Best Friends

Bi Males Role Playing Their Sex Dreams

They were friends for over 30 years, you could say best friends, sharing every conversations, and at time in great depths. It was one of those mind meeting conversations the start of the fantasy was created. This was to be the most imaginative venture they had ever come up with. I’m a smaller slender male, 5’7”, 180 lbs,32” waist, and I must say not in bad shape for the age of 55, a slight belly and receding hair line,a short neat facial bread and the auburn hair color had gone to a white/gray. I was widowed for 5 years, had a great sex life and miss my partner so very much. He was single, divorced a couple times and a larger male. 6’2”, just under 350 lbs, a football player in high school and very adventurous.

Clean shaven face and dark brown hair just starting to thin. Maybe the alcohol had brought it to a new pitch, as he was leaving the other day, we hugged and said good bye as usual, except his long arms reached down my back, to my small firm butt and he squeezed and ground his hips in my waist. I could feel his enlarging shaft pulsating as he hugged me tighter than usual. Later he said . then off he went. I wasn’t all that uncommon for us to have in depth sexual conversations, and very explicit. Except this hug might have been more of and invitation, as to the length he held me tight to his erection, and the grinding it in to me.

The next morning was Saturday,a start to a quiet weekend ahead. Suddenly a knock on the door, I answered it and it was a deliveryman giving me a package. I brought it in to the kitchen counter and wondered who and what. As I opened the package it caught me a bit off guard, it was some cloth and a note sitting and sealed on top. I set the note aside and looked at the items inside. A pair of stretchy tight fitting blue jeans, a small waist band with a button up front, instead of a zipper, A light colored blue button u shirt,a pair of thong underwear and a bottle of colon.I must admit it made me blush a bit, so I opened the note. It was from my friend and it said, remember yesterday when we were talking about call girl sex, I would like to role play that except that you would be my call boy and service me completely. See you at my place tonight at 7 pm. I called him and said, see you then, as I could hear the smile on his face.

As I got closer to his house, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. He new my most secret desire was to be a male whore for a night and give and receive the pleasure of another man. I slapped on a touch of colon and exited the car, the cloth fill very well but the thongs felt a little weird. I felt extremely sexy and unbuttoned another button on my shirt, exposing my hairy chest. I knocked on the door and to my surprise when he opened it he stood in nothing but a towel covering his mid section, and his erection was already becoming a tent pole. I entered with a blank look on my face as he handed me a drink and grasp his manhood saying, its going to be a great night.

Come hear and show me your outfit he says and again reaching for his cock, stroking it and continues to say now the underwear please. I started to reach for a button on my jeans and he says no, not yet, the shirt first please. Ok, so I button my shirt and remove it, placing it in the chair, then back to my jeans, turn around and face your back to me please , he says. I did so and opened the buttons and started sliding the jeans down my legs. Bending over to lift them off my feet, my ass fully exposed as I bent over. Yes, I love the tight firm ass you have their and its going to be a great pleasure to deflower you, ha say as he walks up behind me and grinds his cock into my ass, yum, yum he says, as he slides it every so slowly up the exposed ass crack. Shall we finish our drinks and continue this in the bedroom?

With my jeans on the floor and shirt on the chair, I follow him towards the bedroom, his hand reaches down and unties the towel, it drops to the floor and he is completely naked ahead of me, I know your as ass man he says, what do you think of this one. It looks delicious, I say, he stops bends forward and say kiss and lick it, show me how much you like it. Now my erection is starting to pop out from under the waist band, and I’m feeling very naughty.I knee down behind him and kiss each cheek, then slowly lick up and down his ass crack, then stopping an poke my tongue at his asshole.He starts to shack and rises and turns around, how did my ass taste he say, as he holds his throbbing cock out towards my face.

Lick the head he say and presses towards my mouth, I wet my tongue and lick the head all over, stopping to such and swallow the pr-cum, from the head. As I do so, he reaches around behind my head and pulls it forward and enters my now open mouth, yes he say loudly and continues in, until I start to chock, when stops so and can suck him more and slowly bob my head up and down. I think we will start with you swallowing my load first before fucking that sweet tight ass, and reaches down to lift me up on to my feet as we continue to the bed. His ass shining from the licking and the wetness I gave it, the ass cheeks sliding back and forth while he walks.

Getting to the bed he sit and faces me, come here he says, as I walk forward to him. My cock peaking out at him and he says,turn around slowly, He reaches out to guide my rotation and firmly squeezing my ass cheeks. Spread your legs and bend over please, as I do he reaches up, gets a hold of the waist band and slowly take them down to my knees. My ass cheeks opened slightly and I could feel a finger slowly working and squirming at my asshole. Then he wets a finger in his mouth and with the other hand spreads my ass cheeks wide open HMM he says as he presses the finger into to tight asshole, as it fights to stop the entry. Relax he says, your so tight, I want to feel the pleasure you will give me, but on my finger first.

He slowly presses his finger in bit by bit and comments, yes you are exactly as tight as I thought you would be. He slides his finger out and continues to rotate my hips around more, so he was facing my erect cock. He reaches out and rubs my cock and encircles my cock in his fist and strokes my cock up and down, stopping at the head, then back down to my balls, again and again. My eyes close and I moan long and slow and my hips start to shudder, he stops and says not yet. Then he sprawls out on the bed, and says come lay next to me and suck my tits and play with my cock.

As I lied next to him, he slightly spread his legs a little, and one of my hands reaches down. I knew from tiring to swallow his cock it was large but I didn’t notice how large.It must have been a least 8” and perfectly straight with the beautiful mushroom head. I slide my hand up and down both sides of it and then cup his heavy cum filled balls. At this point a lick one nipple the the other, sucking and biting at it. Harder he says as I increase the bite pressure. Oh yes, now stroke me and bite me until I tell you differently.

It wasn’t long before he said ok,its time you you to eat me and suck me off, spreading his legs wide to allow me a place to crawl between to service him.Its funny he say when you have a partner that you enjoy and they enjoy you, time flies by, hard to believe the night is half over.

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