Bi-Friends And Lovers

Fun Time At Vacation

It started out like it did every year at vacation time. Were to go and what to do. Penny and Blake had been married 7 years. They were great friends but something was missing from their sex lives. Getting married at a young age she was 18 he was only 19. Blake had told his older friends at work and asked them if they could give him some suggestions on what he could do to spice it up a little. Rod suggested Blake join a swinger’s website.

They laughed when Blake said they had never watched porn especially together. They recommended a few of the better ones on the internet. Rod said you be surprised at what you might see there. This seemed to give Blake plenty of ideas on how to make their sex life more exciting than it has been in a while. Penny was a beautiful woman of 25 now her breasts were a perfect D. They were Firm yet soft .Her nipples were the size of quarters with the tips always ready for some tender kisses. She had this perfect beauty mark on her right Breast the same dark brown as her eyes. Her belly was perfectly shaped and the pierced belly button was hot as it moved with each breath.

Her skin was smooth as silk. Blake always enjoyed the feel of Penny’s skin. His lips enjoyed the sweet nectar that came while he was licking and teasing her love spot. It always caused him to harden even more. He loved to hear her moan. Penny loved it when his tongue was hitting all the right places. To be made love to orally would make her come so hard that her toes would curl and she would scream his name as she came. Sometimes it would send her over the top she would squeeze his head so hard that he yell penny. She would look at him with those eyes he would just hug her with his head resting on her belly.

They knew this older couple Patricia and Frank. They met them while on vacation last year. You think we should call them and see were their going this year Penny said. Last year Penny and Patricia really got along well together. Saturday night Penny went to her cousin’s baby shower. I went to the porn store for the first time. I was shocked at all the clothes, contraptions. I had no clue what some of those things were for. I looked at all the DVD’s. One some’ s. twosomes, threesomes, gangbangs, but the thing that caught his attention were the bi and lesbian ones.

He watched, two gorgeous girls with their lips and mouths licking and teasing each other’s pussy. Another one was this gorgeous brunette with a penis strapped to her pounding this blonde’s pussy so hard he could hear the smacks. Wow what would it be like to watch his beautiful Penny making love to another woman? Then he looked at the Bi-ones. The ones he picked were two men and a girl or two. Would he suck a man’s cock? Could he watch other men fucking his girl? What would Penny think? Could Penny watch him sucking men, would she divorce him? He bought some anyway in this way he could tell if it would offend her or not. Well he knew it was getting him excited.

Then he saw one that was what he would like to see. A bi-n-lesbian love fest. He couldn’t wait till he felt Frank sucking his dick while Patricia fucked Penny. Yes a vacation with his new friends. This might just be what they were looking for. Penny called Patricia and the two decided on going to a mountain retreat. Close if they needed something but yet they could have the freedom were the four could be free to explore new things with each other. Two weeks to go before the get together Blake figured it was time to see if Penny would be into some extra fun or call the divorce lawyer in the morning. He put the lesbian one on first.

Pennies eyes became alive as the two women slowly undressed each other. As they kissed and played with each other’s bodies that had me turned on in no time. Penny looked at me and smiled as she reached and started to rub my penis through my pants. I removed her top and played with her breasts as she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties under her night shirt. He kissed her breasts and worked his way down to her pussy. She had removed his pans and they worked their way into a 69 position his and her favorite one. He put two then three fingers into her quivering pussy. She was moving her pussy to meet his strokes as she moaned and took his dick deeper into her throat. She came hard as she always does and rolled off so she could get on top and ride him. In this way she controlled the action and she could have multiple orgasms this way. Watching the two girls having lesbian sex turned her on and he was glad. As he thought of the fun this vacation would be. He figured he wait until they were at the mountain resort to play the Bi-videos.

The time finally arrived and they were on their way. Frank and Pat were already there when they arrived the place was beautiful and very quiet. It was a three bedroom with two master bedrooms. There was a door that could be opened between the rooms and each had a king size bed. They were a mirror of each other. With large large flat screen TV’s on the wall. And video cameras in the rooms it was as the brochure said a swinger’s paradise.

There was a cabinet that held x rated videos of all kinds of kinky sex. Penny was nervous but was looking at Pat and Frank who had on very little. They smiled and said it’s about time you two showed up. I told Penny to join them in the tub while I got our bags up to the room. She put on the tiniest bathing suit and climbed in. My shy Penny didn’t seem so shy after all. I changed into my suit and when I got to the hot tub Pat had Franks suit off and was sucking his cock while they were playing with her tits. I just watched as they continued to turn each other on. Penny was licking her lips I could tell the action was making her hot.

Penny reached out and held Franks dick and started playing with it. It was about the same length as mine but it was a lot thicker. Penny looked my way and I winked and smiled. Penny turned and put his dick into her mouth and started giving him a blow job as Patricia raised her ass and started licking her from behind. I was enjoying the three of them getting each other hotter and hotter. Finally they realized they would have more room on the bed. Pat came over grabbed my dick and pulled me into bed to. Frank started to rub his dick on penny’s pussy and she started to gyrate to get him to put it into her. I could tell she was ready to fuck him hard.

Her first dick besides mine to have inside her and she was ready. She was wet and getting wetter. Patricia and Blake were playing with each other and watching Penny and Frank. Frank was putting it in a little then pulling almost all the way out. Letting us see how wet she was getting. Her eyes were open and without saying a word begging to be filled with that thick dick. We kept anticipating when he would finally impale her completely. Then it happened he lunged forward and every inch was in her she moaned and came. Seeing my young wife being fucked by another man turned me on.

My dick was rock hard and craving stimulation to. Pat whispered fuck me Blake fuck me. I was going to fuck another women and my wife didn’t care. What a great week we were going to have, just the four of us. Pat got on top of me so we could watch them fuck. She had her legs up in the air so he could fill her. She was tight very tight but he held off till she had at least three orgasms. Then he pulled out and came on her face. As I came in Pat for the first time satisfied for the moment. The day was early and we already needed a rest break. I gave Penny a hug and she whispered thanks for letting me fuck Frank. If this was any indication our weekend was going to open up new beginnings for the two of us.

We all rested as the women wore their shorts cut close and a halter top with no bras. For Pats age she looked great and knew how to move her body. She has the hot’s for Penny; I can’t wait till they fuck each other. Frank and I went to the yard to put on some steaks. We were hungry and wanted to get up our strength for what the night beholds.

They made a salad to go with Italian bread and red wine. We had a good early dinner then moved into the TV room to watch some Porn and to see what would happen. Frank said I could have first choice so I picked a Bi one were all four swung both ways. We dimmed the lights and had some more wine to ease what little tension was left. Penny and Pat were sitting together as the movie started. They were with their own partners at first but soon the guys were watching the girls getting it on. We looked over and saw the girls kissing each other. Frank and I watched the movie when the guys started to undress each other.

Frank reached over and said OK let’s do this. He started to rub my crotch so I followed and started to rub his. We were both getting hard and I started to undress him. When his dick sprang free I realized how big it was since I never sucked a cock I became nervous right away. The girls looked over and when they saw what we were up to. They encouraged us to go for it. Since Frank was Bi on occasion he started to jerk me off and once again I started stroking his dick.

Besides it feeling strange having another dick in my hand I did to his I liked done to mine. I suddenly got the urge to suck on his cock I was afraid my wife would be grossed out but she yelled suck him Blake; suck that fat cock. So I grabbed it and went down on him. It felt strange but it wasn’t that bad. I played with the head and tongued the underside of it. It became hard and I put more of it in my mouth. I made it hard as a rock and I wanted more. I wanted him to come down my throat.

Pat came over and started to rim my ass. She wanted frank to fuck my ass as he fucked my wife. She also got some lube and worked one the two fingers up my ass. I learned how to relax my sphincter and started to enjoy the sensation it caused. Frank didn’t come as he wanted to fuck my ass. I was ready for it I wanted it I wanted my wife see me get fucked. He rolled me over put my ass in the air and lubed up his cock some more and worked his dick into my ass it hurt like hell but the pain soon stopped and the pleasure began. Pat worked her way under me and started blowing me.

Penny then got between Pats leg and started to eat her pussy. We were all moaning and groaning as the pleasure continued to build. With the pleasure of being fucked along with my cock being sucked I was ready to come. I could tell Frank was also on the verge of coming. I wanted him to shoot in my ass. So I started to move my ass as I squeezed his dick he stroked my ass faster than he let out a big I’m coming as he filled my ass with load after load of cum. Pat worked her way to my ass and gave me a rim job and licked as much of her husband’s come as she could.

I looked over at Penny and she was putting on a harness and attached a 10” dildo to it she said she was going to fuck Pat and here she was preparing it already. I continued to eat Pat as she finally saw Penny and said for her to hurry. I was getting ready to return the favor to Frank and fuck his ass as good as he fucked mine. Frank went down on me as soon as he saw how hard I was. He felt good as his mouth sucked my dick and his fingers caressed my balls. I was ready to fuck him to return the pleasure he had given me. My cock was hard and ready to fuck a Hot Ass.

I lubed him good and he rolled over I slowly ran my cock over his ass and slowly pressed the head of my cock to the entrance of his anus. I gave it steady pressure and then it broke through. Just the head at first but the feeling was awesome. I gave him some time to adjust to being filled with my hot cock. As I slowly put more of it in until it hit home. The Girls were cheering us on the whole time. They were playing with each other and Penny was now sucking Frank off.

As pat put on a strap on and was fucking Penny to orgasm after orgasm. I picked up speed as my own orgasm was coming fast. Frank started to come as he tightened his ass around my cock. Which put me over the top and I came like I never came before. My first time with a man was quite good. And we all just hugged and I couldn’t wait to see what was next.

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