Hetero Sex Stories

Training Sasha

Her name was Sasha. She had joined the firm recently and I soon had the hots on her. She was short, hardly coming to my shoulder. Her face was good looking rather than beautiful. It had too much personality for it to be really feminine. She had small straight hair that was mostly pulled back in a ponytail. Her usual dress was tight jeans that showed off her firm muscled thighs, loose open neck t-shirt that gave enticing glimpses of her smooth shoulders and golden hoops on her ears. She had small firm boobs but big wide buttocks. Whenever she bend down I could see a black spot in the cleavage between her breasts and I badly wanted to touch the spot.

Holiday Romance

My name is Nicole and I live on a houseboat with my parents and my Brother Alex. Our family is naturist in inclination and we spend as much time naked as we can. Alex has one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen, blond with jade green eyes and a sharp angular face. His torso is sun bronzed and toned to perfection, he has such a cute pert bum. He has a cock to die for, long, cut and of considerable length, it dribbles pre cum when ever he is sexually excited, which happens to be most of the time.

One summer week Part 2

I had taken a rented apartment in the flat. Bang opposite was a newly divorced lady Mia. She was petite and effervescent. Although for the time being her cheeriness was in abeyance because she was going through a bitter divorce. She was not beautiful in the classical sense, but was cute and it was her character that made her look prettier than she was. She had flesh in the right places and with her big boobs, wide hips, rounded ass, soft plump thighs she was very desirable to a bachelor like me.

Food fight and first sex

I was late out of college and when I got home I rushed up stairs and had a quick shower, shave and brushed of my teeth. I was determined to smell nice tonight. I was just throwing a wash bag and some books in to my rucksack when the doorbell rang. My sister called out "Jamie, its your date's parents"She was clearly amused by this. I rushed down stairs giving my sister a glare and got into the back of Mercedes waiting for me at the curve. It was my first sleep over at my girlfriend's house and they had kindly agreed to give me a lift.

Samuel's training as a sub

My name is Clair and I am a Dom. My last Sub eloped with his boy friend and I am now in the business of finding and training up a new Sub. I promise you this I will not go easy on the training, this time the Sub is for keeps. I invited, Samuel a friend's teenage son around today. He was a listless individual who dropped out of almost everything he did. The rest of his family was appreciative of my life style and thought what I had in mind could either be the making or breaking of him. His one saving grace was that he was very fit and by the way he filled out his jeans was clearly very well endowed. I had a proposition for him and I also wanted to fuck him senseless.

Fun in the Sun

Her breathing was fast and deep as she took the last few steps up the well-worn path - partly from exertion, partly because she had been filled with nervous energy from the moment he had given her the instructions over IM earlier. Put your Ben Wa balls in and go for a walk on the cliffs. Do you have a favorite walk? Can you imagine how turned on you'll be after walking there with them inside you? It'll be torture. You'll be desperate to cum. I will take my toys with me, find a quiet spot on the beach and make yourself cum.


"He said 'we certainly made her airtight last night' and then the rest of them laughed." Ann was cradling the phone against her shoulder as she studied her nails and relayed the overheard conversation to her best friend Shelly. "What does that mean?" Shelly's perplexed voice indicated that it didn't make any sense to her either. "How should I know? I only heard them while waiting for the bus next to the locker-room. They sounded like they had fun." "Who had fun?" Ann's brother was standing in her doorway looking at his 18-year old sister who was sitting cross-legged on her bed, cradling the phone.

Thinking of You

She had been anticipating this all day. The little game that she and her lover were playing long-distance was maddening in some ways. All during the conference today she had found her mind wandering back to the envelope with the piece of paper that she had opened this morning "Masturbate to orgasm." It was an easy command to follow but the fact that she was being "dared" to do it made it seem like an order, which was exciting in itself. Her lover had thoughtfully provided some aids, a vibrator, lube and vibrating nipple clamps and now, after letting him know that she was ready, she had hung up the phone and prepared to fulfill the dare.

Submissive Heights

My sexual awakening really began when I finally gave in and revealed to my husband my desire to be submissive. No, not the master/slave scenarios that seem to be so predominant and to my mind borders on abuse. No, not the spank me until I cry and can't sit down for a week activities that would label me a masochist. No, I don't want to be violently raped, even by my own husband in the name of sexual freedom. What I was looking for was to be able to surrender completely to my husband and allow him to have his way with me, over and over again.

Fucking Machine Letters: Sandra

My girlfriend is always willing to try new things when it comes to our bedroom activities and while she is normally not inclined to suggest an idea she is more than happy to entertain my wishes and fantasies. I'm sure that part of the reason for her enthusiasm is that my fantasies are almost exclusively about giving her bigger, better and more frequent orgasms. What more could a girl ask for? She has found herself tied down, spread-eagled, blindfolded and gagged, shuddering through climax after climax as I ravaged her glistening pussy with my cock.