Hetero Sex Stories

First Anal

You are lying there, peaceful and content after an incredible wave of passion. Your skin is flushed and glistening with perspiration. Your nipples are still hard and your breasts swollen. Creamy wetness is still flowing from your open sex as you lay there with your legs comfortably parted. The scent of your arousal and release lingers in the room. Candles soften your contented smile. I watch you as your tongue slowly licks your lips, remembering our mingled taste when you took me deep in your mouth afterwards. Our passion was an erotic mixture you savored and shared with me in your gentle kisses.

Dogsitting Oscar

When I was a young teen, something happened to me that I have never felt entirely comfortable with until now. At the time I was a giggly girl hanging out at the mall with friends and eyeing cute guys, but never daring to venture beyond flirting and the occasional kiss. I was a virgin and extremely naive and I was self conscious about my body. I had straight brunette hair I wore at shoulder length, a petite frame with small breasts capped with perfect pink nipples. I was 5'2 and weighed 85 lbs. Anyway, one afternoon as I was walking home from school my neighbor called me over to his fence. Mr. Perez was of some Latin American descent and spoke with a heavy accent.

Peehole & Urethra Stretching

Let me start at the beginning and introduce myself! Hi, my name is Kate, and sex with my husband Mark has been pretty good. Considering that we have been married for a few years and one gets into a certain routine and things get a bit predictable. This does not mean that our sex got boring, as both of us made sure of that. We both love sex and we both like to experiment with each other. We have tried just about any position and in any orifice, possible. Sex toys, like different vibrators and dildos have been a part of our "Toy box" for a long time. It must have been about two years ago, when Mark mentioned a woman called "Ty" to me. I think he must have seen some pictures on the internet.

Lisa Lets Go

Lisa lay prone and sweating on the bed, legs splayed lewdly wet from perspiration. The heavy pant that issued from her mouth, the result of her lungs being crushed under the dead weight of her exhausted body, echoed in the large suite. Behind her stood Thomas, the man she barely knew but with whom these past few days she has spent in compromising position after position and doing things she had, until now, only read about. Yet she trusted this man not to kill her and leave her body beside the road a lifeless heap, much like she felt now. Now, after the second day here in this place they rented, were they truly able to let go.

Wet Ride Ch. 04

Jennifer smiled, for the first time in several weeks a toothy grin opened up across her face. She had spent the last two weeks at Mark's house, thankful she had finally found a place to rest, an aerie to perch upon and rise above herself. The air up there was thin, but with every deep labored breath she managed to come to grips with the fact that she wanted to feel it, wanted to live. She wasn't the type to sink into depression, nor was she apt to indulge in drug or drink to fill the void. She just sat in it, rested behind the rocks of a cold grey hell, keeping the demons of betrayal at bay, but keeping them in her sights. She had become an impartial observer to her life as it was.

Room For Rent

Hi. My name is Mona - I'm 28, single, and I own a house. Just got it 2 weeks ago, moved in 2 days ago, and really confronted what it would take to make the payments. When I first found out I was responsible for the payments, I asked friends to move in. Then my sister and brothers, but all declined. I broke down the other day and put an ad in the paper for roommates. I'm not concerned if they are male or female, just as long as they pay the rent and don't destroy the house. The ad had run two days when I got my first call, Dean. He said he is 23, in his last year of college and wants out of the dorms. I asked if an hour was okay and he said sure.

Samantha's First Time

Samantha had only just started working at the small county bank a month earlier, but already she had proven a valuable asset. Her boss, Mr. Steadman, had hired her almost on the spot and ever since had treated her as if she were his daughter. He was an older man, well into his fifties, with the beginnings of a pot belly and gray hairs, but he was a man, after all, and Samantha didn't wonder too long about the reason for his affections. She was only 5'3, but most of her height was in her legs and she didn't waste them in jeans. Her short skirt followed the bank's dress code, but only just. Her breasts were small, but clung sexily to her light blue cotton sweater; she made sure of that.

Stop Sign

Mike knew the instant he did it he was in trouble! "Dammit," he cursed out loud, "stupid stop sign!" The spinning blue light on the police squad car told him instantly that he had just committed his third moving violation in the past twelve months!

Shower Gifts

Brenda yelled from just inside the front door while struggling under a load of wedding shower gifts, "you gotta come and see all of the cool things the girls gave me!" Her mother, still wiping her hands after washing the lunch dishes, caught a falling box that tumbled from her daughter's arms and replied, "My goodness Bren, you made quite a haul today didn't you!?!" Brenda replied excitedly, "and you're just not going to believe it, but almost everyone there gave me expensive lingerie, you know, the really good stuff that costs a fortune!"

Limousine Lust

I am in love with my wife Sally. I am also in lust with her. She is the only woman who truly turns me on and I have no interest in other women. But, for some reason I cannot figure out, I get even more turned on when other men are attracted to Sally. When I fantasize I don't fantasize about myself with other women, I fantasize about Sally with other men. After I first shared this fantasy with Sally I learned that she was interested in fucking other men as well. It was just a matter of time before we made our fantasies a reality. Since our first threesome with another man three years ago, Sally has fucked at least 35 men.