Hetero Sex Stories

the red nose were wolf

It was the night before Christmas. At the north pole when deer old Rudolph decided to take Christmas off.

evil kingdom breeding night

The young prince was fall a sleep after 1 hour past he turn in to. A evil demon his long spike tail his golden horns about a foot tail come out of his head his eyes were glowing red his skin was dark black with a tribal marks in gold shining like a candle he is about 9 feet tail the golden queen come down the stairs with a group of young villagers about 8 in all hello my queen he said it be a long time yes the queen said to long is see looking at his cock I see ur looking fine as always Darkcon yep he said walking over to the bed the first girl come over skipping all the way.

Ride To a New Life

It was great news when Tina got the offer to move to Texas for a job that paid almost double what she made. She just had to be there by the following Monday which gave her five days to get there. Buying a bus ticket due to her fear of flying and making reservations at a motel near the her new job, Tina felt she was ready for her new life. Even though she was going to be on a bus for two days she was excited and ready for the new future ahead. The first few hours on the bus went smoothly and she was enjoying seeing the countryside. After a quick bite and a bus change she sat in the back and went to sleep.

Starting New

April was always wondering what her life would have been like if she hadn't got married so young. After a couple of kids, the lost years of a failed marriage and gained weight she was feeling depressed and lost. A friend convinced her to try a couple of chat sites just to start talking to men again and get some confidence built up. After a few months of chatting with several people, one man caught her attention and she started chatting with him. Will was about her age and like her had gone through a divorce and was getting his life back together. After a couple of weeks they exchanged phone numbers and started texting each other on a regular basis.

dragon boy lovers lane

It was morning he was fucking his wife in the huge hot tub ahaha her cries of joy was fill the air AHAHAHA FUUUCKK JOHN she said as she climax's john kiss her softly I love you she said john was feeling her huge tits when pumpkins walk in hi john I wow ur tit's a huge so this is pumpkins u were tell me about she motion her over hey I can't stay long I have got to get back soon his wife bends over the edge of the hot tub and kiss her pumpkins is surprise.

What to do about Mom (The Racist Pig),Her Punishment Started Part 1

As I wrote in my blog moms punishment began,for being a racist pig.Those of African/American decent sorry for the wording about to follow,as I stated moms a racist pig cause my girlfriend and I to breakup,Always bad mouthing black people, and making derogatory remarks,thier no good all druggies females would end upsome ones whore or bitch or workinking the street.

the sea king

The girls are in a boat head to an small inland cove Emma and June are sailing to meet the sea king Emma now a new mom of twin is thinking of her deal with the dark princessIf she bring him back to the lake it will be a 4 rank promotion June speaks.

Cindy Fucks her Prof

Cindy and I met in high school and experimented with sex. From time to time we would break up and each of us pursued our own independent sexual adventures. She was more successful than I was in adding a wide range of experiences to her scrapbook. We married and for a few years tried to remain monogamous. There are more than a few stories about what a failure that was. Still we wanted to stay together enjoyed each other as sexual partners and little adventures made us realize that we needed more, Cindy needed more. We began thinking about swinging. Then, Cindy had a dirty old man prof in a psych class assign her to do a paper on swinging, since she was the only married woman in the class.


Lisa couldn't take it anymore. She had been holding back her feelings for her roommate for almost 6 months now and she had to do something. When she and Paul agreed to move in together to split their expenses she always thought it would be Paul that would be overcome with lust for her but instead she was aching to devour him every waking moment. Just to hear him talk made her weak and the thoughts she was having were effecting her ability to work. She was so stress today that she left work early to spend the afternoon with her favorite dildo while laying in Paul's bed thinking about how passionate they would be together.

Dragon Boy Love Sick

He make breakfast all all alone his mom is now gone moved in with her new man his sisters move out to be with her girlfriend he getting ready when the Nabors girls come in mine if I take a dip no Emma's is right behind her hey why are u getting ready their no school today I have paper work to do but we have sometime to play he says walk down to the basement the are on the bar.