Betting Kara

This is the third story in the Kara series….following ‘Meeting Kara’ and ‘Hot Tub Kara’

I have been seeing Kara for several weeks now. I am a 41 year old male and Kara is a 19 year old college student I had met while buying a TV. I don’t want to say that it has been an all sexual relationship, but we have enjoyed each other sexually. I also believe that we have connected on an emotional level. We have enjoyed each other’s company…both believing each other is fun to be around.

Kara goes to UTEP studying to be a nurse. She is not big into football but has watched a few games with me the short time we have been together. This week UTEP was back home after being on the road for their last 3 games. I am a transplant to El Paso so I had not been to an UTEP Miners football game. Kara suggested that we go to the Thursday night game against Houston. That sounded like fun to me so I went out bought us a couple of tickets.

Thursday evening rolled around and Kara showed up at my house wearing white, very tight shorts and an orange UTEP Miners T-shirt that was probably too small as well. In other words, she looked stunning! I stood there in awe of her as she turned around to give me a total view of her gorgeous body; Kara pausing to highlight her gorgeous butt and then again as she leans forward to show off her cleavage. Kara is Hispanic and about 5’7”, 120 lbs, long brown hair just past the shoulders, 34C bust and a gorgeous tight Latina ass that you love to hold onto. Her tight white shorts and viewing her butt instantly caused my cock to swell. I was having second thoughts about going to the game and thinking about just taking her inside my house for the night. The game was going to be on TV so I could enjoy both without even leaving the house!

We get in my truck and head to the stadium. Kara asks me who I believe will win the game that night and I told her Houston. She scoffs and says, “Miners all the way!”. I kind of laugh and tell her that Houston was undefeated and has a Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback that is back from an injury so I do not hold out much hope for the Miners. Kara then tells me, “If we lose to Houston, I will suck your cock on the way home tonight. If we win, you must do everything I say with no questions asked….plus a romantic dinner this weekend” I smile and say, “Oh, you want to bet. Okay, sounds good.” Kara reaches over to check my cock to see if she caused any swelling…which she had. She gets her playful smile, gives my cock a squeeze and sits back in her seat and says, “I may just have to suck that if we win or lose.” My mind was thinking…I want to change the bet. I then tell Kara that if Houston wins, I want to turn her body into a dessert…Hersey’s chocolate syrup, whipped cream, maybe some strawberries, ice cream…she just lays there as I feast. “Ohhhh, I like that!” Kara purrs with her devilish smile.

We arrive at the Sun Bowl and walk in and go to our seats. Kara and I exchange small talk as we wait for the start of the game. We were in our own little world and not really paying attention to who was sitting around us. The game starts and UTEP scores quickly to go up 7-0. Kara is happy and gives me a quick kiss with an excited look on her face. Houston struggles early and just before the end of the first quarter UTEP scores again to go up 14-0. Kara is very excited and talks about the great time she is going to have with me but not giving any details. Kara receives a text from friends at the game and asks if I would mind if she went and saw them. Kara confesses that she has student tickets to the games and normally sits with her friends in the student section. She tells me that she does not pay attention to the game, it is more a social event to her.

I tell her to go and have fun…just don’t forget about me. She gets up, bends over to give me a quick kiss and heads down the stairs to go see her friends. I was locked in on her ass as she gracefully walked down the stairs…it was beautiful as it moved back and forth with her every step. I realized that I was staring at her and quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching me. All the guys around me were tuned in on her ass as well! I smiled knowing that my girlfriend, at that moment, was the center of attention in the section I was sitting. As she disappeared in the tunnel the guys were turning back to look at me and then back to the game. Houston came roaring back in the second quarter to run off 21 unanswered points to take a 21-14 lead. UTEP scored again just before halftime to tie the game at 21.

Kara returned just before the start of the third quarter. She had brought her friend Rene with her to meet me. Now I had 2 Hispanic hotties with me. This was driving some of the guys around us a bit crazy. I now noticed that a lot of them were turning to take a look. Since most of these guys were probably in their mid to late twenties, early thirties they were enjoying the two good looking coeds with me. Finally, one of these young guys asks me if they were my daughters. I did not have to say a word as Kara jumped on that. “Daughters?!“questioned Kara. “Hell no, I am his girlfriend!”, scolded Kara. That statement sent a shock through the guys around us. Mouths open, surprised looks, eyes with disbelief where all around us. I just smiled and shook my head with agreement while Kara and Rene laughed with enjoyment. UTEP took the lead again midway through the third quarter 28-24. Kara was happy again and gave me a nice long, tongue thrashing kiss knowing that the guys around us probably were watching. Kara and Rene headed back to student section for more socializing and Kara told me that she would be back before the end of the game.

Houston took the lead for good with about 6 minutes left in the third quarter. I must admit that I did not believe that UTEP would have been able to stay with Houston, but they did. It was a good hard fought game and I enjoyed being at the game. Kara returned by herself shortly after UTEP scored their last touchdown to pull within 7 points at 49-42. I was happy with Kara and the way she was pulling for UTEP. I am not sure if she was really into the game or if it was that she knew that all the young studs around her where focused on her and wondering why she was with me instead one of them. Kara was cheering hard for UTEP saying “Come ‘on Miners, I do not want to lose this bet!” I had as much fun watching that play out around us as I did the final few minutes of the game. When the final whistle sounded, Kara looked at me and said, “Are you ready for me to pay up on that bet?” as guys around us listened. I smiled and said yes…and that we needed to stop by the store on the way home.

We get in the truck in the parking lot and immediately Kara is pouncing on me as I get in on the drivers side. Her hand goes straight for my crotch and cock while she sticks her tongue down my throat. Wow, what a kiss she laid on me! My cock was filling with blood and getting stiff. When she sat back in her seat to put on her seat belt she says

“Did you see how bothered those guys were around us knowing that you and I were together?! That was the best part of the night for me! I sure hope a couple of them walked by the truck when I just attacked you now.” I smiled and told her that I did notice and thanked her for making me feel special out there tonight.

We pulled out onto the street to start the drive home. Kara releases her seat belt and says to me, “Time for me to start paying up on my bet.” She adjusts in her seat to move closer to me as she moves her hands down to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my shorts. I tell her that the bet was for the body dessert. She smiles and says, “I am so excited that I want to suck your cock right now.” I tell her that I need to stop at the store to get some dessert supplies but that did not stop her. “I want your cock in my mouth, so either you can drive around the block for a bit or you will be walking in the store with a hard-on”, as Kara gets my swollen cock out of my shorts and briefs.

“Hmmmmm” she moans as she moves her head into my lap to take my cock in her mouth. I am driving with my left hand as I move my right hand to caress Kara’s back. Her mouth feels so good as she is moving her head up and down on my rigid cock. I can feel her tongue circle the head of my cock as she is making slurping sounds as she sucks her saliva back in her mouth. With her right hand she grabs my balls and lightly squeezes them. Not much room down there as I am trying to get us home safely. I am rubbing her back and move my hand around to squeeze her right breast.

I rub her breast to find her nipple through her bra and shirt. Kara’s nipple becomes erect from my rubbing as she continues to suck my cock. I pull into the grocery store parking lot and tell Kara that we are at the store. I ask if she is going to stop and a muffled “ah-uh” comes from her as she shakes her head no. I did not want to keep driving around as it was so hard to concentrate on the road with her warm mouth working on my cock. I pull off to a quiet area in the parking lot to enjoy Kara’s attention. I put the truck in park and lean over towards Kara so I can now grab her ass with my right hand. I keep watch to make sure nobody is coming by the truck. Kara’s tempo picks up as now I am rubbing her ass and breast. I maneuver my hand inside her tight shirt and into her bra so I can feel her nipple with my fingers. Kara moans with enjoyment. Her mouth feels wonderful and her massaging my balls has brought me to the point of exploding.

I tell Kara that I am about to cum. She locks in on my cock and balls and continues her assault. My juice rushes from my balls as I inform Kara that I am cumming. She is bobbing her head even faster as I finally release in her wanting mouth. Kara does not miss a beat with the gush of cum spurting from my cock. I had never unloaded in her mouth before and she is taking it all. She finally slows down as my cock becomes very sensitive. Now Kara is driving me crazy. Kara finally releases my cock from her mouth with a pop, looks up and states, “Hmmm, that was good, ready to go into the store?”. Kara had swallowed my load. I tell her that I need a minute to recoup and let my cock settle down. She flips down the visor and takes a look at her face/makeup. She flips the visor backup and smiles at me and says, “No traces.”

We go into the store to buy the dessert supplies that we need. We bought some ice cream, strawberries, bananas, cherries, Hersey’s chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and some sprinkles. We also get a bottle of wine. We go back to my house and go inside. I put the dessert supplies up for the moment (ice cream and whipped cream) and get us a glass of wine. We kiss passionately and head to the master bed room. Kara strips down to go take a shower as I get the bed ready. I believed that we were going to make a mess so I wanted to protect the bed. I strip off the comforter and the fitted sheet. I go to my garage to get one of the plastic drop cloths I use for painting and put that over the mattress and put the fitted sheet back on. I light a few candles and head in to join Kara for a shower.

Kara just finished her shower when I walked in. She is gorgeous looking at her through the glass of the shower. What a nice young body she has! I grab her towel as she opens the door. Her body is covered in water droplets and looks so inviting. I put the towel around her and start to dab her body dry as our mouths come together to kiss. I release the grasp of the towel with one hand and slide this hand down to grab her young butt. So firm! Our lips part and we both smile and Kara says, “Hurry up, I’ll be waiting.” I jump in the shower to quickly wash off the sweat from watching the game.

I finish my shower, dry off and head into the bedroom. Kara had gone and gotten the supplies from the kitchen. She was laying on the bed, seductively on her side, propped up on an elbow with her legs parted as she was squeezing the Hersey’s chocolate on herself with her devilish smile on her face. She covered both of her breasts with chocolate and the syrup was running down her body. She moves the chocolate bottle down and now covers her pussy with chocolate as her eyes stayed locked on me to view my reaction. I just stood there in amazement of her gorgeous, chocolate covered body as my cock started to grow. Kara puts the chocolate syrup down and grabs the whipped cream and starts to dispense that onto her body…circling her breasts and building a mound on her pussy. She then squirts some in her mouth and lets out a moan of enjoyment as her eyes sparkle at me. Kara tosses the can to the side and grabs some cherries from a bowl. She places one on each breast, then puts one on her pussy before biting a cherry off the steam as I wontedly watched. My cock is rock hard and at full attention. Kara seductively says, “Dessert is served.”

Kara now rolls to her back and is on both elbows watching as I come up between her legs. I crawl up on the bed admiring her delicious display trying to figure out where to start. I grab the cherry from her pussy and bite it off the steam before going down to eat her whipped cream chocolate pussy. I am lapping up the whipped cream and chocolate with my tongue and getting it all over my mouth and face. She did not skimp on either! I lick her pussy lips as the chocolate syrup had run down between her legs. I reach out with the tip of my tongue and lick her clit and Kara lets out a moan of pleasure as she falls back on the bed. I slide one of my hands up her body to caress one of her breasts as I continue to lick her wonderful pussy in hopes of getting it clean of the chocolate and whipped cream. My hand gets a hand full of chocolate whipped cream covered breast while searching for the cherry. I pause the assault on her pussy once I locate the cherry so I can eat it.

I move to my knees and hover over her body as I locate the cherry on her other breast to offer this to Kara. She bites the cherry from the steam after I placed it on her lips and then we engage in a passionate kiss. My cock presses up against her still chocolate covered pussy as our tongues are exploring each other’s mouth. Our lips part, we both smile as we look deeply in each other’s eyes as I make my way back down her body. Chocolate and whipped cream is now getting all over me and my face as I start to suck and clean her breasts…there is too much chocolate and whipped cream for me to lick off this young gorgeous woman. I grab the chocolate syrup and squeeze more on to her body as Kara squirms and moans as it touches her body. I now use my hands to spread the chocolate all over Kara and take one hand up to rub some on her lips. Her tongue comes out as she is trying to clean my fingers of this chocolate.

Kara sits up and pushes me off of her. She instructs me to lay down. I lay on my back and Kara moves around to straddle my face so I could continue to lick her pussy. She sits back on my face as Kara grabs the chocolate syrup bottle and starts to squeeze chocolate onto my rigid cock and balls. I can feel the chocolate running down the underside of my balls and into my ass crack….what a sensual feeling that was. With Kara’s pussy right on my mouth, I start to lap away again on this chocolate covered delight. Kara grabs the whipped cream and squirts some of that on my cock. She now leans back over to begin working on my cock. With her assault Kara would pull away from my mouth so she could get further down my cock and balls.

I can feel the tip of her tongue flicking away along the shaft of my hard cock and down on my balls. The flicking of her tongue on my balls was driving me crazy. With a free hand Kara grabs my chocolate covered cock and starts to squeeze and stroke it. I start to feel around for the syrup bottle and once located I squirt chocolate now on her ass. The chocolate is running down her ass, thighs, over her asshole and dripping from her pussy….what a mess we are making! I start to rub the chocolate all over her ass cheeks, thighs and pussy lips as she continues to lap at my balls. Kara moans as I rub her clit…I am enjoying this view! I ask Kara to hand me a banana which she willing crawls over to get me one. I peel the banana as Kara moves back to position she was just in, however pausing to see/feel what I was about to do with the banana. I slowly start to rub the banana on her pussy lips, Kara moans softly. She drops her head back onto my cock and balls and I can feel her warm breath in my groin. I take the tip of the banana and start to tease her clit. Kara moans again. I move the banana from her clit back up to her pussy lips and slowly start to insert the banana into her pussy.

I only tease her and move it back to her clit to rub on it some more. Kara is moaning from the sensual feeling of being rubbed/fucked by a banana. Soft “Yes, that feels so good” are coming from her mouth between my legs. Kara has started to squeeze/stroke my rigid cock again…mostly concentrating on her own pleasure. I continue to move from slightly inserting the banana into her pussy to rubbing on her clit. This tease has taken her to the edge of orgasm. The banana tip has become softer from the rubbing and has become covered in chocolate. Kara quickly moves off of me to one side. I am holding the banana and she has the devilish look in her eyes as she slowly engulfs it as if it was a cock. She gives it a few strokes with her mouth before biting the tip off and eating it. She then guides it to my mouth for the next bite. We eat this banana that had just given her so much pleasure.

Kara now sets her sights back on my cock. She slides down my body head first for my hard cock as she moves her leg back over my head to get back in the 69 position. She takes my cock in her mouth as I move in to eat her pussy. Kara is licking, sucking, stroking my hard shaft as I am cleaning her chocolate covered pussy. What a delight this is! Kara now pulls off my cock and removes her pussy from my mouth. She spins around to straddle my cock. She reaches down to grab my ridged cock to guide it into her pussy. I ask her if she wants me to put on a condom knowing that she is not on any birth control. Her eyes lock in on mine and with a wanting look, Kara shakes her head no as she slides down on my cock. Kara moves her pelvis to get every bit of my cock into her hot, wet pussy. She leans back and places her hands on my thighs and throws her head back and starts to rocks her pelvis back and forth on my cock. Watching her chocolate covered body work my cock was a pleasure….her gorgeous young breast jiggling as she thrusts her pelvis. Kara is moaning as she starts to breath heavy from her working on my shaft.

I move my hands up to grab her sticky, chocolate breasts and rub them. I pinch her nipples as she continues to moan and pleasure herself on my cock. Kara now rocks her body forward and brings her head back forward to look me in my eyes as she keeps the tempo of her thrusts going. She pauses to reach over to grab the chocolate and squirts more chocolate on my chest until the bottle burps as it is running low. She tosses the almost empty bottle off to the side. Kara now leans forward and rubs her breasts on my chocolate covered chest as she starts slide herself back and forth and slamming her pussy on my cock and I am trying to meet her every thrust with one of my own. The ends of her long brown hair has mopped up some of the chocolate and is painting everything it hits with the brown tasty sweetness. Kara is a woman possessed as she starts to moan and grunt with every thrust that she is bombarding my stiff cock with…which I am trying to counter with a thrust of my own. She tenses up and she thrusts faster as she is about to orgasm. Kara lets out a steady loud moan as she starts to cum. She latches on my chest, closes her eyes, throws her head back as the flood of her orgasm rushes through her body. I continue to thrust my cock into her juice dripping pussy.

I am so close to release myself. As the orgasm of Kara starts to subside and her clench on my chest starts to loosen, I throw her off me so I can get on top of her to keep my pleasure going. Kara is now on her back and I am the one pounding my throbbing cock into her freshly moist wet pussy. I am enjoying the pounding that I am unleashing on Kara right now. Her pussy is so wet that is has allowed me to last a bit longer. Kara continues to moan…her eyes are still closed. Suddenly, Kara opens her eyes and pushes me up from her and stops my motion. She flips over on all fours and into doggy and reaches between her legs to grab my cock to help guide it back to her pussy. My cock did not need much help finding her hot, wet pussy. I start out slow but quickly get back up to speed with my assault on pounding her pussy. Kara starts to yell, “Tom, give it to me, harder, harder!”, as I pound her from behind.

I can feel the cum in my balls building as they are slapping her pussy with each stroke. Kara has a grip on the sheets as she braces herself from every thrust. I can feel the air moving from the movement of her breasts on my hands as I have a firm hold on her hips. Fucking Kara from behind is a wonderful site. I cannot hold back any longer and start to grunt with each thrust. Kara is sensing the moment is here and yells again, “Fuck my pussy, give it to me!” My sperm erupts from my cock into her waiting pussy. Kara keeps yelling “Don’t stop Tom, give it to me, give it to me!” After pumping her full of my juice, I pull out and we both collapse on the bed and my cum starts to ooze from her glistening pussy. We lay there arm in arm with smiles as we catch our breath.

We lay there quietly with only the sounds of our breathing as we were looking into each other’s eyes while we recover. I am wondering what is going through her mind at this moment. Her gorgeous face looked even better with the chocolate on it; her beautiful smile…her chocolate covered body next to mine. My conscience pipes in and is reminding me that I had just cum again in this hot young unprotected Latina woman. I know that I had not gotten her pregnant the first time I had cum in her so now I will have to wait and see again. My god, it was such a great experience and I was caught up in the moment and was not going to stop for anything.

After ten to fifteen minutes of laying there, I tell Kara that we should go shower and get the chocolate off of us. Kara smiles and says “Ohhh, a shower together…I am liking this!” We get up off the bed and I pull the chocolate dirtied sheet and plastic from the bed. I toss it on the bathroom floor as we head to the shower. The shower is not the biggest one but it is big enough to allow us both in there together. We get the water going and up to a suitable temperature and step into the shower together. We take turns under the water to start getting the chocolate off of us. Kara is having to wash her hair as she got a lot of chocolate on the ends. As Kara is washing her hair, I decide to help wash her luscious body. I take the soap and get some lather and start to wash the most important areas in mind…her breasts and ass. I love the feel of her slippery skin with the water and the soap. I take extra time to wash her breasts and nipples, cupping her breast, squeezing them and making sure they are clean. While cupping Kara’s breast with one hand, I suck on her nipple to make sure it is clean, I slide the other hand down to wash her nice, tight ass. I switch hand locations to make sure her other nipple is clean and her other ass cheek is clean. Kara finishes washing her hair and puts her arms on my shoulders. I gaze on this wet beauty’s face and Kara says “Thanks for helping me get clean, let me help you.”

Kara grabs the soap, lathers up and starts by rubbing my chest. She slowly makes her way down my front and finally gets to my groin area and my cock and balls. Kara has her devilish grin as she is looking at me to see my reaction. She is cupping my balls with one hand and rubbing them while stroking my cock with her other. My cock starts to respond to her slippery hand and the blood starts to flow back to it. Kara says, “Uhmmm, I am liking this.” Kara gets down on her knees, splashes water on my cock to make sure all the soap is off and then takes my cock into her mouth. Wow, I was thinking.

As water from the shower came down on us, the sight of Kara, naked, soaking wet, on her knees, sucking on my cock while holding my balls was an incredible sight. My cock was back to life and ready for anything. Kara releases my now again rigid cock from her mouth and stands back up and we engage in a passionate kiss. At first my hands are holding her wet head and then move down her slippery body to her breasts before going to her ass to grab her tight butt. As our tongues continue to explore each other’s mouth, Kara is again stroking my hard member. I move one of my hands over to her ass crack and slide my hand down her crack. My middle finger comes in contact with her asshole and I bend my finger slightly to see if it would penetrate. The finger slides in pretty easy in her tight ass and Kara makes moaning sound.

I had never tried to push a finger deep in her ass before. I had played with her hole before while I had been eating her but never attempted to push a finger in. Kara had seem to enjoy the sensation when I played with outside of her asshole in the past. Kara breaks our kiss and buries her face into my neck and shoulder area while moaning as I push my finger deeper into her ass. The opening is tight and it has a good grip on my finger. I slowly pull it out to the edge and then pushed it back in…much to Kara’s delight. I start to finger fuck her ass as Kara has one arm around my back holding me tight and the other one clamped on my cock. Kara is breathing a bit heavier and moaning to my finger thrusts. I ask her if she is enjoying this and she responds with a soft, “Ah-ha”. I pull my middle finger out and now pair it up with my index finger. I move them to her ass opening and slowly start in insert them. Her asshole loosens and allows both fingers to make it past the tight opening. Kara continues to hold me tight and is enjoying my fingers in her ass. I start to rotate my fingers around inside her ass as I am finger fucking her in hopes of making the opening bigger. I am happy that Kara is enjoying this as much as I am. Kara releases her hold on my back moves her head out from my body. She looks me in the eyes and has a look of determination on her face as the water continues to splash down on us…Kara says, “I want to feel your cock in my ass.”

I had not fucked too many women in the ass before. My cock is average in length but it does have a good girth to it. Most women told me it was too thick to go in and that I would just rip them. My fingers came out of Kara’s ass as she turned to present her ass to my cock. Kara spread her feet apart, leaned forward and braced herself with her arms on the shower glass. She looked back over her shoulder with water dripping from her wet hair and the shower stream hitting her on her back. I grab my cock with one hand to slide it down her ass crack to find her asshole. Kara tensed a bit as the head of my cock found the opening of her ass. I moved my cock around a bit to allow Kara to relax. I continued to hold my cock with one hand as I started to pull her back with the other. I could feel her tight asshole on the head of my cock. Kara started to bite her lip and had a look of pain on her face. I ask her if she is okay, and she shakes her head yes as she says “Ah-ha, keep going”. My cock is hard as it ever has been with the thought of fucking this tight Latina ass. I continue to push the head past the rim of her tight opening. I feel the pressure on the head subsiding as it glides past the rim and now feel the pressure on the shaft itself. Kara lets out a slight sheik when the head made it in. I ask her again if she is okay and she once again shakes her head with approval and says, “Feels good, keep going”.

I now release hold of my cock and grab Kara’s hips as I continue to slowly push my cock in her ass. I now feel Kara slowly to start to push backwards to engulf my cock as I push forwards. The thrill and excitement and the different kind of tight pressure on cock along with the hot steam from the shower has my head spinning. Finally, I get my cock all the way in, pause for a second and slowly start to pull out. At first, I slowly start the thrusting motions…Kara is moaning with pleasure as she looks back at me, staring at me with ‘fuck me’ eyes. Kara turns her head around and lowers it as she is still bent over in front of me and she is meeting my forward thrusts with one of her own backward pushes. I am in ecstasy with the feel of her tight ass on my hard cock. The tempo increases as Kara moves one of her hands down to start to rub her clit.

This throws our rhythm off as she no longer had herself braced in the shower. She re-braces herself and I slide one of hands down to take over rubbing her clit. Our fucking motion intensifies and I can feel my balls hitting my fingers as I am rubbing her clit. Kara brings her head up, her eyes are tightly shut and tits are bouncing from the thrusts. Her moans of pleasure becomes louder. I am enjoying the view from behind…water whipping from the ends of her long wet brown hair, droplets rolling off her nice light brown shoulders, water from the shower dancing off her back as it splashes down and her ass cheeks being compressed from the thrusts of my pelvis with my hard cock sliding in and out of her ass.

I can see her facial expression in the reflection of the shower glass. She, too, is very much in ecstasy with this attention to her clit and the hard cock in her ass. I also get the view of her breast movements from the thrusts in the reflection…oh what a sight this is. I continue to thrust my hard cock in her welcoming ass as I rub her clit hoping that this feeling will last. Soon, I can feel Kara start to tense and feel her asshole get tighter around my cock as her orgasm is near. With her eyes still tightly shut, Kara yells, “Oh god, I am going to cum! Yeeeeesssss!” as she unleashes her orgasm. I now bring my hand back up from rubbing her clit to get a hold of both hips and thrust faster as her eyes and mouth open wide as her orgasm continues. I can feel the twitch in my balls as I am about to join her orgasm. I grunt as I start to pump my juice in her ass and continue to grunt as Kara demands, “Yes, give it to me. Tom fuck my ass!”

My thrusts slow down as the last of my cum is deposited into her ass. My cock slides out of her as she turns to hold onto me. Our legs are weak, our breathing is heavy as we hold onto each other to stay upright as the warm water continues to cascade down on us. We regain some strength and kiss passionately. Kara and I clean-up for a second time and get out of the shower and dry off. I quickly throw some sheets on the previously stripped bed and we crawl in to go to sleep from our long evening. This was the best bet with the most rewards that I had ever made!

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