Hetero Sex Stories

Wife Gets A Lesson

I had just transferred in and didn't know a sole at my new high school. I was just starting my English class and was introduced to the class by my teacher, Donna was a blonde, nice tits and with a nice ass. As I asked around, I was told that Donna married some Hispanic guy a year before. Okay class Donna announced, this Keith a new student, please welcome her I am sure I will have fun teaching him and you will help him if you don't mind. Anyways, we got into the last ten minutes of class, Mrs. Gutierrez announced that we had a project due in three days, the assignment was to write about your favorite thing and we could include pictures or drawings to help illustrations.

Night Games

Thud Thud Thud, that was the only sound that hit her ears as she walked through the endless rows of houses in her neighborhood. For some reason, she had so much energy tonight. At 15, she had the body of someone almost ten years older than her age. She stood 5'4" and was dark skinned with black hair, and, coming straight from her house, she was wearing only tight sweat shorts and a tight tank top that showed off her large DDD chest and nice big round ass. It was 11 o'clock at night and it was getting eerie and quiet. She jumped at the tiniest of sounds. Suddenly, she squealed as a hand caught her around the arm and pulled her against a dark old house.

A Special Threesome for Cindy

While we normally confined our sexual activities with Bobby and Ellen Thompson, we occasionally had the opportunity to "free-lance" a bit. One of these occasions occurred when I got a phone call from Dave Gordon, an old army buddy of mine. After I finished my tour in Vietnam, I had the opportunity to be assigned to Germany where I was worked in the S-3 shop in a supply and services battalion... an "S & S" battalion. Shortly after I got there, Dave came into the battalion and took over as the commander of the GS maintenance company and we began our friendship. We met again a few years later when we sat next to each other at the officers' advanced course at Fort Lee.

James Taylor, The beginning

Little did he know that today he would lose his virginity. As soon as he arrived to school he heard a deep voice: his principal. "Mr. Taylor..... Late again? This can't go on anymore Taylor""I'm sorry Sir, I'm really sorry.""It's too late for that. You're going to Detention....the whole day." - He sentenced. He opened the door - "Detention zone" - "Why the hell does this exist..." he though. "Get inside James. This isn't a first so you know the drill, right?" - He said locking the door. He was well familiar with this detention zone.

A little more then just release...

After a long day of work, she looks for release and finds something more.... Staring at the clock, Jenna released a exhausted sigh. Never in her mind did she think that being her own boss would have her working the late hours she vowed never to work. Standing a 5'11 she was often confused for being a model and underestimated by her peers. Having big blue eyes, dark brown hair, 40D breast, and a firm ass didn't help matters either. But that often worked in her favor, having men ogle her got her ahead because they were more distracted in getting into her pants then sealing any business deals. As that last hour seemed to be the longest she couldn't wait til she got home and relaxed by herself.

A Long Awaited Birthday Gift

My name is Jack and I'm an average 19 year old guy. Im 5'10", 180lbs, and of a fairly athletic build. I've been in love with my best friend, Kelsay, for two years, she is 16. Kelsay, in my opinion, is the picture of beauty, she is about 5'8" with honey blonde hair, and the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen. She has amazing breasts, a mid D, and a cute little ass to top it off. She's the kind of girl who loves to do a bit of friendly flirting, always seeming cute and innocent until she shows her wild, uninhibited side. Despite her playful nature, she is a virgin.

Couples Cum Together

We had put an ad on one of the internet websites for adult style dating. We had a few responses. It was really fun getting to know everyone who had replied. There are definitely a lot of interesting people with interesting fantasies out there in the world. We chose to go out with 2 different couples based on our email conversations. The first couple we met seemed a little pushy about how fast they wanted things to progress which made both Erica and I uncomfortable. We met with a second couple. They were more our speed. They were relaxed and it seemed important to them that everyone feel comfortable and okay with the situation.

Victoria's Secret

My name's Victoria, and I'm eighteen. I have shoulder length red hair, lots of freckles, and a pretty nice body, if I do say so myself. I'm short and curvy, and my boobs are big enough to make me look my age...but my face looks young. My boyfriend always teased me about it, saying that people were going to think he liked little girls. I thought it was pretty funny, but until recently, I never realized that he was hinting instead of teasing. And I also never realized that I might like where his hints would lead. I live with my grandparents because my mom and dad are divorced (didn't wanna pick sides and all that) but lately I've been staying with my mom's youngest sister a lot.

A Perfect Match Pt. 2

"Um... hi," said the girl, her teeth chattering and her breath visible. With her hair matted by the rain and her clothes soaked all the way through, she looked miserable. "Hi," he replied, unable to keep himself from staring at her. Then he regained his composure. "Please, come in," he smiled. "I hate to see you standing out in the rain like that." She nodded gratefully and entered. As he closed the door behind her, she stared around the living room, looking a little nervous. It made sense, of course. She had never been in his home before. "I hope you don't mind," she told him. "I'm your neighbor from across the street."

A Perfect Match

Pretty little Leslie Weaver needed sex, and she needed it badly. As she lay in bed with her hand down the front of her panties, she decided she would have to do something about it soon. Lately her fingers just weren't doing the job. Whoever said that men were more driven by their hormones than women had obviously never met Leslie. Ever since that first time that she had touched herself, she had needed it more and more. Like this morning, for instance. She had already gotten herself off once, but it had done little to quench her desires. All it did was leave her yearning for more.