Hetero Sex Stories

My brother and I

I had woken up to find my mother and step father gone to work; this was always a normal thing at my house. It was always just me and my brother at home. We never really got along, until one day. My mom had just got in from work, carrying a beautiful kitten. I was in awe at the sight of it. My brother and I really loved animals, it was the one thing we had in common above all. We would spend time together playing with the new pet. My mom decided to take a weekend trip with her new husband. Leaving me and my older brother at home alone once again. I knew nothing could go right of this, because now he had started a new habit, placing the kitten on my back while I was trying to sleep.

Hello Daddy

Sienna grew up without her father in the picture. Instead of resenting him for it, she ached to meet the man that created her. Throughout her teenage life, she kept tabs on him as best she could and would often walk by his apartment complex in an attempt to catch a glimpse of him. Now, never knowing what it was like to have a father-daughter relationship, Sienna was unsure how best to capture his attention. The only interactions she'd had with adult men were the ones that leered at her and undressed her with their eyes. Sienna took to wearing revealing clothing that flaunted her 5'2", hour glass frame. She kept her dark hair long, wavy and pumped up with sexy volume.

Snotty Student Gets Put In Her Place

Dr. Smith was a Human Sexuality Professor at a local University in New England. He was growing ever increasingly annoyed with a redheaded stuck up student who was 20 year old named Anne. Anne was very fair she had very pale skin, green eyes, redhair, big breasts that pressed against her turtle neck sweater. She had a gymnast body with shapely legs and wore skirts, stockings and black shoes. She was very prim and proper and from a very wealthy family. Dr. Smith was continually bothered by Anne's pestering and criticism of her grades on tests and assignments. She criticised a bit too much one day. Little did Anne know, but Dr.

Disney Vacation

This past week, my family and I went to Disney world for vacation. When we arrived at our hotel, I soon realized there were lots of girls staying there and they were barely wearing anything while at the pool. Even when getting on the buses to go to the parks, they wore short skirts and tight shorts. Up til leaving for the trip, I had already been horny. This definitely was not helping the horny situation. You see...My wife and I have been together for 20 years and sex is not one of my wife's priorities. I would spend the day in Disney, staring at tits, ass, legs, and lips. I would take my shower in the late evenings when the family layed down to go to sleep.

The view....

"Wanna take a ride with me in about an hour?" the message said. She looked at the clock and realized it would work.."sure..where?" "Don't ask...very casual." he said. She just figured he was being goofy again and went to change. "Very casual" huh? Well, that calls for her worn out jean shorts that are a bit big now and stitched in places. They feel amazing against her skin and it's as if she's naked. Panties are always optional. With a change of her shirt, a pair of sandals and a quick brush of her hair, she heard him coming up the drive. Grabbing her purse and her keys, a smile comes over her. Time for some fun!


A man had not seen her without clothes on for over 20 years. It was her hang up. The doctor had told her it would never be the same. The damage the first one had done using the broom handle was extensive. The scar wasn't so terrible anymore but the flat belly she once had would always be elusive. Too many surgeries. That's what they told her anyway. She never saw herself the same and tried to hide herself from anyone who looked too closely. It was early and she donned her usual work clothes. She was sure to not draw attention to herself while outside working. A hat, baggy clothes and a fuck off attitude had kept her safe.

That night....

I wore my hair up that night. It is my favorite. The smallest breeze would caress my neck and my nipples immediately respond. My secret erotic spot. Soft curls tickle my skin. A new lotion has my tanned skin glimmering and it's scent is soft and romantic. It's going to be an interesting evening. Even if only I sense it. We have all been friends for a long time. New people come and go but there is a core group that has remained. I hadn't gotten to know some who where mingling around the yard yet but the atmosphere was certainly conducive to making new friends. Was it just her? He's here. I can feel him. As I continue talking with friends, my eyes begin to wander. Searching for that face.

How I made to orgasms to my horny teacher

It happened a long time ago. I was a freshman in the university. I had my first ever row of exams I was really freaked out to take. I had only a few days to prepare for my exams and I hadn't had anything in my empty head. I didn't study any of the English and I had to do that exam in order to pass to the next semester. Professor told me to come and see her on January, 3rd. I had no time to prepare for the exam because there was too much partying and I was still a bit hangover. I had no desire to prepare myself but I still had to go and at least show up. And so I came to university without knowing what the hell to come up with in order to pass the exams.

My sexy maid Kavitha

I am Jay,45 yrs, employed in a Public Sector organization occupying a middle level post. My wife Roma, affectionately called Roma, is very fair, wears specks, tall, slim with an average size boobs and very tight round shaped ass. She hasdelivered a boy child some 7 months back and had come back to my house just a month back. I have started my sexual activities with her and have been enjoying her company as well as the new born boy. All of a sudden her father fell ill,and she had to go to my in-laws' place. I felt lonely again in my house. We have one servant maid who has been working for us for the last 1 1/2 years. She is Kavitha, black in color with lovely figure.

My fantasy with Girlfriend Meena

Hi, everyone! Here comes a story about my girlfriend! Her name is Meena, she is quite beautiful, tall, with big blue eyes, sexy long legs, nice boobies, round hips and a beautiful firm butt. I met her 2 years ago in a foodstuff store, she was so young and stunning, I couldn't help walking up to her and saying how beautiful she was! After that I invited her to the restaurant and soon we started dating, and she became my girlfriend. We have had lots of hot sex sessions since, rich in different positions and places. You know, I'm a great ass lover and all this time I have fantasized about fucking my girl in her ass. I love to watch porn movies where a girl gets fucked in her ass.