Best Friends 2


Taking my mouth from his nipples, I kissed and licked my way down and over his belly, as I got to the top I could see a welcoming sight. His cock was straight up looking for me and had a nice droplet of pre-cum, when looking down the length and to his balls, where they were heavy hanging between his ass cheeks. Then his thighs beefy and soft waiting to squeeze and warm me as I go about my work. My tongue licked up the pre-cum as I continued mt way down, turning my head so I could lick and bite at the shaft as I continued. Hurry he said I want you to eat my ass first then swallow me, at this point he was to excited to hold off any more.

Climbing between his legs he bent his knees up ans spread his legs, what a big beautiful ass he had facing me. And to ensure I would not mistake why I was there, his hands were on his ass cheeks and spreading them wide for me. A quick lick at his ball sack and straight in, my tongue new the way and it teased and poked at his asshole, making it slippery so that my tongue could work its way deep inside and taste his anal flavor.I reached up and lifted his balls so I could bite at the lower shaft between his asshole and the ball sack. Licking and biting drove him closer and closer, his ass cheeks started to twitch and rotate, I had better get to business. Nipping at his balls my hand and mouth were now at the base, OMG that thing just seems to be getting bigger.

As my hand slides first and my licking followed, it just expanded thicker on the way up. What am I to do, not only will my mouth be to small what about my poor little tight virgin ass. I better suck this real good and with any luck the next time it will be smaller. Getting to the head my hand had smeared more pre-cum, now I used it as a lube to stroke his massive cock as I opened my mouth and swallowed as much as I could, then bobbed up and swirled my tongue on the underside and up and over the head, sucking at the same time, giving him ultimate pleasure.I must have stroked and sucked him fifteen/twenty strokes then the sign had begun.

His hips shacking, his ass rotating and pumping in the air, and forcing more of his cock deeper as he went. And then the final upwards stroke, my mouth sliding up and my sucking deeply at his expanding cock, damn this thing was going to blow. Just as my lips got to the head, the mushroom head swelled and boom, the first explosion of his semen erupted. The cum headed straight back in my mouth and splashed on the roof of my mouth and the upper throat opening, as it was followed by one after the other explosions. Sucking hard to keep up with the cum was just to much, and it was starting to run out and over my lips, and down my chin. Holding my head tight he managed to get every inch of that cock down my throat, maybe the cum helped to lubricate it but I was still gagging and he was moaning up a storm.

I’m not sure but it felt like he had a bucket of cum filled inside those balls. When he finial stopped shacking, throbbing and shooting, I had cum soaked in my beard, my mustache and I was still attempting to swallow what was in my mouth.Damn , he says, you sure know how to suck a cock and make a man horny, I didn’t know if I was ever going to stop shooting my cum, I’m pretty sure you found a hidden load down in my feet and that found its way out to, DAMN.

He reached for a towel and said come on up here next to me. I did so as I finished cleaning him up from all that cum, then wiped my face. He rolled over towards the end table, opened another drawer, then turned and faced me. Now a surprise for you, he squeezed some oil over my harden cock and started to stroke me. Go on spread those legs to , he says, sure want to get that little ass slippery for round two.

He bent his head over my nipples and licked and sucked at them. He placed his left hand under my hard cock to stroke me and used his right to play with my ass. He was slowly working his fingers in my ass, then suddenly the lube became greasy and easier for his fingers to slide in and out. At this point I was just relaxing and enjoying being stroked and being finger fucked, Then after he got one all the way in, he changed for two and then for three, there was a little discomfort from it being stretched.

I opened my eyes for a second and just gasp to myself. That massive cock of his never soften at all, hes got three fingers in and its not even close to the size of that cock.Removing his fingers he reached for the towel and cleaned his hands, now roll over on your back he says and starts applying the greasy substance to his cock, I could see it throbbing in delight.

You did one hell of a job sucking me off now lets see you ride this monster. As I lay on my stomach he grabs my ankles and spreads my legs like a wish bone, climbing up and between my parted legs,he pointed his cock straight out and grabbing my hips with the other hand, he guided my ass to him. He pulled me up on all four and the head started to enter me, he took his time and said, every time I push forwards you push back. After half a dozen strokes I think we were up to about half his cock, his legs started to shack and I said almost ready to pop, I was hoping, he said no, it will take longer the second time and I get to enjoy this tight ass and you get to learn how to work it.

Each time he would withdraw the full length of his cock so the head was just outside the anus. This time I felt a sudden surge and a slap across my right ass cheek, smack and it hurt but then with that distraction he burred his entire cock up and in my ass. Holding himself still balls deep in my ass he says now fuck me, nice and slow, back and forth.After half a dozen strokes he then withdrew, slapped my other ass cheek and drove it home again. I moaned with some discomfort but it started to subside, as I fucked him deep and hard between his slapping and driving.

Oh I love this , you are so good and you have learned quickly how to fuck my cock. He reaches around me and starts jerking me off, to a slow tempo then increasing as I fuck him faster.Every now and again he would slap my ass, first one cheek then the other. Then we switched positions and I was riding him cowgirl style, he still had a hold of my cock and at time he would bring me just to the point of no return then stop, and I would ride the entire length of his cock, in and out, then faster and faster. He started to shack and rotate his hips, I could feel his cock expanding like when it was in my mouth, he jerked me quick and this time he didn’t stop and I came with an explosion, at the same time as his. The room was filled with moans of enjoyment and our bodies tingled to each and every drop of cum. OMG, is all we could say, as we looked out the window and the sun was starting to rise from its sleepy night.

We had literately sucked and fucked all night, I learned that night what it was like to be a call boy, But we had agreed that I was only his call boy, and planed another night next weekend.

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