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Two's company...

...Three's a crowd, but four is... well read on and make your own mind up. But, please don't ask me what I think, I'm still coming down and can't think straight yet. Erotica; Probably the best exhibition or show in London of the year. Usually held around the middle of November, when it is cold and miserable out, but the heat in the Grand Hall; Olympia, near Earls Court, South West London, goes off the scale. I had managed to get two of the hottest tickets in town. You have to get them early, otherwise you will be disappointed. We got there early and waited by the main entrance doors until the place opened.

You never know a woman

How much do you know your partner? Even in later years, contrary to popular belief, new things can and do happen. We have been married now for many years, enjoyed each others company, grown together, produced our children and basked in the love of our grandchildren. Without giving too much away, our eldest daughter is thirty five and mother of four boys. In those years together, we have played, tried many things, with varying degrees of success. Several of those experiences have formed the basis of stories published to the net on many sites, some of them here.

Escort Services

Chapter 1. At last, she allowed him to cum, letting his seed spurt into her mouth in almost painful spasms of ejaculation. Her tight grip at the base of his cock released, allowing the pent up seed to pass, so that it shot through his urethra at blast velocity. His hips bucked involuntarily, raising his narrow cheeks off the stone slab of the poolside paving, his orgasm ripped through his body. Her lips, locked around his purple head, creating a seal, trapping his viscous fluids until she was certain she had it all. Then, as the small tensions subsided, she let his come dribble from between her painted lips, to run down his shaft and coalesce at the base of his shaven cock.

I Let My Bosses Husband Fuck Me

It was the evening of the office christmas paty. To avoid any drink driving the event was held in a hotel in the function room and we had all been given suiets to stay the night. After arriving and checking in, my cell beeped it was Andrew my boyfriend it read "cant make it babe night with the boys" what a bastard I had my hair dyed jet black and had got a full body wax and some time on a tanning bed for this. Oh well I'll just go and have some fun I thought.

My Birthday

This was going to be such a great night. Mom and dad were taking me and my boyfriend, Jason, out to dinner for my birthday. Dad said we could go to that super great Italian place called Iliano's, totally expensive. Mom told me to wear something nice cause it was a fancy place so I was going to wear my new blue spaghetti strap dress, I thought it was cool wearing something with spaghetti straps to an Italian place. I was showering, washing my long blonde hair with the new shampoo I got for my birthday. The water was so hot running over my shoulders and tits and back down over my pussy. As I lathered my hair one of my hands cuped my tit.

Dan The College Impregnator part 2

Dan went back to the library after a week that he fucked Jenn. He liked to watch Jenn the library student worker who he pumped his cum into go about her job.He got hard thinking about her and to his pleasant surprise she gagged a bit on the spot and held her stomach. She ran into a female washroom and puked. 'Sure sign of pregnancy' snickered Dan under his breath. He then saw a young lady, another library worker follow Jenn into the washroom. He could here her inquire of what was wrong. Jenn just felt sick and then an idea occurred to Dan. He decided that he was going to fuck this other library worker and what a pair both would be barefoot and pregnant together.

Dan The College Impregnator part 1

Dan went to college at 19 years of age he was an average build, brown hair, 6 ft, and 200pounds. He chose a college named Grand Falls College because the student body was made up of 80 percent women. Also there were no women there that got knocked up. Dan wanted to make changes to that. His whole lustful wish was to put his seed deep inside as many women as he could to impregnate them. He discovered he could hypnotize women prior to going to college and wanted to use this to get his way. The college had a dress code which required the young women to wear either long pants with turtle necks with black shoes or shoes, stockings, skirts to the knee and collared shirt.

the nun

Sister Anne was 22 years old and given a directive to go and offer tutoring services in Math for that was her forte. Every nun had to do something extra like this beyond their routine to become well-rounded. Sister Anne put notices up all over the different college campuses in the city. She was about 5 foot six, pale freckled skin, glasses, redhair, and blue eyes. Her body was nice and hour glass with perky tits. Her uniform was a black and white headdress with a black and white gown that went to midway down her lower leg. She had black stockings on up to her thighs and panties and a bra underneath. She also wore a conservative looking sandal type shoe.

The Store Brought Cuckold

For a very long time I have had fantasies of being cuckolded by my wife. The whole idea of her deriving sexual pleasure from someone else's cock was driving me wild. I toyed with the idea of convincing her to take some new lovers so that she would experience the joy of having a bigger and better cock stuffed inside her. I believed however that this would be a futile endeavour because she was not the type of woman who would agree to this sort of thing. She needed the soft loving relationship that we had developed over the years and would probably not be able to relax and feel comfortable enough to enjoy the experience.

How I seduced my cousin

Well this is another lovely story of my sexual experience with my sexy 19 yr old cousin named Sonia (Name changed). She was very attractive, fair complexioned, about 5'5" tall and had a slim figure with great sexy curves. It all started with a visit of mine to my aunt`s place. It was winter season with unbearable cold at that time. We were all sitting in the hall inside blankets and watching TV. Sonia was sitting just next to me resting her back on my knees. I was inside blanket. I started feeling the heat of her body and it was good enough to arouse me and finally I got erected. I slowly moved my hand and placed it over her smooth thighs.