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My friends sexy mom

This story is when I had just finished my college and was around 20 years old. I met my friend Vicky when I was in High School all the way until I finished my college, I used to like spending time at his house, and he was the only offspring of his parents. Vicky was Gujarati. His mother would always wear Sari in Gujarati style. I never looked at his mother Prema sexually until one day when Vicky was at the market and I reached his house and his mother told me he will be back in a little while, she was washing clothes and was a little wet. I sat in the living room and their bathroom was right across where she was bent over and I could see her huge ass jiggle.

My First Threesome Experience

It was quite hot during summer season. Saturday afternoon hard work, go downstairs watch a little TV and cool off from the heat, strip down take a shower, go upstairs and get dressed. Ever since the family moved out, this has been Saturday at my house. Why would this Saturday be different? Everything went as usual, except while watching the game I fell asleep. When I woke, I stripped and took my shower. Ten minutes later I'm walking up the stairs and notice that my wife, Rita, left the front door open. I can't get to our room without passing that door but the porch is partially covered so there isn't a clear view from the street. I sucked it up and took the step.

My fantasy with beautiful young maid

I am a married man staying with my wife who is a teacher. Our children are studying and we stay together. I am 40 and my wife 33 and we have a very satisfying sex life. But I am always horny when alone... We have a maid called Amisha; she is wheatish, 23 years old and has a sad past. When she was in school and 13 a boy eloped her and made her pregnant with a baby girl. After six month he left her and got killed in an accident. She wants to marry again, hasn't found a man yet though we have arranged a children's home for her child. So she stays with us, she takes care of her body nicely. I work most of the time from home on net and so alone at home with my wife and kids at school.

My Encounter with Hot Babe

My name is Jay, I live in Bangalore. I'm a 21, good looking guy with a cock of good size: it is about 10 inches long. My first time with a woman was about 3 months ago and it was after a night out in a club. Well, I had sex with a woman 15 years older than me and was not satisfied. She was all drunk and horny and every time she kept trying to lick my ass. Since that bad night I had not had sex at all, and from this point I was a bit disappointed and regret about my life. Being a pretty attractive man (most of the girl I know say that) I never occupied myself finding a girlfriend, though I should. One day, I was hungry, and so I went down to my usual cafe about 2 blocks away.

How I was seduced by the sexy maid

He paid no attention to her as she entered the room. He was used to the help being around him while he worked. He paid all of them well enough to do their work without bothering him. The maid would simply clean the room and then leave. Her perfume smelled different today, more like that of a young woman then someone who was fifty years old. This caused him to look up. In front of him was a very good-looking woman, about 30 years old with a great body. She was wearing a maid's outfit with a hem that allowed an ample view of her legs. Her breasts were held tightly within the top which was cut to push her breasts up, exposing the tops of them to him.

My Real Incestuous Affair

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that the story that is presented here is real and current. This is being told in public for the first time because I am new to the internet and I never realized the interest in this particular subject matter before. When this story first occurred, I was 22 and my mother's sister was 45. We have been together sexually for three years now. First, let me say that my aunt Anita is a very beautiful woman. She is tall with big brown eyes and full lips with nice pert breasts. She always dressed herself in sari. She always has a manicure and pedicure. She is real fine looking lady. Well I'm sexy looking guy with tall, black hair, athletically built.

A Kinky Game

The car pulled over onto the makeshift gravel car-park that lead to a public footpath into the the woodlands that was a popular spot for a lunchtime walk. Lucy and Tim got out of the car and hand in hand followed the footpath into the wooded area. There seemed to be quite a few people around and Tim politely nodded and smiled as a couple riding their bicycles slowly passed by. The footpath wasn't very long and soon they reached the other side of the woodland. The trail opened on to a larger car-park and recreational area. A small ice-cream and coffee shop was open. Lucy found an outside table while Tim went to get some refreshments and joined Lucy. They just sat there people watching and tak...

Brief Visitor

I waited for the girls to pick me up and watched TV. There was some news about abnormally high solar flares or some such thing, and that the weather forecast would be a bit shaky since several satellites were malfunctioning. Anyway, I soon heard a car-horn from outside, and grabbed my backpack, said quick goodbyes to my parents and promised to get to a phone or something if something happens, etc. Once outside I threw the backpack into the car trunk and jumped into the back seat. And so our little trip out of the thrills of civilization started.

Alice in Waterland

I slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom, desperate for a pee. As I stood naked in front of the bowl idly watching a the golden stream hit the water, Angela crept up behind me, reached round and took hold of my cock, directing the stream around the bowl and giggling. This and the soft warmth of her breasts against my back started giving me an erection and soon the stream was going all over the place as my cock pointed skywards.

Alice Submits

Alice worked for the department store for several years. Recently she witnessed several changes. The corporate executives brought in new managers to increase sales. Mr. Jake Benton was assigned to the store where Alice worked. When Mr. Benton spoke to the group where Alice worked he stressed that there would be lay-offs and poor performance would be grounds for termination. Alice remembered how large Jake Benton looked. He was black, over six feet tall and appeared extremely muscular. He dressed very sharp and his deep voice intimidated Alice. At first Alice was worried about her job.