A Day Of Pleasure

Lydia Catches Me Moaning And Masturbarting

I have been into females ever since I could remember, I even had little girlfriends back in elementary school. I guess me being horny was not anything new for those who have known me for a long time. I was almost 20 and way into lesbian porn, I loved the girl on girl action and well wanted to begin my sexual escapades with a certain someone. See I have a friend name Lydia, she not totally my type but her body had parts that I wouldn’t mind sucking on. Her breasts are like a 34D and her nipples are nice. Now we met at work a few years back and remained friends.

We chilled pretty much every week and she would spend a few days staying with me. It was probably about April and Lydia had come for a visit. When she arrived I hadn’t taken my shower yet, I told her to go chill and I would see her once I was finish. Now Lydia knew that I was kind of a freak. She knew I was into girls and that I had bought toys to give me pleasure at night. We had talked about it and I told her that one day we would go shopping for one.

Now Lydia like to play like she was shy and that was one thing that attracted me to her because I knew I would break her out of it one day. Anyways I enter the shower and left Lydia sitting on the stairs, I told her for sure I would be awhile since I started feeling horny.

She starting complaining because I had left her alone, I told her just chill cause I had already started to have some fun. The shower head on jet mode was probably one of the best reason I love taking showers it started and pretty much ended my day. I was probably in there for about 10 minutes or so and was moaning like crazy, my legs started to shake and I knew soon that I would be in orgasm heaven.

I guess my moaning got too loud, so Lydia enter the bathroom, to see what I was up to. I was still pretty much masturbating away when I felt the cold draft from the shower curtain being open. She peeked in and was like “What are you doing”. I was kind of shocked but like I said before she liked to play like she was shy. She continued to nag that she was bored and that I should hurry up.

I told her that she had interrupted my orgasm so now she would have to stay outside while I continued with my toys in my room. Now here is where the story gets interesting; Lydia refused to leave me alone so I sat on the corner of my bed with my back facing her and started to play with myself. She approaches me from behind and asked what I was doing and if I could “Show her “how to work my toy. I Let her know it was easy and told her to chill so I could finish.

Next thing I knew she reached from behind me and began massage my pussy lips. It sent waves through my body making me even hornier but heightening my orgasm. I wanted to tell her to stop but the pleasure I was receiving was just too good to be stopped. My legs began to tremble and I told her not to stop I was about to cum. She picked up the speed massaging my lips faster and faster. I could feel my pussy juice starting to flood my warm tight pussy as I massage my clit with my double pleasure dildo. “I’m cumming” I yelled and I guess at that moment Lydia could see the pleasure both her and my toy brought to me.

She asked if she could have a go so I handed her my toy and told her have fun. She told me she didn’t know how and that I should teach her. I gave her a devilish smirk and smiled widely, told her to strip and lay on the bed. She let me know that she wasn’t shave, but what the heck this was my chance to fuck the shit out of her. I told her no biggy just sit back. She laid back and spread her legs wide for me, I got in between and slowly started to massage her clit with the butterfly tip of my dildo.

It was like she was in bliss and loved the whole new experience that she was getting. She squirmed about for a bit but got used to the feeling. I continued to massage her clit until it was nice and swollen, she continued moaning loudly and turning me on by the second.

I could feel my pussy getting all warm and wet. So I released my toy, spread her pussy lips open and dove in. I used my tongue to laps over her clit, and then inserting my tongue in her warm tight pussy. She had kind of like a salty ‘n’ sweet taste to her it was strong but wasn’t bad. I knew I could get used to it. I continued to lick her pussy making it all wet and enjoying the flavor. She squirmed about, moaning loudly and holding my head still.

I could see that she loved every bit of it. I licked my index finger and slowly put it in her, her warm walls clamped down on it and I could feel them pulsating. I inserting another finger and slowly started finger fucking her. With every flick of my tongue her pussy closed down tighter, I could feel my orgasm building and I wanted both me and her to cum at the same time. I increased the speed, fucking her hard and deeper. Her legs tensed and I could feel her pussy pulsating more and more. I licked her clit a few more times and before I knew it Lydia was moaning with pleasure and her juices flowed freely.

I couldn’t believe that I had made her pussy cum so much, I showed her all her juices on my fingers and told her “that’s all you”. She smiled and said it has been years since she had and orgasm that great. I told her we were done, but that I would let her relax a little. I laid on her belly playing with her breast and nibbling on her nipples. Their so big and I swear if I could I would suck on them all night. She enjoyed the playing but I wanted to try something else.

I got her pussy all wet again and told her to get on all fours. She was kind of shocked but agreed, I licked her pussy from the back and slowly brought my tongue up to her ass. There it was her little rose bud looking at me waiting to be licked and parted her ass cheeks and pressed my tongue light touching her rose bud it pulsated and she jerks forward. I told her I wouldn’t do it for long but wanted her to feel something else new.

I licked and licked and fucked her pussy, bringing her to another orgasm I pressed my tongue slightly into her ass tasting all her juices. She was all tired out and I knew it was time to show her what else I could make her do. I got my double pleasure dildo and started to fuck my warm tight pussy, instantly I could feel the juices flowing in my pussy. I had the clit massager on high and continued to fuck myself harder and harder.

I could feel my juices building up, but refused to let it go. You see over the past few months I had been watching a lot of porn, I knew that some women could squirt, I wanted nothing more than to learn how to myself. I did my research and all in all it paid off. I could feel my body starting to tense up and that I couldn’t hold it any longer. I ask Lydia if she could rub my pussy lips as she did before. Just by the touch of her hand I knew this would be the best orgasm of all time.

I start to increase my speed even more and she does the same, I tell her I’m about to squirt and to watch out because it’s going to be a lot. My body starts to convulse and I know I can’t keep it any longer, I quickly pull out my toy and let go. My juices go flying a good foot in the air and 2 feet a head of where I’m lying. Lydia is amazed and my body is in shock, I lay their a little longer as I try to recover. I got up, gave her breast a squeeze and told her that next time I’ll teach her how to squirt. We got dressed, and feel asleep. From that day I knew that there would be many more, and sure enough there was.

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