All Alone

Mom And Son Alone

I don’t know why it happened or how, but I’m happy that it did.

I drove home from work, the entire time waiting for someone to call me to invite me out somewhere. Unfortunately, no one did and I ended up staying home on a Friday night. When I first got there I chatted with Mom for a while and then went to my room.

I was extremely horny and lay in bed slowly stroking myself and texting some girls to see if I could arrange a get together, but no one was available. I gave up and started stroking faster as I gave into the temptation of jacking off.

I suddenly realized that I could no longer hear any noise outside my room. My mother had turned the living room TV off and gone to her room. At that time I remembered that no one else was in the house except for her and I. My sister had taken a trip to Mexico and my father had recently decided to move out. Dad had spent the entire night out drinking and got into an argument with Mom. He’d be back, like always, but that night he wouldn’t be going home.

So I put my dick back into my boxer briefs and walked out of my room. I slowly crept toward Mom’s room and stopped at the doorway. Out of habit she always left the door to her room open, so I was able to see her from there. She was asleep.

I think I must have made a bit too much noise as I stepped closer to her because suddenly she woke and turned toward the door. She saw me and was frightened for just a bit. Then she saw it was me. She was still surprised, though, saying, “What are you doing Rob?”

“I was on my way to the bathroom and just peeked in to see if you were awake,” I answered.

I walked out and into the bathroom to pee. After I finished I peeked back into her room and she was still turned toward the door so I said, “Good night, Ma.”

She answered back, “Good night, Rob.”

But I didn’t go off to my room to go to sleep. Instead I stepped into her room and sat on the bed beside her. I then said, “I was thinking, do you remember how as a kid I always kissed you on the mouth anytime we greeted eachother?”

At that time, I couldn’t even believe what I was thinking. Why did I ask that? I was really horny and my dick was starting to talk for me.

She answered, “Yeah, that was nice because I knew then that you still loved me.”

“What do you mean? I still love you. I might not show it with a kiss now that I’m older, but I still do. But, I can do it if you want. Let me show you,” and I leaned over to kiss her on the mouth.

It wasn’t a passionate kiss, but I hadn’t kissed her on the mouth in a really long time. I have to admit, it felt real nice.

We were quiet for a while because it was somewhat of an akward moment. I then leaned over again to kiss her, but this time I opened my mouth and she, in response, did the same. I slowly slipped my tongue into her mouth and she pushed her tongue back into mine.

We didn’t kiss for very long, but it got me hornier. Again, we were quiet because of the akwardness. I then said, “I’m sorry, it’s just that I got confused. I think I mistakened my feelings for you for that of sexual attraction. I just love you so much.”

She grabbed my hand and held it while she said, “I love you, too. With your father gone I feel so lonely most of the time. Why don’t you sleep with me tonight?”

I hesitated. Was my mother also feeling a sexual attraction toward me?

But, I didn’t say anything. I just lifted her blanket and slipped in under it to join my mother in her bed. She smiled, closed her eyes, and put her arm around me.

I was disappointed because I thought she wanted to fool around and instead it seemed like she just wanted to sleep. I knew she was my mom and for us to have sex would be wrong, but at that time I was lusting for her so badly.

We lay there facing each other for just a few minutes. Then my mother lifted her arm off of me and turned around, giving me her back. I slowly moved over and reached my arm around her to place my hand on her belly. She said, “I like your arm around me. Don’t move it from there.” But I had different plans.

I moved as close to her as I could and placed my crotch at her ass. I slowly got an erection which she clearly had to have felt, but she didn’t move away. This was a good sign. I then started moving my head toward the side of her neck, and my hand down between her thighs. My lips made it to her neck first and I slowly sucked on her neck. She moaned a bit and when my hand met her crotch I started petting her over her panty and found that she was already a little wet.

My mom was certainly enjoying this. I kept kissing at her neck and slowly started massaging her clit from behind her panty. She was now starting to grind her ass into my dick. It felt so good. I then pulled down the front of her panty and proceeded to finger her.

She was moaning so loudly I thought someone would certainly hear us, even though no one else was in the house. Then the thought of someone catching us crossed my mind and suddenly I got an ugly feeling in my gut.

It was one of those wierd feelings you get when you do or witness something really naughty. Like when I walked in on my sister while she was changing clothes and saw her titties and bush. I knew it was wrong to have stayed there for a while and enjoyed seeing her naked, but it was the first time I’d seen a girl nude. Then I got that ugly feeling in my stomach because it was my own sister.

But, when I got it with Mom it was quickly overturned by lust. I wanted to suck on her nipples so badly, so my hand left her crotch to grab the hem of her baby doll and I lifted it up to expose her tits. I caressed them for a bit, but then Mom turned around and I immediately took my lips to her nipple and started sucking. While I sucked I also continued to remove her baby doll by lifting it over her head and proceeded to remove her panties as well.

And then I went at her hard. I was tonguing her nipple and massaging her clit and Mom was loving it. She started shivering under my touch. Her hand made its way to my crotch. She wrapped her hand around my hard on from outside my boxer briefs. She stroked it in rythm to her shivering as she came.

As the shivering stopped, she pulled my face away from her chest and kissed me passionately. Her tongue made its way into my mouth and she pushed it as deep into me as she could. She pulled the hem of my underwear over my erection and started stroking it.

She was pushing down hard on my meat and still probing my mouth with her tongue.

I kept fingering her, but slowed down to match the rythm of her strokes. It was bliss. I was lost in the moment. I thought it couldn’t get better.

But, she then removed her tongue from my mouth and started kissing my neck. Next my under-shirt was pulled up and over my head.

She kept jerking me and kissing at my neck, but slowly she started making her way down my body. I stopped fingering and just lay there while she took her turn to please me.

I knew what was about to happen, but yet it still surprised me. I couldn’t believe Mom was about to suck my dick. As she made it down to my crotch and pulled my boxer briefs off I couldn’t help but feel so naughty. I got the ugly gut feeling again.

I lifted my feet so she could remove my underwear and then she quickly moved back toward my cock and put her lips on its head.

At first she didn’t suck on it. She just kissed and licked the tip while her hands stroked the shaft and fondled my balls.

Finally, the gut feeling went away as she wrapped her lips around my penis head and slowly stuffed her mouth with my entire length. It just felt so good. She kept fondling my balls while bobbing her head up and down slowly on my dick. I would have never thought my mother would be so good at sucking dick, but there she was stimulating my balls with her magic fingers and repeatedly engulfing my penis from head to shaft.

“Come on, Baby, i want you to come in my mouth,” she said as she stopped sucking and started quickly jacking me off, “just tell me when you are about to come.”

Who was I to say no to my mother?

“I’m coming!” I yelled, and Mom stuffed my exploding prick down her throat just as I was shooting off the first stream of cum. She then had half of my cock in her mouth and swallowed every ounce of cum that shot out, while she pumped the other half of it with her hand to make sure my balls let out as much semen as possible.

I had never before come from a blowjob and my first time proved to be wonderful. It was the best ejaculation I’d ever had. I had heard of toes curling up with orgasm, but never actually experienced it til then. Even as my penis went limp, my mother kept sucking and I just couldn’t bare the pain, but yet I still wanted her to continue.

She removed her mouth from my member to say, “You think you can get hard again for Momma?”

“I think so, just gimme a little time,” I replied.

“Hun, I want your dick inside my pussy. I want for you to fuck me,” she begged.

“Ok, Mom. I’ll do anything for you.” I pushed her onto her back and I got between her legs. My erection was on it’s way back to full stance, but still needed a bit more motivation. I kissed my mother’s neck and then moved down to her chest. When I made it to her nipple, I flicked it with my tongue and almost instantly it sprang to life and became erect. I sucked on her nipple lightly and she loved it, bucking her pelvis up and down and moaning to the slow rythm of my sucking.

Finally, I was fully erect again, so I slowly guided my dick to her hot hole and placed the tip in just a bit.

“Is that all you’ve got, hun? Come on and fuck me already, fuck me like you fuck your little girlfriends you bring over late at night,” she yelled out.

So, I plunged my cock into her in it’s entirety and she gasped loudly as she grabbed at my back and dug her fingernails into me.

“Yes, baby, like that, fuck me hard!”

So, I got some good leverage and started pounding her. Mom yelled out moans that, I was more than certain, could be heard outside and I started worrying about my sister of father coming home and discovering us. But, these thoughts only made me more excited and I just kept pounding away faster and faster.

Mother was no longer yelling, but still moaning as I continued fucking her brains out. I positioned her to where I was now straddling her left leg and her right leg was up in the air, over my shoulder. From that position I could easily massage her clit with my right hand while I continued to fuck her.

Mom seemed to love this as she was completely quiet, but had her mouth wide open while she gasped with every breath. I could feel her inner walls pulsating over my cock as she came. She suddenly became wetter and my dick was now making a slushing noise with each plunge that it took into her pussy.

Slowly, we came to a stop and I lay next to my mother exhausted.

Nothing else was said. We just lay there in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

When I woke the next morning, Mother had breakfast ready at the table. I joined her, but felt really guilty about what had happened over night, so I didn’t say a word.

She did, saying, “Hun, last night was amazing. I don’t get to enjoy sex anymore and you did a wonderful thing for me last night.”

“Don’t you and Dad still do it?”

“Ugghh! Yes, but you’re father lasts about five minutes, no foreplay or anything, just five minutes of missionary position until he comes and then it’s over. But you, Son, you are something else,” she said with a smile, “you really know how to please a woman.”

I simply smiled and blushed. The rest of the day, we no longer spoke of what we’d done the night before and went about doing our normal saturday activities. We welcomed my sister, Marie, home from Mexico. Dad came home and begged Mom to forgive him, which she certainly did. But, I couldn’t wait til Mom and I were together again.

Dad was on his best behavior since he had just come back home and was trying to prove himself worthy of forgiveness. So, there was no way I could have another encounter with Mom. We all worked, and when we were at home, we were all at home, so there was no time to be alone with Mom.

An entire week passed without Mother and I even talking about getting together again. It was friday night again and I was super horny as I drove home from work.

Dad was home, but was outside drinking with some loser friend of his. I saw my opportunity and before going inside I told him, “Dad, you going out tonight? I just got paid and if you want I can lend you fifty bucks.”

That was all he needed. Just a little push to go out and party. I even gave him a ride to the bar.

Once I was back home, I walked in and saw my mom on the sofa watching TV. She asked, “Did you give your father a ride somewhere?”

“Yup, took him to the bar. I even gave him an extra fifty bucks to encourage him,” I responded.

“And why the hell would you do that,” she snapped.

“Because all week I’ve been thinking about being with you and I can’t wait any longer.”

“Hunny, I’ve been thinking about that and we can’t do that anymore,” she told me in a saddened tone.

“Is Marie home?”

She answered, “No, she went out to a club with her friends.”

“Well, Mom, the bars and clubs don’t close til two, so I’d say we can certainly do, again, what we did last friday.”

I started walking toward her as she replied, “No hunny, just cause we can do it, doesn’t mean we should. It’s wrong and you know it is and…..,” she kept talking while I removed her shorts and panties. I lay her down on the sofa, but left her pussy at the edge so I could easily access it and told her, “Tell me you’re not going to enjoy this,” and I got on my knees and lowered my head to her and started eating her out. She moaned and finally stopped fighting back, giving in to the temptation and enjoying her son lapping up her juices.

And, that is what life in our family is like now. Dad goes out and Mom no longer cares because she has her son at home to take care of her.

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