Hetero Sex Stories

Slave: Chapter one

It was during the darkest hours, those before the dawn that they stole up from the river. Silently encircling the village and stopping on the outside of the boma. The dogs, the villager's normal clarions, died noiselessly after eating the poisoned meat, thrown over the thorn bush barrier, designed to keep the Hyenas and marauding leopards away from the livestock of goats and the few cattle they kept.The heat of the hot sun had leached out of the dung bricks that formed the bases of the huts, to be replaced by the chill of the night. They slept on rough cots, covered in skins or blankets given by the missionaries, oblivious of their impending fate.The signal, a short yip, woke Aneesha.

Abigail: Part 1

Foreword. It is a sad fact of life that many of our teenage children come off the tracks. There are many hypotheses that try to explain how it is, our society cannot cater for the younger generation, how it fails them at a fundamental level and leaves them to learn and fend for themselves. We teach our children the usual things, History, Geography, to read and write, numerical skills, but we seem to have forgotten how to teach them social graces and how to behave.

Moving Day

The house next door had been vacant for months since the Reynolds moved out. I was standing by the window as the moving van pulled up. It was early and I had just gotten out of the shower, wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt. I watched a Prius pull in behind the van. Some tall skinny guy got out of the van and this hot babe got out of the car. She must have been around 24 years old. She had blonde hair down to her mid back, tits that were an easy c cup just bursting out of her tight little halter, and an ass to die for, round and perky with no jiggle as she moved, this ass just seemed to firmly hold its shape. DAMN. The guy who got out of the van was a couple years older than this babe.

Our first mfm threesum

My girlfriend was  out on the tiles with a few of her girlfriends, but we planned to meet up later at my house.  Before she went out i watched her dress herself. She had a short summer top on with two fine shoulder straps on. Under the top was a semi see through bra but she didnt really need it because her tits where pert and firm. Below the top she had her favourite jean mini skirt on showing off her silky smooth legs. I could feel my cock stiffen as i observed her in this state whilst she applied her make up. I slipped up behind her kissed her neck lifted her skirt and slipped my hand inside her lace knickers stroking her sexy mound of pubes with my finger tips.

Alanna's story

Crossing a cattle grid, Alanna enters into rural England and a sexual experience she could never be prepared for. Realisation hit her like a well-aimed sledgehammer. She had been fucked by this horse, which even now was still calming down after losing what seemed like a gallon of horse cum into her stretched cunt. Alanna felt her inner walls start to contract and adopt the usual shape of her uterus, instead of the expanded accommodating tunnel that had so recently been violated by the animal.

A dogs perspective

Bruce heard the jingle of his lead. He cocked an ear to see if it had been an accidental brush by one of the people causing it to jiggle or if it was the promise of a walk. Nobody came through the door to the living room and he didn't hear the lead again. Assuming it had been an accident; Bruce laid his head back down on his paws and resumed watching the baby crawling around the carpeted floor. He was bored. The black box in the corner with a silvery screen that showed sometimes, other animals, sometimes other dogs, but never with any smell other than of heated electrical wires, was flickering to its self with the volume turned down. Bruce kept an eye on the child.

A meeting of minds

A meeting of minds He padded into the room, paused and glanced at the people that stared back at him with baleful looks. Three strangers, his mistress and a shadowy figure in an alcove who he couldn't quite make out. His olfactory senses informed him of the charged atmosphere. Mingled with the familiar aroma of sex and pheromones were undertones of apprehension, even a little fear. The perfumes worn by them did little to hide the musk of sweat and aroused glandular activity. His nose told him of these things and it never lied.

Abigail part three

The gift The leather mask he wore seemed to be seamless. The only breaks in the smooth black leather were slits for his eyes and holes to breathe through, no mouth. She could hear the whisper of his accelerated breathing as he bent over her prostrate, naked body. Abigail noticed the definition of his musculature as his skintight suit rippled with his movement. His biceps accentuated by the refraction of light as it bounced of the shiny material. Somewhat abstractly, in a corner of her mind, she thought he had to be extremely hot, trapped in the encompassing embrace of his costume.

Abigail, part two

The Club. Their invitations arrived in a pink envelope in Monday morning's post. Neither of them had really expected their application to be successful, but now that it was and had become a reality, their excitement was tinged with some trepidation.

Night Visiter

The warm night air kissed my skin as I made my way towards his house. The half-moon's light kept becoming covered by the thick clouds, a promise of rain and I could feel it in the air. It was odd to be out at this time, when I had locked my car it had been 2:15 am. I shivered as the dew from the grass brushed across my ankles. As I glanced up I could finally see the outline of the house, of his house. I felt myself becoming even more wet as I thought about what was to come. I silently made my to the corner and then ran my hands down the side of the house, I felt the first window, touched the second, and finally my fingers came to the third.