Hetero Sex Stories

Initiating Carol: Sorority girl surprise

He stepped into the room, closing the door carefully behind him. The new girl, Carol, lay on her back, stripped down to her panties, arms and legs tied out in an 'X' on the king size bed. Carol had just recently joined the sorority, and had been suddenly and without warning introduced to their initiation process. A little drunk, she had been ill-suited to combat her friends grabbing and carrying her into the bedroom, stripping her nude, tying her up. Now she lay there helpless, blindfolded and gagged with a vibrator in her vagina humming along quite steadily.

The thief's Reward: A Medieval Story

The square was quiet, still with the cool early morning air. Not a guard was in sight along the distant walls, not a single peddler was up setting up his booth. It was early and that was exactly why he was where he was, no one would see him. He crossed the cobblestones quickly and quietly, moving up behind the figure fastened into the heavy wooden stocks that occupied the raised stone platform right beside where they held the beheadings. She was young, a servant girl, and just yesterday she had been caught stealing her masters jewelry and summarily sentenced to a fortnights punishment in the stocks.

Mr. Smith's Day Off

One day I wasn't feeling very well when I was at work, so I decided to go home for the day. I had such a sinus headache going it felt like my head was going to explode! I didn't think it would have wise to drive my self home, so I asked my buddy if he could give me a ride home, but he would have to pick me up in the morning! He said it wouldn't be no problem. I walked in the house I knew it was to soon for my son to come home from school. So I thought I would take a hot bath, that always helps when I have a sinus headache. I filled the tub with the hottest water I could take, and turned off the light, and slowly eased my self into the hot water.

Kelly's Bad Day at the Office

As usual on a monday morning the bank was busy. Kelly, the banks branch supervisor, was at her desk working on a presentation that she would be giving later that day to her supervisors. Kelly was an attractive woman in her early thirties. She is about 5'4" with long brown hair and brown eyes. She has a nice athletic body with large breasts which she normally hides beneath loose fitting blouses. Today was no exception as she dressed in a sharp blue business blazer with matching skirt, and a loose fitting cream blouse that showed little if any cleavage. Whenever she was giving a presentation to her supervisors she was extra careful to dress as professionally as possible.

Ten to Six

The doorbell rang for the third time before Fran Shannon could make it up the stairs. She had been busy in the basement trying to figure out what to do with all of the water. She glanced at the clock in the hall as she hurriedly walked to the door. "Coming." She hollered. "It must finally be the damn electrician." She mumbled to herself as she approached the front door. "Yes, could I help you?" She asked, opening the door, leaving the chain in place. "Gordo's electric, mam." The man answered, smiling. He was carrying a large workman's bag. "It's about time, what took you so long?" She didn't wait for an answer; she shut the door, unlatched the chain, and then reopened the door.

Young Whore

Nicole stood outside the arena, looking around, hoping she'd find somebody who wanted some company at the concert. She might not be the typical sixteen-year-old girl, but she was still a sixteen-year-old girl, and this was the biggest concert of the year, with the hot new group that everybody wanted to see. The tickets had sold out in about five minutes, so here she was, wearing one of her "fuck me" outfits, hoping that it would get the attention of someone who had an extra. Nicole knew how to get the attention of men. She was 5'3", about 110 pounds, with small boobs, a flat belly, and an ass that was just beginning to round into shape. She also had a gorgeous face, with long blond hair.

Slutty Sister

"God, Bobby, yes! Fuck me hard!" Kerry thrust her hips up against Bobby's as his cock sank into her pussy. He had a big cock, at least compared to the other boys from school she'd fucked, and she liked the way it got so far up inside her. She wrapped her legs around his hips, her arms around his neck, and pulled him tighter against her as cock drove into her again and again. Her body began to vibrate, she moaned and gasped. "Yes, Bobby, make me cum!" Kerry felt her pussy spasm, then all the muscles in her lower belly. "Yes, I'm cumming! Uh uh uh!" She stiffened, her body shaking.

The Sex Chair

As soon as her parents drove away, Laurie McKay crept into their bedroom to search for the key to the closet. Being a curious girl, she wanted to know what kind of strange object they had stowed away in there. Whatever it was, her parents considered it such a secret that they didn't even speak openly about it in front of her, even to acknowledge its existence. It was up to Laurie to find out what they were hiding. She knew only what she had picked up from fragments of conversation that she had overheard when her parents didn't know she was listening.

A life of service returns

After interviewing the entire office staff of the prestigious all girls' high school, the two detectives left through the front door and headed to the unmarked white ford squad car parked in the street outside at the front gates. As they made their way they heard the voice of the vice principle who came trotting after them. He had just recalled that a man had come to talk to Kelly the day of her disappearance. He was about 6 feet tall slender with a medium build and was well dressed. He had told the vice principle that he was there on behalf of Kellys father, who was on a tour of duty somewhere in the world. The vice principle hoped that his information would help. The detectives took their...