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Anything You Desire

I knew that I should have left the house sooner but didn't count on my neighbor, Tina, stopping by for a "short visit." She just kept talking, no matter how many times I told her that I had to go! Now I'm stuck in traffic on the highway and I don't want to miss your train. You've been away on business for months and I can't be late. I am gripping the wheel frantically, as my fingernails dig into my palms, "Damn the luck! Damn you, Tina," I curse under my breath.Finally, traffic is moving again and all I can think of is being in your arms, and all the ways that you will possess me this afternoon, unless I am too late to pick you up.

Bitch Training Part 2

Bubba stayed tied with me for about 10 minutes, I came two more times with his knot in me and all the dog-cum gushing in my pussy! Finally Bubba pulled out, leaving my former nice and tight pussy a cum leaking big hole! I just fell over in the grass, exhausted, but satisfied! Jon grinned, so my little Bitch, how was it?! It was great, I said and I needed it soooo bad! "OK, you stay out here in the kennel with Bubba, fair enough since you are his Bitch! You serve him well whenever he needs it! Understood!?" "Yyyeesss", I answered.

Bitch Training Part 1

My name is Iris, I'm 29, 5'2", I have long dark-brown hair and 36B tits, slim waist and long smooth legs. My husband Jon is a very dominating person and luckily I enjoy being dominated and a little bid humiliated sometimes. Our sex live is very interesting, as we do what ever makes us happy. We share partners and join swinger-clubs every now and then. Jon allows only short skirts or very short shorts, combined with High Heels and no panties, no bra, my pussy has to be shaved, so does the rest of my body! We got a dog named Bubba, he's a mix of a Great Dane and Doberman, light grey color and very tall, 9month old. Jon told me to take him to the vet today, to get his claws cut.

The Breeding of Laura

Laura settled back on the settee, nervous, yet sexually excited. She enjoyed her 'fantasy nights' with her husband Tom. She could feel the coldness of the steel handcuffs that bound her wrists firmly behind her back and she could also feel her own dampness between her thighs. Wearing a thin black dress with just a pair of black stockings and suspenders underneath, she could feel a chill too. She was also in darkness. A black silk scarf covered her eyes to give everything added effect. Tonight Laura was playing the whore, a whore who would be pimped out by her husband to satisfy a lusty friend. In a few minutes her husband would come in, pretending to be a complete stranger.

Slut Contest

Remember my girlfriend Bo? The one who invited me to the Club? The one who's basically responsible for my career as a whore! Well one day she called and over some bullshit, we've got into a big argue fighting like cats on the phone over nothing! At the end the main question was, who's the biggest slut, her or me? I've had enough after a while and just did hang up the phone. Two days later Ben called, telling me that Bo has challenged me into a slut contest and to make sure I couldn't back out, she had Ben chosen as the organizer and to make this a special money making event for his club. If Ben hears the money word, he's hooked and does anything to make as much as possible out of it.

The Affair

She never planned on having an affair. It was just something that happened. She loved her husband and other men rarely crossed her mind, but then there was Tom, her husband's friend. Tom and Jim had known each other since high school and they were close. Tom had even been the best man at Jim's wedding five years earlier. The friendship had expanded to include their wives. They would all get together occasionally for dinner or just to talk. Things were really good for a while, until Tom and his wife began having problems that led to their separation. That is when the affair became something more than a fantasy for Alice. Alice had grown fairly close to Tom.

An Affair

Afterward, each of them would remember their first sighting of the boys as the moment the change occurred. They shared this perception though they didn't later discuss it, and in fact both were wrong. It was a silly memory on the face of it, because it treated the boys as though they had some strange power to transform when in fact they were just youths. The true power lay elsewhere, and the change wasn't as quick as all that.

Affair With My Daughter's White Boyfriend

I've always had great relationship with my daughter; she's my confidant and my best friend. She always was, since she could talk. My husband died tragically several years ago. This brought Sally and I even closer together, and I thanked God for the strength we gave each other. Sally was only 14 when her father died, so I was alone to guide her through her adolescence. Sally is beautiful and personable, and has always been a popular girl. It could have been difficult for her as colored girl growing up in a mainly white middle-class neighborhood like ours, but thanks to her personality and good looks, she's never had a problem finding friends.

The flight home

On the flight down to Wellington, you start thinking about what we are going to do when we see each other again, the new stockings are really showing off your great legs and with the shoes and short tight skirt, you knew each time you sat down, it left little to the imagination of anyone who was looking in your direction. Some guy was constantly looking at your legs, so as your flight was called, you deliberately lets your legs open enough as you stood up to allow him clearly to see right up to your very smooth recently waxed love hole, you could clearly see this turned him on, but he was not on your flight, he would just have something nice to think about.

Well...I asked for it!

Well...I asked for it....!!! Here is what happens if a girl like me gets to frisky! Besides other activities, I work as a special escort for my friend Ben. Now, there are several rules on both sides: like I don't fuck a guy I haven't seen pictures of and Ben don't want me to act in movies anymore so my face doesn't get to public.... See, I like to act in front of cameras, I'm an exhibitionist. Not that I didn't had a chance to get filmed, but only on Ben's special events in his club. I wanted to do my own fantasies in my own videos. So I asked Ben if I couldn't do so...Sure he said NO.