Bow Down To The One You Serve Ch.2

Her eyes shut even more tightly at his threatening words. She wasn’t a virgin but she wasn’t terribly off from it. She’d only had one serious boyfriend and a single one night stand. She’d fucked her boyfriend many times but he wasn’t all that adventurous and stuck to simple positions that had her on her back or on her knees. It had mostly been on her knees with her riding him or him doing her doggy style. He’d never tried to fuck her in the ass though she’d wanted him to. He’d said it went against his religion because they weren’t married. It hadn’t lasted long after that.

Strip. He wanted her to strip. She was close to crying and was honestly surprised that she wasn’t already sobbing pathetically. He pressed her face harder against the cold wall. “I’m going to let you go. You’re going to strip. You don’t need to speak.”

He let go of the back of her neck and stepped backward, ready to pounce her if she tried anything stupid. His steel blue eyes roamed her legs and ass as she slowly pushed herself off of the wall.

She stood with her back to him, trembling, her hands going to the hem of her shirt. “Turn around. I want to see you.” She took a shuddering breath and fought the tears burning her eyes as she did as he asked.

She turned to face him, not looking at him but rather at the floor as she lifted the bottom of her shirt. He reached out and slapped her across the face. “Look at me as you take those clothes off, bitch. Look me in the eyes.” He pointed at her seriously as he spoke, his eyebrows raised dangerously and his forehead wrinkled. She was walking a very thin line. She just didn’t know it.

Naomi lifted her eyes to meet his, her cheeks flaming furiously as humiliation further swept over her body. She became angry and belligerent, furious that he had her in this position. She hated feeling weak and hadn’t felt that weak since her father had been alive.

Her hands went to the hem of her shirt again, her arms crossed in front of her. She looked into his eyes angrily, fierceness showing there as she lifted the material up and over her braless breasts and flung the garment into the floor defiantly.

Her attitude both amused and angered him. “You’ll pay for that defiance, slut.” His lips curled from a sneer into a snarl as he spoke, revealing his straight, white teeth. “Now the pants.” He waved his hand. The light flourish of his wrist betrayed the grace of the large man; despite his size and formidability, he was quite lithe himself due to his own years of martial arts training.

She glared at him but unbuttoned her pants, shivering inwardly in fright though she fought to keep it from showing outwardly. If he thought that she was going to make this easy on him he had another thought coming.

Naomi pushed the denim over her hips and let the jeans pool in the floor at her feet. She stepped out of the material and kicked it away stubbornly. She stood there with her hands on her hips; her fingers pressed against the lace fabric of her panties.

“Your panties,” he said coldly. She didn’t budge.

Sighing he rose from where he’d leaned against his heavy desk and moved toward her. She backed away from him slowly but it didn’t stop him from grabbing her waist and pulling her toward him. It didn’t keep him from bending her over and his gaze from admiring the way that the high cheeked panties cupped the curves of her round ass. He wrapped one arm around her waist tightly, locking her body against his hip. His free hand soared through the air and landed on one of her beautiful globes. The flesh jiggled as a red mark formed on her skin and a painful cry tore from her throat. He repeated the action just as roughly to the other cheek, delighting in the noises of suffering she was making.

He hit her again, harder, on the first cheek he’d slapped, his skin hitting the already abused flesh and tearing a louder squeal from her lips.

“If you act like a child then I’ll treat you like one.” He shook his head and removed a pair of black leather cuffs from his pants pocket. He twisted her arm painfully and locked one around her right wrist. He pinned her to him harder and got her left one bound as well.

Mitch held her by her hair as he pulled the thin but very stout chain from on top of one of his filing cabinets and looped it through the D-clasps on the sides of the cuffs.

She struggled with him violently, causing him to laugh as he wrapped his strong hand around her the back of her neck, pushed her face first against the wall, and threw the chain up around the lowest pipe that ran the length of the ceiling. He tightened the C-clamp through the two ends of the chain, making the final link solid. Her body shook from the force of her sobbing. The sound of it pleased him greatly though he knew that this little fuck puppet still had a lot of fight in her.

He stood there looking at her back, at the half moons of her ass that were exposed to him and the red hand prints that he’d caused. He smirked and ghosted his hand across the swell of her breast. She shuddered and flinched away from him. He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back so that he could glare down into her face. “You’re only making this harder on yourself, whore.”

“I’m not a whore!” she sobbed. He chuckled and kissed her mouth roughly. She didn’t return the kiss and he really hadn’t expected her to. She would accept his kiss in time. She’d return it happily soon. He was quite confident of that fact.

Mitch slapped her ass again very hard and then grabbed the edge of the lace. He jerked it hard, the sound of the ripping cloth greeted his ears along with the screams of pain as the material dug into her skin. He held her panties up triumphantly in front of her tearstained face. It would have been much easier on her had she just removed them like a good little slave but it wouldn’t nearly have been as much fun for him.

He wanted to drop to his knees and bury his face in her ass but he refrained - her feet were still unbound and quite a danger to him even if she couldn’t get away. He took the metal bar from between two of the filing cabinets and locked the shackles around her ankles. He put the key to the locks on the desk behind him and then secured it with two more locks to the metal loops sticking up out of the floor.

She cried unabashedly and struggled with her bonds. “Let me go, Mr. Pearse! Please.” She quickly remembered that she was to call him Sir or Master. “Please, Sir!” But it was too late. He chuckled and slapped her breast. “That’s for calling me Mr. Pearse.” He wasn’t about to let it go. She cried out in pain but it only excited him more. He reached forward and grabbed her breast painfully, squeezing it tightly in his large hand. As he squeezed he moved toward her, lowering his head to her shoulder. “You are going to earn off that case of Jack, with interest, Naomi. Maybe then you’ll know not to be so goddamn clumsy.”

He pinched her other nipple and pulled it harshly away from her body, delighting in the squeal that came from her mouth. Suddenly, without warning or word, he let her breasts go and moved away from her. She turned her head fearfully to see what he was doing. He saw her watching and shoved something that flashed metallically into his pocket and then showed her the red rubber ball gag and blindfold that he had in his hands. He looped the gag around his arm as he lifted the blindfold over her head and settled it over her eyes firmly. He tightened the strap behind her head so that it wouldn’t shift.

She struggled against him, shutting her mouth so he couldn’t put the gag in it. She cursed at him loudly between her clenched teeth. “You won’t get away with this, you sick bastard!” She jerked at the wrist cuffs hard but knew that she wasn’t getting loose. The leather edge dug into her wrists even though the insides were lined with soft fleece. He delivered another three hard slaps to her ass cheeks, leaving her crying and her flesh feeling like it was on fire.

He left her wondering about the gag as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the two nasty Japanese clover clips from his pocket. The nipple clamps had heavy weights on the ends of the loops that hung from the small devices. He smirked and slapped her right breast harshly. She screamed loudly at the pain. Smiling, he flicked her nipple with the tip of his middle finger hard. She screamed again. While her mouth was open he pinched the clamp and secured it firmly around her nipple, the two edges with rubber teeth biting into her flesh. Her screams before were nothing to how beautiful they were now.

He moved to her other breast and clamped it quickly, tugging down on the clamp to make sure it was secure, reveling in the protest that issued from her. He moved away again, back to the filing cabinet and pulled out a long leather flogger.

He stood far back behind her and held it firmly in his hand. Chuckling he swung it in a great arc, the leather strips hitting her ass and causing an even louder and more tortured scream than she’d given him yet. She slumped, hanging from her wrists as her knees gave way from the pain.

Mitchell took advantage of her sagging jaw as he moved forward. He wedged the ball between her teeth and fastened the strap around the back of her head. She was still reeling from the pain of her ass to fight him, her head moving limply as he moved it around to get the ball gag properly placed.

He used her moment of weakness to drop to his knees behind her. He grabbed her ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed them, spreading them open and up to access her asshole and pussy. He pulled her ass out toward him more and stared for a moment at her cunt before delving his tongue into her tight heat. She was wet but only a little. She would need to be a lot wetter. His flogger would help with that.

Mitch licked Naomi’s pussy until she started stirring and struggling with her bonds. He rose from his knees and pressed his mouth against her lips. She turned her head from him, disgusted with the thought of kissing him and kissing his lips covered in her pussy juice.

He glared at her and resumed his spot behind her, his flogger in hand. He swung it in the wide arc again, the leather straps biting into her flesh with a considerable amount of his arm force and gravity behind it. She screamed out, her cry muffled by the gag. He didn’t show her mercy when she slumped against her bonds. He swung again, letting her taste his leather once more. She screamed and jumped away from it as much as she could, her hips pressing against the wall. He chuckled. “You won’t get away from it.” He swung again, harder, the red lines on her ass not red enough for his eyes. The sound of the leather hitting her flesh filled the room and her ears as her cry of pain filled his.

He walked up to her and pulled her off of the wall, his hand soothing the red welts showing up on her skin. He unlocked the bar from the loops on the ground and stood, pulling her body against his and turning her around to face away from the wall. He locked her down securely again and moved a short filing cabinet in front of her. He put it behind her and unlocked the bar again. He slid the cabinet up under her ass so that her cheeks were sitting just on the edge of it. He removed the bar and put cuffs on her ankles, bending her legs around the sides of the cabinet and securing them tightly with chains to the loops attached to the floor. There was no room for her to move her ankles. Not an inch.

She looked at him a bit dazedly, drool running around the ball gag and down her chin. He saw the fear in her eyes, the confusion, and the hatred. All of those things made him hotter as he looked down at how her pussy was displayed to him. He was trained in how to keep his body at bay, to keep his erection down as long as he could but his body was defying him as he stared at her, his cock hardening to pitch an impressive tent in his trousers.

He looked into her eyes as he started unbuttoning his shirt. Her eyes flashed wildly and she sprang to life, bucking against the cabinet and trying to move her arms or legs. She was suspended quite tightly, he knew she wasn’t going anywhere. He let her struggle, let her start wearing herself out. It would make the job a tad bit easier without making it too easy that it wasn’t fun anymore. He peeled the white shirt off, his white tank top exposing the tattoos that her eyes had never seen before.

His left arm and shoulder were covered with tribal designs down just past his elbow. His rolled up sleeves had come just below the bottom of the body art. If one looked closely they would see that the designs formed a dragon made from the curves and twists of the tribal pattern.

His right arm bore a skeleton perched on a motorcycle, a cigarette clutched between its teeth. The skeleton’s right arm was raised and the middle finger extended.

Her eyes widened as she took in what could be seen of the tattoos. She was sure that they wrapped around his back or that he had more located there. She stopped fighting and stared at him. She realized in that moment that despite what he was doing to her that he was a beautiful man. A man to be feared and respected. She drew a shaky breath but wasn’t ready to submit to him.

The image of what he was showing her now was so different to what she’d imagined him to be. Before she’d found him attractive but now? Now he was devastatingly sexy. She looked away and steeled her mind against the image that he was showing her. She steeled her mind against the firm, chiseled pecs and abs that she could see through the tight tank top. Against the tattoos that gave him the bad boy look that she’d always seemed to go for. She couldn’t desire him. He was hurting her. Raping her. Beating her.

He chuckled as she looked away, his gaze leaving her face and moving to her spread pussy. He could see the moisture growing there and knew that she liked what she’d seen.

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