A Young Woman Sent To Convent

A Young Woman Eventually Wants To Be Sent Free From The Convent

Young Woman Eventually Wants To Be Sent Free From The Convent

Marianne was a young woman, 18, who was sent to a Convent by her parents and a judicial system when she was guilty of being blamed and convicted for a theft she never committed. She was a thin, fairskinned, strawberry blonde, with perky tits, nice ass, tight pussy with pinksoled feet. She was very shy, but protested her innocence which was dismissed by the court who sentenced her to seven years of nun service. She was taken immediately to a convent where she was put through a very strict regimen of studying and meditation.

Marianne was too shy and obedient to protest and was immediately put in nun clothes of a robe, headdress, black stockings and black shoes.

Two years later at 20 she was offered because of good behaviour to go to a nun sanctuary with internet access and just a small group of older nuns. They immediately put her to work and she was locked in a building that was only opened from the outside, she was allowed outside but there were high walls around a garden there with paths. She discovered there was internet access and was planning to use it if she could. She discovered the nuns were going to go on a trip and that maybe her chance of coming up with a plan to leave. She heard from one of the other young woman that pregnancy might be the only way out of the convent.

Marianne snuck in to a computer in one of the offices and secretly surfed the net. She responded to a sex ad made by three men for group sex named Jack, Dave, and Jim. She told them her situation, that she wanted to get pregnant, be photographed and live out a fantasy to be cum covered while strung up in the air nude in bondage.

Jack, Jim, and Dave could not resist this. They responded and said they would be there the week the nuns would be away and one was a locksmith so getting in was not a problem. All three men never masturbated or cummed for a month. They all went to the convent in nothing but robes,sandals, rope and their camera.

They went to the door and Jim being a locksmith unlocked the door and rang the bell. The men waited in horny anticipation for this young lass. She appeared head down in her nun garb and they all gasped at her paled skinned beauty. Their cocks got hard and balls stiff. One man set up the camera and started automatically snapping photos and the others flanked both sides of her. She gasped and said shyly: Maybe this is not a good idea.

Jim said : Oh know my darling it is a wonderful idea you had and we are prepared to let you live your fantasy.

Dave caressed her nipple and breast and licked her cheek.

Both Dave and Jim grabbed an arm and gripped and Marianne’s fairskinned face was full of doubt and nervousness.

Jack told her to get down on the ground and both Dave and Jim lifted her robe off and removing her bra releasing her perky tits. Each one the men licked and squeezed her nipples cupping her breasts. Marianne moaned as the camera caught her facial reaction and acts of lust. The men put her on all fours and two men grabbed each side of her opaque pantyhose revealing her pale thighs, then calfs and removing her shoes they pulled off her stockings revealing her nice pinksoled feet. Marianne breathed deeply as the men caressed her thighs calfs and feet licking them wildly. Then they parted her ass cheeks and thighs looking at her nice tight pussy and fingering it. Marianne moaned again wearing her headdress. Then all the men wanted to take a pic with each of their cocks impaling that nice pussy. Jack got first try and pressed his cock in …Jim and Jack held on to her on both sides and lowered her down forcefully on Jack’s cock.

Jack said : Oh she is tight!!!

Jim said: I got a snapshot of this.

Dave said: What a sight!!

Each one of the men got a ride from this paleskinned nun and a shot of their cocks impaling her. Her face showed mixed emotions some nervous and some in a swoon.

They tied her up in the air nude except for her headdress. They parted her legs and her barefeet were licked by Jim and he licked her legs and then pussy and then breasts. All the men joined in on the licking and kissing her boobs, nipples legs, arms and feet. Eventually each one fucked her and came a bit inside of her and then on top of her pussy, stomach and thighs. Marianne moaned and wailed as she was fucked hard and had multiple orgasm as she was fucked hard as her pussy and body took cum. She was deeply aroused.

The men left her as soon as they heard a car door slam. One of the men put a ball gag in her mouth and a note saying thank you on top of her body.

The nuns walked in with a priest and they all looked shocked and gasped. They all looked at her and analyzed her body. The priest was a bit turned on by this in a way and had to hide it. They cut her down and there was a police investigation where Marianne lied to the authorities about descriptions and what happened. Then the priest discovered the history on the computer and then told the other nuns he was going to take over the investigation. They agreed.

The priest smiled to himself seeing how she sought a group of men for sex. He then confronted her with this. Being shy she confessed to the priest and even told him pictures were taken, she wanted to get pregnant. The priests cock got hard and he demanded to know where the pics were. Marianne contacted the men who immediately had sold them to a porn site. The priest spent hours masturbating to the pics being really turned on by them. He then gave Marianne a deal either fuck him until she left the convent because of her pregnancy or suffer the consequences of the truth being let out. Marianne agreed. The priest being summer immediately changed the dress code and allowed Marianne to be barelegged and wear sandals. This of course turned him on. He contacted the men who fucked her and took pics and allowed them to take pics of her walking down the country trails with barefeet and sandals in her nun outfit pregnant. Eventually the priest and men saw her released from the convent pushing a stroller down the street looking as shy as ever. All the men were turned on by this former nun’s actions.

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