Hetero Sex Stories

Young Widow CH07

That whole next week I was in a pretty bad mood. I stayed away from people outside of work. At the office I tried to be my cheerful, smiling self, but people could tell I was unhappy. Jennifer, my assistant as well as a confidant, talked to me about it on two different days. "It's obvious something is bothering you," she told me in private. "I'm okay," I told her. "Just a lot of things hitting me at once, but I'll be fine.""We should talk. You'd feel better if you got it off your chest," Jennifer responded. "No, I really don't think so. I'd rather not talk about it. It'll be better in a few days."She was a good friend and didn't force me to talk.

Young Widow CH06

We didn't have sex in the morning. We had to leave to leave early and ... okay, the main reason was that I was sore. My pussy had quite a workout and I didn't think it could handle any more at the moment. Actually Tom's dick must have been sore as well. He didn't seem that interested even in a hand job. We talked on the way home. We agreed that we did not want a serious relationship. "This is all new to me," I told him. "I don't want to make rash decisions. Plus, you're my boss!"Tom smiled. "And all you really want is a promotion."I slapped his arm, laughing. Then got serious. "You are kidding aren't you?""Of course," he said.

Young Widow CH05

After our quick - and separate - showers, we dressed hurriedly and emerged from our rooms just about on time. No-one could guess that I had just woken Tom with a sensuous blowjob. But I had slept in his bed after a great evening of sex. So far it was looking like a nice business trip. We were working with different groups at this company, so we weren't together all morning. I was just finishing lunch in the company cafeteria when Tom came in to eat. We found a chance to talk alone, but tried not to act like lovers. "You certainly are looking radiant," he told me. "You just think that because you've had great sex," I said, teasing. "That is certainly true," he answered.

Young Widow CH04

Doug and I had sex two more times, the first times for me since my husband had passed two years before. I loved it. It was great, I felt so alive again, and now I knew I was fully recovered from my grief. I would never forget, but I was now ready to return to a full life. I also knew I didn't want to stay with Doug permanently. As nice as he was, as good as he had been to me, and as much as I had liked having sex with him, he wasn't the person I wanted to settle down with. Perhaps no-one was. That was something I was still unsure about. I also started to realize I wasn't a prude. I had always thought of myself as a little bit of a prude, except when I was in the bedroom with my husband.

Young Widow CH03

My third date with Doug had been quite exciting, as we both had performed oral sex on the other. That was the first sex I had with another person since my husband had passed away more than two years before, but I was ready for more. Doug knew I was ready for more. Well, I had told him. Before we had oral sex I had surprised myself by telling him that I wanted him inside me, but without a condom I wouldn't do it. I was afraid of disease. Pregnancy didn't bother me. I had learned long ago that I was unable to have children. But disease is always a possibility. So it was that on our next date, I knew Doug would come prepared.

Young Widow CH02

My date with Doug was not the first sexual experience I had since my husband had passed away. The first with another another person, yes, but you know, there are other ways. I had become a widow at age 28 after a 10 year marriage. Two months after that I was still in a cloudy haze, not sure of anything. People had been so very wonderful to me, but after a few weeks everyone seems to think it is time to move on. "Accept what happened and move on," they say. But it doesn't work that way. Not with a spouse, especially. I didn't understand that either, until it happened to me.

Young Widow CH01

I was an 18 year old virgin when I was married, believe it or not. I had very little experience with any kind of sex. My husband had been my only serious relationship, and he treated me like a lady, even when I was only 16. We had been married nearly 10 years when he was taken ill and died. For more than 2 years I had no desire to date. So here I am a 31 year old widow, and now starting to realize that I greatly missed the feeling of a man. A man's strong arms holding me, a man's lips kissing me, a man's sweating body on top of me, a man's hard penis sinking deep into me. Oh, my, where had these thoughts come from?

College Lust

Sara was so happy with her freshman year of college. Her new friends and the escape from all the high school drama were refreshing even though some of the college drama was no better. The real thing that kept her smiling though was her advanced physics class. It wasn't what she was learning as much as the one teaching the class. Prof James was just amazing. Tall and broad shoulders with a voice that made her melt every time he spoke. Several times she noticed how wet her panties were after his class and just smiled to herself at how turned on she had become.

1st Surrender: One Dark Night

The bass from the speakers shook the table, splashing her Pepsi onto its already sticky surface "Damn it!" She sighed as she scooted her chair back and grabbed some napkins to mop up the mess."What's wrong Star?" Her friend Jess yelled over the tunes, "You just don't seem all here tonight. So spill girl."Star sighed, "I don't know honey, just kinda off tonight, I think I'm gonna call it a night." Jess shook her head, "I finally get you out of the house for the first time in a month, get you into that miniskirt and hooker heels and you're going bail on me? Girl you've got a line of guys halfway across the room begging to dance with you. What's going on with you lately, what are you hiding?"

1st Surrender - 2 Weeks Later

"This is DJ Starlight, signing off for the night, and wishing all out listeners the darkest dreams, until we meet again." She closed her laptop and sat back with a smile. She turned to look at the clock. "Wow and only midnight, yeah midnight on a Friday night and I'm home alone with only my cat to keep me company. Damn I need a life." She laughed and stroked the kitten who sat purring on her lap.She was just about to stand up when the lights went out. She froze "Oh god, not again." She thought. It had been two weeks since she woke to find the note that read "Until we meet again." The four words that had become her catch phrase for her night time radio shows. Two weeks since the night she surrendered herself to a man for the first time in her life.