Hetero Sex Stories


I am SO pissed off! I woke up late, cut myself shaving then run outside as it started to rain and me without a rain Mac! I am so fed up! I was having such a great dream too before I woke up to find just how late I'd slept in. All about Jenny. Jenny's this girl who works in the same block of offices as I do, I noticed her the day I started, she's so hot, curvy and sensual with eyes that just delve into your soul so damn sexy! It's her fault I am late. Well Not physically her but I was having the most wonderful dream about her and I making wild and passionate love together. In fact I have been having this kinda dream since I saw her.


I had a dream last night, I know not the most original of first lines but stick with me: I promise it gets better. I was walking down a long corridor with a lush red carpet and orange toned walls; people were milling all around me, entering doors or just walking like me. It was a while before I started noticing the signs on the doors I was walking past. WATERSPORTSHORSE RIDINGFOODThey all seemed quite innocent at first, then the signs started to become more blatantBONDAGEANALRAPEI watched people as they marched confidently into these rooms until I came upon one that made me look twice.

Taken By Surprise

She was not the type to do this and neither he had assured her, was he. They met over lunch. He could find nowhere else to sit in the busy café but at her table. They had made polite small talk and suddenly found themselves laughing and giggling like old pals. "So where are you staying?" He asked her in that heart-melting accent of his. "Oh just at the local hotel." She stammered back very much aware of her clear English accent in contrast to his soft lilting American one. He continued to chat, telling her about all the tourist hotspots of his home town and the places she should avoid. "I could really do with a tour guide" She sighed "I feel very overwhelmed in this country.

He Wears Panties Not Pants

We were lying snugly in bed, lazily stroking fingers over body parts in an easy invitation to lovemaking when my husband said to me"I love the feel of this new satin top as I slide my hands over your body.""Why thank you Love. I love the feel of you feeling me whilst I have it on." I giggled huskily, gasping as his large manly hand cupped my breast; His fingers seeking out my nipple and teasing it into full bloom. I love satin. The soft smooth coolness of it against my skin makes me feel sexy and sensual. Just putting on such a garment gets me wet and excited longing for my husbands touch.

Office Tease, Will Learn to Please!

Pressing the enter key, confirming she wished to shut down the company PC, Amy straitened the things on her desk in preparation for leaving for the day. Leaning further over her desk than was completely necessary, her round ass was displayed to it's best advantage in the snug black skirt she wore. Amy knew that she had the attention of at least three of the four men in the office's that surrounded the reception area, where she stood sentry for eight hours a day, answering the phone and typing up reports for the four men that occupied the offices. She gave a barely audible growl of frustration that Mr. Raptic continued to be unaware of her attempts to tantalize and tease.

Just Another Day

Kala took a deep breath and let out a huge sigh. It was quiet, FINALLY for the first time since the holiday weekend began on Friday. Kala didn't normally look forward to Tuesday mornings, or any morning for that matter, being a night owl her whole life. But today everyone went back to their daily routines of work and school and Kala was able to go back to her routine. And her peace and quiet. The house reflected the fact that the weekend was spent entertaining family and friends with BBQ's and a birthday party. Knowing that she couldn't put it off, Kala finished her coffee, pulled her long auburn tresses up into a haphazard pony tail, and set to work on the laundry and house cleaning.

Get Sauced at Wings!

Kalasandra slowed her big boat of a car as she approached the sign and neon lights indicating she had reach her destination. Wings Bar and Restaurant was just ahead on her right-hand side. She took a deep breath and put on her turn signal. Ed said to be there at 10:30 P.M., she was about 10 minutes early so she pulled around to the rear of the parking lot. Parking near the lone light pole, but not so close that she sat in the spot light or that there where many other cars near hers. She needed these few minutes to herself before going in. She turned on the interior lights so she could give her hair and makeup one last critical look.

Jasmine's Insatiable Mother

Jasmine was eating her breakfast in the kitchen when she heard the bathroom door closing. It was a little strange because her mother used to wake up an hour later than that. Ever since her father left them, six years ago, for the eyes of a twenty years old blonde, her mother was the only one to assume full responsibility of all household expenses as none of the relatives offered to lend a helping hand. There were a mortgage loan and various credit cards which ought to be paid up urgently. Her mother was bound to work overtime, for as long as she could remember, in an account office which was run by two older luscious ladies, Matthea and Rosa.

Suzie's Anal Dream

Suzie wiggled in her sleep and changed side. She was having a rather restless sleep owing to a very lively dream which seemed to have been stirring her senses in a very disturbing way. The only thing that covered her nakedness was a white lacy underwear which left nothing hidden and most of it was tucked inside her moist slit. Her curly black hair covered her face and mouth, her joined palms were between her sweaty thighs and she was breathing heavily through her half opened mouth. She was curled up on her right side and her 36 C milky breasts were squeezed between her arms and the pillow.

Terri's Infidelity

Terri woke up abruptly and instinctively spread out the right arm towards her husband's side of the bed only to find him missing. She rubbed her eyes and a quick glance at the alarm clock revealed the time: 08:12 am. The thought that her husband would probably be taking his daily shower brought a naughty smile on her face. She imagined him standing naked under the running water, shampooing gracefully his curly black hair, with his hairy balls hanging heavily between the thighs and his fully erected 9-inch fat member lazily swinging left and right, following the movements of the body. Terri licked slowly her upper lip and slid her hands between her closed thighs.