Anne'S High School Reunion

My wife Anne and I have been married for several years - overall a great relationship, very open about our desires, etc., but with little energy or time to act on them with little kids always underfoot. When we get away on vacation, it’s like we’re able to live a different life, free from the monotony of work and family. I always think my wife is sexy, but it’s during these trips that I realize just hot she really is. For the visual: she’s 5-8, blonde, large breasts and in great shape. I’m no slouch either but the trip we recently took wasn’t about me.

Recently, we went out of state for a few days for her high school reunion. Probably the anticipation if it overshadowed the event, since the actual reunion wasn’t much fun but meeting up with one of her old friends changed our lives. Apparently, this guy Dan had some kind of crush on her when they were in high school together, but I didn’t know about this until well afterward. I sort of suspect Anne knew about the crush though when she urged that we get together with him the day before the reunion, but her story was just that he was fun to hang out with, sort of a rebel, in high school and he thought he was a really cool guy. After I met him, I admit that he was a cool guy, with sort of a Bob Dylan “free thinking” attitude about life. My wife is more of the professional type, so maybe opposites really do attract.

So, we meet up with Dan at around 7:00 the evening before the reunion. She’d emailed with him several times over the prior month and seemed almost giddy about finally meeting him, which I thought was a little odd. We met at this restaurant near where we were staying and when Dan shows up, it’s a little obvious he likes how my wife looks. They hug and he and I shake hands - nothing out of the ordinary happens except that, for dinner, he sits next to her on the cushion side of the table (me on the other) and I feel like he’s so into talking to my wife that he sometimes forgets I am there. Of course, when I make comments about how weird high school was for everyone, he’s responsive, but only to the point that he’s not offending my wife by ignoring her husband. I’m thinking that he’s actually hitting on my wife right in front of me, and yet she’s oblivious to it.

As dinner goes on, we drink two bottles of mediocre wine, but which time it’s time for the check (which I take care of for all of us, since we invited him). As we walk outside, the buzz from the wine is strong and so we talk about going back to our hotel where we have waiting in our expensive hotel room a much nicer bottle. Anne explains that we have a patio that is isolated so that we can bring out the wine and talk as late as we want without bugging anyone. We take our cars to the hotel and within 20 minutes we are all sitting outside sipping a much nicer Zinfandel.

Anne and Dan sit in two lounge chairs side by side about 2 feet apart, and I sit across from them in another chair. The conversation ranges from high school pranks to life with kids (he’s married with kids too) to the girlfriends and boyfriends they had in school. Anne had a rough high school experience and at some point in the conversation she reveals that Dan’s high school sweetheart probably cheated on Dan with Anne’s high school boyfriend, but Dan isn’t phased by this news. He sits up and looks her in the eye and explains that everybody was probably cheating on everybody else. When she asks why he thinks that, he puts his hand on my wife’s shoulder and says “because it feels good.” After he says this, he lets his hand remain there just a second longer before letting it drop, which sends a clear signal that he is either looking to fuck my wife, or he’s just drunk. I know Dan is just being dramatic and trying to be funny but, in another setting, this might have crossed the intimacy line. Here, with so much wine in me, it actually turned me on. So, what do I do? I excuse myself to go to the bathroom.

After a few minutes, Anne comes in from the patio to check on me. She’s really happy and asks me if I am having fun. I explained to her that I was having a great time and that Dan seems really cool. She agreed and explained how fun it was to catch up with this old friend. I explained that it seemed like he was hitting on her a bit, which seemed to first concerned her but she tells me that nothing that happens would ever change how she feels about me. When I tell her that I know that, she confesses that she can tell he’s hitting on her and asks if that bugs me. I think she must have gotten wet right there when I looked intensely at her and said “not one bit.” She smiles in a flirty way at me, says “OK” and then dances back outside to the patio.

After waiting another couple of minutes, I walk over to the window overlooking the patio and I see Dan’s hand once again on my wife’s shoulder, this time more lightly. Since they’re facing away, they don’t see me. Then, his hand strokes her neck, and then her face. She’s apparently loving this, a message he gets loud and clear as he moves over to sit on her chair right in front of her; now, he’s close enough to be intimate, but far enough to say he’s not moving in on my wife if and when I come back out. When I do come out, I make some noise so as not to surprise them and they both turn to look at me. Then, the unbelievable happens: With her hands, Anne turns his face back to hers and plants a kiss on his lips that would cook an egg. My jaw must have dropped a foot but I swear that I loved watching it. It was breathtaking to see my wife getting so hot and inviting this guy in that way. At this point, it was obvious to all of us that the game was on that I was OK just watching.

As she takes Dan’s hand and leads him back to into the hotel room, he’s almost in disbelief but completely ready to fuck Anne. I’d love to say how they tried every position in the world like acrobats, but that’s not what happened. They quickly undressed and, before I knew it, he was laying naked on top of my mostly naked wife (her top was just pulled up to her neckline to expose her beautiful tits), still kissing her like crazy, as she’s tugging at and storoking his hard cock to ensure it was ready to enter her. As fast as they got undressed, he takes his cock in his hand and guides the engorged head toward the opening of Anne’s now very wet pussy. Slowly, he pushes it into her until it is deep inside. I am going almost out of my mind watching this from about 5 feet away. Here, my beautiful wife has her legs in the air while this guy is pushing his cock through her lips, his hands on her ass pulling them apart as he slides it into her again and again. All the while she is gasping for air and talking about how good it feels and holding his hips so as to help control his rhythm. The funny thing is that, as hot as they are, they’re fucking fairly slow and sensually, which actually made it even hotter since I can see her grinding on it to feel every inch and vein of his dick. Each time he pushes his cock into her, she lifts up slightly to meet him and this seems to go for an eternity. Anne is going out of her mind, but at one point, she has the clarity to look over at me at which point I give her this look of total love. She gives me a devilish smile as if to see if I’ll return the look (I do), and then she turns to look at Dan and she simply says “you go ahead whenever you’re ready.”

At this point, his hips rock more and his thrusting quickens and it’s obvious what’s about to happen. Anne bites her lip and lets her eyes half close, as he starts to rock his body and push into her pussy faster. He changes positions slightly and moves up onto his knees and grabs her thighs, pulling her wider apart, at which time I get a really good look at this guy’s penis entering my wife. And then, he lets go. She looks at him with the most intense look of lust as he grunts, and I can’t take my eyes off of her. They moan together as his warm cum pulsates out and floods into my wife. It is absolutely mind blowing to see all this. I step back to lean against a wall, not actually believing that my wife just let this guy shoot his cum into her, but was totally alright with it. Dan just collapsed on top of her while repeating how good it all felt. Writing about it this now reminds me how intense the feeling was of watching Anne on her back, completely exposed and spread apart, while this guy dumped hot semen into her. Amazing.

Anyway, I have to admit that the process of him leaving was a bit awkward, as was going to the reunion the next day (he didn’t show up though), but that night changed our outlook on sex, our marriage, but for the better. This is one story we won’t be telling our kids.

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