Hetero Sex Stories

Another Rough Encounter

I pushed you against the wall, panting out of breath, I pinned you roughly against your bedroom wall. I noticed the cute innocent pictures of the younger you but now look at the vicious wild sexual girl in front of me. I ripped off your shirt and boob tube and you did the following with my shirt. Sinking your fingernails into the flesh of my back before running your fingers along my chest.

Some Bondage

I began to lead you back to my house, as we approached, I blindfolded you and ushered you inside. I sat you down and removed your blindfold, you soon realised that you were in a bright room with only a chair and some toys on the table. Your eyes widened as you realised you had been gagged and tied up. I began to slowly pull off your clothes; you couldn't stop me even if you wanted me too. You could tell, I wasn't going to; I began pulling off your bikini top, revealing your perky round large breasts. I through it across the room aggressively before i began to slide down your body and pulling your thong off with my teeth. .

Stranger From The Net Fucking My Wife Hard

Having tried several MFM threesomes and a touch of fem on fem we decided to find some horny hung rampant male to claim all my wife's holes as his own. We trawled the net looking for mr right and finally found one, a soldier called Mark from Yorkshire. We chatted on line for a few weeks and exchanged photos of various body parts before we decided to meet, one Saturday night. We decided to defuzz and remove all pubic hair before he came over at nine pm that same evening. We had plans of dp, spit roast and lots of other stuff all involving two cocks and various objects then disaster struck. I had an allergic reaction to the veet and burnt my cock.

Awesome threesome

Kristina and I had been living together for almost two years now. She was fairly tall, had close cropped hair, an athletic body, boobs to die for and buns that just called out to be squeezed. But what with my odd timings and huge amount of work our sex life could have been better. And Kris was one person who took to sex like a duck to water.


We had been fellow 'trainees' for almost two years now. By trainees what I mean is that we used to commute to our jobs in the same train. She used to start from a station two stops ahead of mine, but had our offices in the same town. Hence most of the days we used to meet and wish each other on our way back. But beyond that we never spoke much. She was around twenty years older to me, in her early forties. And when I met her for the first time she had just completed one year of widowhood after her husband had died in an accident. That was all the information I had about her. She was very pretty, calm and dignified. She had an air of quiet strength and breeding about her.

Sal's Lover (Alt)

Sal picked up the wall phone on the second ring and tucked it under her chin. "Hello." Her hands were covered in flour and a stray lock of hair got pushed back with her wrist. "I know what you did last summer." The heavily disguised voice announced through the earpiece. "Josh! Hi how are you? Where are you?" Her pleasure at hearing his voice was evident in the immediate flush to her cheeks and breathlessness he always caused. "Hi-ya Sal; I'm downtown and around for a few days; Just wondered if you fancied a meet sometime over the next day or two. I still know what you did last summer though." He laughed in his easy manner; oblivious of the effect he had on her.

Fucking Cowboy

After six straight days of rain I awoke to the warm, radiant sun seductively kissing my face. As I rose out of bed I put my hand over my eyes to shield myself from its intense, but welcoming glare. It had been two weeks since I walked in and caught Brad face down in another woman's crotch and I was way overdue for a good fuck and for that I needed a willing participant. Unfortunately, that would have to wait because I could not afford another day off this month. I lazily headed for the shower and stopped to peer at myself in the full-length mirror outside the bathroom.

Woman at the sex shop

I dont usually stop at Mc Donald's, my doctors, among many, tell me not to. But, I cant help myself. I park in an area facing a strip center that contains "Plezhurz".. a sex shop of sorts. There is a lot of fuckwear and things with feathers attached in the window, and I'm sure, inside are things that cant be displayed in the window. It was fun to watch the people that went there, looking around before darting in. Then a woman walked down the sidewalk towards the store. I was sure she would walk by it, discreetly looking away as she headed to a hair salon or back to her work. She wore a nice black dress, down to her knees. She was slim, a darker blond, streaked a bit, nice, short hair.

First fuck at the new home

We had just moved across town to a fairly new and nice subdivision. Soon we were invited to a meet and greet at the home of one of the neighbors. Basically, a human form of what dogs call butt sniffing. Neighbors complimented us on our lovely house and what not. Cindy let it be known that the privacy of the swimming pool, backing up to a "nature preserve" clinched it for her, saying that anyone who wanted to "peek in" would have to subject themselves to standing in a mosquito infested swamp. I think she had just told everyone that we ran around nude in the pool area. No big deal, who doesn't. She then said that our friends loved that about the place too.

Ron gets to fuck Cindy

We had met Ron and Kat at a neighborhood meet and greet. We had quickly established that the four of us were swingers and they had invited Cindy and I to their home that evening along with a few other friends. Kat and Cindy had agreed that the first party fuck of the evening would be the four of us. I had fulfilled my mission, spurting my first load of the evening into Kat. Kat had sucked on my cock for a while and both Ron and I were hoping for me to cum in her mouth as he watched and as Kat's cunt was being pounded by another "guest". But her pussy had greater need so I followed her request and stuck my cock into the pool of cum already inside her. Ron was more of a watcher than I was.