An Indecent Proposition (Part 5)

A Threesome With Amy

For over three months I had availed myself of Amy’s eager mouth and pussy. For a girl who hadn’t been dating and didn’t really want a relationship, she was a very enthusiastic lover. It’s true, apart from our night in Derbyshire, we hadn’t eaten out, gone for walks or had a drink in the pub. Our relationship was ninety nine percent sexual. I would have said one hundred, but she served me in the refectory of a local nature reserve and I had given her lifts home. Since our meeting, Amy had past her test and now drove a second hand car, which precluded my services in that direction. Sometimes she would drive, on the occasion that I fancied a blow job in a quiet spot in the country.

I looked forward to every meeting with the same degree of anticipation, almost as much as our first time. She would vary her dress at my request, from little summer dresses, to pantyhose and denim skirts. Sometimes she wore panties at other times she left them off, depending how the mood took me.

From the end of July to the middle of September a trawl of my diary revealed that I had fucked her thirty six times and had nineteen blow jobs. Every single time was the full Monty first class shag and her blow jobs were just as sensational. Amy’s birthday was at the beginning of September, just before she went back to university for her final year. She was now twenty one and I considered it proper for me to treat her for the occasion. I gave her five hundred pounds. She was very grateful of course. To her credit, she never asked for top ups or any renegotiation of our terms. We used condoms now and then, if I felt like finishing inside her, but most of the time I would come in her mouth or on her body. Amy wasn’t too keen on me coming on her face, although sometimes I forgot when she sucked me off. She never really complained though. Going unprotected carried its risks of course, but I was clean and I was sure Amy was. The rest was a matter of self control and well… Amy hasn’t got pregnant yet! Fingers crossed.

One of my favourite times with Amy was after she had gone back to uni. The title to my diary entry reads: ‘A good fuck. Came on Amy’s tights.’

Tights of course is a bit of a confusing term, depending on whether you’re American or British and as a writer, it never ceases to fascinate me. Pantyhose is by far a nicer and suggestive name. It sounds sexier and everything. When an American thinks of tights, it means what we Brits would call leggings. Then you have jogging pants… very confusing.

I had come home a bit earlier one day and sent a text to Amy to see if she was free. She had not long been home from uni but said she could be round in an hour. I told her to come as she was. I liked her usual uni clothes, which more often than not, was composed of tights and a denim skirt and a T shirt or pullover. I’ve always loved girls in tights. If anything they’re better than stockings. She turned up a little earlier than she had said and I was still in my towel and my hair was wet. But no matter. I gave Amy a bottle of Stella and we chatted in my kitchen, unwinding with our beer. It might be my over inflated libido, but I still couldn’t be alone with Amy without getting hard. She had seen me often enough, but I did my best to shield my rising towel as I contemplated fucking her.

“What sort of day you had babe?”

“The usual. Got a humungous essay to write on evolution.”

“OK. I’ll leave that with you. I know a bit about it, but it’s mainly anecdotal.”

“Yeah thanks Mike.”

“If you ever want to know about botany though…”

“OK - I’ll bear that in mind. How about you?”

“Yeah pretty normal. Oh, we’ve got a French girl coming next week for three weeks.”

“Oh, how come?”

“She’s on a secondment from university over there.”

“What’s she like? Oh yeah…next week.”

“Yeah, no idea. She’s French. Nineteen I think and her name is Nicole. That’s all I know.”

“Something different.”

“Yeah.. Anyway I don’t want to talk about her.”

I kissed Amy on the cheek before relieving her of her bottle and took her through to my sitting room. I took my towel away and as she was sitting on my sofa, lost no time in putting my cock in her mouth. It had been three days since I had seen her and my cock was especially hard. Her hot mouth was the perfect antidote to my frustration. I had refrained from masturbating since I had last fucked Amy and I wasn’t going to last long. However, Amy was true to form and blew me so softly my legs were turning to jelly well before I came and I suggested she lay on the sofa while I tried something new.

“I don’t suppose you care about these tights do you babe?”

“My tights! No, why?”

“OK.. Because…”

As I spoke I rent a big hole in them at the top of her legs. The gusset had an impenetrable lining but with a little deft manoeuvre, I made a big enough hole to put my cock into her pussy. Amy had admitted more than once that sucking my cock turned her on, which meant she was nice and wet and I was properly gritting my teeth as my poor cock drove into her lovely moist twat. I’m not embarrassed to say I didn’t last long. The last time had been a good session and I had fucked her in a few positions. I suppose on this particular afternoon, I was so hard up, it was tantamount to a quickie. I lasted a couple of minutes of the sensations of her tight wet snatch enrobing my cock. I pulled out and unloaded one of the biggest loads I’ve seen over her black tights. My cum went on her legs and her tummy as well as on the middle of her gusset, giving her a nice cream pie. I stood up and put my cock in Amy’s mouth, so she could swallow the last of my ejaculation and she licked my cock until I had dwindled to a semi. Amy didn’t stay long, as she wanted to start her thesis. It was one of those lovely brief times when Amy came round to sort me out at the drop of a hat. It just didn’t get much better than that!

Our meetings continued in a similar fashion until the New Year when a certain intervention upset our pleasant routine.

Over the Christmas period Amy had returned to her parent’s home and I had Christmas with my Mum at my Sister’s. I was back at work on the 29th and waited with anticipation of Amy coming back for her studies. Her holidays were somewhat longer than my own and for the first time in months I was resorting to self stimulation.

Amy came back on the 14th and saw me the next day. It was after this particularly hot session that Amy dropped a bombshell. Her auntie had decided to stay with her cousin in Wales for another week or so, leaving her to look after herself. While she had been down south she had met up with one of her closest friends and had been - how shall we say - a little less than discrete over a glass of wine or three.

“It kind of dropped out Mike. I guess we were doing a bit of truth or dare, you know how it is.”

“What did you actually tell her?!”

“I didn’t tell her about our arrangement, just that I was seeing you. Don’t worry, I was quite flattering!”

“Flattering? You were honest, I hope!”

“Yes Mike, you know what I mean. I don’t fake it do I?!”

“I know babe.”

“Do you want to know what she said?”

“Yes, I guess…”

“Well, she wants to meet you.”

“Meet me, why?”

“Not just meet you, you know, to team up!”

“Seriously?! A threesome you mean?”

“Yes. I wouldn’t be up for it with anyone, but Victoria is different.”

“Fuck! Have you seen each other naked before?”

“Course we have! We were in college together. We had sleepovers and everything.”

“And kiss?”

“No. We didn’t do that.”


“Well, you never know Mike. There’s a first time for everything!”

“Wow! OK. What’s she like?”

“Victoria is my height, dark hair and long like mine.”

“Is she pretty?”

“Yes, Mike she’s pretty!”

“OK sorry, I’m just a bit taken aback.”

“You won’t complain. Why don’t we meet up this weekend.”

“OK, yes! You better come to mine, just in case your aunt comes back early!”

“Ha ha OK. She won’t be we can go to your house, if you like.”

I gave Amy a sloppy good night kiss and I drove back home. Seeing her under her own roof had felt slightly odd. I don’t know what her aunt would have made of it. I thought it best to come to mine for the Saturday. Finding her niece in bed with another girl and a 46 year old man wouldn’t look good.

I spent a few days stewing in my own anticipation of what carnal delights were in store. I saw Amy again the following day, as I was so worked up but then she gave me firm instructions that I was to abstain for the rest of the week. That was quite a challenge. My imagination was rife with debauched thoughts and the various ways I could get off with two delicious students. I had an image in my mind’s eye of what Victoria would look like. I had Amy’s description and she painted a pretty picture.

I had had a similar experience in my twenties, but it was a slightly drunken fumble with two girls my own age. We made out but I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I might. It was with a girl I was seeing and her friend and it’s all a bit of a blur now. We had gone back to mine after a night out. The prospect of doing it now, but in the calm light of day with two young beauties was the stuff of fantasy. Girls were so much sexier now compared with the 1980s. Maybe that’s because I’m older and pervier, I don’t know.

Amy and Victoria arrived at my house at seven in the evening. Victoria was a total darling. She had bright blue eyes and almost black hair. She had a single diamond stud in her nose, which suited her. She had a slightly folksy look if you know what I mean - a little retro, Pre-Raphaelite almost. I made them comfortable in my sitting room with a generous glass of white wine. I was nervous but quietly confident and did my best to stay calm. Amy was in her shortest denim skirt and black tights and a tight blue top, which made her tits look fabulous. Victoria wore black tights and frayed denim hot pants. Her top was a shiny, button up blouse of purple silk. They were both delectable and I could barely contain myself.

“I’ve heard all about you Mike.”

“So I hear. All good I trust?”

“Reports are favourable.”

“Pleased to hear it. You’re every bit as hot as Amy led me to believe.”

“Awww thank you! Amy said you like normal clothes. Is this all right?”

“Wonderful. I just love the contemporary student look. Leggings, tights and so on.”

“Ha ha OK! Whatever turns you on!”

“What are you studying then Victoria?” I asked.


“Oh right.”

“Mike is an expert botanist.”

“I wouldn’t say an expert.”

“You are. We’ll be driving through the country Vicky, and he’s like, there’s a Lesser Spotted Orchid or whatever.”

“Ha ha! So you two go for little drives. Have you done it outside?”

“We did once!” Said Amy. “I was terrified we’d get caught.”

“She looks after you then Mike?”

“Amy’s is a very understanding lover.”

“I’m always there for you, aren’t I!”

“Yes, she spoils me Victoria. She has a friendly pussy!”

“That makes me sound like I’m putting out everywhere!”

“Well I didn’t mean that. Just for me.”

“I know, it’s OK, I knew what you meant,” said Victoria. “Amy and I have known each other way back.”

“She was saying. But you never got it together.”

“No. Amy said you like to see girls kissing.”

“I do. I just think it’s the most erotic thing ever!”

Amy looked at me and smiled and pulled her friend closer to her, gripping her round the waist. Without a word the two girls kissed, just inches from me. It was a proper French kiss. It was amazing to watch and it made me hard. There was this lovely wet kissing sound as they snogged each other. I had hoped for a proper kiss but I was surprised just how full on and passionate they were.

“Wow! That’s so fucking hot!”

“Did you like that?” Asked Amy.

“Is that really the first time you ever kissed?”

“Fist time, promise.”

Victoria looked at me and gave Amy her glass of wine to hold. I held Victoria’s bum through her shorts and groped her, grinding my cock in the front at the same time. I kissed her. She had a lovely moist mouth and tender, sweet lips. I kissed both girls in turn for a few minutes and they kissed each other as I fondled them through their clothes.

I had begun to undo Victoria’s shorts and had my hands on her bare bum when Amy suggested we take things upstairs. My cock was totally rock hard and I had to manoeuvre my bits for fear of doing myself an injury. When we got in my room both girls began to undress. I soon had Victoria’s tits in my hands and I kissed her neck as I cupped and fondled her boobs with my cock rubbing against the gusset of her panties. Amy stood behind me, cupping my balls with one hand and wanking me with the other.

We got each other fully naked, kissing and fondling all the time. My cock was getting plenty of attention with both Amy and Victoria having a good feel of my cock and balls. Victoria was a C cup I suppose with nice dark, cherry red nipples. They were erect and responded to my touch, drawing little gasps of pleasure from Victoria. Down there, she had a neat landing strip of black hair and her pussy looked juicy and her lips were already swollen by the time her knickers had come off. Further inspection revealed a wet pussy, almost if not quite as wet as Amy’s. I worked my fingers inside both girls as I kissed them and I truly can’t remember ever being so completely turned on.

They sat on the bed and took turns to suck me as I stood with my hands on my hips. Before very long, I had both girls on my cock at the same time. I can say without fear of exaggeration that nothing feels like that. I was as hard as Skegness rock and they were licking and slurping around my shaft as if it were made of candy. It was a truly wonderful sensation. Then I held Victoria’s head and fucked her mouth gently as Amy knelt down and sucked her friend’s boobs. My heart was pounding with the intensity of my arousal and I couldn’t wait to fuck Victoria. I suggested she climb on the bed and get on all fours, so I could take her in the stand up doggy position.

There had been no mention of protection and I wasn’t going to insist on it, so held Victoria’s sweet ass cheeks as I plunged my bare cock into her hot little pussy. She was gloriously tight and I groaned as I felt her pussy enrobe my cock for the first time. Amy lay on the bed in front of Victoria, and they kissed deeply as I fucked Amy’s best friend. Her vaginal muscles were well trained and she gripped my cock like a glove - she was that good. I kept the rhythm nice and slow, easing in and out, savouring every second of Victoria’s beautiful, soft cunt.

When Victoria came, her orgasm was an intense breathless panting. She didn’t go through the histrionics and loud whimpering like Amy. I pulled out with my cock coated with Victoria’s cum and slipped into Amy’s pussy. She had positioned herself, ready for me. Victoria lay under her friend and sucked on Amy’s boobs as I fucked my sex buddy. Amy was so wet and her pussy was hot too - it felt like my cock was being cooked. That’s the best way I can describe it.

They kissed again, noisily and sloppily, which got me so turned on. I fucked Amy harder to the point of coming and pulled out when I knew I was nearly there. The girls sat side by side on the edge of the bed and I unloaded over their tits and their bodies. My spunk came out like a fountain, splattering both girls over their boobs and their legs. I’ve never come so much - ever! My cock just exploded like a fireman’s hose, covering them with cum.

“Fuck! That was awesome!”

“You came loads Mike. Does he always do that?”

Amy laughed.

“Sometimes. It depends.”

We had a break to clean up, drink some wine and have some food. I’d bought some strawberry trifles from Sainsbury’s which I thought were nutritious without being stodgy. The girls loved it, which is what matters! The girls were happy to parade round my house in the nude but I put my boxers back on for our half time break. I don’t know, I just felt that was the right thing to do. Even though I keep myself fit, I wasn’t a portrait of youth like my two companions.

The girls chatted to each other about this and that and I just let them get on with it, topping up their glasses now and then. They didn’t make any attempt to involve me in their conversation. It must have been three quarters of an hour and I just sat listening to their chit chat when they got up and more or less summonsed me to take them back up stairs. I didn’t keep them waiting and we were back in the field of play in seconds!

The two gorgeous brunettes bounced on my bed and seemed eager to have me in the middle. For a while, they kissed me, took turns in sucking my cock and rubbed their tits in my face. I was pampered wonderfully. I sucked Amy’s boobs with my fingers in Victoria’s pussy and vice versa. My cock was throbbing as Amy gave me one of her exquisitely slow blow jobs. She’s so good at taking me deeply with just the right pressure; keeping me on the edge. I might have finished in her mouth if it had been a couple of hours earlier. A man can only take so much. But with my first load blown, I had the extra staying power and just went with the beautiful torment of her soft, wet mouth round my dick.

Just as I though it couldn’t get any better, Victoria squatted over my face. My tongue was in her pussy as I played with her tits. She was wet and gooey - really gooey and sweet. Pussy eating might be an over used expression, but that’s what it felt like as my tongue went in and out of her silky labia and her juices went in my mouth. I soon had her squirming and she became even sloppier. As she came, I poked my tongue in her ass hole and I could feel her girl cum rolling down my chin as she wriggled and writhed with her orgasm.

My cock was aching now and I wanted to fuck both girls again.

Victoria got on all fours and I gave her a few long, slow strokes and then fucked Amy in the same way. The two girls knelt side by side and kissed as I nailed their tight pussies. I fingered one girl as I fucked the other, trying to make both girls cum on my rock hard dick. They were playing with themselves, rubbing their clits as I fucked them and I went deeper and harder until my balls were slapping into Victoria’s pussy lips and I knew I was about to come. I left myself enough time to get my dick into her mouth and Amy wanked me as Victoria sucked on my gristle. I drained my balls down Victoria’s throat as I kissed Amy deeply. It was an awesome way to cum and Victoria didn’t miss one drop of my spunk.

Looking back, it was the best sexual experience I’ve had. I had wondered if it would live up to my expectations, but it surpassed them. Two girls are so much better than double the pleasure of one girl. It is exponentially better. Nothing beats the sensations of a double blow job. That was January and there’s not been a repeat performance sadly. I’m still with Amy and we see each other regularly. It will feel odd when she’s finished university, because she’s intending to go back home for a while. That’s not till May, so I intend to make the most of her until then. Maybe Amy will give me another treat and invite Victoria back before she goes. That would be awesome! I suppose I would be repeating myself if I tried to spin this out any longer, so that’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my exploits and found it as much as a turn on as I have, re-living every moment at my keyboard.

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