A Night Of Pleasure

I walked towards you slowly, I looked around to size up the environment before I slammed you against the wall with my hands squeezing your wrists holding you to the wall. The adrenaline had began pumping and I made sure I controlled my breathing as the adrenaline continued to flow. I tightened my grip on you and noticed the numerous photos of you on the wall, I noticed the cute innocent photos of the younger self and now looked at the vicious wild sexual animal portrayed in front of me who’s only need was sex as you growled at me and tried to fight out of the position. I looked smug as I showed my strength as I overpowered you and kept you tight against the wall.

I set to work on you arousing you even more, I began by nibbling on your ear and whisper hot seductive messages about how you were about to have an experience of a life time and I then began to run my fingers down your body, over your chest, lingering and hesitating as my fingers rested on your perky large tits but then I got back into the zone and continued to move my fingers down as they landed on your thighs and I began to gently massage them as I focused on your lips kissing you roughly and nibbling on your lips as you began to bite your own lip as a moan attempted to leave your lips. I scoured along the surface checking for the pressure points which triggered your horniness.

You giggled but then it became much more serious as I found one, as my lips hit a particular area, there was a sharp intake of breath and I began to really work on this area, roughly biting it if I’d applied any more pressure than I would have probably drawn blood but it was pleasurable pain and I soothed it with my tongue cooling down the areas which were soon to become love bites, I withdrew ready to move on which allowed you to set yourself for the next stage of this kinky evening but then I hit you by surprise attacking your neck once more but nibbling much more lightly even teasing you by just lingering with you only being able to feel the hot air leaving my mouth which caused the hairs to prick up. I slowly slid my hand back up your body and I felt through your silky bra to check if your nipples had hardened yet.

I felt sweatiness of the palms of your hands on my muscular back as your limbs stretched out after each nibble. I could see out the corner of my eye you attempting to suppress your arousement but I whispered in your ear to just let it out. As my hand on your thigh slid up and inside your short skirt as my I began to rub through the underwear into the pink flesh beneath. You began to moan loudly now and I tore off your skirt allowing me to put my hand down your knickers. I began to rub your clit and gave you a clit massage and the initial touch caused a intense natural reaction which was your fingernails were dug into my back, I grimaced from the pain but then I began to enjoy myself. I showed you how experienced I was by the way I managed to remove your bra with only one hand throughout this whole period, I continued to work on your neck but as your bra fell, I opted to stop. All your muscles appeared to tense up when I did stop working on your neck and I decided to move down, nibbling on your well defined collarbone which I appreciated which was why I included it in the entire experience.

I then kissed down until my face was level with your tits, I began by squeezing your big tits before my lips covered your nipple, I felt the softness of it in my mouth as I began to lick intensely with the tip of my tongue whilst I began to rub the lips of your pussy between my finger and thumb slowly. The smooth shaved feel was a welcoming sensation and soon I got what I was hoping for as the nipples hardened in my mouth, and I kissed the underside of your tits, it isn’t any area which many people use but I wanted to experiment and be different to give you an experience like no other. My tongue lashed the underside of your boobs and then I licked in a single line all the way down to your underwear.

I tore them off instantaneously with my teeth, ripping them off and revealing what I had been feeling. It looked slightly moist which made it more lubricated and accessible as I began to rub the clit properly now and at some speed which made the rest of your body judder and without the support of a bra now, your boobs began to fly about. Your hands were grabbing hold of me roughly as our bodies were centimetres away from each other, you had a look like you wanted to pounce on me but I was making you wait and making you want me even more.

I assessed how many fingers I’d be able to fit in by judging your reactions to the initial touches and developed an understanding that three was the maximum for now. I started with three, it was an intense short burst of movements which ran throughout your whole body. I reached deep inside you and found the rhythm to really excel and the reward was soon justified as I felt juices begin to pour out on to my fingers which I withdrew from your soaking pussy and kinkily made you suck all of it up as a punishment for your ill-discipline in terms of holding it in.

I returned once more with three but I teased you and your eyes they pleaded for pleasure but I refrained. My fingers lingered on the lips and then I began to stroke the pink flesh but not penetrate it. When I did penetrate it, I used two instead and that gave me the ability for speed rather than large impact. I used the speed to reach not as deep inside you as before but the movement inside you was causing your back to begin to arch and your fingernails to run down my back causing huge scratchmarks to appear but you weren’t in a position to call the shots and I continued with my own agenda.

I demanded that you removed my clothes and you couldn’t prevent from smirking as you noticed my underwear had expanded significantly due to the erection of my long hard thick cock which was throbbing and so enticing on the eye particularly for a naked horny frisky girl like you. I allowed you to begin to toss me off, you began slowly by getting a feel and becoming more comfortable and confident as your fingers ran over the veins on the shaft and then varying between using two hands and one which would allow you to gather juices from your own pussy to lubricate my penis to help you toss me off easier.

I liked your style and applauded you as your hands reached below and recognised the significance of my ballsack and the massaging of my balls helped to keep the activity fresh and active as you also began experimenting with how far you could pull the foreskin down to reveal the sensitive head below, the juicy pink head which a white outline where the semen tried to seep out caused you to lick your lips but I slapped you in the face explaining that you hadn’t been allowed and that you had to be a good girl to get to taste. As it took up the use of both arms I was able to work out what turned you on and when and you licked up your lips to suck.

I could see you gagging for it and I eventually gave in and I finally released a grip on you and you dropped to the floor on to your knees and set to work first by licking from my ball sack up to the head. It was different and enjoyable as you then returned to my balls sucking on them whilst rubbing my head. It was pleasant and ever so often, your hand would slip round the back and feel my tight little bum with which your fingernails really could be firmly planted into. After a considerable time focusing on my balls you then moved to the shaft, you sucked on it sideways and moved up and down and also licked from the tip of my head right down to the bottom of the shaft, you understood that the head was most pleasurable and therefore you left it till last.

You could tell that I was deeply aroused as when you pulled my forehead down, my head was considerably larger, this was because it was now swollen and filled to capacity with semen however I focused on endurance and stamina, gritting my teeth as it was your turn to lash your tongue against my head and try to make me jizz and fill your mouth although it was already full as you attempted to deepthroat, you had no gagging reflex so I enjoyed it greatly, you pushed it in so far I thought that my balls would be pressed against your lips.

I cheekily began to thrust slightly in your mouth, pulling your hair to make sure you had all of my cock deep inside your throat, your tongue circled and teased finding points of real pressure and then attacking them similar to what I was doing to your neck. You hit a point and it was one too far as the semen began to shoot out, hitting the back of your neck, there was gargling and a sense of achievement in your eyes, I was still ejaculating as I pulled my cock out and as you opened your mouth, your mouth was frothed with all my semen and I watched and admired as you swallowed it all before licking up the remains on my cock.

You look perplexed as I had just released a huge load but I still had an erection and inside your head, I could see you counting the multiple orgasms that you were going to end up producing in this hot passionate night of love. My penis rose once more and you stroked it which was coated in a layer of cum which you then licked off your hand and pull me close. I slowly lifted you, my hands planted on your hips as you slowly rose until your legs could be wrapped around me, I ensured you were secure as you tightened your legs around my hips and I let go of your hips and then in the spur of the moment, I slammed you against the wall.

The aggression and power was overwhelming and you let out an almighty sigh as my stiffened cock was now pressed into your thigh and your hands were squeezing my bum but we looked each other in the eyes and we were lost in the moment if we didn’t want to admit it as I brushed the hair out of your face and rested my hand on your cheek before shutting my eyes and began to passionately kiss you whilst your naked body was wrapped around me, your hands moved from my bum and slid down the front of my chest as I played with your hair, time seemed to slow down and then we returned to the hot passionate act.

I used my fingers and spread your lips which gave me the accuracy needed to tease you! I used my penis and I rubbed it against the lips and poked your clit with my head before rubbing my shaft along the surface of the pink flesh. I slowly entered you, my penis plunging into the warm pink flesh and delving deep as the moisture became more and more apparent as it coated my penis, the slightly lubrication was helpful as I held you against the wall slightly further which gave me the best angle to penetrate you.

I started slowly, ploughing deep inside you and then retreating right out before going back in again as I began to find my rhythm though the thrusts travelled more and more distance and I felt your back arch once more and soon you began to pant quicker and the moans got louder as i picked up the pace once more and you winced and as I hit the g-spot, you screamed and I felt a gush of hot juices were causing my cock to become extra lubricated and I continued whilst your muscles tensed up and it felt amazing but then you began to shudder from the deep penetration, there was a tingling sensation that ran through both of us as you shut your eyes and bit your lip once more.

Your legs began to tremble and I carried you to the double bed, our clothes were in a messy pile at the wall so I bent you over on the bed, I remained stood up and parted your legs before edging my thick long cock inside your tight anus hole but when I’d squeezed it in, I made the room to manoeuvre and began to plough you deep inside you, even the slightest movement caused me to suppress my pleasure. My hands had a tight grip on your tits to help me keep the momentum but I released one hand and spanked you with the other until your bum was red raw. Droplets of sweats flooded off me and we collapsed into a pool of sweat.

You were on the verge of orgasming once more, we were laid on top of the bed and I crawled over with the last of my energy and began to lick your pussy once more, your hand reached down and pushed me even closer and started grinding your pussy against my tongue. I quickened the pace and soon It had done the trick as cum trickled out into my mouth before the muscles contracted and it began squirting out into my mouth, I lapped it all up gratefully before I stood up and you returned the favour but as you laid on your knees ready to suck I took advantage of you in such a position and released the huge amount of cum which was being held in my head, it all flooded out onto your face and I directed my cock so that it also went on your tits too and I spent the last few ounces of energy on watching you lick up all the cum off your tits and from around your mouth, swallowing it all up for the second time.

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