8 A.M.

A Fantasy Of Mine About A Co Worker!

I kept looking at the clock, counting down the minutes until I could punch out. It was 7:55 a.m. and I was ready to go. Now, before I continue, my name is Thomas, and I work 3rd shift. It’s usually pretty boring, but today I had plans for the morning after work. Back to the story… the clock turned to 8, and I was on my way out the door and on my way to the best morning of my life.

I parked on the curb 3 houses down, turned my car off, and waited. The door opened, and I slid down into my seat to avoid being seen. She opened her car door, got in, and left for work. Five minutes later, I received a text saying I could come in.

I ran for the door, unable to wait any longer. Emma had kept me waiting for 2 hours before her girlfriend left for work, and I planned to make it worth the wait for us both. Now, let me describe her. She’s 5’3” and has an amazing body. She has Red hair, beautiful hazel eyes and has the ass of a goddess with the tits to match.

When I opened the front door, Emma was waiting for me, dressed in the sexiest lingerie she had, sitting with her legs crossed on her kitchen table.

“Sit” she said as she pointed to a chair four feet away, in front of her. I sat, without saying a word. She slid off the table, and slowly walked over to me, smiled and kissed me. She then turned around and walked slowly back to the table, and shook her gorgeous ass before turning around and sitting on the table again. She put one foot up on the table, so I could see the slightest bit of moisture starting to soak through that little piece of fabric that kept me from seeing what i wanted so badly. She smiled again, as she slid a hand into her top, touching her firm tits.

“Stay, and watch” she said with a devilish grin. she pulled the fabric aside, and showed me her moist pussy. She slid a finger in her mouth, then rubbed her clit. I was so hard by this point I thought I would tear through my pants. She lid a finger inside herself as she rolled her nipple between her fingers, and she moaned. She played a little while, teased me, and took so much joy out of me watching her, wanting her. So much that she came in minutes.

After she came, she slid off the table, and pulled her thong off, then slid her top over her head, exposing every little bit that had been hidden from me. She kissed me again, then pulled my shirt over my head. I reached up to touch her, feel her, but she slapped my hands away.

“Not yet.”

She put her hands on my chest, and lightly scratched down to the top on my pants. She just about ripped them off of me when she got her hands down there. My cock stood straight up, aimed up at the heavens. I felt her fingers close around me, and gently stroke. She stared into my eyes, smiled, and kissed me again. Next thing I know, I can feel her tongue sliding along my hard shaft. She slid my cock between her lips, and I almost came on the spot. She stroked and sucked me util I was about to cum, then she stopped, smiled and walked away. I ran after her, but he was already in the bedroom. I pushed her onto her bed, and pushed her legs apart. I slid my shoulders under her thighs and grabbed her wrists so she couldnt struggle, and burying my tongue as deep as I could in her tight, wet pussy.

She squirmed a bit against my grip, but she didnt really try to get away. I slid my tongue across her clit a few times before sliding my tongue back inside her.

Now, I can twist my tongue, and I do use that to the fullest extent!

As I tongue fucked her, she worked a wrist free and pulled my face against her as she rode my tongue. After a few minutes of eating the best tasting pussy I had ever had the chance to, she told me to lay down. Happy to oblige, I lay on my back and she swung her leg over my head. I grabbed her ass and started licking her clit again, flicking my tongue over it a few times before sliding it into her. As I ate her pussy, I felt her mouth wrap around my cock. She jerked and sucked while I licked and slurped her to a very loud orgasm.

After she came, she turned so she could kiss me again. We kissed for a few minutes, then she started sliding my cock into her pussy. She was so tight, so wet. I grabbed her ass as she took my whole dick inside her. She rode my dick hard and fast, moaning loudly, then cumming all over my cock. I didnt wait for her to stop cumming, I rolled on top of her and started pounding as hard and fast as I could, grabbing her tits and ass the whole time. In no time I was about to cum. I pulled out and grabbed the back of her head and pushed my cock in her mouth, then pulled out just enough so the head was just parting her lips as I came. I filled her mouth with my seed, so much that some leaked from the corners of her lips. She looked up and opened her mouth to show me her full mouth, almost like she was showing off a prized. She closed her mouth and swallowed all of my cum in one gulp.

“Tomorrow, I want you to fuck my ass until you cum.” she said as I put my clothes back on.

I smiled as I said “I was hoping tomorrow, your girlfriend could join us. I’ll see you when I get off, Bye, Emma”

“We’ll see. until then, bye.”

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