Bossing The Boss

I joined the travel agency as an executive. It was run by a lady named Nancy, who in fact was the owner’s wife. Since Mr.Philip had a lung problem he never came to the office. Hardly went out from his home even.

Nancy was at least fifteen years older than me and not a very appealing lady. She was fairly tall, dark and heavy. Her face was Ok enough, without the padding in the cheeks in fact she would have been passably good looking, but it was the body and body language that was not very accommodating. She had a round face, a skin that was a bit oily and was sweaty into the bargain. She always smelt of a mixture of her sweat and the cloistering one of the perfume she regularly wore. She had big boobs, even bigger ass and a small paunch. Her hands were fat and so was her thighs very fleshy. She had a swagger and ego that together with her size and the way she walked made her very intimidating, anyway at least to me. She was somebody who tried to boss everybody around. But strangely all this only made her very sexy and desirable to me.

The legacy of sharing a bed right from age five to when I left for college with my maternal aunt was that I always get a hard on in the presence of middle aged ladies, if they are remotely good looking. The days of cuddling up to my aunt when I was still to enter double digit age, graduating to suckling her beautiful round, soft, big boobs while her hands kneaded my small penis, to my eighteenth birthday on which she offered me her gorgeous shaven pussy as my birthday present had all had a profound impact on me.

Since it was my first job I was a bit uncomfortable when my member always had this tendency to tent my pants whenever I saw a glimpse of Nancy’s smooth boobs through the top of her dress or when her knee length skirt rode up to reveal her thighs. But soon I came to the assumption that her manner was to some extent the by product of her lack of sex because of her incontinent husband. And also the decision that I should put it to the test at the earliest. The fact that one day I saw her staring at my ass and crotch in my tight fitting jeans through a slit in her cabin door when she thought I didn’t see her gave me encouragement.

There were just five of us in the firm. One night all the others had headed home and only the two of us were there in the office. As usual I had tons of work to complete before I went home. But Nancy had some fun do in place and was planning her exit. I locked the door of the office from inside and removed all my clothes. I positioned myself behind her door. As usual she stepped out with her glasses in her hair, cell phone in one hand and a suitcase in the other.

I caught her, turned her around and slammed her onto the wall all in one motion. My years of football coupled with my size advantage over her made the task simple. She dropped the things in the process, which made things easier for me. She was too shocked to react for a moment. When she opened her mouth whether to scream or shout I am not sure I brought my mouth down on hers. She tried to break free but the fact that she was suspended in air so that she was at my height went against her. Then I did something which took the struggle right out of her. In one motion I lifted her skirt, tore her fragile panties and inserted my raging prick into her. Things were a tight fit and I faced some difficulty in getting it in. I stayed there a moment before starting to pump in and out of her.

When I realized that she was no longer struggling I tried to raise my head to look at her. It was then I understood that she was holding my head in place and was actively involved in the whole exercise. There was a visitor’s sofa in the front of the small room and without breaking contact I carried her to it. As I settled her down on it she made me pause for a moment so that she could take of her top and bra and open her body to my ministrations. Just like her character she did not let me have the full control. I don’t know how she managed it but soon I was underneath her and she was bucking me like a runaway horse.

As she bucked she jiggled all over. Her boobs went up and down, her paunch did the same, while her big ass hitting my crotch made a plopping sound. Very soon she achieved an orgasm and she sank down over me. I turned her around and stated a leisurely journey of her body with my mouth. I licked and sucked her cheeks, her neck, her mountainous boobs, then the folds of her stomach, traveling past her navel to the vee between her legs. As I reached it her unique smell welcomed me to her pussy. I licked the inside of her thighs and she wiggled. She gave another wiggle when my tongue entered her cunt and she moaned when it encountered her nub.

By this time my rigid pole was near her face and she caught hold of it and brought it to her mouth. She was an expert at it and soon I was reaching my limits. But the fact that she too was reaching a second orgasm was clear from the little moans she was giving and the pressure her thighs was putting on my head. I turned around and waited a second poised to enter her again. She pulled me down as I entered and her tongue did a merry tango with mine. Her hand pressed me to her roaming over my back. Both of us came simultaneously in orgasm.

Since then we have moved to a grand new office and I have left the place where I was staying. I have a separate room in the office with all amenities where I now stay and where Nancy is a regular visitor after office hours.

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