Hetero Sex Stories

Jane's story

I turned 19 a few months back and am doing temp jobs between school and university. My new job started a few weeks back and it was a real eye opener for me. I was going to work in a publishing house and I wondered what it would entail. I had just entered the main door when I bumped into a boy I knew from school, he was very fit and it was clear now that he wanted to take me as much as I wanted him We quickly found an empty room and I removed my dress and thongs, I was already wet so I skip foreplay and fucked him hard we both came and fixed up our next meeting, lunch in fact.

Amanda's story

Amanda a dear friend of mine dropped around for lunch she is very fit and her twin brother is even fitter. They have just turned 18 but still share a bedroom; given that I know that they both sleep in the nude, I have often wondered how they could both keep their hands off each other. Amanda was in a very excited mood and given the fact she was wearing a very short skirt and no knickers it was easy for me to see that she was very wet. She would like to tell her story in her own words. Last night when mike and I were getting ready for bed I noticed that he had been caned, five nice cuts with a sixth laded across them.

My Old Flame

I have known her, rather seen her from the time I was about fifteen. The house next door was a sort of guest house of the owner of a large firm. He used to come and stay there when he came to visit the city. After a while he was accompanied a beautiful lady whom I admired, nay worshipped from the day I laid my eyes on her. She had a gorgeous figure with perfect golden skin and long lustrous hair. Marvellous buttocks were matched by big round boobs that strained her dress. She had the kind of face that was classically pretty so that it continued to look great even as she grew old. I was a couple of years older when his visits started becoming less frequent.

My Life as a Prostitute (the beginning...)

For a long time now I wanted to open up and share my past life. I don't have many friends, nor family, and as time goes by I feel this urge to tell my story. I am not ashamed of my past. I know I am a prostitute and was used in ways no wife or girlfriend would ever imagine existed, nor would they ever think that men could degrade women in such ways! But I want to go forward with my life, to open a new chapter and go on. I was a very young teen when I had my first man. I was living with an aunt at the time, since my parents were divorced and did not have much time for me. I could practically do as I pleased with my aunt; she did not care what I did as long as I didn't bring her any problems.

Model House

Oh my god, I thought as his kisses trailed down my neck to my collarbone. "okay you... that's enough for now," I say gently pushing him back. "We came here to look at the models remember?"I didn't give him a chance to answer before I opened the car door and got out.He gets out and begins to follow behind me. "Are you sure we can just walk in? I mean don't they lock these things?" he asks catching up with me.

An Afternoon at the Park

"Well, looks like I'm out of here." Amy said to the night shift manager while clocking out for the day. Just as she finished punching out her cell phone buzzed in her pocket. WHEN U OFF? Was the message from him. NOW she typed back while walking to her truck. She hit send button and proceeded to unlock the driver's side door to her truck. By the time she'd gotten it started and her favorite CD in the player her phone buzzed again. I'M HERE, BE CAREFUL.

Cindy takes her clothes off for the camera

Almost every man wants to take naked pictures of his wife and or girlfriend, perhaps both. Most men have at some time managed to get a few photos. In today's world of digital cameras and camera phones, it's easy. Before that, there were polaroids and as long as you were comfortable with the knowledge that the guys at the photo lab were jerking off to naked pictures of your wife, you could take regular pictures too. I started dating Cindy before the digital age. Cindy had fucked both me and others, sucked on cock, and even swallowed cum. Yet, she wouldn't let me take naked pictures of her. Not even pictures of those cute little tits of hers.

Alone at night

It was early, only 9:30 but I was so bored! Marc had been out of town the whole week and he thought that he would get back tonight but he had just texted that he wouldn't be home until tomorrow. A last minute meeting. It really sucked too because I was all set for him to get home today, I had set candles up in the bedroom, shaved my puss bare and watched a flick to get me in the mood. Not like I needed it, masturbation was fun but there isn't anything like having a hot, hard cock fill you to the brim.

In the arse

'Come on let me shave your arse it's too hairy' I was standing naked in the bathroom having just shaved my face. Golden was looking at me with a cheeky grin on her face and holding the razor and shaving gel. She was wearing a pink bra and pink knickers and looked sexy as hell. 'Come on' she said pointing at the low bench in the bathroom, 'lie over that'. No use arguing I thought and obediently lay on the bench with my arse right in front of her. I felt the wet shave gel being rubbed around my hole until it made a nice lather. It was a nice feeling and my dick started to stiffen under my belly.

Kids Camp

Three of the students were going for an interview and I was asked by the principal to accompany them as I was one of their professors. I was the youngest of their teachers and was not sure whether I was up to the responsibility deposited on me. One of the two girls (both are 18 of course) in the group Ann was very outspoken and forward. And frequently I had caught myself imagining how it would be if I were to run my hands over her breasts, the top of which was habitually visible over her low cut dresses. I could not be sure, but there were one or two occasions I had seen her looking at me with an enigmatic expression that made me slightly uneasy and excited at the same time.