Another Visit To "Wild Cherry"

A Visit To The Private Club For A Visit To Her Private Parts

Sometimes things happen… It’s worth telling.

Anyway…. “Wild Cherry”

After moving to one of the Southern capitals, we concluded that people here did not have sex and that the swinging, nudie pool parties, fuckathon party houses of the place we left were a thing of the past. Then we found this club.

I wrote a story about our first visit there and the couple we met. And as most always with Cindy, the story also includes at least one other stiff cock that lurks in the shadows and manages to ejaculate into one or more of her willing orifices at some point in the evening. If my memory serves me, that orifice had a tongue in it. The other orifice, surrounded by the labia was already occupied.

Anyway… back to “Wild Cherry”.

Don’t google it… There is no such club that I know of. I wont use the real name of the club because I would get nastygrams from their lawyers saying the place is a place of Christian worship and that what little dancing goes on is solely dedicated to the glory of Christ. It is a real club…it’s just not called that, and it is far from consecrated to the glory of God.

Anyway… back to “Wild Cherry”

It was a dance club, separated into three parts. A bar area with hightops for the single crowd, as always, mostly men. An area of tables for couples, and up one step with a metal railing was an area with tables that had tablecloths and a vase and a flower in the vase for swinger couples. The tablecloths were not there for decor really. It was just that the people there tended to reach into each other’s private areas and play with each other’s private areas. Women there tended not to wear panties and given that the area was raised a tad from the main floor, people on the main floor who did not want to see women’s private areas might get offended. Besides some of the women who were having their private areas played with usually didn’t care to put on a show either and sometimes it wasn’t just a woman’s private parts that was being attended to. I think you get the picture.

Oh and to complete the picture, a woman might get on her knees, get some guy’s cock out and start sucking on it. Not just start mind you, but complete the job. Tablecloths allowed that to a greater degree of privacy, although by the time you saw a guy slumping in his seat looking under the table and you saw a woman’s feet toes pointed down, you kinda got the idea. Tablecloths helped with the clean up too. Cindy did that. Did that as in giving the blowjobs under the table, in case you are confused as to what “that” is. Cindy rarely needed the tablecloth for clean up. Maybe wiping off her lips a tad.

Single guys were not allowed to go into the area of vases and tablecloths unless specifically invited. But the single guys were aware of the area with vases and knew it was a den of wet pussy, wet, available, pussy. A place of women with dark red glossy lipstick, who could would and did enjoy wrapping those lips around their cocks.

One night we were there. We got seated at a table with another couple. After 30 seconds of deep intense personal conversation, we decided this was not a couple we would get together with, for sex anyway. Cindy and I danced. Cindy got an invite to dance from a couple of guys at other tables with vases on them. But no one we actually planned to hook up with. As much as Cindy liked cock and I liked pussy, we had standards, physical and social. One of the single guys at the bar took notice of her. In the thick pile of people out there gyrating, he focused on Cindy. He had noticed the lacy part of her black bra peak out from the deep V neck blouse she was wearing as she twisted and turned on the dance floor. He had also noticed the wrap around skirt, where the two ends overlapped only a little allowing a nice view of Cindy’s pretty legs from time to time. He probably guessed and he was right that the wrap around skirt made it easy for someone to touch the skin of her legs, maybe even put a hand on her ass. I am not sure he dared think more than that. Cindy knew why she liked that dress to go dancing and it was indeed to allow someone to touch her skin, her legs, her ass and even the area the guy at the bar dared not even think about. That skirt too revealed a lacy black something under it from time to time. About two dances later he noticed that he couldn’t see that lacy black thing under her blouse anymore. In addition, he noticed that the lower buttons of that blouse were now unbuttoned and as she twisted and turned, he could see the skin of her belly. He did wonder if that black lacy thing under her skirt had been removed too. He couldn’t tell but he was getting a hard on thinking about it and fantasizing about how to find out.

He concluded and rightly so that she allowed guys she was dancing with to touch, play with, and fondle her breasts. In addition, she made it easier by removing her bra. This excited him. Maybe she even allowed more than that. He wanted to dance with her. He told the guy he came with who was slso watching the same thing and thinking the same thoughts. In the flashing multi colored lights with arms and bodies flayling all over the place it was hard to tell what a hand was doing where and if you have read some of the stories, you know that Cindy was in no way adverse to having her tits played with. Just because she didn’t want to fuck the guy did not mean her tits were off limits. Maybe her pussy might not be off limits either, at least as finger food.

The only real chance a guy at the bar had to intercept one of the women from the tables with flowers was when they went to the ladies room. The single guy waited patiently. He knew he would get only a few seconds to get her into a conversation or something. He only smiled as she went by. He knew not to interrupt a lady heading to a restroom. On the way back he made his move. He touched her elbow, asked her if she had a sec. He quickly blurted out that he admired her on the dance floor, noticed how sexy she was, and he even mentioned the bra thing. Would she dance with him? At that point, all he hoped for was to get to touch her tits, go home and masterbate to the memory. He had no idea he wouldn’t have to go home before releasing all the pressure building up in his cock.

How do I know all that? He told her. She told me.

I noticed her dancing with him. I didn’t specifically see him reach up and touch her tits, but I was getting hard visualizing it. I knew he would try and I knew she would let him. At some point, she danced with another guy from the singles area. And, yes he played with Cindy’s tits too, as well as her pussy during one of those slow rhythm bump and grind pieces.

She came back to our table alone after a couple of dances. I could tell when she wanted to say something to me but was trying to put all the pieces together before speaking. Finally she said:

“Did you know they have a private area upstairs?”

“I heard something about that”, already knowing where this conversation was going.

One of the single guys had mentioned it to her.

“The one who played with your tits?” I had to ask.

“A few guys played with my tits.” she said with a grin.

These conversations always end the same way.

“You sure? You’re ok with this?”

“Yup”, I always answer back, “Go for it.”

I saw her wiggle in her seat a bit, tug at something, and smile at me when she did. Then she reached down then got her purse.

She had just taken off her panties and put them into her purse where her bra had been for some time.

“I’ll be back in a bit.” She said.

Once again she was dancing with one of the single guys from the bar. Then I couldn’t see them, but in that sea of bouncing people that was not unusual, but I suspected they were no longer on the dance floor. His interests had moved beyond playing with her tits. Her interests had moved beyond having her tits played with. In fact I suspected, I knew, that at that moment he was probably touching her pussy and she was touching his cock.

As she had said, it was a “bit” later when she returned.

I broke the silence: “So how was the private upstairs area?”

“Nice, members and a guest only, we should join, it’s a lot quieter, we could talk to a couple we meet here, have a little more privacy, curtains between sitting areas.”

“I take it you didn’t go up there to check out the decor.” I said with a very slight note of sarcasm.

“True.” She responded chuckling.

“So, how is your private area?”

“Fine, thanks for asking.” she said giggling.

“So I take it you fucked him?”

“The guy I went up there with? No. Actually, I didn’t, I was going to.”



“Wait a sec… the other guy was there too, right?”


“A friend of his?”

“I think so” She said with a smug smile, adding: “I dont think we were properly introduced.”

“Fucked him then?”

“Yup, kinda.”


Never mind I thought, no need to ask anymore, she seemed satisfied.

I was getting hard. Time to go home.

I too had danced with a couple of other girls, fondled a nipple or two and could have gotten somewhere with them. But all I really wanted to do was go home and fuck Cindy and listen to those delightful stories of hers about what had happened in the private area upstairs, although I knew full well what had happened. I wanted to know how you “kinda” fuck someone.

Thank god that the way home was mostly via an I something

I could put the car on cruise control while she unzipped my pants and started stroking my cock.

“You like graphic details dont you?” she said.


“Ok then, He wasn’t sure he was getting anything but a quick feel of my tits when we started dancing.”

“As we went up the stairs, he put his hand up my skirt and got a finger full of wet pussy.”

“That’s when he started thinking he might get lucky… really lucky.”

“I knew he was going to get lucky.” I said.

“I knew he was going to get lucky.” She said.

“We got upstairs, found a quiet corner, I undid the last button on my blouse so he could play with my tits more easily and without me worrying that he was going to rip the button off.”

I guessed that by that time he had set his sights beyond playing with her tits. But, I said nothing as I listened to her story enjoying the slow stroking of my cock.

She continued: “I kept my clothes on though.”

What a good girl, I thought.

Then she added: “ I reclined him back, undid his pants, he wasn’t wearing undershorts, and I started sucking on his cock, a prelim I thought to him doing me then fucking me.”

“I had just stopped , I was pulling up my skirt, getting ready to mount him, to straddle him and lower myself onto his cock when I felt another pair of hands on my thighs and butt and finally touch my pussy.”

Then she continued: “Ok, change of plans here. I quickly looked back to see the other guy I had been dancing with. A quick check, showed a nice cock, a cute face, a nice body.”

“Nice cock meaning big cock.” I interjected.

“Yeah, kinda.”

She continued: “I put my mouth back on the first guy and started sucking him off again. My sucking style changed from play to go for the cum. The guy behind me then figured it was ok to stick his cock into me. It was. He did. They came, I came. Here endeth the story.”

“So where does the “kinda” fucked him come in?” I asked.

“He fucked me. I didn’t have much to do with it other than having my wet cunt out there for his cock. I don’t think I actually touched his cock. I was busy blowing the other guy, and touching him.” She giggled.

“Cool,” I said, knowing that any more questions would simply delay her going face down onto my cock and I didn’t want to delay that anymore.

I could visualize her face down on the guys cock, that short wrap around skirt pulled up over her ass, on her knees, the shaved pussy prominently displayed. The lowest light would have made the area glisten from the wetness. The friend behind her would have seen that too, one hand inserting a finger in the well lubricated slit, another furiously trying to get his pants down, then touching the wet area between her pussy lips, his cock expanding with each rub along the slit, pushing the lips further apart with the head of his cock until it found the area to penetrate. Each motion of his cock would excite her more and make her motions on the cock in her mouth ever more animated, her tongue flicking back and forth as that cock penetrated deep into her mouth on each stroke.

Thank god I ejaculated into her mouth before coming to the exit where I had to take it off cruise control.

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