Hetero Sex Stories

Pussy spy

She was very pretty. A very pretty girl, with pretty eyes. But Michelle Wisks had these beautiful rounded breasts I was so in love with, until the day she caught me spying on her. And then, she punished me and saciated me with her "friends". I was in the gym. When our classes ended, I spied when the girls where changing clothes. "I bet Brigitte has masturbated a lot this week, her pussy is horny and reddish", but I had no time for this, since Michelle, with her red haired pussy, was fingering herself nicely and sweating, accompanied by three other girls. These girls were very pretty too, but I was concentrating on her cunt.

Cindy learns to like a cock in her Ass

I have blogged and storied at length about Cindy, her love of cock, sucking cock, fucking cock, (cocks actually, plural, lots of cocks), her pussy, her love of cum and her love of taking on many guys and the lifestyle we created which allowed her to do that and got me a wholesome share of pussy too. But anal has at best been a little rarely mentioned side dish. For me, not at all, never done anal, not even with Cindy. Just not my thing, I love pussy, a vagina, a cunt, a set of lips wrapped around my cock.

Down by the river

Me and my wife, well girlfriend at the time went out for one of our random walks. We used to do this all the time as we didn't have any other mode of transport and both lived at our parents houses. It was a very bright and warm day so we set off into town via the alottements. It was still quite early so it was very quiet. We kissed and cuddled and I played with her tits up her top from behind rubbing my hardening cock on her arse as we made our way through the shanty like shacks down to the river. Every now and then she would lift her top and flash her firm pale tits at me making me instantly hard.

My Timid Wife and our new friend

Well this happened a while back but I still get hard thinking about that time. My Wife Jane and Me George Were pretty straight about sex till I went into that Adult Store. Well I finally got up the nerve and bought a dildo a black one 9" long 6" thick.Mines 7" and 5 thick. As my Jane's first lover was black. She did not know this at the time But my cock was hard the whole ride home.With the fantasy of being there when a black man fucks her. She was pretty sexy with C Breasts and an ass that could kill. So the first time I was ready to use the dildo on her. I hid it under my pillow.

Breeding practice

My friend told me he had a weekend planned for us, and it was a surprise for me, I had no idea what he had planned. When we got o the horse ranch it was beautiful. We were met by a couple and given instructions to clean up for dinner and were told what to wear, that it would on the bed in your room. I couldn't wait to go horseback riding and relax out in the wilderness. So we went to our room and washed up, then I opened the box on the bed to see what I was to wear. There were leather straps, what looked like a horse bit, hooves, blinders, and at the bottom there was a horse tail, on the end of a butt plug. I was confused, yet excited.

Hiking Guide

I'm a hiking guide in the mountain's of S.W. Virginia. I saw your profile, and was struck by your beauty. While taking a group hiking out on the trail, your face came to mind. I have quite an erotic imagination..... and the rest is below....... I'm often called by people wanting to go into the wilderness on a day hike, but are afraid to go on their own.I got a call from a lady asking if I could schedule her for a day hike in the mountains, to which I replied by asking her about her physical condition, explaining many of the trail's are very steep and rugged. She assured me she was in excellent shape from running track in high school, and was going to college in the fall.

Windy day

The tall and slender brown haired beauty walked gracefully down the street as the wind gentle lifted her hair almost caring it in the wind. The sun shone down which was warming her shoulder even though she had a jacket. It was nice to feel the warmth not only upon her face and shoulders but warming her whole body as she walked with the constant clicking of her heels. Most people were busily scrambling down the side walk each on their way to their own journeys and destinations. As she walked the leaves moved around her almost as if they were dancing just for her. The black squirrels were scurrying up and down the trees chasing each other around for the biggest trophy.

Aunty(mother's younger sister)seeking sperms from father and son

I have first time read a story of newly wed Bengali lady fucked by her father in law ,while she was demanding more and more and expressing her happiness in Bengali. I liked the story very much and feel encouraged to share my personal experience with my aunty (my mother's younger sister) who is 13 years younger than my mom and very beautiful. She is 30 and married for last 5 years and still childless. Her husband is business man and remains busy in making money. She got herself medically examined by an expert male gynecologists, who declared that she fit to bear child but the sperm count of her hubby is very low. She was advised to take help from semen bank to get conceived. But she refused f...

my train ride

Class had finally ended and I was on my way home. I always took the train back and fourth from home to school three times a week. I always had my ipod and a good book to read when I rode the train. It takes an hr and half to go back and fourth. I always kept to myself and didn't talk to anyone who sat next to me. I checked my watch to see if it was almost time for the train to pull off. I was hoping no one would sit next tome. But he did, he was tall, bald, wore glasses and dressed nicely. He caught my attention and i turned to face him. Hello is anyone sitting here? I looked at him and said no. Usually people didn't ask to sit next to me they just do. But he did which surprised me.

You Better Watch Out

It wasn't suppose to end like this, but maybe it was. Yeah, I was another of those little dicks who wanted it all. You can't fucking have it all, sometimes you can't have any. Sitting in my furnished apartment, all by myself, over thinking how a fantasy can get out of hand, fast, once unleashed. I took a boring, but safe and functional, marriage and destroyed it, all because I wanted to act out my feelings of inferiority, just because my cock is undersized, go figure. It nagged at me from the start of our relationship, that weird game all wimps play, if my attractive, successful wife wants me, a clearly inferior man, then what is wrong with her.