A Longtime Wish And Dream.

Story Of Gay Male Love.

I have longed to find a man that would have sex with me for years now. I have thought about being with a man for a long time and every time I think of sex thoughts of a man making love to me and filling me with his manhood flood my mind. I have had sex with women many times but it leaves me lacking and needing more. I have only had sex with a man once before and that one time was just a blow job. After I finished giving him all my loving I was hungrier than ever for the touch of a man. To be used and loved and filled with another man’s cock. I love the taste of cum and sucking cock is a huge turn on for me. I almost cum in my pants when I think about it.

Well finally it has happened. After searching and looking for my man I finally found him. It was all unplanned and happened out of the blue. Totally unexpected on both of our parts but after meeting and talking we both knew. It was like magic and when he touched my hand I was totally taken with him. I was breathless and speechless at first. I must have given him the idea that I was dumb or something before I found my voice again to say hello. Before I get too far ahead of myself I should go back and fill in a few details. I am a divorced male and have been for over twenty years. There has been no one in my life for a long time now as I have just not found the right one yet. I am retired now and I get by on my retirement but I still long for that special person to fill the voids. I am 60 but still look a lot younger. I am in fair shape with a few extra pounds. My hair is the usual salt and pepper color and I have been told that I still look good even though I am growing older. Anyway, on to the rest of my story.

I had decided to go out to a new comedy club. Something that I hardly ever do. Usually I am a stay at home person and I spend my evenings watching movies on TV. Well anyway I decided to check out this new comedy club that opened a few days ago. I was in the mood for some good laughs and a few drinks so I decided to head out and enjoy an evening alone for a change. After I arrived at the comedy club I found a good parking spot and I walked in. Thankfully it was in the middle of the week and no reservations were needed. So I requested an out of the way table not too near the front of the stage.

So the waiter walks me to a nice table for two that sat towards the back of the club in a dark and out of the way spot. After seating myself I order my usual beer. No hard liquor for me as I can’t handle it too well. I just decided to have a few beers and enjoy the show. After the waitress left I looked around the club taking in the sights and view. I liked the way they had decorated the place. Nice colors and curtains hanging from the walls gave the place that cozy and comfortable feeling. I also liked the fact that my table was dark and not very visible by the other tables or patrons. I have this thing about privacy and not being the center of attention so I like being the person that goes unnoticed when going to functions around town.

Anyway after the waitress arrived back at my table with my drink I asked when the show started and I was told in five minutes the curtain would go up on stage with the first act of the evening. So I kicked back and relaxed enjoying my brew and thinking how nice it would be to have a significant other with me to enjoy the evening. Just as the curtain was going up for the first act of the evening I noticed a gentleman and the waitress coming by my table. She seated the gentleman in the table next to mine and after she took his order off went and my attention was then directed to the stage manager who was introducing the first act. He was a good comic and he had me laughing and enjoying myself in no time.

The waitress came with the man drink that was seated next to my table so I ordered myself another round as she walked by. That was when I gave the man at the table next to mine a closer look. He was younger than I but I could tell he was in good shape and also very nice looking. A very nice complexion and dark hair made up his face. He was very nice looking, sort of like Rock Hudson, which seemed to make my heart go thump.

Anyway, before he noticed me gawking at him and before I made a fool of myself I managed to turn my attention back to the show. The waitress brought my second drink of the evening and after paying for it I settled down to watch the second comic do his thing. The time seemed to past by fast because all too soon the curtain went up and the loud speakers announced that half time break was here and to stick around for the second half show. So as the lights came up in the club I got a better look at the man next to my table. Just as I looked in his direction he too looked in mine.

He got up to introduce himself and he reached out his hand to shake mine. Only I did not expect to happen what in fact did happen. As our hands met in a firm grasp I was taken aback with my heart going up into my throat and I found myself speechless. I mutter something before grabbing a hold of myself. I finally managed to say hello and make a flimsy excuse about getting over a cold. I was a bit embarrassed a feeling like a love struck girl but after we introduced ourselves we sat at my table and chatted the intermission away. He told me that his name was Jim and he was new to the area.

We talked about the comics and the jokes, the ones we liked and ones that were bad and so on. From the start I was taken with this man. What exactly did it for me I still do not know? I found him an easy going and open man. We both became fast friends and we were soon talking up a storm about everything and anything. The more we talked the more I fell in lust with him. I sensed that he was fast becoming as infatuated with me as I was with him. Before long it was time for the second show to begin and more people were filling the club.

As the curtain came down and the lights went down Jim and I settled in for the next two hour show. As the next comic came out on stage Jim happened to reach over for his drink and his hand came in contact with mind. Not paying too much attention I let it go unnoticed as I was busy laughing and enjoying the new comic on stage. Not soon after that I then notice Jim was holding my hand. Now my head started to spin a bit as I took this in. I was happy and overjoyed but not sure how to proceed. After thinking about it for a bit I decided to squeeze his hand and I smiled warmly at him.

Well that did the trick as he smiled back just as warmly at me and he returned my squeeze of the hand. So there we sat like to love birds holding hands in the dark with anticipation of wonderful things to come. As the evening progress Jim and I continued to enjoy the show and each other. We both were drinking too much but we were having too much fun to care. As we laugh at the jokes and comics we were soon sitting closer together whispering loving words to each other. None of it seem wrong or strange to either of us.

As the comics came and went Jim and I were whispering and talking to each other discovering that we were two of a kind. He was looking for the same things as me and once we embraced and kissed each other deeply. Which left my head spinning and not wanting it to stop I leaned towards Jim for more. But we managed to grab a hold of ourselves before things got too far out of hand and we made it through the evening watching the show. Although it was getting hard towards the last as I was so turned on and hot that I sat with a raging hard on through most of it.

I was getting so hot that I could not resist reaching over and squeezing Jim’s cock to discover that he too was in the same shape as me. His cock was as hard as mine and after I squeezed him gently I felt his cock throb in my hand. Not wanting to make him lose his composure or cum in his pants I eased my hand away and smiled lovely in his direction. We both understood and he returned my attentions just as I had and that squeeze almost made me cum. So once the show was done and the lights came up Jim I headed outside to the parking lot. It was not easy with both of us sporting raging hard on and tent poles in our pants. Once we got to my car we embraced and kissed deeply for a long time.

Sharing each other tongues and getting even hotter from our passionate kissing. I was on the verge of cumming right then and there as his kisses were getting me very hot. I needed relief and my hard throbbing cock was demanding attention. So once we settled down enough to talk we made our plans to go to my place and spend the night. So off we went to my place and once we were there we both were naked and in each other arms. At last I was holding Jim close to me and as our bare skin touched we both gasp and shudder in our rapture. It was not long before Jim had his mouth on my hard and raging cock, sucking hard and using his tongue to lick all around the head of my cock.

I returned the favor reaching out and taking Jim’s hard cock in my mouth as well. His cock had a large girth, about three inches across and 7 inches long, and as I took it in my mouth I was amazed at how wonderful it felt and tasted. He was leaking huge amounts of pre-cum and I licked it up with my tongue as fast as I could. The faster I licked on his cock the faster Jim was sucking on mine. It was not long and all too soon when I had to pull my mouth away from Jim to say I was going to cum. That is when Jim stopped sucking my cock to tell me to go ahead.

He said that he was on the edge himself and to shoot my seed and empty my balls in his hungry mouth. I then felt his hungry mouth and lovely tongue working on my over enraged cock. After the first lick I began to shot a huge load of cum. My cock felt like it was on fire and the head of my cock felt like it was going to blow off from the huge orgasm I was having. I heard Jim swallowing hard as I came in his hungry mouth.

My cock throbbed and danced for his eager tongue. Then I felt Jim’s cock begin to explode in my mouth as well. He shot four huge loads of sweet tasting cum into my mouth and I took him as deep as I could into my mouth and throat without gagging. I swallowed each hot and sticky load of cum as my tongue danced and licked for more. It seemed like a long time as we held each other in a 69 position sucking and licking each others cock for more and more cum but far too soon it was over. I did not want to let go of his lovely cock. I loved having it in my mouth and I knew that I would never get enough of it after tonight.

As Jim and I fell apart lying next to each other as we came back to earth we made small talk and we both exclaimed how wonderful it was making love to each other. After we caught our breath and settled down small talk soon turned to cuddling and kissing. We watched TV but what all was on I do not know. My attention was on Jim and his kisses were keeping me that way. Soon our kisses turned passionate and our hands started to roam, feeling and searching out for those sensitive and erotic zones we both knew and loved. As our tongues danced in each other mouths our hands were busy caressing and stroking each others cock. It felt so wonderful to feel his cock grow hard in hard in my hand and start to throb from the excitement. As I squeezed his hard cock I felt him shudder and gasp. He returned the favors and more as I too moaned and gasped against his loving lips and tongue. It was not long before I felt his fingers start to explore my wanting ass. His touch made my whole body tingle in anticipation, long for the moment when I could be his. I ached to be fucked in the ass and made to be his slut. I wanted Jim in my ass fucking me like his slut should be fucked. After feeling two of Jim’s fingers go deep in my ass I started to relax and enjoy the feeling his fingers were giving me. Soon Jim made it three fingers. I knew he was opening me up, stretching my ass to get it ready for his cock. It did not take long before he had me hot and ready. I wanted Jim to fuck me and I felt my body start to push back on his fingers taking all he had up my ass. Jim soon broke his kiss long enough to ask if I wanted him to fuck me and I said yes.

I softly whispered, “Yes take me.”

“Fuck my ass and make me your loving slut.”

“Show me how my man pleases his slut.” That is when Jim told me how much he loved me. Jim then eased me onto my back and he raised my legs up on his shoulder. He then got between my legs and he lubed my eager ass to get it ready for his cock. Soon I felt the head of his cock rest against my now throbbing asshole. Slowly and gently I felt Jim press against my asshole. As Jim pushed harder I felt the head of his cock slowly start to enter me. At first I felt a twinge of pain but soon it was replaced with a wonderful feeling as I felt his cock-head slide slowly into my ass. I can’t describe how wonderful it felt to have his cock spreading me open and sliding deep in my ass.

As his balls slapped against my mine it was the most wonderful feeling I ever experienced. Once Jim was all the way inside me he rested there for a bit as I got used to his fullness. My mouth hung open in wonder as I enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock inside me and as my ass contracted and expanded around his hard shaft Jim start to fuck me soft and slow. As he pulled his cock out until his cock-head reached the opening of my ass I felt my ass contract and try to pull him back inside me. Jim would stop and then slowly slide his cock back deep into my ass. Slowly and evenly we both built a rhythm of him pulling his cock out with my ass expanding as he did so and then contracting again to pull him back in.

Our rhythm soon grew faster and stronger. My ass muscles contracted and expanded milking his wonderful cock working to receive Jim’s hot cum. Before long both Jim and I were working hard, Jim was getting closer to his orgasm and so was I for that matter. We both were working up a sweat as Jim plunged his hard cock in and out of my ass. His balls were slapping against my ass and balls setting up a wonderful noise as we both fucked furiously. I was in heaven and moaning for more. Each thrust of Jim’s cock sent me higher and higher, I was soon telling Jim how much I loved him and to fuck me harder.

I was using my ass muscles to milk Jim’s cock in hopes of making him cum. I wanted nothing more than to give him the ultimate joy of orgasm deep in my ass. I wanted to feel him exploding deep inside me as his cock throbbed with each squirt of cum. Jim was moaning and grunting as loud as I was, he was working hard to finish his orgasm. I felt his cock throbbing hard with each stroke and soon I felt him grab my ass cheeks and he thrust his cock in as hard and as deep as he could in my ass. I felt his hard throbbing cock shooting hot cum inside me. My ass was milking his cock as hard as it could. It was wonderful. With each thrust of his cock I grew hotter and hornier. Then his hot cum sent me over the edge and I too was shooting big wads of cum out of my cock as I bucked and thrust against Jim’s cock. Both Jim and I were yelling and thrusting against each other and after Jim stopped cumming in my ass I felt his full weight upon me. He was kissing me and telling me how much he loved me.

How wonderful I was and how much he always wanted us to be together. I held Jim close and I kissed him back and his cock was still deep inside me. I had shot my cum all over Jim’s chest and stomach but we did not care as our love making was still with us. Jim’s cock started to go soft and slip out of me, I tried hard to contract my ass muscles to keep him inside me but he soon grew too small to stay in place. Still I held Jim’s head against me and I hugged him tight against me as we continued to gain our composure. As I came back to earth I was in awe and wonder of our love making. I could not believe now wonderful it was to be fucked so well by another man. As I lay there I realized just how much I was in love with Jim and how much I really wanted to be his slut. I knew then that from now on every time I saw his hard cock I would be bending over ready to take him in and receive his sweet cum. At long last I had found what I was missing and I finally knew that I was where I belonged. In Jim’s arms and bed.

The next morning after Jim I woke up we showered. We teased and kissed each other and explored each others cocks and bodies as well. We soon dried off and dressed before getting too carried away. We both were still hot for each other and very much in love. After having coffee and talking for a while we discussed what to do “now” situation. We both knew that we could never part and we soon realized that moving in together was the thing to do. So that is what we did. We enjoyed many years together. Lots of love making, some hard times and lots of good ones as well.

The last time we made love was just as wonderful as the first time. It only got better with time. Jim is gone now, a long ago car accident involving a drunk took him from me. I am alone now as no one can ever take Jim’s place. Still I have my memories and I spend my lonely nights looking back at all the years with Jim. Each time I think of our hot love making together I get angry inside and in the end I just feel empty and bitter inside. That is life I guess as nothing is for certain.

What comes around goes just as quickly and my long time wish and lover is gone now too. What I had longed for, for so long is no longer with me and once again I find myself as I used to be, alone and longing for that special someone. I don’t have many years left now and they will be lonely ones for sure but I still have Jim in my mind. Then when I am gone, and only then, I will have Jim with me again. Both of us soaring high like an eagle in the sky above. Together at last, forever young and true at heart. Soaring together as one to never part again with my Jim.

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