Hetero Sex Stories

The Last Bus

Shae rushed to the corner hoping to catch the last bus of the night. It was almost 1am and she knew if she missed the bus it would be several hours before the next one would be by. Just as she got there it was pulling up and she sighed with exhausted relief. Working at a bar to pay her way through school and raising 4 kids was over-whelming at times but Shae knew it would pay off soon and with just 3 semesters left she could feel good about herself for the things she had been through to get there. Her boss had started letting her leave early so she could catch the bus instead of paying for a taxi which only dug into her tips every time.

Perfect Fit

Mona had been getting pretty bored. I was a Tuesday and the lingerie store she worked was unusually slow. She had put out all the new stock and checked to make sure everything was in it's proper place. All day there had only been bout 4 customers and only 2 of them even made a purchase. The store would be closing soon and she had sent the other employee home earlier. With only bout 15 minutes left, in walks a woman who look confused and nervous. Walking over to the bra section she just stared like she was lost. Mona had greeted her when she came in but she could tell the woman needed some assistance. Walkin up to her Mona asked if the woman needed any help.

Dee's Transformation

It had been another long day at work and Dee still had to go home and cook dinner for the family. Dee had now been married for 10 years to her second husband and though she was happy the predictable routine was making her feel restless with wonderment of what she may be missing. Her first husband had been controlling and abusive which left her with 2 children and a self loathing. After 5 years of struggle as a single divorced mother when she met Paul and fell in love. Paul helped her see how good of a woman she was and that she had nothing to do with the disrespect she got from her ex. Soon she felt love for herself too and after a year they were married in a small ceremony.

the evil kingdom the golden king

AHAHAA AHAHA FUCKKKKK a beautiful curly hair blonde cries out she the new queen off the golden kingdom her cries of joy fill the room the golden king is laying their grabbing her huge tits two elf guards are standing guard at the foot of the bed the golden queen is again trying to get pregnant and success she glows a golden light erupts from her as she cry out myyy loooooorrrrdddd aahaAHAHAHA she roll to his left side and kisses the golden king their my lord are new child.

evil kingdom demon night

female guards and June head to the near by moutons the dragon was wait when they arrived well u came back goood he says June says aswe agree it's a deal the dragon says come and get me when ur ready she leaves the first guard 1 come into the cave well ur big she looking at him to big I'm not fuck u like that silly girl che change shape I can take any form I chose the trun him self in a big muscle bound black guy well that better she says take he clothes off the others come in and deos they same he lays down on his...

evil kingdom 2

BACK AT THE RIUNN CASTLE PRINCESS is have a meeting a new queen is their with her twins and step daughters now how to increase our power dark night walks in I know how the female generals turn to her their an black dragon the last of his race he young and has no mate he agreed to help us but we need to bare his offspring and as u see I have a bun in my oven I need a few of our warriors to go to him tonight he wants 4 now 6 when the papers are done and three a mouth till the war is over or he is killed that his deal fine princess say I send a few and princess looks up at her.

the evil kingdum


dragon boy the hot tub

It's been a few weeks sent his last score he already feed for the years to come now his eggs are hatch and are sent away or killed by the knights is still feels safe in his location no sign of trouble yet he been hie low to hide his scent and it work but his sister as all readt change her host body and is in hiding he in the tub when may the girl next store cum in hi john she wearing a black bikini she clims in and goes over to him she kiss him ass he feels her ass just as they start making out his mom walks in and say glad ur making friends...

dragon boy the witches

The night began he at the were house sorry about ur mom he take the pills I made for he said to bitch 1 she she felt like she was never going to be sad again wow there wonderful good he said here some money he handed her a brown lunch bag if was full of cash now ur paid for awhile go enjoy ur time off be back in to week and bring ur sister to u know the drill ok she leaves his true sister calls hi bro lisen peacefully tonight I found 2 more brings ur total to 6 I now u like a lot when ur fucking just 6 tonight ok hey a few of the want some tattoos u can help them right yes john say alright she have fun love and kiss by john

dragon 2 party night

When he get home in his mustang hi mom sorry I am late it ok I half to fly out tonight I be back Monday bye mom she leaves he go up to his sister room her and je friend are watching a movie hey come see the basement hey a hout tub wow u di this yep we need a party good weds day bring ur friends yess they smile let get in go a head I make us some drinks soon they were his to command how many are coming nine good he pick up a cell phone call.