall leggy blond with tanned skin and dark eyes that loved warm weather and beaches. Our flight arrived, we picked up the rental car, and soon were at her sister’s.

My wife rang the doorbell a number of times, we even tried knocking, but there was no answer. Her sister had one of those typical Californian houses with the pool and jacuzzi out back to take advantage of the warm weather, so my wife and I went around the side of the house toward the back thinking her sister might be there and couldn’t hear us. As we approached the fence surrounding the back yard we could hear muffled noises coming from the back yard.

My wife crept up to the fence to get a look through, and just as she got her face up to the fence she pulled back with a surprised look on her face. I leaned in to see what my wife had gasped at and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was my wife’s sister Laura face down on some pool furniture getting fucked from behind by a well-built, tanned man. Seeing my sister-in-law Laura with her face buried in a beach towel while getting pounded, on all fours, her tits bouncing beneath her was not what had surprised me. The guy fucking her had the biggest cock that I had ever seen. I’ve seen plenty of porn, and this guy could have easily been a star in any porn film. His cock was long and as thick as my wife’s wrist.

There was my sister-in-law Laura by the side of her pool getting fucked by this monster cock. All the while she was moaning like a porn star, obviously using the towel to try and not make too much noise. I looked over at my wife and saw that she was staring, eyes-wide, at the scene before us. She watched, fascinated and neither she nor I could tear ourselves away from the scene. We stayed for a while like that, watching through the fence, before sneaking away quietly. My wife and I went off for some coffee, giving ourselves some time before returning to my sister-in-law’s house, so we could avoid any embarrassment.

When we returned we acted like it was our first arrival, even made up a story about having trouble finding the place. My sister-in-law greeted us warmly, and as we unpacked our things, Stacy and her sister talked and caught up. The mysterious man from earlier in the day was no where to be seen as we finished unpacking and the sisters talked. Right before dinner though he arrived, came in through the front door carrying bags of groceries. Laura introduced him to us as Todd her boyfriend, apparently they’d been dating for quite a while.

As he moved into the kitchen I could see my wife trying hard not to stare at him. This close I could see why Laura was so attracted to him, he was tall and athletic, with a well-built frame. His blond hair and blue eyes stood out against his tanned skin, in all I thought he looked very stereotypical Californian. During dinner, over shared glasses of wine, he proved to be just as charming as he was handsome. As Todd was cleaning up dinner, Laura suggested we all enjoy an evening swim before bed, she seemed to enjoy having a jacuzzi to offer to guests. So Stacy and I changed into our swim suits and went to meet Laura and Todd by the pool.

My wife was wearing a red bikini that I had bought her last summer, and I had thought it was small and tantalizing, but when I saw what Laura was wearing my jaw dropped. Stacy had the same reaction I did, apparently she was shocked by her sister’s skimpy bikini. It barely covered Laura nipples, leave all the rest of her B-cup breasts and half of her areolae exposed, and the bottom piece was just as small. I could see all of her ass, with just a small string running down her crack and around her hips, holding a small piece of cloth in place over her pussy. It was obvious she had completely shaved her pussy, because the bikini bottoms covered so little we would have been able to tell otherwise.

“What are you wearing?”; my wife asked her sister.

“No one can see into the backyard”, Laura explained, “all of my bikinis are this small because I can get better tans this way”. I had to agree, everything that I could see of her breasts indicated a full tan. My suspicion was that Laura frequently sunbathed not wearing a suit at all. Laura’s explanation seemed to calm my wife down a bit, but I was still shocked. My wife’s family had always been fairly conservative, and this was out of character from what I knew about Laura.

Todd came out of the house to join us. He was wearing swim trunks, the kind that run down to the knees (and the same style I was wearing), but wearing the bathing suit it was obvious just how large his cock was. It was obviously flaccid, but when he walked you could see it swing from side to side, straining against the interior material of the bathing suit. The whole package left a large bulge in the front of the suit. Laura smile at Todd as he approached, but my wife and I were doing all we could to not stare.

I broke my stare in time to avoid getting caught looking, and glanced at my wife who was still looking but trying not to be obvious. If Todd noticed he didn’t say anything and certainly didn’t seem to mind at all. My wife’s reaction didn’t surprise me, I had stared too, but she had continued to look long after everyone else had. Her quick acceptance of Laura’s tiny bikini and her long glares at the bulge in Todd’s shorts were out of character for my wife. I didn’t know if it was just the wife from dinner or the scene we had witnessed earlier but my wife was acting different.

For the first bit my wife and her sister swam, then they moved to the jacuzzi and shared more wine. Meanwhile I sat on the side of the pool and talked to Todd about my work. Eventually Laura got out of the pool and came and sat down by me, drying herself off with a towel. Todd got up and into the pool and began swimming, talking with my wife as they passed in the pool, while I talked with my sister-in-law as she dried off. After a few minutes I realized that I had become so engrossed talking to Laura that I hadn’t been paying attention to Todd and my wife swimming.

When I looked over I saw Todd and my wife up against the side of the pool. Stacy was facing the wall of the pool and Todd was behind her. They were whispering to each other and Todd was very close to my wife, almost pressing up against her back with his chest. I was about to get upset that they were so close and obviously not swimming anymore, I was going to say something when Laura moved right next to me, pushing her body against mine. My sister-in-law’s barely covered body against mine would have been distracting, but I couldn’t help but think about my wife so close to Todd. For all I could see they could have been up against each other under the water. The thought stirred up a swarm of emotions in me which was when I heard Laura whisper to me, “You know I think Todd really likes Stacy. Todd and I aren’t exactly swingers, but we’ve experimented with other people”.

I was as shocked as I’d been all day, I really didn’t know what to say. I could barely stammer and had trouble forming thoughts, much less words. My attention was distracted from my wife and Todd rubbing against each other by Laura placing her hand on my face, turning my head to look at her again. Glancing at Laura I noticed that one of her nipples had slipped past her bikini top and was now exposed, inches away from my chest.

My heart was pounding in my chest, I couldn’t make out everything that was happening and thoughts were coming slowly. Laura obviously saw I was having trouble as she said, “I don’t know how you and Stacy feel about it, but I know Todd has been aching to get his hands on Stacy’s big tits all night”. As Laura said this I look back at the scene in the pool. Indeed Todd now had his hands out of the water and were caressing her my wife’s sides, slowly running up and down her naked mid section, flirting with getting near her bikini covered breasts before moving away again. Even from where I was I could see that my wife’s nipple were rock hard, straining at the fabric of her bikini, and I knew they only got like that when she was excited. Her head was leaned back slightly, resting against him, and he was whispering something in her ear.

Turmoil was running through me, I was having trouble breathing. My wife and I had always been faithful to each other, we had never spoken of doing anything like this, and surely my wife wouldn’t go for anything like this. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, anger, confusion, hurt, hell I wasn’t even sure what Laura was getting at but it was obvious that she and Todd had some kind of plan worked out. That’s when Laura reached out and put her hand on me. She turned my face back to her and with her hand grabbed hold of my raging hard on through the thin fabric of my swim trunks. I nearly jumped, but was too surprised to react. I couldn’t believe that I was excited, that somehow I was turned on. When the hell had my cock gotten excited? “Come on, it will be fun. And besides, what are vacations for if not fun?”, Laura said. With that my sister-in-law kissed me, her tongue swiftly probing my mouth.

I broke the kiss and turned back to see what my wife’s reaction would be, surely she would be angry that her own sister was massaging my cock though my swim trunks and had just kissed me, but the scene with my wife and Todd hadn’t changed, my wife hadn’t even noticed. They were closer now, she was pressed against the wall of the pool by his tanned body. His hands were still running up and down my wife’s pale sides and across her stomach, and he was still whispering things in her ear. Her head was back against his chest now and I could see that her eyes were closed. The position only served to make her breasts look larger, sticking out from her chest and body now, rising up out of the water almost completely, certainly making them more accessible. My wife wasn’t paying any attention to me or her sister.

Laura took her bikini top completely off, not that it was hiding much at this point anyway, which immediately pulled my attention back to her. Her small, shapely breasts hung there inches from my chest, and I could see that indeed she did sunbath topless frequently as she had no visible tan lines. I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts, the nipples hard and erect from the effect of water and the cool night air. My cock jumped in her hand, and again I felt conflicted emotions running through me as my sister-in-law slowly stroked my cock. Laura must have taken the reaction as a clue because she turned her head toward the scene in the pool and asked, “Todd, what does Stacy think?”

Todd turned his head slightly to look at Laura and I for a second, grinned, then turned back toward my wife and put his head down by hers. He whispered something to her and I could see her whisper something in his ear, never opening her eyes and never moving her body away from his. Todd never looked back at us, instead he ran his hands up my wife’s sides, made a small circling motion to position his hands on my wife’s stomach, and then ran them upward to cup her breasts in his hands. I was speechless… I was hurt. I didn’t even know what my wife had said to him, but it was obvious that she wasn’t fighting back. All my anger, confusion, and pain inside suddenly turned to numbness. I sat there helpless, a victim, watching as this tall, blond, muscular man with a perfect tan and a perfect smile massaged my wife’s big, pale, perfect breasts through the thin material of her bikini occasionally pausing to pinch her nipples.

“Looks like everyone wants to have some fun”, Laura said to me. She moved and sat straddling me, sitting facing me, her tanned breasts now inches from my face. “Relax”, she said, “just enjoy yourself. I know Todd has been wanting to get at Stacy’s tits and I’m pretty sure she’s been wanting to get at Todd’s cock”. I was going to offer some kind of protest, I wanted to, and not just at Laura’s crude language, but Laura cut me off, “It’s California”, she said as if that explained everything. I sat stunned as Laura untied her bikini bottoms, throwing them to the side with her towel. She did indeed completely shave her pussy, and it looked like she’d done it this afternoon. Laura also had a complete tan around her pussy too.

The thought of Laura’s body laying naked in the warm sun, oil and sweat beading on her skin, rolling down her breasts, her legs, her pussy made my cock jump again. The motion startled me, I couldn’t believe the thoughts I was having, I couldn’t believe what was happening. And that thought made me look around to find my wife and Todd as my mind tried to get a handle on what exactly was happening. Stacy was still pressed against Todd, but they’d moved to the shallower end of the pool, down by the jacuzzi. Her back was to him, the water at their waists, their bodies pressed hard against each other. The red bikini top that I had bought for her was missing, her breasts now free to the air, and Todd’s hands were running all over them. He would pinch her nipples between his fingers, then run one hand between her breasts while his other massaged and kneaded her breasts, only to then move both of his hands back to her breasts pinching her nipples and starting all over again. Her head was thrown back still, her eyes still closed, obviously enjoying the sensations he was bringing her.

Laura was kissing me, straddling me, rubbing her bare pussy against my hard cock through the fabric of my shorts, but she could have been a million miles away. My attention was completely on my wife and Todd. I watched my wife turn to face Todd, pressing her naked tits against his chest as they kissed. It wasn’t kissing like Laura and I were kissing, this was deep passionate kissing. My wife was getting kissed by Todd, their tongues in each other’s mouths, lost in the feel of each other’s bodies. I don’t know how long they stayed like that, but eventually my wife broke the kiss.

I thought for a moment that she had changed her mind, I hoped for it. In my mind she would change her mind, cover herself, run into the house, and maybe even blame it all on the wine. She and I would get a hotel for the rest of the week, this whole situation would stop before it had gone too far. Instead she took Todd’s head in her hands and guided his mouth to her breasts without hesitation. I could see his tongue snaking out of his mouth, working it’s way around my wife’s breasts, sucking her nipples into his mouth. She leaned her head back, her mouth hung open, and I could hear her moan softly. I knew her breasts were sensitive, she always loved to have them sucked and fondled, but Todd was really doing a number on them and it was obvious she was enjoying it. He continued to kiss and suck her breasts, and as their bodies parted a little more I could see his cock. It was hard and sticking up out of his shorts by a couple inches, rising out of the water.

My wife must have sensed this, because she brought her head forward and looked down at Todd kissing and kneading her breasts. Laura was now taking my swim trunks off as I watched my wife reach down toward Todd’s cock. I wanted to say something, to stop my wife, but my mind was still reeling and I felt helplessly out of control of myself and the situation. Stacy’s hand brushed the head of Todd’s cock and then disappeared under the water. I couldn’t tell if she had stuffed her hand inside his swim trunks, if her hand was still outside of them, or if she had taken the front of his trunks down freeing his cock, but I watched as her hand moved up and down under the water presumably stroking his shaft.

Laura started sliding back from me. “I want to suck your cock”, Laura said as she moved to her knees in front of me, “it’s been a while since I’ve been able to have a cock fill my mouth. Todd’s cock is too big for me to suck, I can’t really get it into my mouth, I always end up choking on can’t do it”, she explained. “It will be nice to have a smaller cock that I can fit in my mouth”, she finished before lowering her lips to the head of my erection. I couldn’t tell whether she was complimenting me or not. My wife rarely blows me, but it was always good when she did and I usually had to restrain myself to keep from cumming in her mouth. Her sister, on the other hand, wasn’t as good and I knew I wouldn’t have any trouble not cumming in her mouth.

Once I had gotten over the momentary distraction of my sister-in-law’s mouth sliding up and down my cock I looked back toward the pool. Todd was up to his knees in the water and was helping my wife up so she could sit on the edge of the pool by the steps, never breaking their passionate kiss. At some point Todd’s swim suit had disappeared and now his cock was sticking out in front of him bobbing lewdly as my wife stroked it like she was possessed. She had both hands on it, and I could still see half of it uncovered. Now that she was sitting on the edge of the pool, legs spread, and he was standing between them I could see that his cock was almost as long as her thigh.

Laura, without taking her lips off my cock, turned slightly to see what I was staring so intently at. Upon seeing the position that my wife and her boyfriend were in she brought her head up off my cock long enough to say, “He really has a magnificent cock doesn’t he? And he really knows how to use it”. Laura’s words stung me, but no where near as much as the scene unfolding between my wife and Todd. Todd arched his body back from my wife, moving to kneel, and this pulled his cock out of my wife’s grasp. Stacy’s eyes opened and she shot Todd a pouting look which he returned with a smile. As he knelled in front of my wife, running his hands slowly up her thighs toward her bikini bottoms, the only thing still concealing her nakedness, my wife reached down and grabbed handfuls of Todd’s hair and pulled his head toward her pussy with a needy look on her face.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Here was my loving wife, pulling a strange man’s face into her pussy. ‘She’s never been that eager with me’, was all I could think before I saw Todd tug my wife’s red bikini bottoms aside. My wife always kept her pussy hair trimmed and neat, the red triangle of hair framing her pussy perfectly. I could see that her pussy was dripping wet, and not from being in the pool, the lips of her pussy were puffy and enlarged and I swore I could see her clit poking out from where I was. Of course I was only able to see for a second before Todd’s head blocked my view, the last thing I saw was his tongue heading straight toward my wife’s clit.

Everything inside me wanted to scream out for this to stop, but before I could I was interrupted. A surprised, “Oh!”, escaped my wife’s lips signalling that Todd’s tongue had made contact with her pussy. She’d never taking her eyes off him, or removed her hands from the grip she had on his hair, but it was obvious the initial contact had startled her as her eyes widened and her body twitched. Her mouth dropped open slightly and she started moaning. Todd’s head was working it’s way up and down over her pussy, and though my wife’s leg blocked my view, I was pretty sure from the way my wife was squirming that Todd had at least one finger in her pussy while sucking her clit.

My wife began moaning louder which caught the attention of her sister. Laura came up off my cock and turned to see what my wife and her boyfriend were doing. Upon seeing her boyfriend’s head buried between my wife’s leg, lapping at her cunt, Laura became excited and said, “Oh! We should do that”. I didn’t even have time to protest before my sister-in-law had stood, pushed me onto my back, and was moving her cunt into position over my face. A realization hit me, in the position that Laura was pushing me into I wouldn’t be able to watch my wife. I tried to turn so that I could continue to see what my wife was doing, but Laura brought her pussy down onto my face before I could.

As my sister-in-law began grinding her pussy against my mouth I strained to see what was happening with my wife, but my view was blocked by Laura’s legs. I started snaking my tongue into her pussy, parting her lips and lapping at her cunt juices, resigned to what was happening trying to get it over with as soon as possible so I could flee. Laura was making small moaning sounds as she rocked her hips moving her pussy back and forth on my face, but it was nothing compared to the sounds my wife was making. Even with my head buried between my sister-in-law’s legs I could hear my wife moaning and making whimpering sounds, she was getting louder but already she was much louder than any other noise we’d made all night. If the neighbors were home, they’d know what was happening.

“I’m cumming. Oh! I’m cumming!”, my wife practically yelled. ‘My wife never talks when we make love’, I thought. It had always been a mystery to me exactly when my wife was cumming, I could usually feel her body tense, but she never said anything. My wife continued her chant of, “I’m cumming… I’m cumming”, for a while before trailing off into a stream of soft, constant moans. I could hear splashing of water, and just past my sister-in-law’s leg I could see Todd getting out of the pool. My sister-in-law lifted herself off of me, I wasn’t sure if she’d cum, I wasn’t paying attention to her. As Laura moved I could see Todd leading my wife away from the pool and toward some towels spread out by the jacuzzi, his huge cock bouncing lewdly before him.

“You have to watch this”, Laura said to me. She had moved from my face and was repositioning herself over my cock, and as she pushed her pussy down over my cock with surprising ease she said, “Todd is masterful with his cock, it doesn’t look like it, but he’ll be able to get the whole thing inside her”. I watched helpless, pinned by my sister-in-law sitting with my cock inside her, as my wife removed her bikini bottoms and stepped gingerly onto the towels laid by the jacuzzi. I had the realization that Todd and my wife were exactly where we’d seen Laura getting fucker earlier in the day, they even looked like the same towels.

Laura didn’t move, just sat there holding me inside her, while we both watched Todd help lay my wife down on her back. The whole time my wife never removed her hands from Todd’s body, never shifted her eyes from his huge cock. Todd then knelt down between my wife’s spread legs, he pale breasts rising above her petite frame, holding himself up with one arm on either side of my wife. His cock dangled dangerously close to my wife’s pussy, moving slowly toward her willing gash as he moved into position. I wondered for a moment if he would get a condom, if somehow this all could stop at this moment. I wanted to cry out, make this whole thing stop, but part of me feared that my wife wouldn’t stop; that she didn’t want to stop. Any sense of hope I had was destroyed by my wife.

She put one hand on Todd’s shoulder and with her other reached down and grabbed the monster cock dangling inches from her wet pussy. My wife had Todd’s cock in a tight grip abolishing all thoughts that he was going to move away from her or that she didn’t want to be fucked. My wife was now guiding his cock straight toward her pussy. “Put it in me”, I heard my wife say. “Put your cock in me”, she begged as she looked into Todd’s eyes with that same pouty expression on her face. It was the first time I had ever heard my wife talk dirty. Todd grinned down at my wife and moved himself forward the last bit and the head of his huge cock pushed between my wife’s pussy lips, stretching her open.

I didn’t even feel Laura rocking on my lap, but she was now grinding her pussy back and forth, rocking my cock inside her while watching her boyfriend enter my wife. I couldn’t hardly feel my sister-in-law’s pussy at all, and I couldn’t break my attention away from my wife. I watched with despair as Todd slowly worked more and more of his cock into my wife. She now had both her hands balled up and was beating, softly on his back with her fists, a look of pain and concentration on her face. Every now and then she would let out a whimper and say, “Oh god… oh god…”, as more and more of the huge cock disappeared inside her, but not once did she ask him to stop. It appeared that just once my wife was getting comfortable Todd would push in a little farther and my wife would winch and beat her fists against his back again.

My wife’s pussy was stretched beyond belief, and I couldn’t believe it but Todd actually had most of his cock inside my wife. Laura stopped moving on my lap. She was staring intently, as I was, at my wife and her boyfriend. Unlike my wife, who hadn’t stopped making noise since Todd started fondling her breasts, Laura hadn’t moaned at all. At this point Laura leaned back to whisper to me, “Watch this, Todd’s about to bottom out in your wife’s pussy”. And just like that I watched as the last of Todd’s cock disappeared into my wife’s gaping cunt. As his balls came into contact with her, I heard my wife moan.

For a minute my wife just lay there on her back, eyes closed, fists against his back, breathing heavy. Todd slowly started to move his cock within my wife when suddenly she brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, a surprised look on her face, trying to keep him from moving. She locked her ankles behind him, pressing her feet into his ass, holding him in place while staring into his eyes.

Laura began bouncing again, fucking herself on my cock. When I looked back at my wife she was now wriggling beneath Todd, the motion slowly pulling and pushing his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy. And while his huge cock was only sliding in and out of her pussy a small amount she was already moaning as loud as she had been all night. Todd began moving his cock in and out of my wife and she exploded in orgasm. “OH! OHHH! Oh God!”, she screamed. She continued cumming as Todd started moving his cock in and out more and more.

I got distracted by Laura grinding down onto my cock as she came, but returned my attention to my wife when I heard her cum for a third time. “OHHH! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”, my wife was yelling. Todd was pulling out of my wife’s pussy all the way up to the head of his huge cock before sliding it back into her. Their fucking was becoming more vigorous with each thrust, and each time his cock bottomed out in my wife’s pussy she exclaimed loudly. My wife was now having one orgasm after another, it seemed like each time he thrust into her she came again. The rhythmic fucking sound of Todd slamming into my wife was matched by her grunts, “Oh… Oh… Oh…”.

The whole scene was incredibly erotic, his ass rising and falling, his cock slamming into her cunt, and her huge tits bouncing back and forth. The sight of my wife fucking another man right in front of me was too much for me to bear. It was raw, primal fucking unlike I’d ever seen, and I blew my load deep into my sister-in-law’s pussy. I knew that what had turned me on so much was the sight of the monster cock plowing into my wife, because my sister-in-law’s fucking was only so-so. Once I had finished pumping my cum into Laura’s pussy she quickly got up off me. “It’s probably time to head to bed”, she said to me as she reached out and grabbed my hands pulling me up off the pool lounge.

I was confused, but let her pull me to standing and start leading me inside the house.  As we walked past I got a closer look at my wife and Todd fucking. The two of them weren’t paying attention to anything else. Todd was fascinated by the rhythmic bouncing of my wife’s tits caused by her bucking up to meet his thrusts and her attention was completely focused on the sight of his cock entering her. They were oblivious to Laura and I passing by, my wife didn’t even break stride with her fucking. This close I could see that the lips of her pussy were puffy and very pink. My wife’s clit was engorged and clearly visible.

Reaching the house Laura slid the rear door open then reached back and grabbed my now limp cock, tugging me inside by it. As we stepped into the dark of the house I looked back out at my wife and saw her unlocking her ankles from behind Todd’s back. Instead of placing them flat or moving to get up she hooked her knees on Todd’s arms. The new position lifted her hips higher, changing the angle that Todd’s cock was entering her. And his first thrust in this new position made my wife cum again, harder than before, and my wife started yelling again, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh… fuck me!”

Laura shut the door and lead me to the guest bedroom my wife and I would be staying in for the week. As we made the trip I realized that I’d heard my wife curse more tonight than in all the years we’d been married, and each time had been with another man’s cock thrusting into her. It was later than I thought, I had to get up early for work, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep. My head was reeling, and I was torn up inside over what my wife had done… No! was doing. My wife was still outside fucking another man… outside! and cussing and moaning like a whore the whole time. The thought was killing me.

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to sleep I was thinking about what I was going to say to my wife, how I would react later when she came in for the night, but I was confused as Laura came into the bedroom with me. “Let them have their fun, you and I should get some sleep”, Laura said to me, “I’ll keep you company”. I was sure she meant for just a while, until my wife came in, but as she started climbing into bed I had my doubts. She was still naked, and so what I. She wasn’t even getting something to sleep in, she was just getting into the bed I was supposed to be sharing with my wife for the week.

Laura was snuggled up to a pillow on the far side of the bed, it was obvious she wasn’t interested in me anymore, not that I blamed her. The sex between my sister-in-law and I was mediocre, I probably wouldn’t have cum if I wasn’t watching my wife. As I lay down in bed on my side all I could think about was my wife and what was happening outside.

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