Hetero Sex Stories

Vacation on Fuck Island

Sometimes you find a place you like to go back to again and again. It's warm, the sand and sea are closeby, people are friendly and wear few if any clothes. That's why Cindy and I went back. It was a place of adventure where couples did things they wouldn't do anywhere else or they would do it here first. Cindy had gone topless then nude in public here for the first time. It was here that we kinda decided to add some new sexual dimensions to our world. It was here that Cindy tried the big black cock thing. We had found this nice resort each building consisted of four efficiency studios.

OMG He had a huge cock

Well my first story to you all, Im kinda excited !! I dont really tell anyone about my lil sex capers ha but I got lotsa them.. SO this one starts this morning, I was going to just get up and go bounce on the trampoline n sit in the sun in my bikini, which I was doing.. Oh I live at home btw but my mom is never home, so I have free rayne until about 8 pm everyday !! woohooo,, anyhow I was walking out to my trampoline and I saw this guy in the alley behind my house doing some mechaniks stuff or whatever..

A Young Woman Sent To Convent

Young Woman Eventually Wants To Be Sent Free From The Convent Marianne was a young woman, 18, who was sent to a Convent by her parents and a judicial system when she was guilty of being blamed and convicted for a theft she never committed. She was a thin, fairskinned, strawberry blonde, with perky tits, nice ass, tight pussy with pinksoled feet. She was very shy, but protested her innocence which was dismissed by the court who sentenced her to seven years of nun service. She was taken immediately to a convent where she was put through a very strict regimen of studying and meditation.

Fantasy time, me and Kev.

After several years of thinking, the time had come for my husband and i, to fulfil our wildest fantasy's, only, he wouldn't know too much about most of them, who am i to tell, march, and the frosty mornings still among us, yet spring, firstly let me tell you some bits about ourselves. My husband, a 33 y/o, handsome, builder by trade, and very good with his hands! Named Kevin, myself, 34 y/o, sassy, told im very attractive, and awsome with my tongue. We had often spoken of our fantasy's, but husband was more honest and sordid than me, i kept them simple, almost romantic, secretly yearning for other, unmentionable, to him at least, things.

All Alone

I don't know why it happened or how, but I'm happy that it did. I drove home from work, the entire time waiting for someone to call me to invite me out somewhere. Unfortunately, no one did and I ended up staying home on a Friday night. When I first got there I chatted with Mom for a while and then went to my room. I was extremely horny and lay in bed slowly stroking myself and texting some girls to see if I could arrange a get together, but no one was available. I gave up and started stroking faster as I gave into the temptation of jacking off.

Alissa: Part 1

Alissa is my daughter. Well, technically, she is my step-daughter. But, her mother and I have been together since Alissa was about three years old, so I consider her to be of my own blood. We had a great relationship which just added to the illusion of us truly being related. I was fair with all my children. My wife, Yasmin, is the total opposite when it comes to disciplining the kids. She has her favorite, which is always the baby of the family. We now have five children, including Alissa, and with each new baby came a new favorite.

Fucking my Optometrist

This story is from about seven years ago now. I was still in my 30s; just and had been single for a while - indeed celibate for about a year! I broke this particular fast in a most startling and unexpected fashion. It's true, that the most spontaneous sex is always the best, particularly when there's an element of the taboo. As there was here. I was due for my eye test at the big opticians in town. The card came through the door to say that I had not had my eyes checked for a couple of years and was now due. I didn't think my eye sight had deteriorated but I was ready for some new spectacles and made an appointment over the phone.

Blackmailing sexy MILF Shelley Simms 2

Now on Wednesday, I put the plan into motion Shelley expected me to show up to fuck. If Shelley was right, she would be fertile and could end up pregnant. Shelley could explain away a baby from me, being white after all. But Tyrone was black and if he knocked her up, there'd be no way out of it. This had my cock hard, the possibility of Mrs. Simms being breed by her sons and mine black friend Tyrone. I got a hold of three HD cameras, I could get the action from three angles. I couldn't wait to see Shelley the 38-year-old mom given up her married pussy to the young black Tyrone. This would be the biggest cock of Shelley's life.

An Indecent Proposition (Part 5)

For over three months I had availed myself of Amy's eager mouth and pussy. For a girl who hadn't been dating and didn't really want a relationship, she was a very enthusiastic lover. It's true, apart from our night in Derbyshire, we hadn't eaten out, gone for walks or had a drink in the pub. Our relationship was ninety nine percent sexual. I would have said one hundred, but she served me in the refectory of a local nature reserve and I had given her lifts home. Since our meeting, Amy had past her test and now drove a second hand car, which precluded my services in that direction. Sometimes she would drive, on the occasion that I fancied a blow job in a quiet spot in the country.

Cindy Bill and Bob

We had just moved, one of many moves. Left behind were our first swinger friends, Phil and Linda and I may have mentioned Cindy's fondness for Phil's cock. Left behind was our first party house and a host of friends with sexual tendencies that seemed to involve Cindy's cunt, or their cum flowing onto or down Cindy's tongue at some point.