Alissa: Part 1

Daughter Touches Me

Alissa is my daughter. Well, technically, she is my step-daughter. But, her mother and I have been together since Alissa was about three years old, so I consider her to be of my own blood. We had a great relationship which just added to the illusion of us truly being related.

I was fair with all my children. My wife, Yasmin, is the total opposite when it comes to disciplining the kids. She has her favorite, which is always the baby of the family. We now have five children, including Alissa, and with each new baby came a new favorite.

I might have favored one child more than the other, from time to time, but I was always fair in disciplining them. I mostly always favor Alissa, because her mother seems to favor her the least.

I don’t know if it’s simply because she is from a previous relationship, or because Alissa’s father was abusive to her, but she seems to have some type of dislike for her own daughter.

When Yasmin and I first met, she told me all about her abusive ex-husband. According to her, he would get home drunk and beat her for no reason, other than amusement. She was only eighteen when she married him, and twenty when she left him. She says the reason she left him was because she didn’t want her daughter to see what was happening and think that it was acceptable to allow a man to hit her.

It’s amazing how she could love her first child enough to want to leave a bad relationship, for her well being, and almost twenty years later, not seem to love that child much at all.

Alissa was now eighteen and soon to be on her own. Well, maybe not completely on her own. She graduated and would be attending college after summer, but she would be living with us still because the only college she applied to is the local one.

During the summer after high school, our relationship became something different. She was always very loving toward me, but she took it to a new level as she aged into adulthood.

One day, I arrived home from work and found the two arguing.

“No. You can’t go Alissa,” yelled


“Why not Mom? It’s just a trip to the beach and I’m going with friends that graduated with me,” contested Alissa.

My wife asked in response, “Are there going to be boys?”

“No…” answered Alissa, without even thinking, then corrected herself, “I mean, yeah. Of course there will be boys. I didn’t go to school with girls only, you know.”

Alissa’s sarcasm made my wife even angrier and she yelled, “Yes, I know you went to school with boys and that’s precisely why I’m not allowing you to go.”

I just stood there at first, just hearing their argument. Then, I sat down on the sofa, and as I was watching television, Yasmin came hurriedly over to me and dragged me into the argument.

“Tell her, my love, tell her she can’t go,” my wife begged of me.

“Well, I don’t know. Why don’t you think she should? She’s virtually an adult now, and has proven to be very responsible,” I argued.

Yasmin was disturbed by my answer and growled, “Ayyy, you always take her side Omar. What the fuck is wrong with you. You’re supposed to agree with me because you’re my husband and she is not even your daughter, so why do you care if she goes.”

Yasmin always blurted it out when she was angry. I’d like to think that she accidentally did it, but I’m pretty sure she loved mentioning that I hadn’t fathered Alissa just to make me angry.

“Some of my favorite and dearest family members aren’t blood, you know that already,” I stood up and yelled at her in response.

Half of the people on my mother’s side of the family weren’t blood. I have an adopted uncle who has always been there for me and is my only uncle on my mother’s side.

I had a step-great grandfather who considered us his only family after my great-grand mother, whom I never even met, died at a young age.

And, my dearest aunt and uncle, who have now passed, were also my God parents and always treated us like close family, even though my aunt was really my grandmother’s second cousin twice removed, or something like that.

On my father’s side I have a cousin, who isn’t really my cousin, but lived with my uncle since the age of eight. He was my favorite cousin and I never thought of him as any different than truly being blood.

This was the reason it was easy for me to love Alissa like my own and Yasmin knew all this.

She knew she’d made me angry. She started sobbing because she is very sentimental and didn’t like me being angry with her.

“Oh whatever, Mom, you’re not really crying. You just want Dad’s sympathy,” Alissa teased.

Yasmin yelled in response, “You shut your fucking mouth little girl!”

“That’s enough,” I interrupted, “you two don’t even seem like mother and daughter. I don’t know how you can treat her like this. She’s your own flesh and blood.”

“I’m so sorry, baby,” said my wife as she started to sob again.

I asked, “When did you wanna go, Alissa?”

She answered, “Tomorrow.”

“Okay, your mother and I are going to discuss this and we’ll let you know later tonight or early tomorrow,” I replied, “and for now do the dishes and make some dinner or do whatever you can do to suck up to us. It would definitely help your chances of getting permission to go.”

Alissa now had a big smile as she came over to hug me and say, “Oh Daddy, you’re the best,” and she added a kiss on the cheek.

“Get away! He’s not your Daddy,” said Yasmin as she pushed Alissa away from me.

Alissa stuck her tongue out at her mother, and hugged me tighter.

“Leave my man alone,” warned Yasmin, “go get your own.”

Yasmin was super jealous. From the day I met her until now, she won’t let any other woman or girl touch me, not even her own daughter.

Alissa let go and replied, “That’s

exactly what I want, but you don’t even want me talking to guys.”

“Ok, enough,” I interrupted once again, and commanded, “go.”

Alissa understood and left to start on some chores.

“Why do you always take her side,” asked Yasmin.

“Let’s go to our room and discuss this,” I instructed, and she followed me to our bedroom.

As soon as I closed the door I started convincing my wife, “Look Dear, Alissa is a very good girl and I think it’s only fair she goes on this little outing with her friends from school. These are the last few months they’ll be able to see each other before they go off to college.”

“I know, Honey, and that’s why I don’t want her to go. So far she hasn’t made any stupid mistakes and I wanna keep her from doing something dumb, like getting pregnant,” said my wife in defense.

“She’s not a dumb girl and she won’t do any dumb things. Just trust her, for once. Let her go,” I pleaded, “just this once.”

“No. You always take her side,” said my wife while she began to cry, “and I don’t want her to get pregnant at an early age like I did.”

We were standing right by the door and I knew Alissa was right on the other side hearing.

I placed my hands on my wife’s waist and pulled her to me. She was looking down and crying, so I brought my right hand up from her waist to her chin and lifted her head up to face me. I kissed her delicately, letting my lips linger for just a moment, before pulling back and opening my eyes.

I stared into her eyes and saw passion. I also saw love. It was the same passion and love she’d had for me since we met.

After about fourteen years of being together, we were still madly in love with each other. I had never cheated on her and trusted that she had never cheated on me.

I had to love my wife at that very moment, so I opened the door and told Alissa, “You’re not helping by eavesdropping.”

Alissa looked down in shame and walked away.

I closed the door and locked it.

I went back to my wife and hugged her.

“Don’t cry anymore,” I begged, “I hate to see you cry.”

“Well then why do you take her side,” she asked, “and why did you yell at me?”

“I take her side because you never do. Your dislike for her is amazing. I don’t understand why you hate her so much. And, you made me angry, Babe,” I replied.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry for yelling,” I whispered back.

We were hugging, our faces cheek to cheek. I slowly started walking toward our bed and she walked backwards with me. I moved her hair out of the way and kissed her neck. She moaned and adjusted her head to allow me to kiss it some more.

I sucked on her neck gently and she started to breathe deeply.

We got to our bed and I let her go so that she could flop herself backwards onto the mattress.

I stayed standing and removed her high heel pumps. First, I removed one. She immediately moved her free foot to my crotch and started rubbing my hardness slowly. I removed her other heel. Now she used both feet to stroke up and down on my manhood.

It felt so good to feel her feet jerking me off from outside my pants. I knew it would feel better if I removed my pants, so I unzipped and unbuttoned my pants. I pulled my pants and boxer briefs down and she continued jerking me.

I loved the moment. I was enjoying the feel of her petite feet massaging my dick and admiring the view I had from where I was standing. She has beautiful long legs and my eyes were finding their way up her calves, to her thighs, and eventually to the darkness under her skirt.

I removed my pants and briefs completely. Then, I parted her legs and crawled onto the bed between them. It took some special maneuvering on both our parts, but I managed to hike her skirt up and around her waist.

She carefully unbuttoned my dress shirt and then proceeded to help me remove it.

I then moved up and placed the tip of my penis at her hole and pushed hard into her panties. I kissed her passionately and she wrapped her legs around me.

“I want you to fuck me,” she declared.

I continued to dry hump her. First, I poked her with my rock hard cock from outside of her panties. Then I placed my dick on her crotch and started moving up and down so that it rubbed into her slit and stimulated her clit. I kissed her passionately as I continued teasing her.

She removed her lips from mine to beg, “Stop it, Babe. Just take my panties off already and stuff it inside me.”

I loved teasing her, so I pulled her panties down to her thighs. Then, I started kissing her legs. I continued pulling her panties down, but made sure to kiss each part of her legs on the way.

I made it to her feet and removed her panties completely. I stayed there, kissing her feet and sucking her toes.

She hated when I teased her. The only thing she hated more was me kissing and sucking her feet.

She sat up, bent over, and grabbed my face with her hands so that she could pull me into her kiss.

She laid back as she held onto my face and pulled me with her until I was between her legs again.

I got off of her and lay down next to her, on her right side. I lay on my side looking at her and reached my hand over to insert a digit into her pussy.

She moaned as I slipped my finger just an inch into her. I tried kissing her, but she wouldn’t let me. She was focused on the pleasure between her legs.

I pushed my finger in further and then curled it to find her G-spot. I started fingering her, making sure to curl my finger on the way out so that her G-spot was stimulated.

I kissed and sucked her neck while continuing to finger fuck her and soon her thighs were clamping my hand between them. Her back was arched and her head rolled back. She was coming.

I slowed down my fingering and then moved out to her clit. I made sure to massage her little love bump to match the rhythm of her bucking hips. Her movements slowed and I did the same until she opened her eyes. She looked directly into my eyes and kissed me deeply.

She disengaged from our kiss and said, “I love you.”

I got between her legs again. She placed her hands on each side of my lower back and pulled me into her.

I slipped into her warm wetness and we moaned simultaneously.

We shared a passionate kiss and then I slowly started pumping in and out of her.

I unbuttoned her blouse and opened it up. I kissed her chest and neck while I continued to fuck my beautiful wife.

She started begging, “Harder, Baby, harder. Faster!”

I started pounding her and I quickly pulled her bra down to expose her perky little breasts. My woman’s boobs are small, which I love, because her nipples are really sensitive.

I kept pounding into her and took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard on her nipple and held it in my mouth as I pulled and stretched her nipple as far as it would go.

She moaned, but in pain and slapped my ass, saying, “No, Omar. That hurts.”

I loved causing her pain while my dick was inside her. It’s the only time I ever hurt her. But, everything I did was only to compliment the pleasure of our fucking.

“I’m sorry, Baby,” I replied, and then moved to her neck and started sucking.

I kept pounding her the whole time. I gradually increased the suction on her neck until she started pushing me off of her.

“Omar,” she begged, “that hurtssss!”

I continued pounding her and then I sucked her neck skin into my mouth and bit her.

“Ayyy, that hurts. Stop it!” she begged once again. She then slapped my butt and said, “How do you like it, huh? I’m gonna bite you so you can know how it feels.”

“Baby, I want you to bite me,” I admitted.

I then took my dick out of her, grabbed her legs, and turned her over. She knew it was time to take it doggy style and that she’d probably get more punishment.

“You better not spank me, Omar,” she commanded this time, instead of begging.

I put my hand on her back and pushed her belly down to lie on the mattress, but held her pelvis up with my other hand. Her head was now in the pillow and her ass up in the air.

I remained kneeling and still, just looking at her beautiful booty. She has the most beautiful ass, especially in the position she was in at the moment.

“What are you doing,” she asked.

“Admiring your beautiful ass cheeks, my love,” I answered.

And, I plowed my cock into her pussy.

Again, we moaned together. I slowly started moving in and out. I then adjusted her skirt again to show her entire ass cheeks. And, I let my right hand come down hard to smack her right ass cheek.

“Ugggghhhhh,” she moaned, “Omar, I told you not to spank me.”

Her voice showed more pleasure than pain, now.

I continued pumping in and out slowly, taking my penis completely out of her and then re-inserting it in one swift motion until my cock disappeared completely into her.

After a few pumps in and out, I slapped her ass again, but harder than before.

“Uggghhhh,” she moaned out again.

There was no contest this time, just the moan.

So, I fucked her quicker now and started smacking her ass harder and more often.

Her cheek was now red and getting redder with each slap.

She no longer objected to the pain and instead enjoyed me slapping her ass as I fucked her hard from behind.

I could now feel her thrusting her hips into me to meet each one of my thrusts.

I stopped moving and just let her fuck me while I stayed still, on my knees, with my hands on my waist for balance. It was a glorious feeling. Her vaginal walls were tightening up and milking my cock.

She kept moving her hips back and forth on my rod, and I just savored the moment.

After a while, I started to feel my balls tighten. I got ready to come. I placed my hands on her waist and started pounding into her again. I felt the first tickle of orgasm and just fucked harder and harder.

“Ahhhh,” I sighed. I pumped my sperm into my wife’s love canal with each thrust. I pumped out about seven or eight full spurts of cum.

My thrusts slowed, as my orgasm did.

I removed myself from inside of her and lay down next to my wife.

She turned to look at me as she lay on her side now.

“Did you like that, Babe,” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” was all she could answer as she was still coming down off of her own orgasm.

We hugged in our bed, facing each other with her face buried in my chest.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

I yelled out in response, “Who is it and what do you want? We’re busy in here.”

It was my son, Omar Jr., who replied from the other side of the door, “Mom! I’m so bored from watching those damn kids!”

“Hey,” I yelled, “your mother and I are in here having our alone time.”

There was no response, so I quickly put my boxer briefs on and went out into the living room.

“What is the problem, kid,” I asked, “what’s going on, dude?”

“Mom had me watching the kids while they played outside in their kiddie pool,” said my son, with much anxiety showing, “and I wanna come inside already.”

“Well, bring them inside then,” I instructed.

“They need to be showered and dried off and stuff. I can’t do that,” whined my 14 year old boy.

Alissa suddenly jumped in and offered, “I’ll bring them in, if you want.”

“Yeah, go ahead and bring them in here. Get them showered and dressed and ready for dinner, please,” I replied.

“And you, good for nothing guy, go do your homework or something,” I jokingly advised my son.

He turned, annoyed by my comment, and walked off to his room.

Alissa stayed, just standing there.

“Well, what are you waiting for,” I asked, “don’t you have some more sucking up stuff to do?”

“Daddy,” she said in her sweetest little girl voice as she approached me, “are you gonna let me go tomorrow?”

“Yes, of course,” I replied, “but, I just need to finish convincing your mother.”

She became excited, and hugged me saying, “I love you, Daddy. You’re the best!”

She was on her tiptoes with her arms around my neck, squeezing me tightly. Her entire body was pressed against me. I didn’t want for it to happen, but I was becoming aroused.

“Okay, that’s enough,” I said as I pushed her off of me before I developed a full erection, “go get your brothers and sisters.”

She left and I went back into the bedroom with a half hard cock.

My wife was dressing into some shorts and a shirt she wore around the house. So far, she had her panties, bra, and shirt on and was pulling her shorts up.

I ran over to her and wrapped my arms around from behind. I placed my hands right on her crotch and prevented her from pulling her shorts all the way up.

“Baby, I have to go make dinner,” she responded.

I left my right hand on her crotch and started rubbing her clitoris from outside of her panty. My left hand made its way up to her hair. I pulled her hair off to one side so that I could kiss her neck.

She let her shorts drop to the ground. Her ass was grinding into my crotch, massaging my growing erection.

She reached back and ran her fingers through my hair as I continued kissing her neck.

“Stop,” she asked of me, “I need to go make dinner and check on the kids.”

I replied, “Alissa will do it, Hun.”

I pulled her panties down around her thighs. Then, I inserted my finger into her pussy and lightly moved in and out.

Yasmin asked, “Are you sure she’s gonna take care of it?”

“Don’t worry about it, Babe,” was my reply.

She turned around and kissed me. She kissed my lips and cheeks with light little pecks. The she moved on to my neck and gave me short little pecks there, too. Then she went to my chest and kept kissing down, over my stomach, until she was kneeling down with her face in front of my crotch.

She pulled my underwear down. She looked me in the eyes and smiled. Her beautiful, deep dimples made for a perfect smile.

She wrapped her hand around my dick and pumped it a few times to get it fully erect.

I saw her moving her head toward me, so I closed my eyes and relaxed.

I felt her mouth slide over the head of my cock and then the tip of her tongue licking up and down on my pee slit.

She then took her mouth off of me and pumped my dick hard with her hand.

My balls were already working toward another ejaculation.

She inserted my cock into her mouth again and she swirled her tongue around the head as she moved it in and out of her mouth.

She was only taking about three quarters of my dick into her mouth. I wanted to feel my dick entirely covered by the warmth of her breath, so I grabbed the back of her head and gently pushed my dick as far as I could into her mouth.

“Come on, Baby,” I begged of her, “take it all the way in.”

She tried. I felt her lips meet my pubic bone, and it felt so good, but it was only for a few seconds.

My erection is only about five and a half inches, but what it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in girth.

The dick head is fat and about two inches long, if measured on the top. The other three inches are fat meat that keep getting fatter from head to shaft.

“I can’t take it all the way in, Omar,” replied my wife, “it doesn’t fit.”

I just laughed and replied, “You just took it all the way in, so it does fit.”

“I know, Hun, but my mouth hurts when I do that. My jaw hurts cause I have to open my mouth a lot,” she whined, “I can’t take it all the way in.”

“It’s okay,” I assured her, and pulled her head toward my dick.

She started sucking again. Her left hand was around my shaft and she used her right hand to massage my nuts.

Every now and then she would remove my dick from her mouth and lick its entire lenth up and down. Then she’d suck my ballsack while her left hand pumped my cock.

She kept sucking me off for a good ten minutes. Then I told her to stop and stand up.

She stood up. I then told her to go into our bathroom and bend over with her hands on the counter. I followed closely behind her.

As soon as she bent over, I grabbed her by the hips and guided my dick into her pussy.

I loved fucking her like this. I loved being in total control and I loved watching myself fuck her.

We have a huge counter top for the two sinks in our bathroom and a mirror that’s just as long as the counter and goes all the way to the ceiling.

It is my favorite place to fuck.

I was pounding into her again and she had bent over entirely so that the top half of her body was lying on the counter.

I kept pounding while I told her, “Baby, I wanna fuck you in the butt.”

“Uggghh,” she moaned as I kept pounding her, “no, it’s gonna hurt.”

“Come on. You’ve let me do it before,” I begged.

“Yeah, and it hurt,” she replied.

I took my dick out of her and moved it up toward her butt hole. I placed the tip on her asshole and she protested, “You better not…,” and before she could finish, I pushed the head in.

Her entire body tensed up. She held her breath and remained very still.

I slowly started pushing the rest of my dick in.

“Omar, go slow,” she whispered.

“I know, Baby,” I replied, “and just relax your body.”

She did relax a bit and I kept pushing slowly until my thighs touched her butt cheeks.

My dick was still wet from our pre-cum, which made it easy to slip in and out of her rectum.

So, I started fucking her greedily. It felt so tight and I just couldn’t help myself.

She was moaning, almost screaming from the pain. I slowed down and asked, “Are you okay, Baby?”

I could hear now that she was crying as she replied, “It hurts Omar.”

She sounded like a little girl when she spoke and cried at the same time.

By now my dick was pretty dry, so I opened a drawer and pulled out some KY Jelly.

“It’s okay, Baby,” I assured her, “I’m gonna make you feel better.”

I slipped my penis out enough to pour some lubrication on it, and then slid it back in. I slid it back out and poured some more lube. I repeated this five times and then placed the lube back in the drawer.

“Does that feel better,” I asked.

“A little bit,” replied my wife.

I continued fucking her in the butt, but kept a slow rhythm going.

She had stopped crying and seemed to be enjoying it now. Her eyes were closed and her lips shaped in an O as she moaned and sighed very lightly, almost silently. Her reflection in our mirror was beautiful at that very moment.

I wanted to come again, so I pulled out and started jacking off.

On her own, my wife stood up and turned around. She then whispered, “Come for me, Baby. Come on my face and in my mouth.”

She then knelt down, closed her eyes, and waited for my cum.

I spurted the first stream of semen onto her nose, forehead, and hair. She flinched a bit, but kept her mouth open.

The next stream of my sticky goo was aimed into her mouth. I only let out one more spurt and that dribbled onto her chin.

She swallowed what had landed in her mouth and smiled. She then licked her lips, and her chin, too.

I helped Yasmin up to her feet and gave her a little peck on the lips.

“Babe, please let Alissa go to this little beach gathering,” I asked of my wife.

“Okay, fine,” was all she answered.

I had gotten my way, as usual. I used sex to get her in a good mood and to get her to agree on doing things. It worked every time.

I then put my boxer briefs back on and left our bedroom.

I found Alissa in the kitchen already cooking up dinner.

I asked her, “And, the kiddos?”

“They have been bathed,” she answered, “and now they’re in the family room watching SpongeBob.”

“Perfect, good job, Alissa,” I said in a praising voice. I kissed her cheek and gave her the good news, “Your Mom agreed to let you go.”

She smiled and said, “How could she say no, right?”

I was caught off guard by this response. I thought she’d be excited to hear the good news. But, instead she showed sarcasm in her voice.

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“Well, Daddy, you always get her to agree to things she doesn’t want to do,” she replied while serving a few plates of spaghetti. She added, “Just take her to the bedroom for a while and convince her, right.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” I said, acting surprised. I did know what she meant. I knew exactly what she was talking about.

I heard the door to our bedroom open.

Alissa then walked to the kitchen to place the served plates on the table, and replied, “I think you know what I mean. Maybe I should be a little defiant sometime and see what you do to set me straight. I think I need a little convincing, too.”

As she finished saying all that, Yasmin walked into the room and said, “Okay, Alissa. We’re gonna let you go, but you have to… “

Yasmin started setting the rules. She told Alissa she had to call us every few hours and other stuff I didn’t hear because my mind trailed off. I was thinking about what my daughter had just said.

I knew she must have figured out a long time ago what happened when I took her mother into the bedroom before dinner, but why was she being so up front about it? And, then saying she wanted some convincing too?

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of my wife and daughter arguing.

“No, you’re crazy, Mom,” yelled Alissa.

“Fine,” replied Yasmin, “then you just won’t go.”

I interjected, “What is up now?”

“Mom wants me to call once an hour to check in,” replied Alissa.

“I thought you said she’d have to call every few hours,” I asked my wife.

“Yes, but I changed my mind,” she replied.

“Honey, once every hour is absurd,” was my response, “just call us every four hours. If you don’t, then we’ll come get you and embarrass you in front of all your friends.”

We all agreed and sat down to eat dinner.

I called my son out to eat, but made him take some spaghetti to the kids in the family room first.

We were all quiet while we ate, except for the slurping sounds made by our mouths sucking in the long noodles.

Suddenly, I felt something touch my knee under the table. I looked up across the table at my daughter. She looked down at her plate as she continued eating. Then I looked to my right at my wife, and then to my left at my son and both were also fixated on their plates as they ate.

I looked back at Alissa and she also looked up. She smiled and went back to eating.

I was pretty sure I felt the sole of her foot resting on my left knee. I kept eating and thought nothing of it.

But, then she slid her foot between my legs. My natural reflex was to shut my legs closed and I clamped her foot between them.

I looked up at her and gave her a look which implied that she’d better stop what she was doing.

She nodded her head in agreement.

So, I opened my legs and let go of her foot.

She immediately placed her foot on my crotch.

It was at that very point that I realized I already had an erection. It had happened unintentionally and I couldn’t believe it.

She then started moving her foot up and down on my dick. It felt really good and I was actually starting to enjoy the footjob my daughter was giving me.

To be continued….

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