Hetero Sex Stories

Another visit to "Wild Cherry"

Sometimes things happen... It's worth telling.Anyway.... "Wild Cherry"After moving to one of the Southern capitals, we concluded that people here did not have sex and that the swinging, nudie pool parties, fuckathon party houses of the place we left were a thing of the past. Then we found this club.I wrote a story about our first visit there and the couple we met. And as most always with Cindy, the story also includes at least one other stiff cock that lurks in the shadows and manages to ejaculate into one or more of her willing orifices at some point in the evening. If my memory serves me, that orifice had a tongue in it. The other orifice, surrounded by the labia was already occupied.

Indian Princess comes to america

Ismira left the hotel quickly, not wanting her parents to see her dressed the way she was. she felt excitement, knowing she was breaking the rules, but she didn't care. tonight she would have actual fun.she hailed a cab and got in, she knew the cab driver was looking at her through the mirror, she didn't blame him. she was dressed like a slut, her long black hair was straight with nothing tying it down, her small see-through dress barely went halfway down her thigh, you could clearly see her bra through the see-through material of the dress and the G-string she wore clearly showed through the tight clothing "can you please take me to the nearest club?" she asked the cab driver.

8 A.M.

I kept looking at the clock, counting down the minutes until I could punch out. It was 7:55 a.m. and I was ready to go. Now, before I continue, my name is Thomas, and I work 3rd shift. It's usually pretty boring, but today I had plans for the morning after work. Back to the story... the clock turned to 8, and I was on my way out the door and on my way to the best morning of my life. I parked on the curb 3 houses down, turned my car off, and waited. The door opened, and I slid down into my seat to avoid being seen. She opened her car door, got in, and left for work. Five minutes later, I received a text saying I could come in. I ran for the door, unable to wait any longer.

One Night Stand

I went out Friday night, I was bored and wanted to see if I could score. So I went into the dance club and tried four or five times to get up with one girl or another, nothing.

Girl gets put in her place

When I first stared high school, a girl named Denise was always going out of her way to completely ruin my day, she would just always find a way to humiliate me or hurt me, even going so far as to locking me inside a small closet for the entire weekend.a few years later I decided to get even with her, me and her always had to do inventory at the School Store on Saturdays (for getting in trouble), in a back room that the teacher left us for hours to just count pencils.

The Janitor Chapter four Conclusion

Gwen spent the next day at home. Although her head had cleared, her ass was still quite sore. She called into the Doctor for an appointment to get checked out. Her feeling that she had been violated was becoming more than just a vague suspicion. She thought that perhaps she had been raped, but by whom and with no evidence to prove it and no clue about who her attacker might be, could do little about it. There was little point in telling the police. When the doctor asked her if she had had anal sex recently, the suspicion turned into anger as the certainty that she had been raped became obvious. Suddenly, her erstwhile safe haven of her home did not feel as safe as it had.

The Janitor Chapter three

DS Oliver sat at his desk, a second cup of coffee going cold in a Styrofoam cup, a skin forming on the surface. He cleared a space, lent back in the chair and put his crossed feet up, his hands clasped behind his head, eyes half closed as he thought about the case.He had read the diary from cover to cover. He was disgusted at the putrid mind of the Janitor and his complete lack of regard for the women in his block. He thought that the rest of the residents had had a lucky escape by not being attractive to the little worm.Only, he wasn't so little was he? Certainly, he was above average height with a power to weight ratio that would be more than enough to subdue most women.

The Janitor, Chapter two

It hadn't been a typical Monday at work. A fire alarm had seen the entire university outside, standing in the rain while the fire brigade searched the building in vain for the cause. She and her colleagues got soaked in the drizzle and knew they had the rest of the day to get through in damp clothing. It didn't help her mood in the least.The drizzle didn't let up thorough the day. Her clothes were sticking to her, clinging and uncomfortable, when she arrived home. The door was still closing as she began to strip sodden layers off, leaving a trail of wet clothes in her wake. The shower ran nice and hot. Steam filled the bathroom and in crazy rivulets, ran down the glass of the cubicle.

Foreplay (Part 2)

I reappeared once more to which shocked her as I could tell by the expression on her face but she seemed on edge to what would be happening next, what could I possibly do to outdo what I had done to seduce her in the first place. Her eyes pierced me and attempted to try and entice me but I refrained and stopped in my tracks.I was wearing very little, just a buttoned up shirt and some boxer shorts but as I slowly undid them and allowed her to admire my carved bronze muscular body in the moonlight, I could notice her breathing quickening as her chest rose and fell more and more frequently. I smiled and thought about what to do next but then I shut out them thoughts and worked purely on impulse.

You want it really

As I walked out my house, I lifted my hood and headed into the night, anyone who would have seen me from behind the curtains or in a car would think of me as being sinister and suspicious and they would be correct as I headed towards the town. It was a Friday night and I was looking for a drunk girl to have sex with, I wasn't in the mood for foreplay or pulling. I just wanted sex. As I got to the fringe of the town and headed through the park, I saw a girl stumbling towards the taxi office on the other side of the park. She was wearing an incredibly short dress and I licked my lips as I approached her.