Hetero Sex Stories

Into the Woods

"We'll be back by nine mum," Julia shouted as we set off into the woods. It was a warm summer Friday evening, and we were going to have a look at her secret hiding place. "I'll walk in front," she said, a sparkle in her hazel eyes, "that way you can look at my bum." She giggled. I was quite surprised at that because until then she'd never seemed tarty in anyway, but I did as she said. She was wearing baggy jeans which were quite tight over her beautiful firm butt, her long dark brown hair swinging above it, and a chequered short-sleeved shirt. We walked and talked for fifteen minutes or so as she lead us further and further into the trees and plants.

My Sexy Young Wife Stacy

This is the second story I have written about my wife stacy.she is 21 years old a natural blonde with shoulder lenth hair. A size 12 figure and is 5ft 7 in height. Stacy is a total nympho{hence the story headine}and will suck any cock she can get her lovely hands on she has blown roughly 500 different men of all ages,shapes,sizes and colours.as well as about 10 dogs and 2 horses.she doesn't have sex with everybody she blows and I would say she has slept with about 300 of the guys she has sucked off.

California - The Introduction

I had to go to Southern California on a business trip and my wife Stacy wanted to go with me to visit her sister. Stacy hadn't seen her sister Laura in a couple of years and my wife was looking forward to a week with her only sister in the warmer weather. The sisters were almost complete opposites. My wife Stacy being petite with D cup breasts, red hair, pale skin, and lots of freckles loved the colder climates. While her sister Laura was a tall leggy blond with tanned skin and dark eyes that loved warm weather and beaches. Our flight arrived, we picked up the rental car, and soon were at her sister's.

Perfect Wife

The third person I ever had sex with was my husband so you couldn't call me promiscuous. I lost my virginity aged 18 during a drunken student party and I was not at all impressed with the whole sex thing. The second man came along two years later; he was my first long term love, well a few months anyway. Then there was Paul, we dated; we got engaged and eventually married. I didn't know and didn't care if our sex life was good or not, it was good enough for me. We had and still do have sex regularly and he brings me to completion more often than not, I was content. We were celebrating 10 years of marriage and my 35th birthday with a foreign holiday.

A Night of Pure Sexual Bliss!

Danni finished work early and rushed home to fulfill a desire within herself. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and she was aching for some attention paid to her pussy. That evening while at work she download some porn and instead of doing spreadsheets, she was wishing she could indeed spread some sheets. The office was quiet at this time because only three women worked the late shift, and they were in separate offices.Sometimes the owner of the company stayed around to complete his business transactions.

Imaginary Valentine

Like usual, we chat on line telling each other what we were going to do when we finally hooked up. What we would do on our big Valentine's Day date. What we would wear. What we would eat. What... What bullshit. You are words on a computer screen -- nothing more. You aren't really real. I know in my ever so logical mind that I would, once again, be spending this Valentine's Day's night alone. I find myself sitting in my room wanting you. Wanting you to be here after our "big date". Wanting to have you read me that Valentine's card full of clich?that you had gotten for me. Wanting to read you the Valentine's poem that I'd written just for you. Roses are red...

An Unlucky Game of Cards?

He felt himself in such a quandary and was unsure of the exact moment in which he felt the night take a turn for the worse to put him in such a position. He tried to reflect back on the night and figure out just where things went awry...

Just By Reputation

It was a sweltering summer day in early July. Little kids holding mommy's hand crossed streets, clutching on huge plastic sand toys. Beautiful women in skimpy bikini's strolled the streets, while tough, hispanic looking men whistled at their legs. Brian had just moved into his new home. It was a rather big place, large enough for him to set up his massage shop. He had been going strong in the massage world, making quite a bit of money. Brian considered himself rather good at what he did, and that was the truth. Of course, every once in a while he would move, to expand his shop. Now, having a four story house all to himself was perfect.

Daytime Friends, Nightime Lovers

PrologueShe wanted to remember. The hookah was a beautiful piece. It stood at 4.5 feet. Dark red... it always was her favorite color. This hookah was her personal prize. It only had one hose, one smoker. She pulled the airtight box from its hiding place and opened the lid. Once released, the heady aroma drifted, tickling her nose. The new batch of bud was a dark green, but the crystals were so thick it turned everything pastel. Breaking it apart just enough to smoke easy, she arranged the weed in the hookah's bowl. Covering everything and arranging the freshly lit charcoals, she lifted the velvet covered hose and took her first drag.

No Name

She smelled him before she saw him. That mix of cologne, stale cigarettes, beer and man-scent. She gasped as his arms went around her waist and she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck. She had known he would follow her. They made eye contact in the bar; this tall, dark Irishman with the burning eyes. "It's dangerous for a woman to be standing out here alone, at night," he growled in her ear. When she entered Buskers Bar & Boomerang Night Club, after a day at the Dublin Writers Festival, it was filled with boisterous men screaming their support for their favorite team. Large-screen televisions glowed with athletic action.