Adult Auction 2

Day Two After A Long Night

After a long hot shower, I wiped the water from my body. My mouth and lips were sore, my jaw felt like it had been stretched to the max and then some, but there was a lingering taste of semen in the back of my throat, that actually started to arouse me again. As I dried between my ass cheeks, there was also a sore sensation from the fingers and tongue that had just started to enjoy the tight small asshole.The stretching of the fingers was by no way the completion of the weekend, I say the strap-on and then their was his enormous cock. They had been extremely good at helping me relax but that cock in my ass was going to be the biggest test. And the way it seemed to expand and become a giant piece of steel just before it exploded, I think the hardness even got harder the way he looked at my ass.

Now just the thoughts of that super hard cock started my cock jumping and jerking, as one hand wrapped around my throbbing cock and the other dropped the towel and I started inserting a finger in my asshole. Arching back to help accommodate my tingling asshole, I started to jerk myself faster and faster. The door suddenly opened and his wife stood naked and pleased to see me jerking and fingering myself. Hon , I heard her say, he’s starting to get excited about the rest of the weekend. I heard him say, I hope so, he has one of the nicest asses I’ve seen, and now my cock is starting to tingle for me. I’m going to stroke my cock a little and drink my coffee, go ahead daring and get yourself some extra cream if you would like, and I see her smiling with a smile that went from ear to ear. Yes darling, I believe I will as she headed towards me. Slowly rubbing her pussy on the way and just as she stopped, she spread her pussy lips exposing her swollen clit, would you do me the honors she asks, as she lifted one leg on the toilette seat to give me better access. Yes , mama I said as my face rubs the wet pussy, and my tongue took no time in finding its mark on that swollen clit. She grabbed my head and bucking she came all over my face. Damn she said, I new I was ready but not that ready, you hardly sucked me , before I gave you your reward.

I’ll be right back she says, so lay on the floor and wait for me. Laying on the cold marble floor, I wonder what is she up too. She appears with a double headed rubber dildo, lays it next to me, gets a wash cloth and soaps it to a full lather, now she says lay over on your stomach. As I do so she climbs between my legs, bends down and licks my asshole, smearing the wet soapy wash cloth between my ass cheeks, she works up a slippery lather, then stops, reaches for the dildo and smears and rubs one of the heads between my ass cheeks. reaching down she grabs my cock at the base and pulls me back, saying arch your ass for me, I wasn’t able to hold the arch position very long so she said, bring your knees up and rest them at the sides of your belly, feeling kind of like a turkey about to be basted, she says yes, that is exactly what I want. My asshole lathered and pointed directly at her ,she holds on to my cock and presses the rubber head forwards and enters my resisting asshole. Just relax she says as she bend over my back and licks my back, talking to me the whole time. Feel how nice the rubber cock is, stroking my cock at the same time, just let yourself go. Her strokes become longer and faster, pressing in ever so slowly with the dildo. This cock can only do what I want it to, so just relax. Stopping for a minute, holding the rubber dildo in my ass, she lowers herself down head first to my cock and says, ok now rise on your knees and give me some sucking room. Laying on her back, she pulls my cock down to her mouth and starts to suck me, all the while slowly fucking my ass with the dildo. The dildo goes deeper and deeper, she sucks harder and harder, then she stops at the head of my cock, sucks again harder and feverishly she speeds up the fucking of my ass , as I cum, Howling and thrusting in the air I feed her every drop of my cum. Pulling the dildo from my ass you can hear a pop, as my asshole becomes empty and the muscles of my asshole try to return to normal.

Her husband was watching on his laptop and drinking his coffee, all the while stroking his semi hard cock. That was very nice he says, are you stretching his asshole for me dear? I do want, then the time comes to be able to press every inch of my cock into his tight ass. And fuck him with long deep slow lengths then speed up as I get closer to cumming in the depth of his bowels.

Oh I think I’m going to cum again as he walks over to me, kneels beside my face and cums all over it, and asks me after to suck his balls , as he milks out the last of it. Then slides the slippery wet heat over my lips so I can still taste the last drops.

He gets up and walking over to the bed says maybe we should get a little rest before the night approaches and we continue the weekend.

I guess we were all exhausted, as I woke to a bulging throbbing cock, resting firmly between my ass cheeks. Ever now and then I fold myself sliding the cock between my ass cheeks the entire length of the cock and also his cock sliding back in equal motion.Finding myself getting aroused and the fact we had sleep the entire day away, I reached back, grasping the hard shaft, I slowly played with the cock as if it were that rubber dildo. Feeling the head spread my ass cheeks as it rode up and down, at some points I felt it poking at my asshole, and I was pressing back to let some of it enter. Suddenly I felt it throbbing and expanding, circling my thumb and forefinger like a ring , just under the head, I swirled and stroked it in small strokes. Pointing the cock head directly at my opening asshole, just open enough to allow some of the head inside. Then the wet spray of his cum, acting like a volcano as it erupted, spraying every wheres in my asshole between my cheeks, all over mys ass. I milked it thoroughly, and felt the cock start to wither in my hand, even though all withered up it was still as large as most hard cocks in this world.

Nice job I hear, as he was awake the hole time. I see you are getting a little curious if my cock is going to fit. Smiling he kissed down my back, shakes his wife and says , would you care for some desert dear. Lay on your back and spread your legs please, as I felt his face and tongue licking closer and closer to my ass crack. Then another mouth licking up the back of my thighs and working slowly around the bottom of my ass cheeks , cleaning all the wet stick cum as she went. Interesting flavor in this load darling, with just a touch of ass juices, she says. Thank you I hear in return, I felt it was going to be tasty so I wanted to make sure to share it with you , hes said.Now his face and tongue were working down my ass crack, stopping to lick and swallow all his wet creamy delight.

I couldn’t help but moan and twist my ass from side to side. The pleasure of two mouths eating me and licking my asshole was just to much to not sound out too. And twisting my ass positioned it just so for each of them to get there tongues deep inside to help clean me out.

I like the way we were woke she says, as I feel one female hand and one male hand squeeze each check and pull the way apart. Their heads kissing and licking back up my back, then the two kissed each other , long and soft, Good morning I her her say to her husband, and what a fine morning or should I say night this is going to be.

Shall we shower and order some dinner she says, picking up the phone she did so.

While drinking and eating I ask, may I just ask, what was going on with the strap-on and the table at the end of the bed. She answered, we like to use that and have ourselves strapped down, but I’m not sure if that would apply with you. You seem to be comfortable in what we choose to do and that makes the adventures much more pleasing for us. We enjoy our sex lives together in many ways and thought if we found the correct third then we could enjoy it even more. Just talking about your cooperation makes me hot and wet. Sliding her chair to the side , she asks if I might be hunger for more of her pussy.

Yes I would , I say, as I get up from my chair and kneel between her legs. She relaxes and sips at her drink as I work my wonders on that beautiful pussy and clit. Every now and then I stop at her clit, suck it in my mouth and shake my head from side to side, her seems to really enjoy that, then back to her soaking pussy lips and I tongue fuck her some more. I start to feel her shudder so at that point I press my middle finger to her soaking wet ass and as I lick back up and suck in her clit , I drive my finger deep into her ass. She shakes and shudders twists and turns as she cums, wave after wave until she can no longer find the energy to cum any further.

By this time her husband is extremely horny, stroking his massive cock and saying, my turn now. I rise up from between her legs and wipe the cum from my mouth and lips. Follow me he says as he walks towards the waist high table, like my wife said, you seem to be going with the flow just fine so I will not strap you in, but please assume your position on the

table, ass facing me.

Squatting behind me, he spread my ass cheeks apart and licks and sucks my ass hole. After several minutes, he reaches for some ky on the shelf under the table. Lubing me and fingering me, he starts to get me ready, then 2 fingers , then 3. Its a stretch but I thing I can deal with the discomfort. Rising up behind me , he greases his cock from head to base, even his balls and up his crack. I notice at the side of the table, his wife was strapping on a dildo to fuck with also. Stopping to lube it good , she walks behind me, and behind her husband, rubbing the dildo between his ass cheeks and poking at his anus.

Now I feel his cock sliding between my ass cheeks, as he guides the head toward my asshole, and with a tender push, it starts to enter my ass. He reaches around me and takes hold of my cock, tough its small, he plays with it as he continues the fucking. His cock is probability about half way in, and its very uncomfortable, so I start to buck Yes, he exclaims, you do know what to do, and you are a very good fuck, as I suddenly feel his belly slapping against my ass. Then I hear a howl as his wife penetrates his ass, It takes a moment for us to get in rhythm but it starts to feel very pleasing. As I buck backwards, he pushes forward and then when he withdraws she slides into him. Deeper we go, until I feel him grounding his cock at full length into my ass and moaning of how good I feel. Then suddenly she starts to shudder, Oh her I cum , she says, which starts a chain reaction, now hes cumming, bucking wildly in my ass and as he strokes my cock I start cumming.

What just happened I think, how in the hell did we all achieve orgasm at the same time, and the after glow of wave after wave of pleasure full filled my mind and soul.

Damn that was great, he says, oh my god I hear her say and just a long sigh escapes my lips as we rest for a bit.

Shall we celebrate with a drink, he asks, as he pours the glasses. Cheers I hear him say and then the chime of the glasses coming together.

Now that is going to be a hard act to follow, he smiles and tips his glass.

Time was over taken us again, as its very early in the morning now, so we climb into bed and wake to a bright sunny morning.

What shall we do now, his wife asks. I don’t know about the rest of you, he says, but lets just lay by the pool and relax for the next few hours.Have a few drinks, sun ourselves and share some good company.

Sucking and fucking all afternoon, while enjoying conversations on a variety of subjects, we got to now each other better. As dark started falling, he says I think I would like to fuck you, spread eagle d, legs high in the air like a Christmas turkey. His wife says that sound like fun, then I will fuck you, fucking him.

My ass is sore, I don’t want to stop these amazing days and I will have some time to rest when I get home. I follow him in and he walks past the table and climbs on the be, Now this is what I call one hell of a dinner table, he laughs. Climb aboard and we can start this train. He has me lay in the center of the bed, spreads my legs and has his wife lube us both up. Her hands felt great, she new all the right strokes and scratches to get immediate reactions. Burring her fingers deep in both our ass she struck a rhythm that made me feel like its was getting close to cum time. Then it stopped and she got off the bed and put on her strap-on. Hubby was getting in position and lowered his body between my spread legs, she reached in and guided him to the mark. First the head pops in then its followed by inch after inch of that massive cock, when he bottomed out he started thrusting faster, hearing his stomach and ball slapping my ass. It was uncomfortable but this man loved my ass, so I started responding with my own ride, he stopped thrusting and allowed me to ride that cock full and deep, but at a slower pace. He just moaned and said, you can fuck me any time. Then his wife took her place and parted his big ass cheeks and pushed her dildo in to the hilt, he just groaned a little then he just kept saying , yes, that’s the way I like it, you fucking my dick and my wife fucking my ass. Nothing better.

I started swirling my ass around in circles, and humping at his cock, the move I moved the better it felt. All the time his wife saying, come on baby fuck his sweet ass, give him that cum you are holding back and she just fucked him faster and faster. Oh Oh is all I could hear then yes baby give it to him, I must have lost control as I was fucking him at such a rapid rate , I was afraid he was going to fall out and destroy my ass. But instead he just held on tighter and returned the thrusts, thrust for thrust. Then the bodies started shacking, and jumping, we did it again, we were all cumming at the same time. My god his wife said I didn’t know we could cum together again, we do have a unique connection. Then we all passed out on a Heep on the bed, opening our eyes we were astonished at the time, it was after midnight. The weekend had come to a close and it was time for me to go home.

My ass was going to need some R&R after the pounding he just gave me, but I had a scene of accomplishing what I had set out to do, and his has the greatest sex I think I had ever had.

They both asked if they could call me again and I said I would like that and gave them my phone number. Text me or call me any time I said as we hugged kissed and parted ways.

Just as the limo driver was pulling into my yard, the cell phone rang, Could you come back next weekend she said, then a pause, I’ll text with the arrangments later in the wee.

Bye Bye love.

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