Racial Differences In High School Between Whites & Indio-Canadians

The high school I went to was divided almost 50 / 50 along racial lines. That is, about half the students were white, and about half were “Indo-Canadian”, either Hindu or Sikh. This might seem a bit odd to any Americans reading this story, but I assure you that it’s true in at least a couple of places on Canada’s west coast, where immigration from India has been rapid in recent years.

I wouldn’t even mention it, except that when I started hanging out with Rina, I immediately took a bit of heat from our respective racial communities. My friends really gave me a hard time about hanging around with a “packie” girl. I didn’t let it bother me too much, because I had a huge crush on Rina, and I had enjoyed the time we had spent together working on a dramatic dialogue for our drama class. When I began to hang around her at school, though, Rina ( I think her given name was Randip, but she liked the sound of Rina) soon confided in me that she was getting in hot water with her friends.

“Well what about outside of school?” I asked, trying not to sound too eager. I was usually pretty smooth with girls, but for some reason it wasn’t the same with Rina.

“I’m usually kind of busy after school,” she replied. I could tell that she was giving me the brush off.

I was having a harder time keeping my cool now. I knew that if I didn’t say something now, that I might not get another chance.

“Rina,” I started, searching for the right words,” I really like being around you, and I was hoping to … you know, get to know you better, and …”

“Look, Ryan,” she cut me off, “I’m not going to ditch all of my friends for you. It would be pretty tough to work around that, don’t you think?”

I had always liked that Rina didn’t beat around the bush. She was the kind of girl who knew what she wanted, and was pretty decisive about it. I didn’t have an answer for her.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said after a moment. “I’ve got your phone number. I’ll call you if I figure something out. In the meantime, we don’t hang around together. Period.”

That about settled it. The next day, Rina and I performed our dramatic dialogue (from some Swedish play) for drama class, and after that, we were done. I was left wondering if she had any intention of ever calling me. I did notice, sometimes, that she was watching me in class, or around the school. I got the feeling that she was still making up her mind, sort of weighing her options.

My mind, on the other hand, was made up. I was thinking a lot about her. God, she was gorgeous, with the most beautiful big brown eyes I’d ever seen.

It was a Thursday of the following week that I got her phone call.

“Hi Ryan,” it was her voice, and my heart almost stopped, “my parents are gone overnight. Did you want to come over?”

“Of course,” I could hardly respond fast enough. I got directions to her house, and made an excuse to my parents why I had to go out for the evening.

When I got there, I rang the bell, and waited nervously at the door. When Rina answered, I wasn’t disappointed. She was dressed to kill, in a tight fitting sweater, and a short little skirt. She invited me in.

I didn’t know quite what to expect. Our relationship was odd already, and I had no idea in what direction it would continue, but I was ready for just about anything.

“I think we’d better talk about some ground rules,” she started.

I nodded.

“Look Ryan,” she continued, “you’re a good looking guy, and I like you a lot, but my friends and community mean a lot to me. If you want to be with me, you’re going to have to do it my way. If not, then you can leave right now.”

She knew she had me hooked. I told her that I wanted to stay..

“Firstly,” she said, as if she had already worked out a whole list of demands. “You never talk to anyone about us. I don’t care who asks. You never say a word.”

“My parents are out every Thursday night, beginning at seven. If you want to be with me, that’s when you’re over here. If you don’t come over, I’ll find another way to spend my Thursdays.” “Lastly, I like things done a certain way. I’m not an “easy lay” the white girls at school. If you want something from me, you’ll have to work for it, and do exactly what I say.”

I was surprised by her mentioning sex, but I can’t say it wasn’t on my mind. For the last couple of minutes, I had been having difficulty not looking up her skirt as she sat across from me. “Now, maybe you could give me a massage,” she suggested.

That’s how it started. It was a different kind of relationship than I’d ever had with a girl. I was to visit Rina every Thursday, and was looking forward to our visit for the rest of the week. In the meantime, I didn’t mention our visits to anyone. Our dating was a secret in school, although I got the feeling, from the way they looked at me, that a least one or two of Rina’s close friends knew what was going on.

Our evening visits were the highlight of my week. For the first three weeks, we would begin by making out for a while. Once I was good and horny, Rina took charge. She told me to take off my clothes (which I was only too happy to do) and would then have me massage and worship her body. Despite the fact that I was naked from the start, Rina usually only allowed me brief glimpses of her body. I would rub her feet, lick her toes, or anything else she fancied, all the while becoming hornier myself.

That’s as far as it went in the first three weeks, so I had to jerk myself off when I got home.

When I came over on the fourth week, we skipped the groping session, and she told me to take my clothes off right away.

“If you’re good tonight, I’ll let you jerk off while you’re here,” promised.

First, she wanted some foot worship. She seemed to really get charged up with me kneeling in front of her licking every inch of her feet. When she was satisfied, after a good half-hour, she told me to bend over the coffee table. This was something new. I did it for her, and waited to see what was next.

Rina walked around behind me, and gave my ass a tentative slap. When I didn’t make any protest, she spanked my me hard a few times. I couldn’t believe how much this turned me on. Rina grabbed hold of my stiff cock (for the first time) with one hand, and began to really give me a beating on my rear end with her other hand. I was almost ready to cum when she stopped.

“You’re being good tonight, Ryan,” she said, “but I want one more thing before you jerk off.”

“Anything,” I groaned.

She patted my ass, indicating that I should stay where I was, and went into her room for a moment. She came back and stood behind me, and grabbed hold of my cock again. I felt her other hand between my ass cheeks. Her lubricated finger entered my ass hole, and began to work its way in. I froze. This isn’t something that I’d ever fantasized about. Nonetheless, I was so horny that I wasn’t going to protest. And besides I was up for just about anything Rina wanted to do.

After a few minutes, she worked in a second finger. The sensation was pleasurable, and the way she slowly worked my cock was heavenly. In another couple of minutes, she removed her fingers, and I felt something else working its way into my ass. She was pushing something plastic into me, and whatever it was, it felt huge. I tensed up, and almost stopped her at this point. “Shhh,” she cooed, “It’s almost done.”

She kept working it into my ass, slowly, but relentlessly. In another minute, she had it all the way in. I felt so full.

“This is your new butt plug,” Rina explained. “I’d like you to have it in when you come over from now on.”

I was so horny it hurt. She was still, very slowly, playing with my cock.

“Okay, you can jerk off for me now.”

That’s all I needed. I stayed on my knees, but turned around to face Rina, as I began to stroke my cock. She seemed pleased by our evening together, and gave me a finger to suck as I masturbated. I sucked it hungrily, and in no time, I spurted all over my hand and onto her carpeted floor.

When I got home, I removed the butt plug, and hid it away in a drawer. I was sure I’d be back at Rina’s the following week, and that I’d be wearing it again.

At school that week, I couldn’t shake the feeling that Rina had talked to a couple of her close friends about us. I saw them talking and laughing, and something about it told me that it was about me. Nonetheless, I kept to the rules and didn’t say a word.

The following Thursday was a really heavy session. As soon as I got in, she had me strip to show her that I’d put in my plug. She was pleased, and allowed me to worship her feet for an hour. When she was satisfied, she told me to come to her room. I almost leapt at the chance.

“On your hands and knees,” she scolded. “I want you to crawl.”

I did what I was told me and my mind was full of anticipation about what Rina was planning. She had me bend over her bed, and she punished my ass for a while, this time with a ruler.

“Mmm, your ass is good an red. My ass, though, has had no attention at all. I need some ass worship now, but I don’t think it would be proper for you to see my body naked. I will blindfold you.”

I readily agreed. Anything to get a taste of her body. When she had the blindfold on, good and tight, she began to take off her clothes. I must admit that I could see partially through the blindfold. God she had a beautiful body. I had trouble refraining from jerking myself off right then.

My position was still bent over the bed, and she climbed onto the bed in front of me, facing the other direction. I waited until she gave the command, and then reached forward with my mouth to find her ass. I was in heaven, and apparently so was she. Rina immediately began to grind her beautiful little butt back into my face.

“Get your tongue right in there,” she commanded. “Come on, ass licker. You have to do better than that.”

Rina pushed her perfect ass into my face, and continued her verbal assault as I tried my best to keep up with her demands.

“Come on sissy, I need a good ass licking. What good are you if you can’t lick ass properly.”

On this last comment, I came. The rubbing of the bed against my cock, and the erotic situation had finished me. I don’t know if she noticed right then, but she went on another fifteen minutes before I felt her fingering herself and then watched as she came.

The next day in school, I heard a rumor. I was crushed. Rina had began dating an Indian guy named Satinder. I could hardly contain my anger. I stewed on it all day, and decided to call Rina that night. I was unprepared for how angry she was in return.

“You are never to call here,” hissed, when she realized it was me.

I wasn’t ready to back down. “What’s the deal with Satinder?”

I guess I caught her off guard.

“Are you screwing around with Satinder,” I demanded again.

Rina was never off-guard for long. “I didn’t think you’d hear about Satinder, not that it’s any of your business. Look, if I don’t date, people will think something is going on. So I asked Satinder to play along. It helps him out too. He’s gay, but he doesn’t want people to know. If he’s going out with me, no one will accuse him.”

“But, what about us?” I asked, trying to hold my ground as the jealous boyfriend.

“Nothing changes,” replied Rina. “Satinder is just a convenience.”

I could hear some conversation in the background from Rina’s phone.

“I’ve got to go,” She said in a hushed voice. “Come over on Thursday.”

Well, I had half a mind to stand her up, but I guess I was enjoying our evenings just a little too much to give them up. So, I bought a bracelet for her at the mall, and decided that I could live with the “Satinder” thing.

When I brought the gift to her on Thursday, she was delighted. She did something that was rare in our relationship, and gave me a nice big kiss on the lips.

“I’ve got some surprises planned tonight too,” she said. “If you’ll be good and co-operate.”

In no time, I was in her room, bent naked over her bed, having my ass spanked with a ruler. This time, she tied my hands securely behind my back as well.

“You are very good for wearing your butt plug,” she commented. She pulled gently on the plug, giving me a nice sensation in my ass. She played with it for a while before pulling it out completely.

“I love the way your ass looks right now. It’s very red with the spanking I gave you, and your ass hole is nice and open,” she slipped a finger in. “Would you like to taste my ass again?”

“Yes, please,” I begged. My cock was so hard.

“Very well, but I must blindfold you.”

I was quivering in anticipation by the time she knelt again in front of my face. I pressed my tongue into her hole, and she ground her ass into my face. It was at this point that I knew someone else was in the room. I could hear someone behind me, and a moment later, I felt hands on my ass. I began to panic.

“Don’t worry, Ryan. This is your surprise,” Rina explained. “I told you Satinder was gay, and this is part of his payment for pretending to go out with me.”

I struggled to free my hands from their bonds, but couldn’t free myself. I tried to cry out, but Rina grabbed my hair with her hand, and forced my face deeper into her ass.

“It’ll do no good to yell,” she continued. “There’s no one home. Just keep licking my ass please.”

I could feel Satinder pushing his cock into my stretched asshole. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. He groaned as he sank it all the way in, and he said something to Rina in Hindi. She responded, again in Hindi, and they both laughed.

Satinder was taking it slowly at first, riding my ass for all it was worth. Rina was getting frustrated with me for not licking her.

“If you don’t start licking ass like I know you can, I’ll keep you tied up and let Satinder fuck you again later tonight,” she threatened. I had no idea if she was serious, but I didn’t want to find out.

She pushed her ass against my face again, and pushed my tongue into her hole as far as I could. She was really enjoying this scene.

Satinder was still taking his time on my ass, and making comments to Rina in Hindi. After one such exchange of words, he reached down beneath me, and began to fondle my cock. Despite myself, it grew hard in his hand. He laughed to himself, and redoubled his efforts in pumping my ass. He didn’t last much longer. I felt his cock twitch in me and then he filled me up with his cum. Rina held off a bit longer before having her own orgasm.

She let me go after that, and I sped home, swearing to myself that I’d never go back to Rina’s place. When I was jerking off that night, though, I knew I’d be back at her door the very next week.

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