Hetero Sex Stories

Leanne (Chapter three)

Barry was indeed, able to cobble together a group of his friends who jumped at the chance of fucking Leanne. After all, the girl was a legend in the pub and was the subject of conversation and conjecture almost nightly, usually with a good amount of embroidery to the story. Her fame had not diminished in the slightest. And, like fishermen's exaggeration of dimensions, Leanne was capable of swallowing twelve inches of throbbing gristle. Reality says that she managed, perhaps, six inches at best. What wasn't embellished at all, was her willingness to accept cum, in copious amounts. The problem proved to be a location suitable for the occasion.

Leanne (chapter two)

"Where the fucking hell have you be..." Rob stood at the top of the stairs, arms akimbo, his face red with rage. Midway through the sentence, he realise Leanne looked as if she had been in a train wreck. "What the fuck happened to you?" He yelled, not moving off of his spot to allow her to pass. "Fucking hell Leanne, you smell like a whore and you're covered in goo. Where have you been?""Having a fucking good time." She answered and pushed past him. "What is that supposed to mean?" But he knew already that his girlfriend was splattered with spunk and judging by the amount, it was with more than one donor. "It means Rob, that I fucked a group of strangers in the car park on the common.

My Husbands best friend

Marco was only supposed to stay a couple of weeks; he was a friend of Mike's from his old school days. He was French, and would come over every now and then to see mike, or Mike would go to France. Marco was fairly well off and didn't need to work, unlike Mike and i, who still had to make a living. We would both go off to work and leave him to his own devices during the week, getting together on the weekends and evenings. Marco was a fairly handsome man, tall, dark hair and brown eyes with a golden tan, got from the many hours spent sunbathing back home.


Jewel glanced out the window and noticed the mailman coming to drop off her mail. She peeked out the window and noticed she had a new mailman. Hmmmm he is sexy, damn let me introduce myself to him she said to herself. The mailman began walking off Jewel's property. She unlocked the door and yelled out Excuse me Sir, Sir. He turned around and she stopped to stare at him. My God he's sexy. Jewel could tell he worked out he was very well built, tall, had hazel eyes. I'm sorry to just stare at you like that. But are you the new mailman? Yes I'm Ted Mcfield. Hello Ted my name is Jewel Reese.

A Trip to See Dad

Emma had not really seen her dad since her parents got divorced. It was a bad situation. Her mother accused her dad of awful things and then managed to prevent her dad from seeing Emma. For her part, Emma never really understood what had happened. All she knew was that her dad paid child support and nothing else. It had been hard growing up without a dad, girls, especially teen girls, need a daddy in their lives. Sure, her mother had boyfriends who tried being nice, but it was never the same. Now, with her first year in college almost done, she decided to visit her dad for spring break.

Fantasies Come True

We'd been having the most fulfilling and wholesome sex for several months when my girl friend told me during one of our steamy text messaging conversations how the thought of her being caught masturbating turned her on. She slowly explained the scenario that she had often fantasised about. A few days later during a conversation over the phone the topic came up again and she further explained to me in her sexy teasing manner what she would like to happen. I'm what would be termed a mature man and found it truly exhilarating to hear a young gorgeous, slim blonde tell me the role I was to play in her sexy fantasy.

Dance floor

Joy had came to the club with her best friend Julia. Joy forgot to tell Julia people may start having sex in the middle of the dance floor. Also its darker in the club to give people some privacy. When Joy and Julia entered the club people were already on the dance floor. DJ was playing popular songs and everyone was on the dancing. Somehow Joy and Julia found space on the dance floor. Joy said to her best friend "What do you think of the vibe of the club?". Its to soon to say Joy". "I'll let you know by the end of the night" she yelled. Joy & Julia danced for a little while longer. Then Joy grabbed Julia arm and led her to the bar.

Leanne (Chapter one) - A woman scorned...

Leanne yelped as the first slap struck home on her bare arse cheek, leaving a red hand mark and a stinging sensation she hadn't felt since she was very young. The second slap caught her other cheek and brought tears to her eyes. The heat was making her wet. Her embarrassment of having her arse stuck way up into the sky heightened her arousal. Being bent over a car bonnet with her pants around her ankles and her skirt hitched up over her waist was bad enough, but knowing that at least twelve men were watching her public humiliation and at least four of those were already jerking their cocks just added to her wants. "Harder." She rasped between clenched teeth.

Shes tempting Part 2

Everyone knew what time she entered the building but never knew what time she left. The first thing people heard was the sound of her heels clicking on the floor. She walked with confidence with her head held high. Next was seeing her caramel skin tone, hazel eyes, long dark brown hair and the curvy shape of her body. Her lipstick color always matched her outfits. She was very attractive, in her late twenties, and single. "Good morning" she would say with a smile to people who were near her. The perfume she wore was soft but, very strong. The females in the office would see the men close their eyes, deeply inhaling the scent of her perfume and then exhale.

The Weekend with Moms Boyfriend

Jake's phone buzzed in his pocket as he was driving to his last business appointment of the day. It was his girlfriend, Marsha. He had been dating her for about a month now. They had met at Wal-Mart. He was standing in the check out line behind this hot mom, a total MILF, and her cute daughter. This girl had looked up at him; her head was even with his chest. He had smiled down at her. "Those are cute lil shoes you have on." He had noticed she had on sneakers with bright, lime green stripes along the sole. "Mom bought them for me for the first day of school. I'm not really supposed to be wearing them yet." She smiled with those pretty white teeth and those sparkling green eyes.