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Dan The College Impregnator 3

Dan was walking down a hallway at his college and he saw a poster of a pale strawberry blonde girl named Linda who was 21 years old. The sign was advertising for her re-election as the president of the student union. She posed beside a young studious black man named Leroy who was 20 years old who was the vice president of the student union and also looking to get re-elected. She also posed with a young fairskinned redhead named Trish who was the secretary for the student union who wanted to be re-elected as well. They all looked studious and nerdy. They all wore glasses. Dan went to seek out their office.

My sex with beautiful teacher Minal Part-5

I knew she was getting orgasms after orgasms and was feeling at the top of the world, but I never wanted to give it up. I wanted Meenal Mam to have the maximum and indeed, all that she had starved for. My mind soon recollected memories from the movies I had seen and shot this idea of having a pillow under Meenal Mam's ass, I grabbed a pillow and as she helped me, I pushed it under her ass. Now her pussy was more attractive as the light on the opposite wall shone on it, her tight, bud like anal looked delicious, I wanted it and I fell for it and quickly got to it. I played the tip of my tongue up and down her perineum the skin between pussy and anal which I've known is very, very sensitive.

My sex with beautiful teacher Minal Part-4

Well this is something I have been waiting for. I have waited enough but never made a move for I wanted her to want me take on her breasts. Her firm breasts felt soft against my lips, they were like delicate balloons filled with jelly, and I licked her cleavage and inserted my tongue in between her two beautiful mounts. Meenal Mam moaned as she shivered feeling my mouth over her cleavage. She moaned and soon requested me to take away her bras. I pulled my hands out of her panties and quickly reached up her back and undid the hooks and pulled her bras off her hands and boy! What a sight it was......how could I explain it?

My sex with beautiful teacher Minal Part-2

At around 6.30pm, I reached Meenal Mam's house while I watched the first batch students, "little kids" leave. I thanked God for I dint want those students to see me give a gift. The maid opened the door for me and as I sat waiting for Meenal Mam, the maid came up to me and said it was getting late and she needed to leave as she dint want to miss the buss. She requested me to inform Meenal Mam about her leaving and soon left. After about 5 minutes Meenal Mam came climbing down the stairs, she looked exceptionally beautiful this day dressed in a beautiful garden sari and a perfectly matching blouse.

Fucking my beautiful teacher Meenal Part-1

My name is Jay. I am a good looking guy with a cock of size 6.5 inch... (Not like fake 8 or 9 inches). I am doing BCA from college in Delhi. I like to read incest sex stories. I always tried to impress the teachers of school as well as the college but never succeeded. However, my luck came to action when I started going for maths tuition. Maths have always been a weak subject to me and often scored just above pass marks. Exams are approaching and my parents were tensed thinking about my weak point "Maths. A lot of concerns followed and this is when we had one of our neighbors visiting us.

Sweaty Got What She Wanted

I have as a co-worker a very beautiful, young lady by the name of Sweaty. She has been working with me for about six months. Sweaty is a tall, shapely red head about twenty-three years old, with a sharp sense of humor. Often we joke with each other and have never found anything to offend either of us. Several weeks ago, we both had put in a couple of evenings of overtime on a pressing project. I decided in order to celebration the completion of the project I would invite Sweaty to have dinner and a couple of drinks at a nearby restaurant. We arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a corner table. We ordered a couple of mixed-drinks while looking over the menu.

My short sex stories Part-3

It was winter vacation and as always we were going to have winter camp trip. I and my girl friend were very happy for that there would be no one to disturb us. In the trip bus we sat on 2nd last sets together and I was kissing her such way that anyone can hardly notice. Then she suddenly looked at me I saw something in her eyes then I thought some thing will happen. Then bus stopped for meal break, all went for some meal but I didn't. After a while my girlfriend came to me running and gave me a juice with her nice gentle tongue kiss. Oh that was really nice.

Fucking my sister-in-law

My name is Rajesh, originally from Udupi and I am 33 years old, currently living in Bangalore and have been married for 3 years now to a beautiful wife.. This experience happened last month when I visited Mangalore with my wife, while staying at my wife's place for a week, where my widowed mother-in-law lives with her daughter (my wife's unmarried sister). Her name is Savitha, 27 years old and unmarried. She is working as a school teacher in Mangalore. It all began on the day my wife and I reached Mangalore. We had decided to stay in Mangalore so that we could attend a couple of wedding functions. We reached in the late afternoon and I was having a nasty headache.Being a diabetic, my mother ...


I am Jay age 45 working with a multinational firm. This happened to me two years back, when urgently I had to go to Mumbai and not getting plane ticket I had to go by train. Last minute reservation by Railway got a RAC seat, since it was a night. But since the journey was one night journey only so I thought I will adjust.

The AC Guy

My childhood was not normal, typical childhood. As most kids were chumming around with others, I ended up spending most of my time at home or with my dad or uncles. Interestingly enough, I went a number of times with my dad to his favorite hangout; a friend of his operated a gas station that was frequented by truckers. So, by the age of 13, I had been exposed to every known word in the book, along with stealing some glances at the magazines that they had there. Seemed like some of them used used "fuck" for every other word coming out of their mouths. Needless to say, this left me with an idle curiosity of women as a whole.