Hetero Sex Stories

Tequila Sunrise

Rain hurtling down the gutters and attacking us waves, we waited three quarters of an hour to get into the nightclub, the last one open in town. A birthday outing for a friend had already backfired severely after a large percentage of the party had drunk too much and gone home and I, despite being left as guardian of two of the hottest girls in the party, was starting to regret my decision to not follow suit. The bouncers eyed us up cautiously as we hid ourselves under a barely waterproof jacket, one between the three of us.

The Naughty Mom Chapter 2

Chapter Two: The drive to the health club was nerve-racking, to say the least. The rain was coming down faster than the wipers could keep it clear of the windshield. The rush hour had started, and the freeway traffic was beginning to slow. On any ordinary day, Alicia would have been cursing the weather and the traffic, telling herself that they ought to move out of the suburbs and into the country, or else into the center of the city where everything was within walking distance or only a short drive away. Alicia would never get used to freeways. Today, however, she welcomed the traffic madness and the downpour. They took her mind off what had happened at home.

The Naughty Mom

Alicia Anderson wondered what it would be like to have a young stud to fuck her regularly. It seemed that every married woman in the world was having an affair these days except her. Even Zenobia Grant -- that decrepit old bag on the soap opera Alicia sat here watching as the rain poured down outside -- was having an affair. The old bag, with her six face lifts and inch-thick makeup, was presently locked in the muscular embrace of the young stableboy who tended her husband's prize horses. The stableboy had to be at least a half century younger than Zenobia. Alicia she'd never be able to figure out the stableboy's lust for the old bag.

What Mom Doesn't Know

My mom has always had the belief that what her husband doesn't know can't hurt him. He's her third husband, he came around at the time I was twelve (I'm 19 now). I had spent most of my childhood with my real father and a few years with my mother's second husband so he wasn't necessarily a father to me, but I still saw him as my mother's husband and an authority figure. He and I have always gotten along rather well. We like a lot of the same things, cooking shows, history channel, being outdoors, that kinda thing. I used to bake a lot and he liked my cookies so much he never wanted my mom to bake (something she was rather jealous of).

Double Mistaken Identity

Jack was determined to fuck Donna, the mother of his daughter's boyfriend. He just got mixed up a bit. "Fine, have your damn costume party. But I won't be there" Mary promised. "I'll spend the night at mother's.""Oh hon, come on," I exclaimed. "You'll have fun.""No I won't," she countered. "You know how I hate those kinds of parties. Things happen that everyone is sorry about the next day.""Hon, that was years ago. It was a mistake. I said I was sorry a million times.""I'm not talking about you," Mary said. "I'm talking about Teresa. I don't care if she is in college. She lives here and will abide by my, our, rules. No sex until marriage.

Li's Awakening

She is married, but often left alone while hubby was traveling, and doing business. In her sexual prime, she turned to sex stories as an outlet.. After a few looks, she found me, and my e-mail address. She agreed to pay my way round trip if I would come and teach her how to have multiple orgasms. She also has never enjoyed the pleasures of oral sex. Her life was about to change.. I arrived in town at daybreak, having flown all night..Being asleep the last few hours had given me hope the day would not be wasted because of jet lag. I checked into the hotel Li had reserved a suite for me in.. I immediately set up my massage table and stones, not sure when she might arrive.

New Mother

My name is Kaitlin Mundy. I am 23 years of age. I had been Mike (Mr Carter's) secretary for about 3 years now and really enjoyed the job. The pay wasn't all that brilliant but it did get me out the house routine and did make a difference to our budget. In fact truth to say without this little job James (my husband) and I would be on Poor Street. The difference wasn't huge but allowed a little more freedom and as we did not have children even after 6 years of marriage there was no one at home that needed my attentions and I got to meet some interesting people. I also got staff discount at the store which helped.

Boat Mom

Shellie lay on the small deck of the houseboat, the hot sun burning into her already golden flesh. She rested on the foam mattress, on her stomach, her bikini top untied and her tits smashed beneath her. The bottoms of her bikini were so skimpy that the luscious sweetness of her swelling ass was half exposed. The sun heated her body, and she writhed sensually, opening her legs to allow the rays to touch her inner thighs. Shellie was slender, like a fashion model.

Formula 1602

My name is Gerald and I have a story to tell, but before I do let me tell you a little about myself. I just turned 15 and I am a nerd, not that I want to be, but I just am, the educational system is boring to me and I usually excel in all my subjects, especially the sciences and math. I try not to stand out but I am compelled to do my best with my homework and exams and stuff. There is just something in my makeup that drives me, I can't explain. I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 147 pounds. I have brown hair and eyes and I wear glasses. Anyways, on to the story:I had worked on this project for the science fair for over two months and I was no where near where I needed to be at this point.


Mr. Anderson walked Phillip down the walnut paneled corridor to the corner office. "I think you'll be pleased, Phillip. You've worked very hard to get here, and saved the company a lot of money along the way."The sign on the door said Phillip Duncan - Senior Vice President, Marketing. Phillip smiled to himself. At age thirty-two, he was the youngest senior vice president in the company. Although many would say he hadn't paid his dues, no one argued the fact of how hard he worked and how many accounts he was able to land, using less of the budgeted expenses than his predecessor. When Carl White chose to retire, the company searched high and low for a replacement.